10 Best Sites to Download English Songs Free


The power of music is beyond everything else and each one has its own preference in it. English songs are a rage amongst the current generation and I am here to let you know about some of the reliable and abundantly rich sources to download English songs.

There are like millions of songs out there and it can be quite a struggle to determine the latest songs from them. Although there are music apps but they allow only digital download so you definitely need some reliable sources to download your favorite English songs. I hope this section is going to help you in that.

10 Sites to Download English Songs Free

This is really important to pick the suitable sources to download content from. It is because of the chances that you are more likely to download malware instead of actual songs. So, I handpicked 10 amazing, reliable and popular platforms that will allow you to download English songs safely.

If you are highly interested in downloading music online, then you need a music downloader program that will make things easy for you because the downloader can download the full album for you.

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  • English songs

Website: https://englishsongs.fun/

Download english songs free

English songs is an extremely easy-to-use and straight forward site to download English songs free, just like its name. You go to the website, click on a song and click on the “download” button. It’s that easy. Absolutely no signup or registration is required. 

The best part? You get two sound qualities for most English songs here. You can choose to download either 320Kbps or 190Kbps. 

Maybe you’d like to listen to it to ensure it’s the right song? That’s allowed as well. There’s a play button that would let you instantly play a song without opening any additional windows or tabs.

While we’re on the topic, the website is 100% ad-free. There are no hidden ads or secret windows that open up. This is important as most other similar websites are spammed to death with these ads.

The homepage has a few categories such as top EDM, popular artists, recently added etc. These let you easily find the song you’re looking for. There’s also a search box you can use.

 Each song page has additional details about the song such as album name, artist name, description etc. 

  • Seekasong

Website: http://seekasong.com

If you do not want to get involved in something really complex then this option to download English songs called Seekasong is just perfect for you. Let me tell you already that Seekasong is basically a type of musical search engine whose main focus is on providing mp3 files and lyrics of all the songs.

Although the site does not involve much of features and further categorization but it is quite quick in showing results which actually saves a lot of your time.

What you are going to like the most is that there are no issues of pop-ups or irritating ads on the site as it has really clean interface. It implies a better experience of accessing this website. However, they do not host any of the music available on this platform and derive them from third-party sources.

Furthermore, you can find Top 50 charts of US, UK, India, world etc. You are allowed to search the music from its title, artists or from album name too. You can play the song on website and then can download it easily from there.

  • Mp3 Raid

Website: http://www.mp3raids.club/

For the English songs download the next option which you can consider here is Mp3 Raid. As compared to our earlier option Seekasong, this site is way organized and uses indexing to organize its database of music. Also, Mp3 Raid operates in the form of a search engine which means access to a larger database of music.

They provide more than a million mp3 options on their website, and you can also download them for absolutely free of cost.

Just like the former option Mp3 Raid also provides mp3 files from third party and hence does not host anything directly on their platform. It is completely legal to use this website but if you want to download the entire albums then you would have to pay something for it.

All the popular and currently trending songs are listed on their home page itself and to download English songs belonging to various categories, you can check out their charts. You can also look for the songs through their artist’s name.

  • Mp3 Skull

Website: https://mp3skulls.fm/

Mp3 SkullAll those who have been an addicted to downloading English songs from a really long time they must be aware about this website called Mp3 Skull. Although the main website went down because of certain controversies, you can find various new domains and this is also one of them.

Mp3 Skull is more sort of an mp3 based search engine which functions similarly to Google except the fact that it is strictly for music only.

You can even use this platform to find perfect mp3 files to add music in your presentation and other formal or personal videos. However, there are no filters provides so it might take you a while to figure out your desired option.

However, there is this guarantee that you will totally find it on this platform. Mp3 Skull also allows you to listen to the music before downloading it so you can ensure that it is the desired file for you. I am really sure that you are going to love their quick services.

  • Mp3 Juices

Website: https://www.mp3juices.cc/

Mp3 Juices is considered one of the largest mp3 search engine of all time. In fact, the platform guarantees to provide at least 1 active download source to each of your music query on it. The process is pretty simple here, you just need to search whatever song you want to download and it is going to show the related results in no time.

Downloading English songs was never this easy and you have the option of “manage sources” to customize the options of sources you want to see the results from.

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The sources which Mp3 Juices uses are Archive, YouTube, Soundcloud, Vk, Yandex, 4Shared, and PromoDj. I guess it pretty much covers the major mp3 directories available on the internet and hence you are always provided the best results possible.

The best part about this website is that it is absolutely free to use and does not even require you to use any sort of additional software too. What makes it even more beneficial is that you can paste a video’s URL here and get it converted into mp3 file instantly. Isn’t it just the best music site ever?

