Social Bookmarking SEO Complete Guide

Do you have any question about social bookmarking and want to know “how to get social bookmarking links” and “why social bookmarking is important for SEO?” and any other social bookmarking related question then this post will helping your.. Inside this post I cover all necessary information related to social bookmarking which every beginner or SEO Executive want to know.

Before anything I want to tell you basic fundamental information about social bookmarking.

Table of Content

1. What is Social Bookmarking?

2. Why Social Bookmarking is important for SEO?

3. Websites which have good reputation into Social Bookmarking Industry

4. How to get instance approve do follow social bookmarking backlinks.

5. Best Automated Social Bookmarking Tools

6. High PR trusted social bookmarking website list for manual social bookmarking

7. Conclusion


What is Social Bookmarking?

If you are beginner then you should know about social bookmarking.

Social bookmarking is a process through which user can submit his choice web document relates website address into websites(some website which providing social bookmarking service), these type web document address user can easily access  any time, anywhere when he want to use and read that document.

Why Social Bookmarking is important for SEO?

According to previous social bookmarking discussion, when user submit any website into social bookmarking websites,  then social bookmarking website generating one Instance approve backlink, which giving credit to that website which website link submitted by user.

Here I want to say “if you are submitting your website link into social bookmarking website then you will generate one instance approve do follow backlink for your website” .

If your website has multiple do follow high PR backlinks then your website absolutely reserve good position into search engine rankings. This process will helping you to get targeted social audience on your website.


Websites which have good reputation into Social Bookmarking Iindustry

These days lot’s of social bookmarking websites are available into internet world but some website having good reputation.  I think now you one question why I am talking about website reputation?

This is simple, It’s my own experience that’s why I want to share with you.. because social bookmarking process is very time consuming because here you need to submit your website into multiple social bookmarking website, here if you are submit your website link into good reputation website then you will get a stable link and it you are submit your website link into low reputation website then your newly generated social bookmarking backlink may worked for some time not long period.

Note :

If you have own website and want to make social bookmarking backlinks then I recommend you only prefer high PR trusted website.


Bellow I am giving here top 10 social high PR trusted website, which trough you can create your website backlinks.

1. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is trusted and High PR website, this website have great reputation into internet social industry, if you generate your website or blog post social backlinks from this website this is great for your website,

By help of StumbleUpon you can easily generate instance targeted traffic on your website because this website have millions of daily unique visitors, I have every day approx. 6% traffic from StumbleUpon.

PR: 8

DA: 99

PA: 90

Website :

2. Pintrest

Pintrest is top social bookmarking website, here you can submit your website images which good description also can create unique board which have special categories pin, I love pintrest and always prefer for social bookmarking. Pintrest also have big no of daily visitors.

PR: 9

DA: 100

PA: 96

Website :

3. Tumblr

Now time is Tumblr, this is web 2.0 website, here you can create your own free blog and can publish your blog post publically, if you want to generate instance traffic on your website then this website also good for you.

PR: 8

DA: 99

PA: 94

Website :

4. Reddit

This is also high trusted social bookmarking website, but inside this website you can submit only one link between 24hrs. if you want to submit your another link then you need to wait 24 hrs. Reddit have all categories, you can easily submit your post or website link into your website related categories. Every day millions of people use reddit for submit his links and get targeted audience. This website also trusted. You can make your social bookmarking backlinks by this website.

PR: 8

DA: 99

PA: 95

Website :

5. Digg

I love Digg, because after on time signup process and manually add one link into digg website,  another time this website automatically fetch your website latest updated post by help of RSS. This website also trusted and every day millions of people use digg. I will recommend you, always use dig for social bookmarking.

PR: 9

DA: 99

PA: 96

Website :

6. Folkd

7. Delicious


9. Newsvine

10. Slashdot


If you want to know how to generate social bookmarking instance backlinks for your website then inside this section I am giving you step by step demo instruction, by which you can create instance approve backlinks for your website.

All high PR website have unique process for link submission, Now here I am using StumbleUpon website for demo tutorial. first of all you need some information related to which website link you want to submit.

Required Information:

Title: Your link associated title

URL: web address, which you want to bookmark into website.

Description: Your link associated description, which giving right information about your link.

Categories:  find link related categories.

Tag: Which you want to set.


For Example:

Title : Postradar : Facebook Auto Poster Complete Guide


Description :  Postradar Facebook Auto Poster – Know how to use postradar, schedule blog post, set multiple facebook groups into buffer, one click buffer configuration and complete step by step postradar trainings

Categories : Social, Internet

Tags : Facebook Auto Poster


Please collect all given information before submission, if you have right now go ahead.

