15 Place to Watch Anime Online


Now, there is a good news for the anime lovers who are looking for perfect place to watch anime. There are various sites which allows you to download but not to stream and keeping that in mind I have come up with this list here.

15 Place to Watch Anime Online

The idea is to provide reliable and great sources to people who are just crazy about anime to watch anime online. I am sure that you are going to have a great time watching anime shows and movies on the sites which I am listing here.

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1. Hulu

Website: https://www.hulu.com/

Everybody knows it very well that whether it is movies, TV shows, live TV streaming, cartoon or anime shows, you can watch it all on Hulu easily. Hulu is the most browsed and most organized site in the era of anime streaming and a great place to watch anime on this list.

The site is of course not free to use but the charges are quite reasonable though. In the first plan of limited commercial, you need to pay $7.99 per month and for no commercial, you need to pay $11.99 per month. You get 30 days of free trial in each of the plan.

When it comes to browsing anime then you got a huge list for the same and great diversity too. Being extremely rich and updated with the latest anime content I listed Hulu on the first place to watch anime.

In fact, you are getting various categories too like recently added in Anime, recommended, action adventure, supernatural and horror, fantasy, drama, comedy etc. I will strongly recommend Hulu for those people who are very regular in watching anime on daily basis.

2. Soul Anime

Website: http://ww5.soul-anime.us

The next one in the quest of finding the perfect place to watch anime is Soul Anime. Despite being an utterly simple website, it is hugely popular amongst all the anime lover to browse their favorite anime shows and videos easily.

Soul Anime is simple because this is a no registration site. Yes, you heard that right, you are not supposed to register on it and there are no charges for watching anime here too.

All the videos are available in high quality, and you can find about 4k anime movies here easily. You can also browse anime on the basis of their genres like thriller, romance, comedy, demons, mecha, military, psychological etc. You can also search them through the chronologically sorted list too.

Apart from it there are categories like anime list, anime movies, completed anime, random anime etc. to further sort out different types of anime videos here. There is also a search bar where you can directly search whichever anime you want directly.

Soul Anime is a really great and free source to watch as much anime as you want and you can try it out right away.

3. GogoAnime

Website: https://www19.gogoanimes.tv/

GogoAnime is a very popular anime site which is loved by various anime fans throughout the world for watching their favorite anime shows. It is a great place to watch anime with almost never ending content on it.

GogoAnime does not charge anything from its users to browse anime on it. The registration process on this site is also optional but there are certain advantages when you do so. You get notified with recent uploads, anime bookmarking, HD modes etc. are some of the features that comes with membership.

GogoAnime hosts a huge anime list along with anime seasons and movies too. This implies that you are going to get every anime related media files here for sure.

There is also a search bar here to search for the desired anime directly. All of the features makes GogoAnime one outstanding place to watch anime. The other categories that you get to browse on GogoAnime are popular ongoing update, dubbed anime, recently added series etc.

Once you have started browsing GogoAnime, then you will surely end up getting addicted to this site.

4. Masterani

Website: https://masterani.one/

Masterani is one of the least-B.S and content-rich places to watch anime online, for free. Completely popup-free for whatever reasons! No hidden ads. There simply are sidebar and banner ads which aren’t really a headache.

The Homepage has two simple top-bar options, “Anime Movies” or “Anime Series“. If you’ve got a more specific goal in mind, the page also offers a bold search-bar which lets us key-in specific keywords for the Anime we’re seeking. For a more general binge watching, users can simply click on “Browse all Anime Movies and Anime Series“.

Doing so brings us to a more filter-rich interface. This screen lets users search from a plethora of Genres, or just request content. There also are options such as “Popular“, “Top View Today“, “Top View Weekly” etc. to make the hunt much easier.

The site displays the thumbnail for the content, along with the total number of episodes (in case of a series) right on top of it. The video player offers average control, users can control the volume as well as the quality. Most content on the site is either 480P or 720P.

A lot of information about each episode/movie being played is displayed along with its IMDb ratings. There is an option to register however it’s not mandatory, and anime can be streamed without any Signups or payments. Switching between episodes too is pretty easy.

5. Anime Frenzy

Website: https://animefrenzy.net/

anime frenzy anime streaming

Anime Frenzy is an Anime-streaming platform with one of the most unique interfaces I’ve ever seen. It also is unique in the sense that I didn’t find a single annoying ad on the platform!

There’s a search-bar right next to the logo, this is where you can directly type the name of the anime you need. Or choose from one of the filters such as “Anime”, “Dubbed”, “Popular”, “Schedule”, “Ongoing” etc.

Just below that is a slider-section, it auto-slides and reveals various anime movies/shows which may be of interest for some.

