10 Best Youtube Video Downloader


I’ve shared the best Youtube video downloader in this list.

Actually, as many as 8 video downloaders have been listed.

Despite being the largest video sharing platform on the planet, Youtube is pretty possessive of its videos.

But hey, why limit ourselves to Youtube?

Using these video downloaders, you can download videos from almost all and any websites.

Found that perfect music video you need?

Or, maybe you need a clip for a meme you’re creating?

What if I say you can download any Youtube video in 2-3 clicks.

No signups, payments, or ad-clicking required.

Well, that’s exactly what most of these best Youtube video downloaders will let you do.

10 Best Youtube Video Downloader

There are dozens of Youtube video download tools out there. Hence, I’ll present to you as many as 8 of them.

Go through their features, and then choose the one which appeases you most.

Here’s a list of all the Youtube downloaders in this list.

  • ByClickDownloader

Website: https://www.byclickdownloader.com/ byclickdownloader review


  • Download videos from almost any website.
  • Multiple quality-options, up to 8K.
  • Entire Playlist/channel download.
  • Mp3-only downloads possible (audio extraction from videos).
  • Subtitle download.
  • Simultaneous downloads.

YoutubeByClick as the name suggests is a Youtube video downloading software.

It lets us download videos from almost any website. Including, but not limited to, Youtube, Dailymotion, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and soon. 

What’s more is, instead of single videos, you can even download entire playlists or channels. You can download Youtube videos 4K, 1080P, 720P or even 8K.

You can download videos from Youtube directly in MP4, AVI, FLV, WMV, WEBM, MKV, WAV, AAC, M4A or 3GP.

Only need the “audio” from a Youtube video?

It offers the choice to only extract the audio, no manual conversion required.

When “audio” is selected, an MP3 file is downloaded instead of the video.

It’s fully automated. On any page containing video, a download button automatically appears at the bottom-right.

You can also copy your video URL, and paste it onto the ByClickDownloader tools. If your URL belong to list content that time byclick downloader automatically fetch complete list for downloading.

Does your Youtube video have subtitles? Well, those too can be downloaded along with the videos.

Simultaneous downloads too are supported. You can download as many videos as you want, simultaneously, no queuing up required.

As compared to other download manager, ByClickDownloader downloading speed is very fast, user also can clip mp3 to change mp3 ringtone.

It’s 100% free, however, the paid premium package does offer comparatively more features like unlimited downloading speed, user can downloader any youtube list or complete channel by one click.

Premium version private video downloading and also support HD, 4K and 8K videos,


  • Wondershare free Youtube Downloader

Website: https://www.wondershare.com/pro/free-youtube-downloader.html

  • Download videos from any website.
  • 6+ video formats, auto-converted.
  • Audio-only downloads possible.
  • Multi-threading.
  • Record streams.
  • Simultaneous downloads.

Wondershare is another tool deserving the title of the best Youtube video downloader.

It too doesn’t need a lot of manual efforts or skills.

Wondershare displays a download button directly on the browser.

Clicking it once initiates downloads.

Or, obviously the good ol’ copy-pasting URLs still works.

It’s compatible with nearly all and any websites which have videos on them.

Hence, downloading videos from Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo or any other source wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

It too (alike YoutubeByClick) allows extracting the “audio only” from a video should you wish to.

Videos can be downloaded in MP4, MPG, AVI, ASF, MOV and half a dozen other formats. Make your pick.

Apart from these generic formats, it has a number formats based on devices.

E.g. iPod, Xbox, PSP and so on.

It also supports multi-threading.

It’s the ability to download videos by splitting them in multiple parts.

In laymen’s terms, massively boosts the download speed.

Need to download an online Youtube stream? Netflix videos maybe?

Wondershare video downloader has a “record” feature built-in as well.

Simultaneous downloads are allowed. You can even pause and resume downloads later.

Free plan available. Premium plan costs $29.00 and unlocks all the features.

7-day moneyback guarantee makes sure you don’t lose a penny if you aren’t satisfied.

  • Internet Download Manager

Website: https://www.internetdownloadmanager.com/

Primary features:

  • Simultaneous downloads.
  • Pause/resume.
  • Recover/repaid downloads.
  • Advanced control features.
  • Queue downloads.
  • Multi-threading.

Internet Download Manager, or IDM as is popularly known is arguably one of the most popular download managers on the planet.