1) First visit on social bookmarking website where you want to submit your website link, like here I want to submit my link into StumbleUpon, then I visit on


You can submit your link into social bookmarking website, if you already registered on these type website. if you are not register user please make sure register yourself into these type website.

I have register username or password  from StumbleUpon, then here I login from my username or password, after successfully login. Now time for link bookmark.

2) Go to right top corner profile button then click on down arrow symbol, then you can see below like given images..

Here our main target is website link submission then we need to click on “Add a Page”. After this process one link submission related page is open where you can submit your link and link information, like upper which collecting for information.

You can see screen like below given where you need to fill you information.. Before submit information form..

After submit information form..

When you form have all sufficient information, then now you can submit your fill form by help of “Add this Page Button”.

3) If you all process is done, then your link is bookmarked into Stumbleupon..

Best Automated Social Bookmarking Tools

If you are beginner or advanced users then this information will helping both type users, if you have done previous stumbleupon bookmarking process then now you already know social bookmarking is very time consuming process. But you can make your social bookmarking life very easy by help of some good social bookmarking online tools.

By help of these types tools you can submit your website into multiple social bookmarking website at a time( means within minute or seconds).

Yes it is possible, if you are owner or multiple of single website then want to generate instance high PR social bookmarking links then this is a best way for increase you website search engine visibility into very short time.

Here I cover only two best social bookmarking online tool which offering great service and millions of webmaster trust on both these tools, you can choose any one for you, both are very cheap.

1. OnlyWire

Onlywire is a world best social bookmarking tool, I recommend you if you are looking any tool which provides you social bookmarking related service then this is best for you. If you have wordpress website then Onlywire premium plugin you can install into your website and automatically bookmark your link into approx. 45+ website at a time without any problem.

Onlywire also helping your into social profile management, means you can submit your website status on multiple social sharing website like Facebook, twitter, instagram and many other.


if you are offering service related to seo then this is best tool for your which make your SEO specialist or Social Link Builder like is very easy, Onlywire price is very cheap any one can effort this amazing tool.



2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is my favorite tool for social submission or social profile automation, I am also use hootsuite, because this trough every day I got approx. 15% targeted traffic from various social website like facebook groups, twitter, google+, pintrest, stumbleupon and many others. These day hootsuite is millions of users trusted brands, and mostly webmater used it for his profile management and automation.

Hootsuite also offering 30 days trial pro account which through you can check his service, because this is awesome product and mostly people trusted on this product.


If you want to manage your social profile and schedule your profile post on a specific time, and your also need is publish your status on multiple social bookmarking website or social media sites then I am recommend you for Hootsuite.





High PR website List for get Social Bookmarking Backlinks

If you are looking list of high PR social bookmarking websites, and want to submit your website link onto these website manually then bellow I am giving you to 40 Social bookmarking high trusted website which offering you stable instance social bookmarking do follow backlinks.


If you want to make only long time stable social bookmarking backlinks then used only trusted website, always ignore low trusted website, and save your time and effort.

High PR Trusted Social bookmarking website list

Website Address DA PA PR Submit 59 64 5 Submit 90 91 8 Submit 99 90 8 Submit 100 96 9 Submit 88 69 7 Submit 70 75 5 Submit 0 0 8 Submit 29 37 0 Submit 40 45 4 Submit 31 39 0 Submit 59 57 4 Submit 42 49 3 Submit 92 90 6 Submit 0 0 1 Submit 99 96 8 Submit 76 59 7 Submit 84 59 6 Submit 99 94 8 Submit 41 44 n/a Submit 50 53 2 Submit 54 57 4 Submit 91 90 7 Submit 39 45 3 Submit 57 61 5 Submit 71 59 5 Submit 44 48 3 Submit 83 85 7 Submit 85 87 6 Submit 83 85 7 Submit



Inside this article, I used only best resources which is trusted and useful, and mostly webmaster always prefer these tool, and website. I also use only those website which I used here, and found great result, Every day I got approx 45% traffic from all these website,

If you want to get fast visibility into search engine then social bookmarking is a best way for get high ranking into google search engine and finally if you don’t have more time for manually submission then given OnlyWire or Hootsuite can help you, both are trusted online tools, I also use both tools for share my content on social media website.

Get your 30 Days Pro HootSuite Trial account

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