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Best Torrent Sites: The Internet has become an all invasive platform where people can do anything they like. The most basic need for people nowadays is to be able to watch or download their favourite Movies, TV serials, videos, music, games, and applications at their convenience. Moreover, there is also a steady demand for free sources of software, applications, adult content and e-books that can be downloaded straight off from the net without having to pay charges.

Many websites charge for downloading data that renders the purpose of data sharing defeated. For this purpose, a number of websites catering to these needs without charging any cost was formed with the concept of torrent and BitTorrent.

We have provided a one-stop guide on everything there is to know about the best torrent sites including an in depth explanation of the technical terms associated with the world of torrents to provide enhanced understanding to our readers.

How to Access and Download Torrents Anonymously?

Torrents (the technology) aren’t illegal. However, Torrents are almost always used to download copyrighted/pirated content. This may be movies, songs, software, e-books, and so on.

A major problem with Torrents? When you download them, your IP can be seen by almost anyone. Anyone can setup a honeypot (blackmail you) or even law enforcement can find out who you are pretty easily.

To avoid that, follow these steps:

Concept of Torrent

Let us start with the basics, what are torrents websites and why is everyone talking about them?

A torrent is a binary file with special format containing metadata that is essentially information about the file name, file type, file size, folder structure, tracker location and the cryptographic value determining the authenticity of the file.

These generally have the extension .torrent and are stored on computers or other internet devices like tablets and smart phones.

The most common activity one hears about in day to day life is downloading a torrent file.

This starts the process where one person creates a torrent file that they share and then people can access the same to download the data linked to the file.

You can have a look at the below best torrent sites list for more understanding.

BitTorrent File Distribution

BitTorrent is a web platform that lets people download and upload large files for sharing purpose.

These programs are available in software and hardware options, and assist the torrent exchange by automatically taking care of the process after a user downloads the torrent file.

Here the BitTorrent system comes in by dispersing the distribution to every network that associates with the torrent and propagates peer to peer, or a swarm network.

Each peer has some information called “pieces” and new peers can download their preferred torrent by connecting with “pieces” on the devices of multiple peers.

This helps to share the burden of download amongst a close network of computers. The speed of downloading a torrent file highly depends on the number of seeders, leechers, and peers of the particular torrent.

Seeders are the people who continue to assist the downloading process after completion of their download while leechers are users who are simultaneously downloading as well as uploading “pieces”.

Characteristics of  Best Torrents Sites

There is a plethora of torrent websites on the internet, but are they all reliable? We are going to help you find the answers to all your queries of torrents through this blog. The common characteristics of some of the best torrent sites are:

  • No requirement for registration on the website
  • Accessing information without having membership of the website
  • Protecting the identity of the users
  • Maintaining torrent file integrity
  • Providing verified sources of download by conducting audits and checks
  • Simple interface which is easy to understand and use

Top Rated Best Torrent Sites

We all recognize with the need of watching new movie, viewing your favorite TV series, playing the new video game everyone has been raving about or listening to the latest music.

Normally, these files would have large amounts of data to upload or download, which makes torrent a good option for sharing. What’s more, the content on the best torrent sites are absolutely free.

There are millions of people all across the globe that is using the torrent download system to get their desired files.

Therefore, we have arranged a list of the best torrent sites for the convenience of the new users as well as old users who have limited knowledge of the torrent industry.

It is imperative to know which are made for amateurs, which are made for professionals and how to use them in the most effective way. One can just search for the following websites and download them to start the torrenting process.

Let us look at the top torrent sites

  • The Pirate Bay

Website: https://thepiratebay.org/

It is one of the most recognized and oldest names in the torrent business and hence has the top spot on the list of the best torrent sites.

It is a Sweden based company which was conceived in 2003 when the torrent was not such a common term amongst the internet users.

The initial objective of the site was to bring forth a platform for colleagues to share information seamlessly.

Over the years it evolved into a massive platform for sharing entertainment media where searchers can look for and download magnet links or torrent files.

At the present moment, Pirate Bay boasts of having the largest directory of downloadable data in all aspects concerned such as Music, Movies, TV Shows, Games,  Software, Books, Comics and more.

A new category called Physibles which provides 3D files of images that can be printed using 3D printers was made available in 2012.

The website has a secure encryption system to identify and block spammers. Despite the latest attacks on the company for copyright infringement, the website registered substantial website traffic and was able to survive the speculation, thus being one of the top torrent sites.

One more thing, these days mostly countries block torrent sites,

If you are from these sites and not able to access “The PiratesBay”. Now I have solution for you; The PiratesBay sites also available on an anonymous version which you can access via Tor Browser Bundle.

The PiratesBay anonymous version site link is http://piratebayo3klnzokct3wt5yyxb2vpebbuyjl7m623iaxmqhsd52coid.onion/. But this link you can’t access via normal internet browser.