Once downloaded, it shows the “download” button on all pages containing a video.

It’s compatible with nearly all browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Brave browser, Opera, Safari, and even Internet Explorer (why?).

IDM is where I saw multi-threading in action for the first time.

Compared to in-browser downloads, the speed is increased at least 4x.

There’s no limit on how many files you can be downloading simultaneously.

“Pause and resume” is obviously supported.

But the better feature is its “repair/recover” ability.

In case a download link is corrupted, IDM tries to recover it automatically.

If that doesn’t happen, we’re allowed to manually re-initiate download from the exact same link.

When that’s done, the download is resumed from its current position, despite the earlier link being corrupted.

Post-download actions (what happens after a download completion) too can be set manually.

You can also set the maximum speed you wish your downloads to have (helps with bandwidth control).

As for formats, there’s probably no video format IDM can’t download or isn’t compatible with.

It’s a paid video downloader ($22.99 one-time fee) but worth every penny (and more).

  • Speedbit Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

Website: http://www.speedbit.com/

Primary features:

  • Simultaneous downloads.
  • Mirror sources.
  • Virus-protection.
  • Up to 10 threads.
  • Pause/resume.
  • Convert formats.

DAP markets itself primarily on its speed. Claims to be the fastest download manager in the industry. Which isn’t entirely false.

It supports up to 10 download threads.

This does translate into at least 4-5x faster download speeds than the average browser downloads.

It too captures videos from any webpage, including Youtube and makes a download button available.

It has a database of “mirror sites”.

These are basically sites which may allow faster downloads than whatever your current download source is.

Needless to mention, the pause/resume feature too isn’t missing.

Its video-preview feature however is a personal favourite of mine.

It lets me preview files even before they’ve been completely downloaded.

(Pretty handy when checking quality or videos, or verifying the content is truly what I wished to download).

There’s also a security angle.

Prevents downloads of known malicious files, solves one of the biggest “internet download problems” right there, doesn’t it?

And then finally, it also can be used to convert the downloaded Youtube videos (or from other sources) into other formats.

  • JDownloader

Website: https://jdownloader.org/

Primary features:

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  • 100% free and open-source.
  • Multiple formats supported.
  • Simultaneous downloads.
  • Auto compilation of fragmented files.
  • Multiple connections for better speed.

If you need a free Youtube video downloader, JDownloader is the answer.

It’s completely free and open-source.

It supports batch downloading.

It’s even capable of automatically zipping files together if they’ve been downloaded in multiple parts.

Once a link is pasted on JDownloader, we get to choose from multiple formats including MP4, FLV, WEBM and even MP3.

It too allows downloading from multiple connections for better speeds.

Simultaneous downloads too are allowed.

Okay, being honest? Probably not the most feature-rich, neither is it the absolute best Youtube video downloader.

But, totally earns its spot as far as “free” Youtube video downloaders go.

  • Save from .net

Website: https://en.savefrom.net

Primary features:

  • No software downloads required.
  • No registration/payment.
  • Multiple formats.
  • Multiple qualities.
  • Automated “download” button (with extension).

Download Youtube videos without any software.

Well yes, Save from .net is a browser-based downloader.

The process is pretty simple.

Copy Youtube video URL > paste it on save from .net > get download link.

It offers two primary formats including WEBM and MP4.

Quality-options are a bit more diverse.

You can choose from 480P, 720P or 1080P.

Again, videos from almost any page/website can be downloaded.

Copy the page URL which has the video, and a download link is generated.

Optionally, you can also install the Save from .net browser extension.

This automates the process.

A download button is displayed just below the Youtube videos (if you’ve the extension).

If you’re confused, it even offers tutorials on how to download videos from Youtube, or from over a 100 different sources.

Is completely free. Doesn’t require any payments. Not signups demanded either.

  • Y2Mate

Website: https://www.y2mate.com/

Primary features:

  • Web-based.
  • 100% free.
  • Multiple quality-options available.
  • Audio-only downloads possible.
  • No signup/registration.

Another web-based best Youtube video downloader.

Definitely not as feature-rich as Youtube By Click or Wondershare, but clearly an easier Youtube video downloader alternative.

There’s a link-box.

Paste the link from any Youtube video in the box.

In a few seconds, multiple download links are generated.

The links offer quality-variations.

You can download the video as a 3GP file, or MP4.

The MP4 format offers 144P, 240P, 360P, 720P or even 1080P download options.