You can choose between various options to download English songs and listen to the song before downloading it. The only constant issue on this website is its ads and pop-ups, which will annoy you a lot while downloading the songs.

  • Jamendo

Website: https://www.jamendo.com/start

I don’t think there is any need to brag about this website called Jamendo. It is because this music website is amongst the world’s largest digital services for free. Jamendo works more towards independent artists and music lovers and operates as an open community showcasing their work.

If you feel completely bored to download English songs of usual artists and typical genres then I think Jamendo can bring the perfect change to your playlist and that too in no time.

You can find independent music in various genres like pop, hiphop, rap, electronic and many more. In fact, there are choices available on the basis of mood and instrument too like relax, corporate, love, sad, summer and many more.

Before you head to English songs free download, you are allowed to narrow down your search through filters and you can also listen to the song before downloading it. Give a chance to these artists and am sure you will never return to mainstream music then.

  • Mp3 Fusion

Website: http://www.mp3fusion.net/

What makes Mp3 Fusion different from the rest of the sources to download English songs is that it provides a platform that allows you to download entire albums too. Isn’t it kind of exciting, because there are very few websites that provide free album downloading facility.

Don’t worry because you can download single tracks too and that too for free. Partly, Mp3 Fusion also behaves like an mp3 search engine.

You have the access to Top 50 Charts of the World, India, France, UK, US and many more countries. In fact, there are other categories too like the latest mp3, currently downloading, top songs etc. You are provided a variety of downloading options which vary in terms of size and time.

However, constant pop-ups are a big trouble here so it is going to take you more than usual to finally reach to the downloading page of a song here. Talking about the database, every single popular and recently released English songs is available on this website along with their albums too.

  • NoiseTrade

Website: https://noisetrade.com/

If you loved the option of Jamendo, then I am pretty sure you are going to love using NoiseTrade too. This website also serves as a platform that connected independent artists with interested people and also gives the opportunity to meet them too.

The site works equally active in the field of music as well as books and the main purpose of their services is to make an interactive and interesting open community.

You only require a simple registration process through your email-id to get access to their database. Afterward you are allowed to digitally stream every single song here as well as you can also download them for absolutely free.

This is the time to download English songs which are quite refreshing and puts aside the usual genres and mainstream music options. As for the options, you can check out categories like pop, jazz, electronics, blues, country and many more. Sign up here for free and enjoy the less-heard music now.

  • Songs Lover

Website: https://songslover.vip/

Songs Lover is more sort of an amalgamation between variety of music belonging to different languages and music industries. To name a few, you have access to English songs, Hindi, Portuguese, Punjabi and various other types of songs and albums here.

In fact, you can find separate sections for English singles and English albums here. To find more profound exploration of this website, you can check out the section named International Music.

They have provided a variety of genres to download English songs here. Some of them are folk, rap, trance, hip-hop, electronic and many more. To check out more random and unfiltered music options, you can discover the section of English tracks.

Although the database is not that bigger as compared to other websites mentioned here but still it is quite good to access as there are no annoying ads in between. For more, you can directly search for a song through the search bar.

  • Mr. Johal

Website: https://mr-johal.com/

Mr. JohalBased in India, Mr-Johal is the next option under this list of sites providing English songs mp3 download. Although this site is more used for downloading Hindi songs but if you are a diehard English music fan then you can follow the given link to access its English songs section.

This is a full-fledged platform and hence you will not find it working as a search engine. It provides files and database of its own which can be downloaded for free.

You can find a variety of categories mentioned on this website for the English songs section alone. Some of them are Top 20, Latest English albums, A-Z chronological English artists list and many more. Apart from mp3 songs, you can also discover videos and movies here too.

  • MusicPleer

Website: https://musicpleer.to/

A very popular addition to this list of sources for English mp3 songs free download is Music Pleer. What I liked about it the most is that they keep on updating their platform in just blink of eyes. I mean, every time you get on their homepage their recent searches are shown which are changed every seconds.

As this one is an mp3 search engine, Music Pleer requires you to search the required song’s title/artist or album name in the search bar.

From independent to mainstream music, you can find everything here and searches are conducted in just a small nick of time. Remixes, unplugged versions, covers and many more stuff related to a single song is available on Music Pleer.

Before you download English songs here, you can go for music preview and then just tap on the download button to get that file. It is that easy to process this website and everything is done for free without even popping annoying ads.


Rather than just downloading your favorite songs, the question is whether you are able to download them for free or not? Well, I have kept all the aspects in mind and then only mentioned these websites to avail the royalty-free music for you.

I am sure you can’t wait any longer to download English songs of your choice and then groove on to them in any party and gathering. If you are someone who doesn’t want to download the songs because of storage issues then you can go for digital download option too.

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