10 Best Grooveshark Alternative


It has been around 2 years since Grooveshark went dysfunctional and now it is high time that people should come up with effective and reliable Grooveshark alternative. Of course, there are people who look for one that source of online music streaming and then end their research.

10 Best Grooveshark Alternative

But I think it is the time to go for an entire list rather. So, here is a collection of some of the best replacements I found for Grooveshark which provides ultimate collection of music with online streaming facility. Bookmark some of them because I know you are never going to get enough of them.

1. Soundcloud

Website: https://soundcloud.com/

SoundcloudI don’t think I need to boast much about Soundcloud as everyone knows this is the most amazing and versatile online streaming platform for all kind of music. No doubt, why it is on the top as a Grooveshark alternative. To get started, all you need is an account on this which you can create for free too.

Apart from the free plan there are other paid plans too namely Pro and Pro Unlimited which are available for $7 per month and $15 per month respectively with upgraded features.

Soundcloud is reportedly world’s largest music streaming platform with all the latest and old songs in its kitty organized in perfect categories. From pop to jazz and EDM to romantic, you can find every single genre here with some special site created lists and categories too.

They have a song list for every mood no matter what. In fact, you have the opportunity to upload your own songs on this platform too to get some attention and popularity. A reliable and digitally advanced platform for music streaming which should always be on top on every music lover’s list.

2. Last.fm

Website: https://www.last.fm/

last fm-free-mp3-download-websitesWith music sites like Grooveshark growing at the speed of light, Last.fm is something which has kept its performance constant and hence known to be a reliable and trustworthy music streaming platform. Of course, you can access music without registration but for a limited time so, firstly, get registered here which is absolutely free.

To be true, I found this platform even richer than Grooveshark in terms of database and songs collection and surely a clean and smart interface to provide the best musical experience to the users out here.

With attractive interface, they have kept everything simple to use too. And if you are feeling a bit bored with the features then you can upgrade to premium plan worth only $3 per month. It offers some additional advantages like ad-free streaming, early access, merchandise discount and many more.

General features of this Grooveshark alternative are smart recommendations on the basis of your history, charts and trending songs, live streaming, events information, news regarding music and artists, genre and artists wise music search, complete albums available and many more in the row.

3. Pandora

Website: http://www.pandora.com

Although unavailable in some parts of the world, Pandora is still a huge hit amongst the music fans. This is more sort of an online radio site which features all sort of songs live or previously recorded on its platform and that too for absolutely free.

Pandora works in a different way as compared to other types of Grooveshark alternative. This is because when you pick a song or artist to run music, this site creates a relevant station and start playing songs related to that genre.

With its smart as hell processing, people love to listen to songs on this platform because of the absolutely smart suggestions and hands-free play. However, apart from free plan which includes ads, you can go for Pandora Plus charging $4.99 per month and Pandora Premium charging $9.99 per month and also having 30 days and 60 days free trial period respectively.

Apart from it, when you will look at the left hand side of the site, you are going to find already curated and popular charts which provide smart playing option for hour-long music streaming.

4. Jango

Website: http://www.jango.com/

JangoFinally, there is an option amongst websites like Grooveshark which is totally straightforward with no hidden charges or subscription offers. This clearly indicates that Jango is a totally free to use platform which is always up for online streaming.

Talking about its functionality then Jango works quite like Pandora where you get to stream radio like list related to a specific genre or artist or music type.

When you will get on the official website of Jango you are going to know that how simple it is to operate it. Top artists are mentioned on one side and genre stations are listed on another side. In fact, there are some charts and lists too created according to the trending music.

Jango makes an extremely simple yet musically enriched Grooveshark alternative which is quite direct in its approach. There are number of genres here like EDM, pop, trending, party etc. which means you get a genre for every mood. You can also go for free Jango apps for Android and iOS platforms too if you want. Search your favorite music and listen to even days long music list without any interruption.

5. Spotify

Website: https://www.spotify.com/

SpotifyAlthough Spotify is not available in the US still I could not resist myself from mentioning it as a Grooveshark alternative mainly because of how amazing it is. Now, if you want to access it then just simply use VPN and connect it to UK or other servers to access it.

Just like other music streaming sites here, Spotify also offers premium version which costs only $0.99 for first 3 months and then $9.99 per month afterwards.

However, if you are someone who is happy with the free version then too it is quite ok but you are lacking some really cool features here. Some of the features of Spotify are ad-free, unlimited skips, offline playing, high-quality sound, rich database, smart suggestions, simple interface and many more.