If you want to access The PiratesBay anonymous version site, and you don’t know how to access then check out how to access the deep web. This tutorial has all necessary points and guidelines for you.

The PiratesBay Alternative Links:

Many times, I saw this torrent site link not working, If you also facing this problem right now.. here I am also giving you some other alternative links which you can use this bad situation.


  • Demonoid

Website: http://www.demonoid.is/

Demonoid is a highly popular site for its unique feature of avoiding fake torrents. You can get a huge array of files here.

This is one of the foremost reasons of this website making it to the list of top 20. Though it had been taken down last year, it has now returned as a private membership community as ‘Demanoid.is’.

Soon after its recovery, it has regained a high ranking globally. This indicates the fast recovery this torrent site is making.

This website also is free from viruses and malware. So if you are unable to find clean files for free, then it is best to try your hands on this best torrent search engine.

  • 1337X

Website: http://1337x.to/

One essential feature that makes the website one among the 20 best torrent sites is that it was launched with an aim to provide ads free torrent sites and public trackers, thus making it one of the top torrent download sites.

This factor has led to the increase of traffic in this website by attracting many visitors.

The users can upload torrent files in 1337X website. However, this is an increasing community of various file-sharing users, which uses the bit-torrent file sharing procedure.

The torrents are quickly verified and mostly all of them include full quality descriptions. From an a. domain they have changed to an.org domain recently.

This website is highly recommended for those who are completely new to the torrents section because they provide the list of updated trending torrents on the web.

  • BTDigg

Website: https://btdig.com/

BTDigg looks and feels more like a traditional search engine than a Torrent site. However, I assure you it is. The name stands for “BitTorrent Digger”.

Every search result will give you a torrent magnet. But, BTDigg doesn’t store or host any of its content which makes it 100% legal.

Unfortunately, it won’t show the no. of seeders for any file.  You can however sort results using the age, size, or no. of files in them.

 It’s one of the best sources to download Torrents as it fetches torrents that are sometimes older than 7-8 years.

  • TorLock

Website: https://www.torlock.com/

When you arrive on TorLock, it shows you the most popular tags at the top-bar. These are the most searched or downloaded torrents on the platform. Then, you find all the “fresh popular torrents” on the site.

The site has exactly 10,177,729 torrents as of today with about 2,000+ torrents added every single day.

The health for most torrents is pretty impressive. It also has a “verified” tick next to verified torrents that makes things easy.

As far as torrent types go, everything from movies, songs, software, games, anime etc. are available.

  • YourBittorrent

Website: https://yourbittorrent2.com/

YourBittorrent too is a torrent site that has an arsenal of nearly every torrent type. However, I mostly use it for anime & movies. Obviously, games, e-books, software etc. too are obviously available.

It does have an acceptable no. of seeders for most torrents on the site. It does show a notification both for verified and non-verified torrents.

You’ll always have enough seeders for most files to download them comfortably. Registration is obviously not required. You can easily find popular/best and verified profiles as it has dedicated pages for them.

  • LimeTorrents

Website: https://www.limetorrents.cc/

This website is one of the top torrenting sites as well as an old torrent. It is also one of the most preferred search torrents sites. It has gained its popularity in the recent times.

It has been there for many years but has regained a place in the top 10 in the past one year.

The website is currently operated from a .cc domain. Fortunately, it acquires almost 1.5 million specific visitors and also contains various media like tv shows, movies, music, books, software and many more.

Hence, the above-mentioned activities make this one of the best torrent sites.

  • Torrent Hound

Website: https://isohunt.to/

Torrenthound.com is one amongst the worldwide top torrenting sites and BitTorrent search engine, which permits you to download every single torrent on every torrent tracker the torrenthound, is seeding.

It is best for safe torrents, which is one of the safest torrent sites. I

t is also considered as one of the best torrent sites for latest Bollywood movie downloads as it uploads latest Bollywood movies almost on the same day of release, thus being one of the best torrent sites. 

  • Isohunt.To

Website: https://isohunt.to/

IsoHunt is among the best torrenting sites that include a large number of movie collections from various genres.

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It was launched in 2013.With the help of this site you can easily search for a specific result. Apart from this downloading and uploading of digital contents can also be done.

It originated in 2003 and reached over 13.7 million torrents in its database.

This website provides improved user experience and clutters free environment, making it one of the best torrent sites to surf.

  • Openbit

Website: http://www.openbit.se

This website is one of the top torrent download sites which do not host any torrent files like Torrentsz.

You definitely do not need to schedule, upload a torrent wherever. The only thing that needs to be done is to include the OpenBitTorrent tracker URL in your torrent.

After a downfall in 2012, it was back again on the track in 2012. It is listed among the best torrent websites due to its high activeness.

