Top 10 Disney Movies on Netflix


There is no doubt in this fact that Disney movies are an all-time love. To celebrate this feeling, I have prepared a list of Disney movies on Netflix for those people who can’t make it without the fantasy and cuteness. I am sure no matter what your age are, Disney movies are something no one can resist from.

Top 10 Disney Movies on Netflix

For all such people this list of best Disney movies is no less than a treasure. It includes 10 all-time best Disney movies which you can watch through your Netflix subscription. What are you waiting for then, get on Netflix and watch these Disney movies right away from the links provided along with them.

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1. Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Rotten Tomatoes: 71% IMDb: 7.3/10 

The first pick in this category of Disney movies on Netflix is Beauty and the Beast which is one of the best creation of Disney ever. Unlike most of the movies from Disney, this one is not an animated movie but the recreation of old animation movie by Disney of the same name which was released in 1991.

What people found most attractive about this movie is the recreation and of course the acting of Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast.

The plot is exactly same as the conventional story of a prince being cursed by an enchantress and he turned into a beast and his entire kingdom forgot about him. Then on one day Belle enters the Castle and the beast learns to love the little things in his life and falls in love with her.

The story is so magical that Disney once again broke all the records and this movie earned $1 billion which made it the highest grossing movie of 2017 till now.

2. Finding Dory (2016)

Rotten Tomatoes: 94% IMDb: 7.4/10 

You can call Finding Dory to be a sequel or spin-off of the 2003 movie Finding Nemo. There is no doubt in this fact that the collaboration of Disney and Pixar Animation Studio created a masterpiece in form of this movie. Finding Dory is another one for the category of Disney movies on Netflix which is a type of 3D adventure comedy animated movie.

You are going to see the three recurring characters of Dory, Nemo and Nemo’s dad Marlin from the movie Finding Nemo in it.

This story focuses on the regal blue tang fish Dory who has a short-term memory and she tends to forget everything. She got separated from her parents when she was a child and this movie shows the adventure she is set out on to find her parents back.

For all those people who loves to watch movies online I think they should give Finding Dory a chance for sure.

3. Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (2009)

Rotten Tomatoes: 89% IMDb: 6.8/10 

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure is a comedy adventure animated movie which is also the second installment of Disney Fairies series. Tinker Bell is one of the most loved Disney fairies of all time and this movie is the second installment of the Tinker Bell film series.

Tinker Bell’s character was created by J. M. Barrie in one of his plays and then she got great recognition through Disney movies.

This is one of the cutest Disney movies on Netflix in which Tinker Bell is given a task to make a new scepter and this sets her out on a mission. She needs to do so to receive the lights of rare moonstone so that the dust tree in Pixie Hollow can be strengthened.

However, unlike most of the Disney movie, Tinker Bell could not do wonders on box office but its game although earned a lot of popularity which brought a great revenue for it.

4. Queen of Katwe (2016)

Rotten Tomatoes: 92% IMDb: 7.4/10 

You might be wondering that isn’t it even a Disney movie or not but let me tell you that I purposely mentioned it in the list of Disney movies on Netflix as the move is quite different from the others. The movie is directed by Mira Nair and its production rights are with Disney.

This is a serious movie based on the theme of biographical sports drama. The movie stars Lupita Nyong’o, David Oyelowo and other actors in it.

This movie is centered around a girl Phiona Mutesi who lives in Uganda. Despite living in the slum areas of Katwe she has great dreams for her life. Phiona learns to play chess and gradually move on to win World Chess Olympiad which makes her Woman Candidate Master.

I found this to be one of the most unique Disney movies and also an inspiring story too.

5. Mulan (1998)

Rotten Tomatoes: 86% IMDb: 7.6/10 

You can call this movie to be a cult classic from the Disney Feature Animation. This is a musical action comedy-drama movie whose main character is the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan. The movie is 36th Disney movie and directed by Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook.

The movie portrays that how a woman is also great and adequate enough to take over the world with her willpower and Mulan went on to become the most powerful Disney princess of all time.

The plot of this Disney movie is set in the Han Dynasty where an aged warrior is ruling named Fa Zhou. He is about to die anytime and then his daughter Fa Mulan had to impersonate as a man to take his place and lead the dynasty.

I personally loved this movie more than other Disney movies on Netflix as it broke all the gender stereotypes and got great positive reviews too.

