10 Best Plex Channels – What is Plex and How to Setup Plex in System


In this section, we are going to talk about the best Plex channels which can totally change your experience with this media player for sure. This software is basically nothing when you are not using appropriate add-ons and plugins with it. And this is why you need to know about the best of them.

However, this section is not restricted to just official and unofficial Plex channels only. I am going to get you introduced to some of the very basic facts and details related to Plex and how you can use this media player with utmost ease. And of course, along with the details of best Plex plugins too.

What is Plex?

To be true, Plex is largely based on the concept of Kodi and hence you can see some striking similarities too. Plex is a type of client-server media player which brings together all types of media on one platform and stream them for you. From live TV to podcasts and entertainment channels like movies, news, sports, now you can enjoy everything on Plex.

Pricing Plan:

  • The very basic accessing of Plex is absolutely
  • There is a premium service called Plex Pass which provides access to better features and apps and its subscription varies for $4.99 per month or $39.99 yearly or $119.99 for the lifetime.


The Plex media player system is comprised of two main components which are Plex Media Server and Plex Media Player. Here is a brief description of the operating systems for which the Server and Player are compatible to.

Compatibility for Server:

Windows 7 or later, Linux, OS X Mountain Lion or later, FreeBSD 9 or later, Nvidia Shield TV, Netgear, Western Digital Player, QNAP, Thecus, Seagate, Western Digital, Synology Disk Manager 5 and later,

Compatibility for Player:

Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS 3, PS 4, Amazon Fire TV, Android and Apple TV, Android, iOS, Chromecast, Roku, Windows Vista or later, WebOS, OS X Snow Leopard or later, Tizen


Here is a brief description of the features that Plex offers along with providing a huge list of best Plex channels for your entertainment. It is kind of a mix between technology and fun and I am really sure you can access them all with utmost ease.

  • Compatibility to a variety of operating systems which makes it accessible to all types of users.
  • Organize tons of media files and put them together on one place so you can access them no matter where you are.
  • Plex allows you to easily pick and share whatever type of media file it is with your friends and family members and that too in just one click.
  • The syncing capability sync movies, photos, and music to your mobile so that you can access them even when you are offline.
  • The parental control feature further helps in regulating what needs to be accessed by kids and what not.
  • Support to a variety of file formats and many more.

How to Set-up Plex on Your System?

To set-up Plex on your system hardly takes 10 minutes at stretch. It is a very simple process which is mainly comprised of setting up the Plex media server and then the rest just get on its place in a flow. Here are the simple steps to let you know about the set-up of Plex.

  • Download the Plex Media Server from the official website of Plex and do the necessary steps to install it on your system.
  • If you are using Plex for the first time, it will take you to a sign-up window on a browser and you need to register here as a new user.
  • This is a configuration process which also helps you in adding media and apps to your library.
  • Once the set-up is done, you can install whatever add-ons and best Plex channels you want to your Plex account.

10 Best Plex Channels

There are hundreds of official and unofficial channels which can be installed on Plex Media Player in order to gain full access to your favorite media type. However, there are people who are not known to this amazing package and hence I have listed down some of the best Plex channels which will make your experience on Plex even more entertaining and fun.

1. BitTorrent

Website: https://github.com/sharkone/BitTorrent.bundle

BitTorrent is one of the most popular Plex unofficial channels. Yes, you heard it right, this is not officially enlisted under Plex channels but you can install it through third party mediums like the one I mentioned the link of.

However, BitTorrent is a true Rockstar and if you are a die-hard fan of browsing TV shows and movies, then this channel should definitely be there amongst your other Plex channels list.

However, I am going to recommend you to use VPN server before accessing this channel in order to maintain the privacy. The Torrent files are accessed from EZTV and Kickass Torrents which are basically one of the most popular torrent websites and also quite rich in terms of database too.

BitTorrent is definitely one of the best Plex channels that you will come across and you can access it on a variety of operating systems too. You can also download files through this channel and then access them later even when you are offline.

2. YouTube

Website: https://github.com/kolsys/YouTubeTV.bundle

No matter how amazing the other channels are I am always going to be a bit partial towards YouTube. It is an accomplished channel which you get on Plex and trust me, if you are going to browse it for the entire day, then too you will not get tired of watching it.

It comes under the official best Plex channels and you can access it with the help of the plugin called Plex YouTube TV which works as a bridge between Plex and YouTube channel.

So, once you have installed it, you have a sea of millions of videos to access. From music to live streaming of amazing artists, YouTube channel brings it all to you in no time. And thankfully Plex runs it smoothly on your system without causing any trouble.

Interestingly, you do not even need your Google login and password details when you are accessing YouTube through Plex which is actually quite fuss-free.

3. CBS

Website: https://github.com/plexinc-plugins/CBS.bundle

CBS comes under the list of official Plex channels and you can easily install it from the list of channels available on your Plex account. This one is a broadcast television network which focus on a lot of types of media streaming like TV shows, news, movies and many more.

There are a numerous watchable content available on this channel which also includes the repeated telecast of the shows which have went down.

However, the only issues you are going to face in-here is that CBS is not a type of free Plex channel and hence you would have to opt for the subscription plan in order to access all the shows available on the channel. The premium plan is going to cost you $5.99 per month with limited commercials and $9.99 per month for commercial free streaming.

Moreover, CBS is quite entertaining and hence I included it in the list of best Plex channels. You can check its schedule to know more about the streaming time.

4. Nickelodeon

Website: https://github.com/plexinc-plugins/Nickelodeon.bundle

Should I even bother to explain how amazing Nickelodeon is for the kids? This is like the best thing ever and of course it surely guarantees hours of entertainment for your kids through the amazing cartoon shows that it showcase.

