Top 10 Roku Free Channels


Roku is an amazing streaming player, and there is no doubt about it. There are plenty of generations of this player with continuous development. It even offers more than 1800 channels but did you even know that there are Roku free channels too?

Of course, all of them are not free but in the midst of paid plans, I think you should know about these channels so you can enjoy the advantages of Roku perfectly. But I am pretty sure that these free Roku channels are enough to supply you plenty of entertainment without even having to use a smartphone.

Top 10 Roku Free Channels

There are hundreds of channels available on Roku which can be accessed for free. But rather than wasting your time on choosing the right one I think you should better go through the list which I have curated for you people. It features 10 best free channels on Roku which are fun, entertaining and really interesting too.

1. YouTube


YouTube is not only amongst the top Roku free channels but also on the most watched list too. And of course, it would be because no matter what it never goes out of entertainment for its viewers. This is why people love to stream YouTube via Roku now and then.

Enjoying YouTube on a much bigger screen space is a different experience altogether. You can also share videos from your phone to your TV when they are connected via Wifi connection.

This is so simple to operate YouTube through Roku. You just need to add the channel first and then operate the app via your phone. Once you click on a video to play, it will start streaming on your TV screen as well. And of course, it gives a much bigger and better streaming quality too.

And as you know all the advantages of YouTube, you can watch movies, videos, comedy shows, your saved videos, viral clips and a lot more on your TV. All thanks to its diversity, YouTube is amongst the best free Roku channels.

2. CBS News


Entertainment is not the only thing you want to stay updated with, and this is why I picked another important channel here. CBS News is amongst the top Roku free channels and provides digital streaming of news 24/7 without a second of delay or malfunctioning.

The app goes with the name CBSN where you have the option of streaming news from CBS network or stream on-demand videos from award-winning news program of CBSN.

There are a variety of show options available like CBS The Morning, CBS Evening News, 48 Hours, 60 Minutes, Face the Nation, Sunday Morning and many more. For more details, you can also contact the channel and leave comments for your queries too.

What adds cherry on the cake is the fact that CBS News also covers local news from some of the regions too. This means now you have the advantage of watching local as well as international news on the same channel and that too for free. In fact, there are subscriptions for each program individually, but with Roku you get it all for free.

3. Crackle


Another one this list of Roku free channels is Crackle which is already a very popular name amongst entertainment genre. Crackle already has its own mobile applications for iOS and Android, and it also supports a plenty of other platforms too like Apply TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Roku and many more.

Its versatile compatibility is something which makes it a favorable source of entertainment for mass audience from all over the world.

Now, Crackle is all about watching free TV shows and movies from a variety of genre like action, drama, science fiction, romance and many more. In fact, you also get access to wonderful Crackle originals which you will not find anywhere else on other platforms.

All you have to do is just create a free account on Crackle in order to start streaming it through Roku on your TV. So if you are wondering what channels are free on Roku, you know that you have some amazing options to access. So, you better get escape from all the troubles and focus on some really amazing Crackle Originals.

4. QVC


If you think Roku can help you regarding entertainment and fun section only then you are totally wrong about it. In fact, Roku is a way larger media player and streamer than you ever thought of and hence finding huge versatilities in its functioning is a natural factor.

The next part of Roku free channels is QVC. Yes, you heard it right, this shopping giant is also a part of their channel list, and it works effectively too.

This is quite like changing the way the world shops, and through QVC you can keep a watch over the collection of best products in the market. Their collection changes on a daily basis and hence you can get to know about the latest items every day. You can even take advice from experts and get your queries sorted over a product.

While operating QVC on Roku app, you can watch their broadcast channel and can shop right from there easily. In fact, QVC covers a variety of categories like new food dishes, upcoming fashion trends, electronics and many more.

5. The Roku Channel


This is Roku’s very own channel developed by their own team for pure entertainment and comprises a huge list of entertaining and fun programs on it. There are some of the advantages you get on The Roku Channel which are just amazing and that sets it apart from the rest of the Roku free channels too.

You do not even have to log in to access this channel on Roku. In fact, there are no hidden fees or additional subscription fees too, and hence this channel is a free source of fun and entertainment.

