10 Best Free DJ Software of All Time

In the modern age of technology, you would find very few people using vinyl and turntable for DJing. Most people rely on digital form and hence you need to know about the best free DJ software. If not a big gig, you can at least become DJ in your house party through them.

To know the tactics about DJing through software, I think free versions are more than enough to provide sufficient knowledge. However, these programs also offer paid versions too which offer amazing features. To know more you can check out the section given below.

Top 10 Free DJ Software

Most of the DJ software are basically paid but I still managed to bring down 10 amazingly best free DJ software for you. If you know a thing or two about DJing or would love to know about it then you can rely on these programs for it. Here is a tentative list given below along with the details.

1. Mixxx

Website: https://www.mixxx.org/

Mixx-DJ-SoftwareWhat make Mixxx reaches on the top of the list of best Free DJ software is that it not only operates for free but it is also an open source program too. Mixxx also brings you cross-platform support and supports a variety of common music formats too.

This is the best you can get for free to do DJing. You can create live mixes through it with the help of digital files that you already have.

In fact, it won’t be wrong to call it the best free DJ software for windows. Some of the features of Mixxx that you should know about are built-in mapping for DJ controller hardware, variety of sound effects, vinyl record controls, BPM, music key detection and master sync, simple interface and a lot more.

You will surely like the feature where you just need to drop a song on this platform and then you can start mixing it right away. Moreover, Mixxx gives huge control to the user and hence you can mix the audio in whichever way you want.

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2. Cross DJ Free

Website: http://www.mixvibes.com/cross-dj-free/

Cross DJ Free makes another pick amongst the best free DJ software which is used for professional DJ mixing of audios. It comes with a powerful BPM detection algorithm which helps in syncing up the beats and hence the ultimate control lies in the hands of the user.

You can create really smooth harmonic mixes through this software but when you are opting for the free version, you are able to access only selected features.

Moreover, if you want to opt for the full program, then it is going to cost you about $58 as one-time fee. The main highlight of this software is its cross-platform integration which not only join a lot of systems but also prepares a sync between a number of software too.

Some of the features of this DJ software are 4 fully featured players, iTunes integration, high-quality keylock, audio recording, multiple languages supported, 2 effects unit, audio as well as video player too, user manual for complete tutorial and much more.

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3. Virtual DJ

Website: https://www.virtualdj.com/products/virtualdj/index.html

Virtual DJThe new age generation believes in taking full advantage of technology and hence this is the time that you replace your turntables and CD players with such best free DJ software. To help you in it I have another option called Virtual DJ.

With the help of Virtual DJ, you can create digital music without even having to use the vinyl and CDs. You can perform a variety of functions through this software and that too like a pro.

However, as I always say, although these software provide free versions but they are not fully accomplished. The versions available for Virtual DJ are Home for free, Home Plus (varying price for varying controller) and Pro for $19 per month or one-time purchase for $299.

Talking about the features of this free DJ software then these are amazing effects, DJ friendly interface, plug and play compatible program, mixtapes recording, podcasts and broadcasts and many more. There are two versions of this software Virtual DJ 7 and 8 and you can buy whichever you want on the basis of your requirements.

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4. Ultramixer

Website: http://www.ultramixer.com/

UltramixerUltramixer is a software which is more suitable for mobile DJs who works as an entertainer in weddings and other events. It has all the functions and features which eliminates the need of vinyl or turntables and with the concept of digital music mixing, you can ace the DJing game.

Good thing about this software is that it is quite versatile and hence available in 4 languages too. Apart from having the regular free version like the rest of the best free DJ software, you have the paid versions of this software too.

These are Home for $49.95, Basic for $99.95 and Pro Entertain for $199.95 for Ultramixer 6. There are other plans too which focus on upgrades and premium support. This software is designed from the entertainment perspective and hence brings some additional features too.

Some of them are visualization in HD quality with 14 effects, video sampler, high stability audio engine, auto-sync, crystal clear sound, mixing with single mouse click, mixing of 4 tracks at the same time, real-time effects and integration and much more.

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5. Serato DJ Lite

Website: https://serato.com/dj/lite

Earlier known as Serato DJ Intro, this best DJ software free is now known as Serato DJ Lite. As the name says, this is a lighter version of the original Serato DJ software and it is ideal for learning DJing. The intuitive platform of this software is quite simple to operate and hence you can quickly adapt according to it.

If you are a beginner at DJing then you should definitely go for such kind of lite software because it reduces the chances of getting confused.

This software also comes with a practice mode and the best thing is that you do not need additional hardware to operate it. Other features of this software are performance mode and practice mode, mixing and scratching, any time upgrade to pro version, free download and many more.

If you wish to upgrade to the pro version then it is going to cost you just $49.95. However, I think for now you should just stick to such best free DJ software only.

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6. Traktor Pro 2

Website: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/traktor/dj-software/traktor-pro-2/

Traktor Pro 2If you are looking for a professional 4 deck DJ software then you should go for the Traktor Pro 2. However, to fit in the category of best free DJ software, its demo version is available for free. To move on to the complete package you would have to spend $99 as one-time fee.

