10 Best LogMeIn Hamachi Alternative for Windows/MAC


Hamachi or LogMeIn Hamachi is a type of Virtual Private Network which established a connection between two systems which emulates them being connected in the form of LAN. This is quite secure but over the time there have been evolution in this service and various Hamachi alternative has been launched.

10 Best Hamachi Alternative for Windows/MAC

In every section, I am going to list down more programs similar to Hamachi which functions in the similar way and provides better options too under free and paid plans. In fact, Hamachi and its alternatives turn out to be wonderful options for LAN based gaming too and I hope you people are going to have an amazing time fulfilling your requirements through these software.

1. Tunngle

Website: https://www.tunngle.net/en/

TunngleThe first choice I made as Hamachi alternative is another popular VPN service Tunngle. Apart from being an excellent VPN program, it triggers a LAN based gaming network too which allows a system to emulate the connection. Through this users can play LAN based games with your friends without actually having a LAN connection.

Apart from the basic plan available for free, Tunngle has some paid subscriptions plans too which are Basic Plus for $1.19 per month, Premium for $2.40 per month and a Lifetime plan for about $24.

Now, talking about the multiple free as well as paid features under these plans then they are ad-free accessing, network chat, strong encryption, network range emulators, static virtual IP, customization, LAN emulation and many more.

Playing your favorite LAN games could not get any simpler if Tunngle was not there. In fact, Tunngle is beyond gaming and can adjoin up to 255 players over a single network together under the premium features. This is one of the strongest and most efficient connecting platform which is also the best Hamachi alternative for gaming.

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2. GameRanger

Website: http://www.gameranger.com/

GameRangerGameRanger is the ultimate game connecting platform or bridging your ever need to connect with various players only and compete in your favorite games. It is a free program and hence serves as one of the finest Hamachi alternative too.

GameRanger firstly got launched in 1999 and it also happens to be the longest running online gaming service too availing some of the most popular and classic games on its platform easily.

Apart from being an excellent LAN emulator for online games, GameRanger also provides services like chat rooms and voice chats. The one with no charges is Bronze account allowing up to 50 people on a network. Other options of accounts are Silver for $19.95 per year and Gold for $39.95 per year allowing 100 and 500 people respectively.

Other features of GameRanger includes dedicated server lists, voice communication, no ad banners, instant messaging, hosting and joining games, personal users profile and many more. GameRanger supports more than 500 windows games and some Mac games too and the count it increasing over the time.

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3. Evolve

Website: https://www.evolvehq.com/welcome

EvolveEvolve upgrades the pace of PC gaming to just another level and makes it even more efficient and fun. The process of using Evolve is quite simple, you just need to start by joining the game you want to play and start your own party by connecting to various people.

Evolve comes with free to use policy but much like other Hamachi alternative, Evolve also comes with other paid plans too which are Party+ for $4.99 per month and Helix for $19.99 as a one time fee.

Under the Helix plan, you can upgrade to higher plans to having more benefits. These features are chatting with friends, recording gaming videos, broadcast over Twitch, web surfing, LAN bridging, universal matchmaking, peer to peer VoIP etc.

Evolve also comes with Beta version to having high-end features. As soon as you start upgrading towards higher plans you get more benefits like Evolve stickers, no ads, The Darwin Lounge etc. Download Evolve now and enjoy the best platform for LAN based multiplayer gaming.

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4. ZeroTier

Website: https://www.zerotier.com/

ZeroTierZeroTier is the next option as Hamachi alternative which is competent enough to provide a virtual network layering which further can be used for multiple purposes. Apart from serving the users as a VPN source, it also provides various other emulation effects too.

ZeroTier is basically an open source program and hence charges nothing for the plan. However, other paid plans are also available like Basic for $29 per month, Professional for $100 per month and Enterprise too.

Now, it is the time to focus on the features of ZeroTier which are GPL license, 100 device connection and increment with the plan, free mobile applications support, SDN connectivity, SD-WAN connectivity, LAN bridging for various devices together etc. All these features make it even better than Hamachi.

ZeroTier works in a centralized way and hence provides a wonderful platform for LAN based gaming too. For the die-hard gaming maniacs, you should upgrade to paid plans as they give unlimited number of people on a server. ZeroTier also provides the usual facility of texting and voice chats too.

Compatible with:   BSD

5. NetOverNet

Website: https://www.netovernet.com

NetOverNetNetOverNet is an open source project providing access to any distant device when connected through this VPN service. It supports cross-platform connections too and adjoins various devices and systems in one thread to make a connection which can be mutually shared.

NON is a wonderful Hamachi alternative which is suitable for not only LAN gaming but also to access files, applications and desktop of distant location too.

Apart from the free plan, NetOverNet offers paid ones too which are Base for $5 per month and Advanced for $10 month. However, the only limitation is that you can only connect up to 16 devices together and that too when you are buying the advanced plan.

