Teamviewer Alternative: 10 Best Remote Desktop Software


The remote desktop service provided by Teamviewer is phenomenal. There are more Teamviewer alternative which craves your attention here. To get stuck on one service is not good always when you can access more than that. This section is example of the same.

Teamviewer Alternative: 10 Best Remote Desktop Software

Here in this section, I present you some great alternative to TeamViewer which is secure as well as easy to access too. Now you can access your documents, files, and other stuff on different platforms altogether with the help of the below-mentioned tools and software here. Take a look here and choose the best service amongst them.

1. Chrome Remote Desktop

Website: Chrome Extension Link

As the name says it all, Chrome Remote Desktop is a tool for Google Chrome. This is actually like an extension which is compatible to only Google Chrome. This tool can establish an assistance between different operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

This is a completely free of cost extension. You just need to go to your chrome extensions and search for it and then download it. Now, it will start working for you and help you to link you with the desired platforms together.

It is a great Teamviewer alternative especially because it is completely free of cost. You can remotely access a Chrome browser or a Chromebook easily through it. The best part is its security. There is no way that any of your data may leak because it is powered by a high-security system.

This extension is updated regularly and so it is always up to date with the latest technology. This is a 3.53 MB file which can be downloaded for free. Chrome Remote Desktop is also available in 52 languages making it the perfect Teamviewer alternative ever.

2. LogMeIn


The next is a great tool for remote desktop called LogMeIn. This is literally like logging into several devices at the same time. The easy and security are high and there are various plans offered too. LogMeIn can be the perfect Teamviewer alternative that you have been looking for.

The first plan is LogMeIn Pro. It has three types of plans called Individual which charges $249.99 per year, next is Power Users which charges $599.99 per year and then Small Businesses which charges $1099.99 per year. You get various features under it like multiple remote desktops accessing, extra storage, etc.

The next is LogMeIn Central. This is mostly recommended remote desktop software for the business purposes. It has got three plans of Basic for $599.99 per year, Plus for $1299.99 per year and Premier for $1599.99 per year. LogMeIn is most preferred for the automated work.

The last one is LogMeIn Rescue which can be the best alternative to Teamviewer because of the advanced features of it offered at $149 per month. This is the most recommended type of remote accessing tool in the entire list here.

3. Ultra VNC


Ultra VNC is a free and completely easy to use remote PC access software. It works in a way that it displays the screen of another PC on yours with the help of internet connection. So, in this way you will be able to access 2 systems at the same time and hence it can ease up your work very much.

Ultra VNC is the simplest type of Teamviewer alternative that you can use right now. In fact, this is not the only product offered by Ultra VNC. The other ones are Ultra VNC SC, PCHelpwareV2, and Uvnc2me. They all have different features and characteristics, and the great part is that all of them are free to use.

With the help of VNC client server, the shared computer’s screen can be seen on another computer which is linked to it. You can download UltraVNC software from the official website of it.

Ultra VNC supports different platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac and other systems supporting Java. You would not feel any kind of difficulty or complexity while using this software for the first time as it is quite simple.


Website: is a platform which is intended for those people who do not want to get involved in the technicalities of inside. It provides a clean and simple platform to the people who want to keep it simple yet effective.

I would rather call an online meeting tool because of the services provided by it. It even has different pricing policies too for the different plans offered by it. is the perfect Teamviewer alternative that you always wanted to have. The first plan offered by is Pro. They charge $20 per month along with the basic features like 50 meeting participants, 10 video feeds etc. The next plan is Business which charges $30 per month with features like 250 meeting participants.

I would call this software to be a great alternative to Teamviewer in terms of various aspects like features, pricing, services etc. It would prove to be quite affordable as compared to the other ones in this list. You can also access this service in form of mobile application too which is even handier to use.

5. Splashtop


Splashtop is that kind of Teamviewer alternative and a great remote linking tool for each type of users. It has a plan for everyone like personal use, business use, IT and support teams, etc. This means no matter what your goals are, you can ease up the process in different departments through Splashtop.

You get to use free trials for all the plans here so that you can learn about the tactics and usage of those plans easily through it.

You would love the features of this Teamviewer alternative too. It is quite reliable and secure and used by millions of users. Splashtop has various plans like Business, Remote Support, Personal, Education, Mirroring360, SOS etc. They are intended for different purposes.

