10 Best Plex Plugins


If you are regular on my website then you would have noticed the earlier two sections about Plex and its channels. And this time I am bringing you details about best Plex plugins. The plugins are similar to Plex channels and add-ons which have been listed earlier but as there are plenty of them, this is just impossible to cover the best of them in a single section only.

Hence, I decided to put them together in different sections and through different keywords too so you can get a clearer piece of information regarding them. You can choose plenty of them according to your personal opinion or requirements too.

10 Best Plex Plugins

If I would make a list of all the official as well as unofficial Plex plugins, then they will surely exceed the count of thousand for sure. And as I have covered plenty of them in the earlier sections, I am going talk about 10 of them in this one as well. So, here are my 10 picks for the list of best Plex plugins here.

1. PBS Kids

Website: https://github.com/plexinc-plugins/PBSKids.bundle

The first pick amongst the Plex plugins is the PBS Kids. The Public Broadcasting Service working in USA only, have their special section dedicated to kids only. This is quite like Nick Jr and other relevant kids channels but it is way ahead of them in terms of content and programs features on it.

The main reason behind it is that it draws content from variety of public television database and hence you have the option to watch various kids-oriented TV shows in here.

If you have kids at your home then you should definitely install this plugin for your Plex media server. I think this is by far one of the best Plex plugins for kids and you do not even have to apply parental control for it as all the programs are strictly kids’ oriented.

Some of the shows that it features are Splash and Bubbles, Ready Jet Go, Dinosaur Train, Nature Cat and many more. This is a great approach to educate and entertain kids at the same time through the most fun way ever.

2. CBC

Website: https://github.com/plexinc-plugins/CBC.bundle

After getting done with American broadcasting channel, I think it is the time to move on to Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. CBC works for both radio and television streaming and it is quite versatile about its content as you can find a variety of options here.

This makes it a great inclusion in the list of best Plex plugins which streams music, news, sports programs, TV shows and even documentaries too.

CBC focus on all sorts of audience and hence you can find special content for kids, adults and even for parents too. However, above all, I would recommend you to install CBC for the amazing news and sports streaming of it and that too a variety of content.

Not only local news or the ones related to Canada, but CBC also works on streaming international news too. Apart from live streaming, you can also watch past shows with their full episodes here too. You can get their TV schedule on the plugin and henceforth you can keep up with their shows streaming timings.

3. Pandora

Website: https://github.com/plexinc-plugins/Pandora.bundle

Pandora is unarguably one of the most efficient and engaging unofficial Plex channels. If you are music lover and looking for a constant source of music streaming then you should definitely install Pandora in your Plex media server list.

In fact, Pandora is not just about streaming radio but also on-demand music too. What makes it a better choice than other music streaming plugins is that it requires no pain of setting-up.

This means, you can just use it without any hassle and listen to hours long music without any issues. In fact, despite being an unofficial plugin, Pandora is absolutely free to use in contrast with other services which require paid subscription to access all of their features.

All you need to do is just set a username and password and you are good to go then. This is why Pandora is counted amongst the best Plex plugins and I think you should start using it right away. For a music-lover, Pandora is a must-have Plex channel.

4. Vimeo

Website: https://github.com/plexinc-plugins/Vimeo.bundle

If you are a fan of watching amazing videos belonging to a huge number of categories then Vimeo is the kind of best Plex plugins you should use. This is an official Plex channel and hence bring a variety of advantages for the Plex media server users.

What makes Vimeo the top most video watching destination is the fact that it hosts all the videos in amazing quality only.

Users hold the final control over the content and you get to choose the sources of videos too. But before accessing this Plex plugin, you need to create an account here which is a five-minute process only. This registration facility brings you better customization and hence more control over the content streaming.

Apart from offering regular content, Vimeo also brings on-demand videos for you and hence makes itself a class apart from the rest of the video hosting platforms. Vimeo hosts a huge database of documentaries, music videos, sports videos, animated videos, comedy videos and much more on its platform.

5. Twitch

Website: https://github.com/plexinc-plugins/Twitch.bundle

Adding a wonderful feather for the category of Plex unofficial channels, Twitch makes it worth having it in the list of your plugins. This is actually a subsidiary of Amazon which focuses on live streaming of videos on it from millions of users across the globe.

It actually focuses on a lot of things but their priority is on video game live streaming and trust me it is as popular as some weird cult or tradition.

So, as this platform’s content is driven from the users, you are supposed to register here first. This is a very basic process after which you can access this platform for absolutely free. You also have the option to opt for its premium policies too which are basically paid.