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6. Zootopia (2016)

Rotten Tomatoes: 98% IMDb: 8/10 

If you want to talk about the biggest hits by Disney then I guess Zootopia would be on the top of it. This is the 55th movie by Disney animations and also one of the most loved Disney movies on Netflix too. This is an animated comedy adventure movie which is directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore.

The movie is based on the unusual friendship between a rabbit police officer and a red fox con artist. They together solve a case of kidnapping which was done by someone in the Police department only.

The movie shows that no matter how tiny you are, if you have decided to do it then you can surely do it. It also breaks the stereotypes of rivalry between rabbit and fox and pictured it beautifully in this movie. If you love to download movies online then Zootopia should definitely be there in your list for it.

The movie earned $1 billion worldwide and also got critically acclaimed for its different storyline and amazing animation work.

7. The Nightmare before Christmas (1993)

Rotten Tomatoes: 94% IMDb: 8/10 

I bet Disney could not get this much creative with their ideas and you can see the reflection in this movie The Nightmare before Christmas. The movie is based on the theme of dark fantasy and animated musical and hence Disney launched this movie under the Touchstone Pictures banner as they thought it was too dark and scary for the kids.

However, I found the movie worth including in the list of Disney movies on Netflix because of the unique idea behind it. It is based on the story and characters by Tim Buton.

It is based on the story of Jack Skellington who is the resident of Halloween town but one day gets through the portal of Christmas Town. Jack decides to celebrate it there but then his celebration is followed by some weird and horrific consequences.

The movie earned well on the box office and also got positive reviews for this new approach by Disney productions.

8. The Finest Hours (2016)

Rotten Tomatoes: 64% IMDb: 6.8/10 

Just like I mentioned Queen of Katwe for the list of Disney Movies on Netflix, The Finest Hours also differentiates itself from the others movies mentioned here. This is a historical drama thriller which is directed by Craig Gillespie and the production is done by Disney.

The movie is based on the true events of The Finest Hours: The True Story of the US Coast Guard’s Most Daring Sea Rescue which was done by Michal J. Tougias and Casey Sherman.

The plot is set in the year 1952 where the ship SS Pendleton ripped apart during a nor’easter around the New England coast. It was then the crew was rescued by the US Coast Guards which was knowns as the toughest sea rescue mission.

I would rather call it to be one of the best movies on Netflix which must be watched at least once in your life.

9. Hercules (1997)

Rotten Tomatoes: 83% IMDb: 7.2/10 

If you are a 90s kid then I am sure Hercules would have been your favorite Disney character of all time. This is the 35th Disney movie which is based on the theme of musical fantasy and comedy. The movie is directed by Ron Clements and John Musker and based on the legendary hero Heracles who is known as Hercules in the movie.

Hercules is the son of Zeus who is believed to be a god in Greek Mythology. Despite having a mythological angel, you are going to be fully entertained by this movie.

This movie is focused on Hercules on whose birth all the gods are happy. He is the son of Zeus and Hera but Zeus’ brother Hades is jealous as he want to take over the Mount Olympus. He secretly feeds the formula to Hercules which turns him mortal and then two farmers adopt him.

This is one of the most entertaining Disney movies on Netflix and even has a TV series based on it too.

10. Moana (2016)

Rotten Tomatoes: 96% IMDb: 7.6/10 


The last one in this list of Disney movies on Netflix is Moana. You must have known about this character from a really long time but watching a movie based on her is completely different. This is a 3D musical fantasy adventure animated movie which is Disney’s 56th animated feature film.

There are various talented and popular actors who have given their voices for this film and Moana’s character is played by Auli’l Cravalho.

This is one of the strongest movie of Disney as I personally think. The plot of this movie is based in a Polynesian village and Moana happens to be their chief’s daughter. This strong-willed girl is chosen by the Ocean itself to reunite the goddess with her mystic relic.

The entire movie shows her courage and strength which makes it perfect for the online streaming. Moana not only earned amazingly but also got rave reviews from the critics too. The movie is a treat to watch and I am sure you will enjoy it thoroughly.

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For all those people who think Disney only make animated movies, I am sure this list of Disney movies on Netflix will surely force them to change their mind. It is the time to live in those fairy fantasy world and see the magical creatures roaming around in it.

Disney movies are something whose happy ever after endings can force anyone to restore their faith in humanity again. I am sure this is going to be the longest Netflix binge ever so get your biggest pack of snack with you this time and happy Watching!

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