The business access is going to cost you $60 per user. This is the most used plan for simple business uses to connect two more PCs together. The personal plan is ideal for individual use only through which basic things can be done by linking 2 PCs together. It works in form of mobile application and costs $16.99 per year.

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6. Ammyy Admin


Another one Teamviewer alternative here is Ammyy Admin. Be it remote desktop control or server management, Ammyy Admin is just the perfect solution for each of such problem. This is not only easy but also safe to try this service and use it for yourself or for your organization.

Ammyy Admin has got various plans for different types of users and their needs. But firstly, you should know about the services and features offered by it.

I would have to say Ammyy Admin is the simplest remote desktop sharing that begins right after its downloading and without installing too. Other features of Ammyy Admin are no human presence required on the client side, user-friendly, transparent for firewalls, file manager, fast performance, voice chat etc.

Ammyy Admin also lies in the category of alternative to Teamviewer free because it does feature a no commercially used free plan. Other pricing plans offered by Ammyy Admin are Starter V3 which charges $33.90, Premium V3 which charges $66.90 and Corporate V3 which charges $99.90 as a one-time price.

7. Mikogo


Mikogo proves the fact that desktop sharing could not be easier without it at all. Be it remote support, online meetings or just a training, you can leave it all to Mikogo and it will assist you for everything in the best way possible ever.

The no download policy for the users while online meeting can be called its highlight. Mikogo is just that Teamviewer alternative that you always wanted to have.

You can use Mikogo for both personal as well as Business uses. In fact, it even offers a free to use section too. You just need to sign up for this and for one user you can use Mikogo for free along with standard features. The other plans are Professional and Enterprise charging $16 per month and custom respectively.

You are getting lost of features along with Mikogo like session scheduler, video conferencing, logo branding, website integration, application selection etc. I think Mikogo is a well-deserved Teamviewer alternative in this list. If you are someone who wants Mikogo for standard use then I would recommend you to go for the Professional plan of its.

8. DWService


DWService is a type of remote desktop connecting system that utilizes simple web browser to link several screens together. You can even call it to be one of the best alternative to Teamviewer because of the simplicity it has and that too for without even charging anything for it in return.

For this, you just need to download DWAgent in your home computer to access it from a remote location. Now, register yourself on it and just by a simple web browser you can access it from wherever you want.

DWService has various features and applications that it offers for free. You cannot call it to be a cloud service because it is way easier and faster than that. The quotient of security in desktop linking is also kept high in order to prevent your data and important files from being leaked.

This Teamviewer alternative is the tool that you always wanted to use to stay connected with your important data without even carrying it with you.

9. NoMachine


You may get confused with the name of this remote desktop connection service but it is indeed a perfect Teamviewer alternative ever. It is simple, fast and most importantly a secure platform to connect various screens together.

This is not about connecting only two screens but various and also to control them too. Shifting from one screen to another is very simple through the easy interface of this site.

NoMachine does not limit you to do only a certain type of work only. You can even watch YouTube Videos, images etc. from the remote PC easily. There are basically two types of NoMachine services called Everybody and Enterprise which supports platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux etc.

This Teamviewer alternative also follows a pricing plan according to which Everybody plan is free and Enterprise plan starts from $794.50 per year.

10. Windows Remote Desktop Connection


The last one and of course not the least one is the built-in remote desktop connection that comes in every single windows system. This case does not apply for Linux, Macs or other systems and especially mentioned for the Windows 7 and later on only.

You can now forget about searching for perfect Teamviewer alternative because the one is already present in your system only.

Of course, it may not offer you as much facilities as the other systems but still kind of good to use. You even need not to do anything for it like additional downloading or charges because it is completely free to use. This is the perfect example of alternative to Teamviewer free of cost.

To activate this facility, simply click on start ad then right click on Computer. Now select the option of properties in it. Go to the remote settings option and choose Remote desktop. Now, select users and your current account will be automatically added. Now fill the details of the remote desktop user. Finally, click ok and you are now connected with other PC.

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There is no denying in the fact that Teamviewer is a great service to get in touch with the desired systems and files. This is like the remote control you have always wanted to manage your data even from a distance. But, the Teamviewer alternative mentioned above are equally functional too.

They are also as effective as the former one. Some of them are free to use and some of them are paid software. You can figure out more through the description of them given above. I hope it will help you to create a management of your database effectively.

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