10 Best Shows like Spartacus


People who have seen this epic show called Spartacus absolutely know that it could have been a blockbuster if things did not go down that way. However, to value your love for warlike shows like Spartacus, I have compiled this list which you are surely going to like.

10 Best Shows like Spartacus

Spartacus was all about rivalry, war, and great action sequences and hence I have tried to bring down such shows on board. Though some of them might differ over the plot of historical drama but action, war, and warriors fighting for right remain the common elements throughout. You can check out this list right below for more information.

1. The Shannara Chronicles (2016 – Present)

The Shannara ChroniclesYou must be wondering that why did I mention a show in this category of shows like Spartacus which belongs to a category of fantasy drama and does not even involve any historic incident in it. Well, the prime reason is popularity and another one is the similar concept of action and fights against the evil.

The Shannara Chronicles is based on the fantasy novel The Sword of Shannara Trilogy by Terry Brooks and explicitly used the supernatural content in it.

So, according to the plot of this show, it is set out in the fictional four lands. The show starts with an adventure itself where the demons locked in a place called the forbidding are starting to return. Now, the main cast of the show Wil, Amberle and Eretria must have to set out on a quest to protect the ancient tree Ellcrys from dying so these demons can be banished again.

The plot is quite interesting and so is the concept of this show. In fact, with only 2 seasons premiered till now, the show is already a huge hit.

2. Vikings (2013 – Present)

VikingsVikings is the most similar and appealing option which can be included in this list of shows like Spartacus. It has every similar element like historical drama, warriors, bloodshed, sexual content and some games of politics hard to understand with one go.

Vikings is still running at the current time in its 5th season and scheduled to be completed when done with airing 20 episodes in it.

Shows like Vikings are quite striking to the audience mainly because of they’re rich and larger than life popular history relation. Vikings focus on the character of a Viking Ragnar Lothbrok and shows the time of his rise when he ultimately becomes the Scandinavian King.

From being a farmer to rising as the legendary hero, the story of Ragnar is shot on a really large scale in the beautiful lands of Ireland. The show also portrays raids and fights and adds some gruesome content to Vikings. Well, surprisingly, people loved this content and the show is now counted amongst the most popular TV series running in the recent times.

3. The Borgias (2011 – 2013)

The BorgiasThe Borgias makes an excellent choice for the list of shows like Spartacus because of its similar historical drama theme. Despite the fact that the show was canceled in between in 2013, I think you should definitely watch it for its Roman connection and fictional representation.

The show’s plot is set in the time of 16th century and follows the story of Borgia Family. As the show only aired 2 seasons, they finally had to conclude it with two hours wrap up finale.

So, the show follows with the rise of Borgia family which also includes the involvement of Roman Catholic Church and the series follows their struggles to remain in power as long as they can. As Rodrigo Borgia becomes Pop Alexander VI, the family involves in dirty politics and bribery for the thrust of power and wealth.

The show has elaborated 15th century of Europe perfectly and each of the details are shown wisely too. With such sensitive and larger than life focus of the show, it turned out to be way too expensive and hence they had to leave it midway.

4. Arrow (2012 – Present)

ArrowIf you are going to ask about this show from the current generation, they are gonna narrate praises for it. Arrow is a warrior like show which has premiered 6 seasons comprising of total 124 episodes in it. The show is still airing and also counted as one of the most popular TV series similar to Spartacus.

As Spartacus was all about rising from slavery, the show is quite similar in appeal and presents a protagonist fighting against the evil ones.

The show is based on the theme of superhero fiction, action, adventure, drama, crime and mystery and all this mixture makes it even more fun to watch. It is based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow who is a crime fighter.

The main character of this show is Oliver Queen who is a billionaire playboy returned to his hometown to fight with crime in the form of an archer named Arrow. The show is full of suspense and a lot of action sequence making it the best choice for the category of shows like Spartacus.

5. Camelot (2011)

CamelotCamelot is a show based on the theme of historical drama and incorporates the elements of swords and sorcery in it. Although the show’s pilot episode started with a bang but because of some conflicts, they shut it down after airing one season of this show.

So, if you want to experience a quick road of sorcery, conspiracy, fights, war and everything in between, ladies and gentleman, you have Camelot for that.

The show perfectly compliments the category of shows like Spartacus and sets in the 5th century where it is shown that Britain has been set free from Roman rule. Camelot shows the rise of King Arthur who takes up the throne after the sudden demise of his father King Uther.

The show also highlights the Castle of Camelot and King Arthur’s journey in it. With the lust for throne and continuous politics, the show leads to a great 10 episodes series. However, it had to be shut down then.