It is operated from the cam4 domain. It is an open BitTorrent tracker project from the BitTorrent protocol.

We can get a continuous service without worrying about the hosting sites. It is able to release many identical copies and is a success.

  • Rarbg

Website: http://rarbg.to

Though it was founded as late as 2008, but it has strived to be in the list of the best torrent websites due to it high traffic pulling visitors.

It was initially started as Bulgarian Tracker. It regulates torrent files and the magnet links to smooth the progress of peer-to-peer file sharing using the BitTorrent etiquette.

Though the home page would tend to confuse you a bit, but do not go away. Click on the torrent label and search for the desired file.

This website is a fast and convenient torrent tracker and has an easy navigation key, thus helping to search better.

There are many available categories to choose from such as movies, music, software, and games. It also spares the hassle of logging or signing into the website for download purpose which can be done for free.

  • EZTV

Website: https://eztv.ag/

EZTV is among the best torrent sites that specialize in downloading TV shows for free. There is no need to register in the website and even without registering you can download files.

This is a very crucial factor which has led to its activeness and acted as a crowd puller. This website is a niche site which specializes only in TV content. It may post only a few dozen torrents per week but attracts millions of viewers.

It comes very handy to download any television show for free. It will enable the facility so that you can open torrent links over and above magnet links, even without registration at the site.

  • Sumo torrent

Website: http://www.sumotorrent.in/

This is a new torrent site which has gained popularity in no time. The website claims higher speed than others and also the availability of the very best and latest files.

You can browse, locate and download all kinds of files like movies, songs, TV programs, publications and various other preferred files.

You also have an improved search box where you can pen down your desired keyword and get the searched results. Sumo torrent also claims this to be a safer form of downloading torrent files.

It is said to have one of the largest collection of torrent files on the web. With its appealing user interface and the huge collection of torrents, Sumo Torrent is absolutely one of the highly active sites.

  • BitSnoop

Website: http://bitsnoop.com/

BitSnoop is one among the best torrent sites with around 24 million torrents listed from 370 websites.

It is one of the popular sites with a huge directory of files. It hosts a lot of useful files and instantly removes files which have a Trojan in them.

It is needless to say that they are the greatest of the torrent list. Around 1.2 million verified torrents are enlisted on their website.

This is a combination of millions of torrents with movies, TV series. Music, PC/Play Station/Wii/Xbox games.

There is provision for an app to check out torrents and scan them and include daily torrents rubbish. The boundary is clean with a distinct search bar like any former torrent search engines and categories to search in.

They also provide an advanced search facility where the interface is clean with a single search bar like any other torrent search engines.

It will help you to find the best results present on the internet. The stats of the files increase day by day along with the notices. Thus for these reasons and its high activeness, it is listed in the best torrent sites.

  • Mini Nova

Website: http://www.mininova.org/

Mini Nova is one among other top torrents site which needs to be listed here. It used to be one of the largest sites which offered torrents of copyrighted material.

But, since November 2009 the site visitors and operators deleted all torrent files which was uploaded by their regular users, which includes several torrents that permitted users to download copyright material.

This site is the best torrenting site to download latest Hollywood movies for free. You can also share torrent files to help them increase their database.

This particular site is eventually based in Netherlands and was launched in January 2005 as a descendant to Suprnova.org, which went offline at the end of 2004 subsequent legal hitches.

However, it was found out in May 2008 that there have been approximately over 5 billion downloads via Mini Nova.

  • Torrent Box

Website: http://torrentbox.sx/

Torrent Box is a newly established best torrent sites, gained popularity in no time.

In the site you can find a list of verified torrent site from the site which is totally free from any kind of Trojans or viruses. Navigation gets easier here as on the navigation bar you will varied categories like movies, games, music, books, software, mobile video, anime and others. It has 4 million torrent indexed from Bit Torrent network.

  • Torrent Project

Website: https://torrentproject.se/

The torrent project, other top torrents allow you to download and help distribute various files across Wikipedia. It is known to only index public tracked torrents.

Currently, though the site is under development but you can still import the required or desired files.

One of an essential features of this site is that it denies the torrents which do not have the minimum views in a week. This is done to find the torrents that are trending every week.

The crossing point is too simple with a distinct search box and have all the torrents characterized into numerous channels and sub channels.

This isolation helps the users to have an enhanced search understanding and experience. One of their striking features is sorting torrent search results using variety of criteria like peers, seeders, size and along with added filter of categories, which numerous torrent search engines certainly not provide.

Users can also turn safe search by filtering adult torrents. This website also provides widgets to include them in your favorite pages like a blog, or igoogle or any RSS readers.

  • SeedPeer

Website: http://www.seedpeer.eu/

This website is not only one of the best torrent sites but also is one of the best torrent search engines as well.

On Home Page of this site you can check out best torrent downloads for movies, TV shows torrents as well as music torrents.

