Vampr Review – The Social Media Platform for Musicians

Vampr Review: Love music? Don’t have a companion to share the taste or the talent? Well that gets solved right here, right now! That’s what Vampr does for you.

When I first discovered Vampr, it felt like a “social media for musicians”. But soon I was demystified and found out that it’s more, much more than just that! And that’s what pushed me to just get this Vampr review out there.

It’s a “social media” platform no doubt, like a mashed mixture of Linkedin (for professionals), Facebook (for simply connecting), Twitter, or just about any other social media platform, but for musicians.

vampr review

It lets you find people with similar musical tastes, find people to work on new musical collaborations, a producer for your next album, or showcase your talent and get noticed by people who matter.

Advanced features like Chat and connecting play a part too. Let me dig deeper and give you a feel of what Vampr has to offer.

Vampr Review: Detailed Feature Insights


Easy Login with Facebook

login with facebook

The first aspect which hit me up when I downloaded Vampr was the fact that it makes the login process extremely easy and simplified. Infact it was one of the first reasons why I decided to scribble this Vampr review down.

There is no “Signup” required as such. You can directly login using your Facebook ID. And Facebook is something everyone of us uses these days, so Vampr eliminates the need to “register” and hence you do not need to remember any new E-mail IDs or passwords.

Instead just tap on the Facebook button, grant Vampr permissions and done! You’re in.

Detailed Instructions

Being one of the first social platforms for the music community of this kind, it’s important for Vampr to make sure people know how to use it. Hence as soon as you login, there’s an automated video/graphic interface which guides you on how to use the application.

What I immediately fell in love with is that it’s almost a completely “swipe” controlled app. Meaning you can swipe in three directions (Left-Right-Up) to accomplish most tasks. Yeah no more button taps and hunting options.

Advanced Options

It boasts an extensive features list, you can edit your information, select your preferences and make sure people find and relate to you. That’s not all, the “app settings” is well equipped to handle and customize the app as per your likings.

a). Preferences

You can set your personal preferences from a number of options, choose when to get notified, control vibrations and what not.

You can even set if you want other people to see your profile or not!

b). Diverse Search Algorithm

You can search for the exact kind of companion/partner/collaborator/producer or simply a friend easily.

It let’s you specify a wide range of search criteria, including:-

  • Age
  • Location
  • Distance
  • Gender
  • Genre
  • As well as include a specific shoutout from your end as well!

So as far as “connecting with people goes, there’s very little you can miss with Vampr. If it wasn’t as well facilitated as it is, I wouldn’t have scribbled this Vampr review in the first place.

c). Personal Information

You can make sure people know exactly who you are (or better to say, what exactly your musical tastes are) which helps others in finding you as well as helps you when you send someone a connection request.

You can set your Name, Age, Music Genre, “interests” as well as include a Biography of your own.

Automated Profile Completion

What fascinated me most was the fact that, you don’t have to fill any part of Vampr manually.

Meaning your name, age, music tastes, and everything else is pre-filled for you as soon as you login because it uses the Facebook information on your profile to do so.

So you don’t have to worry about completing your profile either. It’s as if you get a pre-made profile for you, as if Vampr knows exactly who you are and what you like even before you’ve logged in!

You can set your profile picture either from your Facebook album, or your cell phone gallery, the choice is yours. (Although it’s automatically set to your current Facebook profile photo when you Signup!)

Featured Song/ Video from Youtube & SoundCloud

Apart from your photo on the profile, Vampr also lets you set a featured song/video for your profile.

It can act as a signature, sample, or just taste in music for you.

You can add your featured music from Youtube or Soundcloud at ease.

Advanced Connecting Options

When I started to jot this Vampr review down I made sure there isn’t a single feature I left out, so that’s exactly what I intend to do.

It’s not limited just to “Send Request” or “Accept requests”. Instead you can “Pass”, swipe up to “Decide Later” or “Connect”.

When you pass on someone, it’s like “No I do not wish to connect with this guy” and that’s permanent.

The “Decide later” button sends all the profiles to a specific section which can be accessed via app notifications and then you can decide which profiles you wish to connect to.

And the connect button lives up to its meaning, and lets you connect as simple as that.


As soon as you connect with someone, you get a popup notification which resembles the below screenshot.

And then you can start chatting with the person like any other Social media. The chat box is colorful as well as elaborative so you can’t miss anything.

Vampr Review:- Who Can Use Vampr?

If you’re someone who’s even remotely related to music, Vampr is for you. You don’t necessarily have to be a band-member, guitarist, drummer or anything else.

Simply being a music lover qualifies you to be a Vampr user. If nothing else, you can connect to people across the globe with the same musical taste as yours.

Although more “professional” uses include uploading your own composition, hiring band-members or joining someone’s band.

You can easily join or find people looking to fill in different positions in their music groups/ bands on Vampr.

Just look out for the shoutouts, and check out the “Biography” section, chances are you’ll come across detailed information on the person, how to contact him or join him/her for their future projects maybe!

Vampr Review:- Final Verdict

So is Vampr worth your time?

What you’ve got to assess is the fact that it’s a 100% free application. So you aren’t paying anything for it. In return it opens up unlimited possibilities and potential.

So if you’re a music lover what have you got to lose? I’d try it out just for its innovation and creative thinking which brought us a social networking app for music lovers.

That’s all I’ve got to say as far as this review is concerned – do let me know what you think about Vampr and if you decide to give it a try or not.