The left-sidebar displays anime-thumbnails. A center-sidebar too is available and it displays (in pretty big fonts) the latest additions of content to the site. The Episode number, name as well as time of upload is displayed.

There’s a right-sidebar as well which features a chat-box, you can find like-minded folks there and discuss on various topics. The rest of the right-sidebar lists Popular, and Ongoing anime.

Ads are displayed just once, on the video-playing screen. It also offers a one-click downloading feature for the anime being played (unique, rare and absolutely impressive!) The video-player itself is unique. Offers multiple streaming servers.

6. Yahoo Anime

Website: https://view.yahoo.com/

Yes, our very own Yahoo is another pick for the list of best place to watch anime. The anime division of Yahoo is just like the rest of the entertaining sections of it which means full of endless database. And the simplicity of Yahoo is very well known to the entire world.

You just need to sign up on this site and then browse whatever you want. When it comes to the section of Anime the options are just endless.

I would like to draw your attention towards the different categories which can be browsed on this site. This not only simplify the process of finding out the desired anime shows easily but also make the site more organized for the users. Some of these categories are popular, action and adventure, romance, tournament, science and fiction etc.

I think Yahoo Anime is just the perfect place to watch anime and that too without even paying anything for it. Some of the content of this site are derived by Hulu but glad you are not supposed to pay the subscription charges here.

7. Anime Freak

Website: http://animefreak.tv/

Anime Freak is a very familiar and relatable site to the actual freaks about anime shows and videos. It is our next pick to find out the best place to watch anime. You got everything on this site which must be there on an anime oriented site.

So, let me tell you there is no provision for registration or charges on this site. You just simply open it up and start watching your favorite anime shows here. It is that simple.

You got various categories here like anime list, genres, chronologically sorted list, latest episodes, popular anime etc. This makes the browsing and streaming process of anime even easier for the users. In fact, most of the anime uploaded on this site are basically subbed and dubbed so that users do not have to download additional files for that.

Now, when anyone asks you, Where to watch anime for free then you have the perfect answer for that in form of Anime freak and other sites. The never ending database and daily basis updating of the site makes it just the perfectly desired destination for all the anime lovers out there.

8. Anilinkz

Website: https://aniwatcher.com/

You must have heard the name of this site various times earlier. This is because Anilinkz is actually a very popular website that people uses for streaming anime videos online. Apart from hosting one of the finest and largest anime libraries, the site also features great cartoons too.

In this list of place to watch anime, Anilinkz is totally a deserving entrant. There are various categories which you can easily find on this site to browse it easily.

Some of such categories are ongoing series, anime list, random, movies etc. This means a full-fledged site completely dedicated to great anime videos. Most of the episodes uploaded on this site are subbed so that users can watch Japanese anime easily in their own language.

The quality is also good and you can directly search for the desired anime videos through the provided search bar on the site of Anilinkz. The rest will be known to you once you will check out the site so do not waste time and check it out right now.

9. Ex Anime

Website: https://www.exanime.net

anime streaming site free

As the name makes it clear, it’s a site completely dedicated to Anime.  It has a very subtle top-bar which contains link to an “Anime List“, which is like the ultimate database of every piece of content on the site, alphabetically.

Then there’s an Alphabetic scale which lets you directly reach Anime with specific initials. There’s a secondary top-bar as well which lists options such as “Airing Anime” (ongoing anime), “Finished Anime” (anime which have aired their finales), “Ovas“, “Specials“, and also a “Genre” option.

The “Genre” option reveals a slide-down menu which contains a list of popular genres such as Action, Adventure, Thriller, Crime, Romance and so on.

The rest of the screen is dedicated to Anime thumbnails, and banner-ads (a lot of them). Infact, the first-time you click anywhere on the site an invisible ad would get clicked and launch a new window. It keeps happening after a preset interval.

Anyway, the thumbnails aren’t interactive so in order to get more details about the Anime users need to click on individual anime links. Does offer multiple streaming servers for most content.

Does offer Download links for the Anime’s subtitles. No registration required.

10. Watch Cartoon Online

Website: https://www.thewatchcartoononline.tv/

Watch Cartoon Online is not just a place to watch cartoons only but a great place to watch anime too. In fact, it is counted as one of the premium types of site for streaming anime online. This registration free site is truly one great option which you must know to watch your favorite shows on it.

There are various categories available on this site like dubbed anime, cartoon, subbed anime, movies etc. The content of the site never cease to amaze its users.

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When you will get on the home page of this site, then the recent uploads will be right there in front of you. So, now you do not need to dig the site deep to find out the latest releases of the anime world on it. Watch Cartoon Online is a site which is updated very regularly so that users can get the fresh content quickly.

Apart from all these things, there is a genre list which contains hundreds of genres of the anime world. This means you have endless options to browse the anime videos on this site.