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There is no doubt that Spotify is the ultimate destination for accessing more than millions of songs. Apart from it you can access different lists, genres, new releases, top 50 songs of different genres and country music too. I would rather call it a complete music buffet serving exclusively for hardcore music lovers.

6. MySpace Songs

Website: https://myspace.com/discover/songs

MySpace SongIf you thought that MySpace is just a microblogging and social media website then you are totally wrong because it is one of the best Grooveshark alternative that we have here. Amongst all the options here, this is the most unique music streaming you are ever going to witness.

MySpace allows you to continuously stream music while you are updating social content on its platform. Not only music but you can also watch videos on it too.

Interestingly, it is completely free to use platform but features ads in between. If you want then you can go for the no-ad policy too and that is also a free option. To get started with it, you would have to get registered here first after which you get more open to its wonderful features and simple platform.

Simply check out the genres, list or enter the name of a song or artist you want to listen to. You can also upload your own music here too. You can find music through songs, albums, artists and non-stop mixes here too.

7. Deezer

Website: https://www.deezer.com/en/

DeezerI found the platform of Deezer way smarter than other ones and the reason is it being more sorted out than other Grooveshark alternative. When you create an account on Deezer, it asks you about your genre of music and then asks you to pick three or more artists too.

So, once it is sorted with your choice it proceeds with providing you’re the suggestions and music results on the basis of your picked choice only.

Apart from the free plan, Deezer also offers paid subscription plan too which is up for £0.99 for 3 months and then to £9.99 per month afterwards. You get upgraded features with this plan and you can cancel it whenever you want to.

From forgotten music to the latest tunes, Deezer brings everything for you on its clean and simple interface. You can create your own playlists here and listen to live podcasts too. You can also change your choices whenever you want. There are pre-tailored playlists available for you too which means that music streaming on Deezer is quite direct.

8. 8tracks

Website: https://8tracks.com/

8tracksIf you are skeptical about 8tracks as it is less popular than most of the other Grooveshark replacement in this list. This is a highly recommended online music streaming platform from my side because of its straight forward processing and utterly simple use.

To use 8tracks you need to first register yourself on it which is an absolutely free process. Apart from the free plan, you can also go for the plus plan which is offered as $4.99 per month with 14 days free trial period too.

Now, talking about the interface of this music streaming website, you are going to find popular playlists on it with all the popular songs in it. If you want then you can directly search for whichever music, artist or album you want to listen on it.

Great things about 8tracks is that you can also search music according to your mood too. All the playlists here sorted according to various genres like chill, party, workout, happy, study and many more. A perfect Grooveshark alternative for every mood of yours.

9. Mixcloud

Website: https://www.mixcloud.com/

MixcloudFinally, there is a website and Grooveshark alternative which provides completely free platform to listen to as many songs as you want and for as long as you want without any restrictions. However, there is a pick here that Mixcloud only features DJ mixes on its platform and not the regular songs.

But, apart from DJ mixes, you can also discover radio shows and live podcasts here too which gives versatility to the site collection.

There are various genres available for finding mixes like jazz, indie, beats, house, country, hip-hop, rap and many more. You just need to register here, pick your category and start playing music for as long as you want. It is that simple.

Apart from it, there are some uber-cool playlists available too. Talking about the regular songs, then you have the opportunity to import them from your Soundcloud account easily. Amazingly customizable and superbly flexible to listen all types of songs for absolutely free.

10. Napster

Website: http://us.napster.com/

NapsterThe last option under the list of sites like Grooveshark is Napster. Earlier popular as the name of Rhapsody, it is now recognized as Napster which is a super cool platform for music streaming. Napster is a member only site so you would have to create an account first before proceeding further.

Apart from the universal free plan there are two other plans also. These are unRadio for $4.99 per month and Premier for $9.99 per month having 14 days and 30 days trial period respectively.

Once done with registration, click on the music option and an entire library of music is going to be displayed in front of you. There are various musical themes and genres available like trending, featured, pop, rock, eclectic and many more others.

An excellent and surely one of the most popular Grooveshark alternative that it is, there is no track or album you cannot find on Napster easily. Napster works like Pandora and streams a radio chain over a single track or artists which puts you on backseat and let you enjoy hour long music sessions.


Music is something which is like the ultimate medicine a person needs to keep all the stress and worries off-guard. After a tiring day you can look up to the amazing Grooveshark alternative enlisted here. Great thing is that mostly all the sites are free and you can upgrade to other paid plans too if you want.

Moreover, their rich database is something you would not find even on the most popular platforms. If you want then you can also install their mobile applications too for the go to use. Royalty free music is a dream these music sites are making come true.

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