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As this channel is dedicated to kids only, you would have to make sure that you are done with customizing the parental control settings before you let your kids watch Nickelodeon on Plex.

It is surely one of the best Plex channels for kids and interestingly Nick is also an official Plex channel too. In fact, not only kids, but Nickelodeon is a channel even adults would love to watch because of the abundancy of entertaining content available on it.

Some of the shows you would be able to watch on Nick are Henry Danger, Thundermans, Gameshakers and many more. You can also dive deep into their content so that you can watch the long lost shows too.

5. TuneIn Radio

Website: https://github.com/plexinc-plugins/TuneIn.bundle

I think we are done with fair share of movies and TV shows streaming channels available on Plex and now it is time to discuss such Plex plugins which provide the other mode of entertainment. And this is why I picked TuneIn Radio this time.

It is an entirely free to stream channel but unfortunately, it does not come under the official Plex Channels and hence you would have to install it through third party bundles.

However, what makes it included in the list of best Plex Channels is the fact that it provides access to 100,000 radio stations. This is not it as it showcases 4 million on-demand programs and podcasts for you which I think is an entertainment worth your entire life.

All you have to do is just create an account on this channel and you will be good to go then. You can access world radio just by your own location without even having to use any VPN service for it too.

6. Crunchyroll

Website: https://github.com/MattRK/Crunchyroll.bundle

You might have remembered Crunchyroll from the excessive list of TV shows it provides access to but this channel is more than that. It is mainly access to watch Anime shows and Manga too. In fact, all the videos on this website are available in HD or 1080p quality only.

However, you can watch a limited amount of content under the free plan and ultimately you would have to take a subscription plan of this channel.

You would be surprised to know that Crunchyroll comes under the category of unofficial best Plex channels. This is why it requires you to sign up on this channel’s official website first because the free plan expires in only 14 days and you need to opt for the premium plan then.

This anime oriented channel allows you to get access to more than 400 shows and movies and you can also become a part of a 20 million members’ community too.

7. Spotify

Website: https://github.com/quavarus/Spotify.bundle

Moving on with the unofficial Plex channels, we have got another one in the list which is everyone’s personal favorite for music called Spotify. Despite not being an official Plex channel, Spotify streams like a pro through Plex and you will come to know about it when you will use it.

This channel gives you an access to more than 30 million songs database of Spotify. However, you can only enjoy some basic features for free and you would have to opt for premium account to enjoy all the services.

Spotify has always been a big name when it comes to online music streaming and I think its vast database of amazing songs will keep you charged for the rest of the time. There are a plenty of genres available through which you can listen to your favorite types of songs.

To enjoy offline download of songs and syncing features, you would have to take the subscription of this channel.

8. NFL Network

Website: https://github.com/plexinc-plugins/NFL.bundle

We have kind of figured out about various types of best Plex channels in this list and this is the time that we now focus on something else. And this is why I mentioned NFL Network into this list which is a type of American sports oriented channel.

As this channel is owned by National Football League (NFL), it would be amazing for you to install it if you are a big American football fan.

This channel gives access to all the American Football live games, replays, related videos and a lot more. However, as this channel is unofficial on Plex, you would have to opt for paid game pass subscription to enjoy all the live streaming of the games.

However, if you do not want to opt for this pass then you can still access highlights, previews, interviews, stats etc. of the Football games. In fact, you can even access this channel through VPN service too in order to opt for the cheapest subscription plan.

9. CNN

Website: https://github.com/plexinc-plugins/CNN.bundle

CNN comes under the topmost Plex add-ons ever and everyone is well aware with the fact that it delivers the breaking news to viewers in no time. In fact, CNN is also an official Plex channel which means you can access all the features of it without having to pay anything for it.

CNN is not restricted to a news-only channel category but it delivers more than what is asked and hence you can consider it as a complete package for sure.

CNN provides access to videos and content related to money, politics, weather, world-events, travel and much more. Apart from the given content, you can also access on-demand information and plenty of breaking news and that too without even having a cable subscription.

I think you should definitely install such best Plex channels as it is a power house of entertainment and apart from the movies, you should be updated with the world-happenings too.

10. SSPlex

Website: https://github.com/mikew/ss-plex.bundle

As the name says it all, SSPlex is a completely official channel made for Plex only. This brings some amazing advantages and hence it surely deserves to be in the list of best Plex channels. This channel brings a great opportunity to such viewers who want to download the certain media file.

Of course, it provides streaming facility too but it comes with download option as well and this is quite like two advantages in just one channel.

This channel allows you to access a huge database of movies, TV shows, videos and other types of streaming content in various categories. There is no doubt that SSPlex is a complete package of entertainment which you should definitely opt for.

However, this channel is not updated on regular basis and this can bring a bit of trouble for you.


This section is all about the information related to Plex, its set-up, variety of channels, plug-ins and many more. If you are a newbie who wish to use Plex, I am sure this section is going to help you a lot in that. Moreover, do not forget to check out the list of best Plex channels mentioned above.

This list is a mix between official and unofficial Plex channels which can be installed for free from the Plex plug-in directory and then you are good to go. You can take full advantage of the features associated with these channels which in turn brings you full package of entertainment.

Note: Search and read everything about plex channel, plugin, or addons, and build footprint and write everything about plex because below two articles also related to plex.. If you need any changes according to these three articles then you can disscuss to me. here you also need to point out everything about plex, if this is have any setup procedure then you also need to define step by step

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