Other features of NON are fast and simple to use, client application can be downloaded, secure data transfer in encrypted form, provides access to remote printers too, instant connectivity without convenient protocol etc.

The good thing about NetOverNet is that unlike Hamachi you do not have to face the IP configuration problems here and hence any range of IP can be connected together easily.

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6. Freelan

Website: https://www.freelan.org/

FreelanApart from being available for multiple platforms, Freelan serves as phenomenal Hamachi alternative and also offers superb connectivity strength. It is an open source and multi-utility platform providing the connectivity option for quite a secured network between various types of devices altogether.

Freelan is basically a peer to peer VPN client but it is also capable of emulating the LAN connections so when you need to run any application requiring LAN connectivity, you can access it through Freelan.

Freelan can be run in the background and this is why it is quite stable and does not cause any turbulence and glitches on the system on which it is being used. As Freelan is a Hamachi like program, you are going to find similar features like peer to peer and hybrid connections, private network for secured transfer, provides secure communication platform and many other services too.

Freelan is also good enough to be used for LAN based gaming too. One thing which you are absolutely going to love about Freelan is that it is quite private and hence none of your data discloses to any servers.

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7. Wippien

Website: http://www.wippien.com/

WippienI really love the fact that various Hamachi alternative mentioned here are open source programs and Wippien is one of them. In fact, apart from using it for free you can also download the source code of this program too.

Wippien is designed for various purposes like easy and free gaming, chatting and keeping your communication private and secure, easy and fast file sharing over a network of various systems and devices and many more in the row.

Wippien established a direct peer to peer network and hence the IP address is signed to each of the user. In this P2P VPN you can access shared desktops, printers, services, applications, games and many more stuffs. Wippien is a very simple program and also provides you access to AIM, Google, MSN, Yahoo and many other social platforms.

However, one thing which is a huge let down is that Wippien supports Vista, 2000 and XP version of Windows only so the latest users would have to disappoint here.

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8. OpenVPN

Website: https://openvpn.net/

OpenVPNJust like its name, OpenVPN is an open sources project offering a software application which helps in establishing a secure peer to peer or site to site connections. OpenVPN is amazing enough to let you access even the remote systems like a pro.

With a combination of free and some paid services too OpenVPN makes an excellent option to access LAN based games and other distant utilities. Do not forget to check out their cloud services.

Some of the features of this Hamachi alternative are data encryption for secure transfer, pre-shared keys for authentication, uses firewall, extension available through third-party plugins, supports various platforms, SSL/TLS authentication and many more.

Amongst all the other alternatives to Hamachi OpenVPN is most diverse one offering various services under the same roof. This program is mainly used for the security reasons as its extra layered system protects the data in a way like no other program does.

Compatible with:    BSD

9. DynVPN

Website: https://www.dynvpn.com/

DynVPNDynVPN is the most recent addition in such kind of genre of Hamachi alternative and it is also a free service too. However, if you want to increase the number of people in your network than the predefined numbers then you would have to pay extra for it.

This is the easiest solution for VPN connections you have always been searching for and offers quality features which are good enough to maintain a secured platform for various devices.

DynVPN works like an invisible cable which connects various systems together. As the data is encrypted, you do not have to worry about its authenticity at all. Other promising features of DynVPN are networking security camera, telecommunicating, Peer to Peer secure data transfer, LAN based gaming supported, Virtual business network establishment through virtual machine and many more.

Accessing DynVPN is very simple like any mobile application where you get your own dashboard and all the options are available easily too.

Compatible with:   Raspberry Pi

10. LAN Bridger

Website: http://www.lanbridger.com/

LAN BridgerThe last option for the category of alternatives to LogMeIn Hamachi is LAN Bridger. Just like its name it functions accordingly and works as a LAN connection between two devices in a cloning way without actually requiring any LAN host on the system’s platform.

I found it the simplest most amongst all the options listed here and its very basic function is to connect various systems together with the help of VPN which is not only secure but fast too.

You can use it anywhere for any purpose like sharing large files, emulating administer machine, accessing music and other files and many more. In fact, the most preferred use of LAN Bridger is gaming where you can play any game through imitation of a LAN IP and hence there is no extra need of LAN configuration.

This Hamachi alternative is quite smart and direct in its approach and hence it works on any system possible. You can even access all your favorite media files from anywhere without actually storing them on your device.

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Make sure to prefer such Hamachi alternative according to your system compatibility. Apart from establishing VPNs they are used for multiple tasks like on-demand networking, LAN based gaming, centralized software development, systems connectivity and many more.

You are going to find various plans for various needs including the one for office purpose too. With the growing need of technology in the day to day life, I think such software creating clone like networks can be used for various requirements easily. You can check out more such programs if you want other than the one listed above.

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