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Moreover, once you have created an account here, you can stream it through Plex and enjoy watching live videos of games like Fortnight, WoW, GTA etc. from a number of users. So, if you are a die-hard video game lover, I am sure you will love such best Plex plugins for sure.

6. ABC

Website: https://github.com/plexinc-plugins/ABC.bundle

One of the easiest to find and surely best Plex plugins in here is ABC. This is a popular television network which basically live streams the shows for you. Of course, it is not handy to have television all the time with you but now that you have Plex with you, I am sure this problem is solved.

Some of the shows that you get access for through ABC are American Idol, The Middle, Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, The Crossing and many more.

You also have the option to distinguish the shows on the basis of a variety of genres like comedy, funny, drama etc. ABC also features their original shows too which of course you won’t find anywhere else. Moreover, you can also watch the news and past shows here too.

You also have the option to watch the shows live for which you can refer to the TV schedule given on their platform. This is by far the easiest and simplest medium to find access of a variety of popular shows and live streams too.

7. Food Network

Website: https://github.com/plexinc-plugins/Food-Network.bundle

You can find a variety of Plex add-ons but I think Food Network stands out of all. After-all who gets to access an add-on entirely dedicated to food and that too on Plex media server? This is an American basic cable and Satellite Television channel and focuses on regular and special programs related to food and cooking.

Some of the shows you get access to through Food Network are Valerie’s Home Cooking, Guy’s Grocery Games, The Kitchen, Good Eats and many more.

To get access of the live streaming of shows, it is important for you to get to know about its schedule of airing which has been given on their platform itself. Apart from the shows you can also find lots of recipes, cooking videos, information about local restaurants and many more.

However, Food Network does not come under the list of official best Plex plugins but it offers everything for free. You can also operate it with VPN to get the regional content of various countries.

8. Comedy Central

Website: https://github.com/plexinc-plugins/ComedyCentral.bundle

You can have your daily dose of comedy and entertainment only when you install this amazing add-on of Comedy Central. Out of all the best Plex plugins dedicated to American basic cable and satellite TV channels, I think Comedy Central is the best because it makes people laugh effortlessly.

However, Comedy Central mainly targets a mature audience and hence it is advisable to restrict it under your parental control policy.

You can find various comedy programs here in form of stand up comedies, comedy TV series, comedy specials, feature films and a lot more. As Comedy Central showcase region-based content, I would suggest you to access it through some VPN service.

Good thing about Comedy Central is that you do not even require to have a user account here and hence there are no paid subscriptions too. You also get to watch all the shows in amazing video quality which varies a bit for the past shows.

9. Scanners

Website: https://github.com/plexinc-plugins/Scanners.bundle

I would rather call this plugin a complete package as it is not a single type of tool in here. Scanners focus on managing things rather than providing entertainment to the users. Hence, this is something different from the rest of the best Plex plugins in here.

There are a variety of Scanners add-ons available like videos scanner, photos scanner, TV shows scanner, music scanner and many more.

This works quite like an assistant for you which helps you in deciding that whether a file is appropriate for a certain library, what kind of media file you are streaming, organizing of files and many more. All the related scanners work for recognizing those files in a library like movie scanners for movies, photos scanner for photos etc.

To improve the functioning of such Plex channels, you need to make sure that all of your files are named and organized properly so that scanners can identify them easily.

10. Freeform

Website: https://github.com/plexinc-plugins/Freeform.bundle

Freeform is actually a part of ABC Television group. Where ABC is more focused on a mature audience, you are going to find the content of Freeform relevant to young audience and women of age group 14-34. Hence, this plugin is more suitable for people looking for young vibes.

What makes Freeform one of the best Plex plugins is the fact that you are going to find some original TV content here too which is only available on Freeform.

Interestingly, Freeform is also a type of official Plex channel too which means you get all the perks and benefits for absolutely free. If you are a true TV enthusiast, then you should definitely have this plugin installed on your Plex media server.

Apart from their original content, you can also access a huge variety of TV shows and feature films here too. You can also watch live TV on Freeform and the schedule is also given on their platform.


To be true, I found a striking contradiction between the types of official and unofficial Plex channels. In fact, you are going to find the unofficial ones much better and they also offer much diverse content too. However, some of the unofficial plugins can only be accessed through paid subscription plan which is not the case with official plugins.

Moreover, all the best Plex plugins enlisted here are fun to use. And as Plex is quite an amazing media streaming source, it allows you to keep up with hundreds of plugins at the same time. After so much of bragging, I think now you won’t waste a minute to use Plex for your desired operating system.

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