11. Viewster

Website: http://www.viewster.com/

As the list is about to end, the next place to watch anime that I would like to mention is Viewster. You would have heard the name of this site but only as an app because the site is not that much of popular. But this does not mean that it does not contain good quality and rich content on it.

There is also the option of signing up on this site which is optional but as I always recommend, you must do it as it is quite beneficial for you as a user.

You are going to find various channels on this site too. Apart from it there are some great anime series uploaded on this site which awaits the user’s attention. You have the option to sort out the anime videos on the basis of language and another basis too.

Viewster is one good place to watch anime which you must try at least once.


Website: https://www.hidive.com/

The last one in this section of place to watch anime is HIDIVE. The process of this site is a bit different from the rest of others. It acquires its content from other sites and then put them together on its platform. Still, the site is not that bad to stream anime videos online.

You need to first sign up on this site although this is completely optional. But of course, being a member of a site comes with some advantages too.

Now, you can watch whichever anime video you want for whatever time period you desire and that too for absolutely free. This means there are no charges but pure entertainment for the viewers. The site is basically a replacement for the earlier site named The Anime Network.

You can become a premium member of this site whose charges are just $3.99 per month along with 7 days of free trial period. This membership comes with additional advantages which you would not get in normal membership offer.

13. Kiss Anime

Website: https://www.kiss-anime.ws/

Kiss Anime is one of the most popular, known-by-brand sites on the planet when it comes to watching anime online, although there do exist a number of variations and independent sites by the same name.

The Kiss Anime version mentioned here doesn’t have an extremely professional layout, for starters it’s bombarded with hidden ads, sidebar ads, slide-in ads which make navigating through the site and finding the content you want somewhat harder.

However,it does let us stream Anime for free, without requiring registrations (the anime actually does “play” and it isn’t a scam).

The site has a top-bar has a number of options such as Mobile, Anime Dubbed, Watch Cartoon, Report/Request and “search here“. It also has an “Anime list” which grants us access to the entire Anime database, sorted by Alphabets. Or users can use the tabbed-lists provided which sort Anime based on “Most Popular” and “Recent Additions“.

As of today the site has a collection of 5187 Anime spread over 81098 episodes. Users can switch between episodes using the episode-list provided along with each videos’ streaming-page.

Most content on the platform is either 720p or 1080p.

14. Chia-Anime

Website: http://ww2.chia-anime.tv/

Chia-Anime isn’t a platform just for “Anime” rather it also caters to the needs of Manga-lovers, those who love Anime soundtacks as well as Asian Drama lovers.

The top-most bar holds options such as Most Popular, Most recent, Cartoon list and Anime list. The Anime-list as is the case with all other sites on this list is alphabetically categorized. Although the same page also provides a list of Genres such as Drama, Action, Thriller, Auto-racing, Yuri, Vampires etc.

The site does display hidden, sidebar as well as banner ads, the video-streaming page too has a static-image ad as well as a video-ad once you skip the static banner ad. The Anime thumbnails let users know if the video is “subbed” (contains subtitles) or Dubbed (dubbed in other languages).

Most content also has multiple streaming servers, also the quality of the videos can be controlled to suit faster or slower connections. The site doesn’t need any registrations. The site however lacks a synopsis or any general information about the content being streamed apart from its name and thumbnail.

Two advanced options the site offers are a specially customized “Mobile-view” as well as a download option which lets users download the content being streamed in Mp4 format.

15. 9Anime

Website: https://www1.9anime.vip

best places to watch anime online

9Anime makes it extremely easy for users to find their favorite content. The homepage for starters provides users with a large search-box. Then you can use its “Genre” option on the top-bar to find a suitable Genre. Furthermore it also provides for advanced search filters.

The filters let you filter content based on Genre, language-assistance type (Subbed Vs. Dubbed), Anime type, release-year etc. The top-bar also provides for other options such as “Ongoing”, “Completed”, “TV Series” which help narrow down the search criteria.

You can even select Genres from the right-sidebar, which also lists “Latest movies” you can directly start watching.

There’s also an A-Z list of Anime available which lists all the available content alphabetically. Most of the content on the site is either Subtitled, or Dubbed in English. Seldom will you find Anime completely in its native form.

The dedicated anime pages are informative and provide information such as a detailed Synopsis, Cast, and even display the total views on the Anime. Offers multiple streaming servers which you can choose by clicking on the drop-down menu just above the video-players.

The video-players provide volume, easy-skip as well as quality-controls. Does have a lot of hidden ads though.

16. 123 Anime

Website: http://123anime.com/watch anime online

The site features an easy to understand layout. There’s a top-bar which lets users select from a number of Genres such as Yuri, Kids, Samurai, Music, Dementia, Romance, Drama and much more. It also provides for a number of anime types such as OVA, ONA, TV Series etc.

