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  • Various reverse look up search services like phone, email, address etc
  • Simple and easy user interface
  • Very affordable and charges decreases with subscription duration
  • Can delete your own info through it
  • Secure


  • No detailed information
  • Less diverse as compared to other services
  • Works in USA only
  • Better options are available in the same category

So, here is one brand new section which is filled with facts and information about Spokeo Review. This is a huge people search engine or rather a background check site which was launched in 2006. This is a very popular and reliable option for searching about someone.

Spokeo has about 20 million registered users on its site till now. This is a subscription based site and curates content from its offline and online sources.

It is used by millions of people to verify the new people that have recently been added in their surroundings. It is also safer to do a research on your own rather than relying on facts that have already been stated.

In this very section I am going to tell you everything about one of this best background check service. It will tell you every facts and details about the site whether minute or something huge.

Table of Content:

What is Spokeo?

Spokeo comes under the category of background check sites but they rather call themselves a people search engine. This is indeed one of the largest platform to find out the basic information and more about someone and you can start from Here.

Spokeo creates white pages listing through different sources like social media, public records and other simple profiles. It tries to avail all the possible information about the person you want to make a search on.

Spokeo has been helping people to find out their long lost friends, relatives, love interests, special people etc. Spokeo review revolves around this story of it to let people give a chance to find out about people just by sitting at their home.

There are various types of information that you can come to know about a person with the help of paid Spokeo service. This information can be about their income, religion, phone number, credit status, address etc.

Features and Hype Regarding Spokeo

a). Huge Database

Spokeo carries the database of over billions of people on its site. Isn’t that too much for a tiny wonder? Spokeo review is surely 100% positive in terms of its huge and vast database.

Spokeo manages to browse through all the possible sources to gather information about someone and that too with just a blink of eyes. This is the reason Spokeo is quite popular and reliable too. Now, you can search about anyone in the USA and you know you are surely going to find them.

2). Tech Blog

Spokeo is very practical and transparent with its users. This is the reason it runs a tech blog of its own to get updated with the latest technology and update its users about it too.

They keep on changing and upgrading their software and share it with their users too. In this way they keep it simple and keep it going. You can browse and check out their Tech Blog right Here.

3). Security

If you think your data is not safe with Spokeo then think twice about it. Spokeo follows high-security standards to keep the data of its users safe and secure.

Not only about your regular data but your account information are also safe with Spokeo while going for its paid subscriptions. So, Spokeo review is quite positive in this aspect of security.

4). Reverse Email Search

You must have seen background check sites which provide the service of searching someone from their name but Spokeo is a step forward than them. You can search people on the basis of their email address too.

This is called reverse email search service which is not common in every such other sites. You can get additional information through it like phone no., name, address, social networks attached etc. through it. This is a huge breakthrough when you want to know more about someone just through their email id.

5). Reverse Phone Lookup

Another reverse lookup service that is available on Spokeo is reverse phone lookup. This means Spokeo review getting more positive with each of its feature.

This can be for incidents like meeting someone hot in a bar and exchanging phone no. with them. Now, you can get to know more about them just through their digits. Isn’t it really exciting? This can also be about getting together with your old classmates, family members etc. I think the service is quite helpful.

6). Reverse Address Search

Another reverse lookup service in this section of features is reverse address search service. You would have to enter full address for someone to retrieve more information about them.

Well, this can be for examples like finding out the reality of your neighbors or checking out who is living on your old address etc. In this way you get to know more information like phone no., old addresses, house value, residents etc. I think this is surely pretty impressive Spokeo review.

7). Public Search Directory

Spokeo is a very popular free people search engine and therefore it has a huge public search directory with it. They have data of over 300 million USA residents in it.

You just need to pick a letter from A to Z in this directory according to the initials of someone and then you will be displayed numerous people from that initials. Later on refine your searches with the help of numerous filters provided. In this way you can search about those people you do not know anything about.

8). Reverse Phone Directory

This is by far the best feature of Spokeo that you are not going to find on any other sites. Confused about someone’s number? Well, then just try looking for them with the help of reverse phone directory.

There are area codes given for the different states of USA which will help you further in it.

9). Delete Your Own Information

Sometimes the site may not be correct or accurate about someone and shows false information about them.

You can fill up a form for the same and ask them to remove that information regarding you. This can also be about some sensitive information which you do not want people to know and hence can ask them to remove the relevant data from their site.

Spokeo review is not so positive about it because sometimes financial information can be very sensitive about someone.

Spokeo In a Nutshell

If you asked me to summarize everything that we talked about earlier in the next few lines about Spokeo, here’s what I’d say. It’s a background check service which lets us find a person’s contact information, criminal records, financial records, family records, personal details and even Social media accounts.

Spokeo’s database is one of the largest in the industry, and it publicly boasts a database of 130Million+ Property Records, 6 Billion Consumer records, Social Network data from 120+ networks, 600 Million Court and finally the gargantuan 3.9 Billion Historical records. 