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6. Game of Thrones (2011 – Present)

Game of ThronesOf course, I should have mentioned GoT on the top of the list of shows like Spartacus, but I think it is better to show your best card at the right time. If you are done with all the elements of supernatural, adventure, fantasy and everything else then it is just the right time to engross in this epic TV series.

As everyone already knows about it, GoT is based on the novel series A Song of Ice and Fire by J.R.R. Tolkien and after premiering 7 seasons, the franchise is all set to bring down the 8th and final season soon.

Till the time while others are waiting for its next season, you can start watching this amazing TV series right away. I am sure you cannot find more shows like game of thrones which has every single entertaining elements like politics, bloodshed, sex, action, adventure, fantasy and many more.

With various dynasties fighting with each other and killing everyone to claim the ultimate throne of power, you can actually feel the excitement running down your spine. The show is a must to watch especially for its thrill and twists.

7. Xena: Warrior Princess (1995 – 2011)

Xena: Warrior PrincessAnother TV series entirely based on fantasy and yet stay true to the genre of shows like Spartacus is Xena. The show incorporates the warrior theme in it and you are also going to see elements like action, adventure and a lot of supernatural incidents too.

The show is the oldest one in this list and has premiered total 6 seasons comprising of 134 episodes. The show was a refreshing content back then as it featured a really strong female protagonist and hence it made a huge difference from other shows.

The show takes into account the rise of a warrior princess named Xena. Xena who is extremely guilt-ridden because of her past sins is now set out on a quest to help those who cannot defend herself and for her company she has the ultimate fighting skills.

The show also features the character of Gabrielle who is the second important cast accompanying Xena and set out on a journey to become an Amazon warrior. The show is quite amazing even when you see it now. The female protagonists are something which makes the show different yet stronger than other historical stereotypic shows.

8. Rhodes (1996)

RhodesRhodes is a very short mini-series comprising of only 1 season of 8 episodes and ran for a brief period of only 2 months. When it comes to taking into account the other TV series like Spartacus people often forge to include mini-series because of their duration but trust me Rhodes is not going to disappoint you at all.

It is a British historical drama which is based on the life of Cecil Rhodes. Mr. Rhodes was a popular politician, adventurer and empire-builder from 19th century.

Rhodes was shot on a very large perspective and hence considered as the most expensive British TV project ever which took almost 10 years to complete. The show is shot in a flashback mode and shows the integral part of Rhodes’ life in the form of conversations with important people.

Rhodes is counted amongst the most flamboyant and majestic shows like Spartacus you are ever going to see. It also incorporates the elements of politics, and huge plot twists and the greed of Rhodes and his fall too.

9. Dominion (2014 – 2015)

DominionAnother show in the list of shows like Spartacus is Dominion which is a 2 seasoned series based on the theme of American apocalyptic action world. It also has supernatural content too but like various popular show it had to be canceled midway after 2 seasons.

Although canceled, the show gained a great hype and that’s why I listed it out in this category and am sure the 21 episodes of this show would surely entertain you.

To be particular I like mini-series personally and hence I listed out this show as one of them. The plot is totally hypothetical where all gods vanishes and the army of lower angels led by Archangel Gabriel starts a war against the mankind.

With this war, 25 years get passed and disputes arises between the Archangels too. Now, when a savior appears to save the mankind from this war and establish peace again.

10. Rome (2005 – 2007)

RomeI personally feel that in the current times, people feel that Rome is quite underrated. Although it belongs to the time of 2005, still the show has such projection of reality that you can literally feel the thrill of GoT incorporated in it too.

Rome makes an excellent option for the list of TV shows like Spartacus mainly because of the striking similarity of historical drama theme of both the shows.

Rome is a collaboration of British-American-Italian artists and this mini-series has only 2 seasons comprising of 22 episodes. The plot belongs to 1st Century BC in ancient Rome and strikes focus on two protagonists of the show namely Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus.

The main theme of the show depicts the transformation of Rome into an empire with monarchs and kingdoms coming into existence. While the subplot focuses on the lives of two protagonists and how they find themselves connected with each other. Probably the most intriguing option you are going to find for the category of shows like Spartacus.


There are the total of three seasons in Spartacus but I tried to bring down longer series like Spartacus for you so you can keep the entertainment going for longer duration. If you get bored with the repetitive historical theme, then I have put the shows with different plots in between for you.

Some of the shows like Spartacus are running even till date so it would be great if you can catch up with the pace. However, they are always available to watch on various online streaming platforms and apps all the time. I am sure you wouldn’t be able to resist after taking off with the pilots of these series.

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