You can even request anime which isn’t available on the platform by using their “Request” button on the top-bar. Scrolling down there’s a “Recently Added” section, which lets you choose from categories such as Subbed, Dubbed, Trending etc.

Detailed Anime schedule too is available which shows the time, as well as the episode number for Anime airing throughout the week. You can also use its Alphabetic scale at the footer to find Anime starting with those initials.

Even though it features Hidden, Popup ads, they’re not repetitive. Meaning once you close the ads, they won’t pop up again in the same session. The video-streaming page lets us choose from various servers. A numerically organized  episode list lets users switch between episodes.

Only problem with 123Anime? Its video-player doesn’t let you choose the video-quality and its set by default. No registration required.

17. Anime Heaven

Website: https://animeheaven.ru/

Anime Heaven is one of the best places to watch Anime online and it claims to offer a “clean interface“. However in our experience, the site actually is flooded with ads and popups. Banners, hidden ads and automated new tabs are a common frustration.

The homepage features two search bars, one at the top-bar and one at the very center of the home-screen. Or, there’s a category-selector on the top-bar which can be used as well. It hosts genres such as Dubbed, Series, Movies, Ongoing, Popular, Schedule etc.

Clicking on any of those options takes us to a list-like screen. This is where you can choose exactly the Anime you wish to watch. However note that finding the “play” button might be a tricky. It’s a small-sized button and you’d be clicking on a lot of ads before being able to play a movie.

The playback screen offers a couple streaming options to choose from. A Youtube-like video player is used to stream the content. Qualities range from 360p to 1080p. In most cases, the quality is displayed but can’t be changed. “Rewind” and full-screen view are two other options on the playback screen. Comments allowed and displayed as well.

18. Anime

Website: https://ani.me/

The website doesn’t seem to believe in subtlety. The name and the URL clearly and boldly state the purpose and contents of the website. What I personally loved is the fact that it doesn’t overwhelm us with ads. Sure they do exist, but within limits.

The top-bar as is the tradition helps us navigate around the website. Almost all of the remaining screen is used to display thumbnails and titles for the available Anime. Number of episodes available for each content too is displayed.

When clicked, the Anime-page lists all the episodes on a slider, ratings for the content too are offered. We can simply click on the “Play” button to play the videos. Again, the fact that videos are played directly without any ads is pretty impressive.

The video-player offers volume-control, as well as the ability to change shift to the full-screen mode.  The quality of almost all the content is HD. Some of the Anime may require you to employ a VPN. No registrations, downloads or surveys of any kind need to be completed.

19. Anime Ultima

Website: https://www1.animeultima.to/

I’ll say it. It’s one of the best places to watch anime online.

Why so?

You land on the site, click on an Anime, one single ad launches, and the video plays instantly.

Most other Anime streaming sites mentioned above nearly spam us to death before playing a video.

Even the interface is pretty unique and exclusive.

So, the homepage directly shows a number of Anime. They’re divided into sections like “All Time Popular”, “Latest Anime Added”, “Trending shows (24Hh)” etc.

Clicking on an Anime thumbnail will take you to the specific Anime page. It shows the number of likes, followers and total views (for all the episodes) of that Anime.

A synopsis, release year, total number of episodes etc. are mentioned on this page. All the episodes are neatly listed, clicking once on the links takes us to the video-players.

Most anime videos are subbed in English as well. What’s more is, there’s quality-control! You can choose from as low as 240p to as high as 1080p for almost all the videos.

Other sections such as “Anime list”, “Request Anime”, “Anime Schedule” etc. are available but require registration before allowing access. Streaming anime however doesn’t require any registration or payments.

20. AnimeSeason

Website: http://www.animeseason.com/

The next one is Anime Season which is another suitable place to watch anime. It is a simple site that even a child can operate. The layout is pretty manageable along with smooth navigation and clearly listed categories and anime videos on the home page.

You have the option to check out the anime collection through various categories like full series listing, genres, highest-rated series, random anime etc.

You can see the list of ongoing series on the site. This provides you a general view of the recently updated shows so that you know what is trending in these days. You are not supposed to get registered on Anime Season to proceed with watching anime on it.

There are not even any charges on any of the shows uploaded on the site. The site is intended for hassle free anime watching for as long as you want. Anime Season is a great pick for anime streaming sites and I think you must try it out sometime to watch the recently released anime in good quality.

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Now that you have gone through the entire list of the place to watch anime you must have been feeling content here. Some of the sites are paid and some are free but every single one of them are reliable for sure.

You might find some of the names of the sites quite familiar, or you must have used them before. I have just tried to list the best ones so that you do not have to rely on different sites for different shows. So, don’t wait now and just get stuck on them right away.

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