On the search bar which is located at top of the site, you can search for your desired files. It is also said to deliver one of the most authentic and verified files.

One of the best features of this website is that it is available in varied languages like English, Chinese, Russian and many others.

In this website, you can search; browse categories, verified torrents, and statistics. Along with browsing, you can also upload torrent in the website.

  • Torrentfunk

Website: http://www.torrentfunk.com/

Torrentfunk is a fast best torrent search engine where you can search any movie, TV, music or even software torrents.

It has just unrestricted their most recent version, version 4.0, which incorporates a cleaner and generally lighter feel into the program.

One among them, the best torrent sites is liberated from any kind of malware and virus on the downloading page.

This is an infuriating trouble which users surfing other torrent sites often face. This factor has led to the increment in traffic in the website and has also increased its activeness.

The landing page has been segregated into different categories like top 10 eBook torrents, top 10 software torrents, and others.

This segregation has led to better understanding for the users. It is also said pull high traffic as it manages to get verified authentic results for the searched terms, thus one of the best torrents.

  • Torrentreactor

Website: http://torrentreactor.com/

TorrentReactor is another best torrent search engine which is highly preferred due to its polished User Interface which is the reason of its high preference among users. On Home Page of this site, you can find your favorite torrent files based on different categories. The categories include Animes, Softwares, Music, games, and others. There is a convenient search bar located at the top of this site where you can find your favorite torrent file with the help of a single click. Its unique blog like interface manages to capture the imagination of some users.

It has got all the content well rounded off in the form categories in the side bar. Most active torrents over web can be found in this site, making it a highly popular website among users. Another striking feature is you can also check health of any torrent from the option of health meter. This will give you a fair idea of any torrent file. 

  • Kickass Torrents 

Website: https://kat.cr/

This is one of the best torrent sites listed in this category. As of 2014, it became the most visited torrent directory in the world. Though it started as late as 2009, but it gained popularity in no time. It gained lot of exposures in a small period of time. It was just within a short span of time that it became one of the visited websites. It was formerly introduced as Kat.ph and it faced quite some issue with the censor board and censorship efforts. However, in recent times it shifted to the Somalian Kickass in the domain address.

On 14 June 2013, the domain name was changed to kickass as a part of global maintenance. It is well known, as an all in one public torrent a sin comparison to various torrent sites of varying categories are obtainable here. Due to its activeness, it overpowered The Pirate Bay on entering the market; hence it is no surprise that why it is among the best torrent websites. Even though using Kickass torrent is blocked in mostly all the countries, you may use Elite Proxy servers to gain proper access to it.

  • ExtraTorrent2

Website: http://extratorrent2.cc/

ExtraTorrent is one among other best torrenting sites. It is one best directory which hosts tons of torrents which even violates policies of some websites. It comprises of one of the highest numbers of torrent files in their directory. The types of files range are music, videos, movies, software’s, games, apps, Adult movies. The website is easy to navigate, having an easy navigation key and a quick search option.

It is a home to millions of visitors, making it one of the most-visited torrent indexes on the internet. The inflow of traffic to this website is more and an active member of torrent communities. Most recently, this site has changed its actual domain name extension from .com to .cc. In addition, it is the home of the admired ETTV and ETRG groups. You can also check the health of a torrent by clicking on the health meter before downloading a file. Overall, it is one of the best torrent sites to download any kind of entertainment from.

I love this torrent site, Because only ExtraTorrent always provides available torrent file information into various format.

For Example: If you select any torrent file for downloading, and when you open that torrent file, you can get tons of information about this torrent files(Category, Tracker, Health, File Size, Torrent Status, Uploader, Torrent Added Information, User Ratings and Also Screenshot related to Files). By the help of this information, you can select best and trusted files for you.


ExtraTorrent Alternative Links:

ExtraTorrent also provides many alternative links, If you are not able to load https://extratorrent2.cc/ that time you can try to bellow given alternative ExtraTorrent links.

  • Torrentz2

Website: https://torrentz2.eu/

This website is known as the best torrent website for downloading Hindi movies. It has been the leading search engine for many years for meta keywords.

This site is basically a kind of search engine that will show results of other sites. Generally, the different torrent sites list is being shown here.

It comes with a perfect solution if you are in hurry and do not want to waste too much time on downloading any torrent instantly.

The website has a wide range of movie torrents available for download. It has been more than 12 years for Torrentz2 in the industry.

It is sometimes compared with Google as this too is a multi search engine as the requested result is gathered from a dozen of search engines.

Thereby it helps you to grab your desired torrent files without having the hassle to search them manually.

The exceptional factor about Torrentz2 is that this website does not itself host any of the torrent files. It eventually redirects the visitors to different places in web.

Torrentz2 uses numerous domain names among .eu is the most frequently used.

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