This software comes with the features of powerful cueing and looping which are kind of enough to create amazing mixes.

Other features of this software are intuitive platform, advanced library management, automatic track analysis, full iTunes integration, syncing properties, built-in software mixer, over 30 studio-grade effects and many more.

You can further customize the software according to your requirements but in order to move to the professional level features, you would have to upgrade to the full version.

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7. Terminator X

Website: https://terminatorx.org/

If you are looking for best free mixing software then Terminator X might help you in it. It is popular as real-time audio synthesizer whose main focus remains on scratching the digital audio samples and create some amazing mixes through them.

It of course, eliminates the need of vinyl records as all the work is done through the software without even requiring an additional hardware.

So, to much of your amazement, this software is available for free with an amazing user interface which makes it even simpler to do the mixing of audios. You can use the add-on Aseqjoy with it which is a type of joy stick that can be used for ALSA MIDI sequencer conversion.

Moreover, there has been very little details given of this software on its official website and it is also quite low-key as compared to other best free DJ software enlisted here. But good thing is that it is free as well as open source program which makes enough reason to use it.

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8. Deckadance 2

Website: http://www.stantondj.com/deckadance-2.html

Deckadance 2The next inclusion in this list of best free DJ software is Deckadance 2. The major advantage of using this software is that it gives immense creative freedom to the user no matter what kind of project he is working on. Whether it is professional or just scratching, you can control a variety of functions here.

The demo version of this software is available for free but it comes with the disadvantage of 6 seconds silence after every 4 minutes.

If you want to move to the full version then it is going to cost you about $79 and that too for steam edition of this software. Moreover, talking about the features of this software then there are plenty of them.

A few of them are multiple audio format support, 4 decks, automatic as well as manual beat detection, time stretching and compression, visual analysis display, 8 cue points, loop and leap features, various sound effects and many more.

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9. MixPad

Website: http://www.nch.com.au/mixpad/

MixPad makes another powerful entry in the list of best free DJ programs. MixPad is a type of multi-track recording and mixing software which is basically kind of a mini-Djing platform for you. However, you always have the option to opt for the paid versions.

For the personal use, the software is free to use but if you want to use it for the commercial purpose then Home Edition is available for $59.95 and the Master’s Edition is available for $99.

Now, it is the time to talk about the features of MixPad software. Well, some of them are mixing of unlimited number of tracks, multiple audio format supported, VST plugin supported, recording, direct uploading to other platforms, low latency and much more.

MixPad is one of the most accomplished type of best free DJ software which gives tons of control to the users. And hence I think both beginners as well as professional users should go for it.

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10. DJ ProDecks

Website: http://www.djprodecks.com/

The next software which I would like to include to the list of best free DJ software is DJ ProDecks. This program is entirely free to use and also open source as well. According to them, their software brings the best opportunity to become a DJ that too at home.

Because of being a free program, DJ ProDecks lacks some of the advanced features that other software have but that does not make it any less useful.

If talking about the features offered by this software then these are recording feature, improved track list, three effects per load, three samplers per load, loops and leaps, integrated automix, automatic beat detection, real-time equalization and much more.

However, this software is available for Windows operating system only but comes with so many easy to use features which are just perfect for a beginner at DJing.

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11. RekordBox

Website: https://rekordbox.com

Best Free DJ Software

RekordBox is a sophisticated and advanced DJ Software, some may even argue it to be the best. One of its best features is Streamlined Signal Processing, which lets users analyze melodic patterns. Additionally, the content can be exported to a USB device or other removable media, and plugged in to DJ players for instant playback.

They’ve also improved track loading as well as scrolling and wave display. Its “Track Suggestion” feature groups music based on “Artist”, “Era” and “Year”, this basically helps you drag&drop the most suitable music with your track in a fizzy.

Auto matching of tracks is possible based on BPM, Key artists, Related tracks, file formats etc and again makes mixing music all the way easier. The software even auto-suggests mixes when two tracks play simultaneously and have been marked previously.

Selecting waveforms and playing from cues is possible as well as colour-coding tracks. The overall User-interface is quite similar to Virtual DJ and can be used by just about anyone. Syncing from other devices and software such as iTunes, USB etc. is available as well.

It even allows streaming or playing tracks directly from Beatport Link and SoundCloud Go+ and even playing those tracks offline. Additional packs for lyrics, DVS, Effects, and Videos are available as well. Offers a 60 day free trial, paid plans cost USD $6.90/month, USD $9.90/month, USD $14.90/month. It can also be purchased permanently for USD $129.00.

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What I liked the most about these best free DJ software is that you always have the option to upgrade to the paid plans. And if you think the full version is just too much for you then you can also opt for some of the paid plug-ins too and in this way you do not even have to spend much on them.

However, for the commercial purposes, it is important that you opt for the full and premium versions of these DJ programs in order to make most of them. I am sure these 10 options given above will fulfill all your requirements of an amazing DJ software that you always wanted to use.