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Pricing Plans

Unfortunately, Spokeo is not free to use. There are some of the plans on the basis of the timely subscription policies which are mandatory to be chosen. So, basically to use all the features of Spokeo you would have to get yourself registered to some plan for sure.

Thankfully, Spokeo review is positive in this section too because the plans offered are quite affordable as compared to the other options and services in the same era.

These are the pricing plans offered by Spokeo:

  • Casual Users – This is a one-month membership plan which charges $13.95 from a user per month. This provides you complete report about someone you conduct a search upon.
  • Moderate Users – This is a 3 months membership plan which charges you $7.95 per user per month. It reduces the charges as compared to Casual users plan but the services remains the same.
  • Trial Membership- This is a new payment plan by Spokeo, which allows the user to test the waters before making any long term commitments. Is “Technically” free, but can only be purchased with a “report” for a search and costs USD $0.95. 

Payment Modes

The platform only accepts Credit Card payments. But fortunately, it has the policy of not adding this data to its public records. In other words, your name, card details, address or any other personal detail provided during checkout won’t be accessible or available to anyone as “search results” on Spokeo. 

Customer Support

Next segment of Spokeo review is about their customer support. If you are feeling confused about some of the policies and uses of Spokeo then you can consult their customer service department.

You have the options like calling them or mailing them. The other things which can solve your issues are their FAQ section and Terms and conditions sections too. If you are still having any doubt then you would have to wait until they respond to your calls or mails.

You must keep in mind that they do not solve queries in real time through any tool. This means the site does not have live chat feature which is kind of a drawback. Well, the rest of the customer support is also quite average but FAQs and terms might help you out here.

Spokeo background check site is lukewarm for customer support but quite good in performance though.

Do’s and Don’t Regarding Spokeo

Every site follows some terms and conditions and this section is going to give you completely Spokeo review about the information it provides. I hope this will clear your doubts completely about this site.

What You Can Do?

This is the complete Spokeo review about the things which are legal and adequate enough to do with Spokeo.

  • Find the complete information of an unknown caller.
  • Search fully about your online dates before actually meeting them.
  • Do a research about your new neighbors before befriending them.
  • Reunite with family members, old friends or even love interests.
  • Find what the records about yourself are.
  • Delete your own information by filling out a form.

What You Can not Do?

The Spokeo review regarding the things which are prohibited to be done on this platform are given below in this list.

  • Spokeo is not a tool to find out information about someone’s financial statistics.
  • This site should not be considered as a proof or basis for insurance purposes.
  • No credit decisions or tenant search should be done through Spokeo.
  • Using Spokeo for employee screening is completely prohibited.
  • Spokeo is not a medium of consumer reports.
  • This is completely illegal to steal someone’s identity through Spokeo.

How Spokeo Works?

When four graduates started this site in their friend’s basement, they never thought that it would become such a success. Spokeo uses the idea of data aggregation through Deep web crawlers. This is why their data mining is kind of fast and quite accurate too.

For the basic information regarding a person, you can simply put their name in the search bar and conduct a search for them. This service is for the people of USA only.

So, after you get the results you can filter them out on the basis of states and cities too. In fact, you can even have liberty to conduct searches on the basis of email, phone no. and address too. This is known as reverse look up service which is very rare in other types of background check services.

This is the reason Spokeo review is quite positive in terms of the features offered by it.

Spokeo Transparency

Spokeo is partially-transparent with its results, before granting full-access. This is appealing as not all the best background check services adhere to this rule. Most do not let out even an iota of data without payment.

Spokeo on the other hand, provides the following data:

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Partial Address
  • Complete name of relatives.
  • and number of Phone numbers, E-mail IDs, Social networks, Court and Martial records found.

Spokeo review

It even shows the address of potential correct matches on the map (it can be extended for more details). The photos however are only available after purchasing a plan.

Final words about Spokeo Review:

This section is based upon the above description and Spokeo review done before. These are my final thoughts regarding the complete Spokeo background check review.

I would start with its working and how much accurate it is. As Spokeo utilizes the technology of deep web then I would say that the site is really smart in its working. They know their sources and frankly, they are quite accurate in them too.

Sadly, they work in the only USA so forget about searching for someone who is not a USA resident. The data is collected on the basis of different social media profiles(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on), public records, and other legal sources. The site does not curate any illegal sources to find out the information regarding someone.

Using Spokeo is nothing like using something illegal to spy on someone. The site is truly authenticated and trustworthy too. However, talking about the true Spokeo review then there have been cases of identity threats before against Spokeo.

Bottom Line: If you wish to find out someone long lost then going for Spokeo would be a very nice choice. I would totally suggest this site for personal uses only.

Have you used Spokeo? Well, comment here about your experiences and personal Spokeo review and help the users to know more Spokeo.

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