You can also download MP3 files (audio-only from the video).

And, even bitrate choice is available for some audio formats.

It’s 100% free, and again, no forms to be filled neither is any payment demanded.

  • Freemake

Website: https://www.freemake.com/free_video_downloader/

Primary features:

  • 4K video downloads.
  • Multi-thread supported.
  • Quality-control.
  • Speed-control.
  • Playlist download.

It’s an offline software which needs to be downloaded to your systems.

One of its prime-attractions is its multi-thread technology.

Basically, it splits the download into multiple threads. This increases the download speeds multiple times over.

Apart from Youtube, it’s capable of downloading videos from over 10,000+ different websites.

It’s also capable of downloading entire albums/playlists from Youtube in a go.

The original qualities of the videos is preserved.

Meaning, it can download even 4K videos. Obviously, lower quality videos are supported as well, up to 180p.

You get to choose the download quality manually.

Need the internet speed for other purposes? It lets a speed-limits to be set.

Even parental controls and proxies are supported.

You can even unblock blocked websites using its proxy settings.

  • 4K Video Downloader

Website: https://www.4kdownload.com/products/product-videodownloader

This is a true Youtube downloader in the sense that it actually is a software and not an online portal. So, you’d need to download the application to download videos off Youtube.

It lets you download videos not just from Youtube, but also from Tumblr, DailyMotion, Instagram, Soundcloud, Flickr and almost any other video site.

Is Youtube or a specific Youtube video blocked in your country? Using 4K Video Downloader’s “proxy” settings, you can unblock any Youtube video and download it right away.

Need to download 360° or 3D videos maybe? Not many software for downloading Youtube videos offer the feature, but, 4K does. Even private videos can be download (as long as you have access.) It can even be used to download entire albums or playlists.

It allows downloading up to 7 videos simultaneously. Even video subtitles can be downloaded. The premium HQ audio that Youtube Premium users get too is downloaded exactly as it is.

And, finally, there’s a forever free plan. Paid plans exist which offer more features starting at €14.52.

  • [Bonus Mention] YT Cutter- Cut/download specific Youtube video parts.

Website: https://ytcutter.com/

Primary features:

  • Download specific parts of a video.
  • Download as video or gif.
  • Free / No registration required.
  • Audio-only downloads possible.

Not everyone searching for the best Video downloader needs to download an entire video, right?

YT Cutter, as the name suggests, lets us “cut” parts of a video before downloading.

In other words, it can be used to download clips and specific scenes instead of the entire video.

Any Youtube video link can be pasted on the cutter.

It starts playing right there, you can manually set the “start” and “end” time.

Only the video within these timestamps is then downloaded.

What’s better is, you can even download it as a GIF file instead of a video.

Or, there’s also an audio file option, which downloads only the audio without the video.

No registration required.

Is downloading videos from Youtube legal?

It’s clearly the most important question on this entire article, isn’t it?

Well, downloading videos from Youtube isn’t exactly illegal.

But then again, it’s not completely “legal” either.

It’s more of a grey area.

The Youtube T&C clearly states that you aren’t allowed to download videos without prior permission from Youtube, or the copyright holders.

However, doing so for personal use is still not entirely “illegal”.

It’s still a breach of the T&C though.

If your question is- Will you be jailed for downloading Youtube videos?

No, not yet, at least.

There have been no known, recorded incidents of someone being jailed for downloading Youtube videos.

Worst case scenario? The website/tool facilitating the download may face legal actions.

Well, despite not being illegal, it’s still immoral to download or share Youtube videos.

Know that the Youtube video downloaders on this list are only meant to be used for “legal purposes”.

As in, when you own the copyrights of the videos, or have permission from the copyright holders.

Any and all other use will solely and exclusively be your own responsibility.

Final words on the best Youtube video downloader

So, which is the best Youtube video downloader?

In my opinion, YoutubeByClick or Wondershare video downloader are the top contenders for the title.

However, IDM or the other mentioned options, including the web-based Youtube downloaders too will equally solve your problem.

And hey, I’ve mentioned software, both free & paid.

I’ve also mentioned web-based Youtube video downloaders.

And then, even a “cutter” which lets you downloads clips.

I believe that caters to YOUR exact needs, regardless of who you are and what your preferred way of downloading videos is?

If you found your best Youtube video downloader here, do hit that share button? Pretty please? It keeps me fueled.

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