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Apart from it, you have access to hundreds of Hollywood movies and even live news too. This is quite like keeping up with the best in the town without even having to pay anything for it. From world news to award-winning comedies, The Roku Channel provides it all to you.

Such Roku channels free host a lot of interesting stuff which are usually missing from other channels on Roku. There are even some hand-picked TV shows available too which I am really sure you would love to stream.

6. Adult Swim


Adult Swim has got a rating of 4.3 out of 5 on Roku channels list, and this clearly shows that how popular this channel is. The concept behind this channel is different of all, and it provides a non-stop marathon of the favorite shows of viewers which are basically prescribed for adults only.

I actually liked it because it is way different from other Roku free channels and that it never let you feel bored, not even for a second.

They provide a daily live stream of interactive adult only programs which are all about comedy, fun, entertainment and of course binge-watching. Adult Swim is actually a part of popular kids based channel Cartoon Network, but it actually airs adult-based programs from 8 PM to 6 AM.

But Roku brings them together for you irrespective of time, and you get to watch them for absolutely free too.

7. PBS Kids


The next addition in Roku channels free list is called PBS Kids, and as the name says it all, this one is a special channel created for kids and younger generation only. It has earned this great rating and amazing reviews too, and I think you should totally add this channel for your kids.

PBS Kids is a power-packed and versatile channel for kids which features more than 1000 videos belonging to many of the popular PBS Kids TV series.

To name a few, you get to watch videos from Sesame Street, Dinosaur Train, Wild Kratts and many more popular shows of all time. If there could be more Roku free channels for kids, I don’t think they would be able to compete with the amount of entertainment offered by PBS Kids.

Moreover, along with entertainment this channel also keeps an eye on fun learning system which involved media and technology altogether. By involving important elements of society like parents, teachers, communities etc. they help in creating a powerful digital learning environment for kids.

8. NewsON


Where the attention of CBS news was more on international news, NewsON will bring more local and regional news for you. The streaming is completely free, and it brings you news from more than 170 local news stations across USA, and this is why counted amongst the most authenticated news based Roku free channels.

NewsON also allows you to watch live news and previous newscast too up to 48 hours of most of the stations enlisted on it.

I think you should definitely add this channel to your Roku channel list because it provides you all the necessary information about your surroundings. In fact, you do not even require a formal sign up or login process here to get access to all the information.

There is no policy for subscription, and you just need to directly launch the channel on Roku, and then you can start watching news in no time.

9. Watch Free Flix


Watch Free Flix is the next pick amongst list of free Roku channels. Watch Free Flix functions quite like Crackle and other entertainment-oriented channel on Roku and somewhere competes brilliantly with them too.

This channel provides access to hundreds of full-length features movies and variety of TV series to you which are actually quite entertaining.

Watching movies through this channel always remains free as there are no subscription plans. In fact, you also have a variety of genres like comedy, drama, action, kids, family etc. to choose your movie from. They also keep on working on their database and hence new movies are added timely here.

The database here is a combination between old and current movies so you can find some of the really popular movies here easily. The channel is somewhere quite similar to the rest of the entertainment-based Roku free channels, but it has a less diverse and rich database as compared to them.

10. Vevo


Very Few people know this but Vevo actually stands for Video Evolution, and if you are opting for such Roku free channels, then you should definitely have the zeal for music videos. Now, you must be thinking that you can find more such channels then why you should prefer Vevo only?

Well, the reason behind it that you are getting the access to all the videos for absolutely free. Also, all of them are available in high-definition quality which is actually quite a rare thing.

All you have to do is just sync your Vevo account to that of Roku channels list and then you can access all your favorite videos on TV. You have the option to access thousands of amazing quality videos from current and even old generations too.

This is why Vevo is counted amongst the best Roku channels and you get to stream it 24 hours without any interruption through Roku. However, the content of Vevo channel might differ on the basis of country.


You can find free channels related to a variety of genre and categories like movie streaming, music videos, new channels, entertainment, kids, sports etc. However, the list of Roku free channels keeps on changing which means it is not a compulsion that you will find these channels free next time too.

This is why do not forget to create a Roku account and add these free channels on Roku in your favorite list. Enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies without even having to pay a single penny for them. And of course, when you are streaming through Roku, you get the best quality experience too.

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