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Best Free Proxy Server Sites list: Quite often, we face problems trying to access a website. Simply because, governments and other organizations (e.g. Your ISP) block access to websites throughout the country.

If you live in one of those countries/areas with heavy censorship, you’ll either get a “website blocked” error, or some other error preventing access.

A proxy server can help you overcome these restrictions. They make almost everything accessible, in every country.

Proxy Server

I’ve seen people often use Proxy servers to access internet anonymously. If you’re ultra-conscious of your anonymity and privacy, you can use a VPN or proxy service.

But, VPN service is costly and if you wish to access a VPN service provider you’ll have to either subscribe to a monthly or an yearly plan.

However, a Proxy server is a good and free alternative, with a Proxy, you can bypass IP-based restrictions, you can also hide your original IP . If anyone tries to track or trace your IP address, or link your web activities to you, he/she won’t be able to do that.

A proxy server makes the target website believe you’re based in some other country/location (the location where the Proxy is located in) and hence the websites can be accessed.

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It’s extremely helpful. Primarily because the websites won’t know who you are, and more importantly because this thwarts any IP-based hacking attempts.

His/her traces will lead them to the proxy server IP address which isn’t your real IP address.

Even colleges, universities, office and other similar organizations block popular social sharing website , trying to access the blocked sites leads to an error instead of the website. these blocked site can be accessed with a proxy server even in restricted regions.

Well, today I’m sharing some of the best proxy servers with you. If you’ve questions such as what is a proxy server or how proxy server bypass, this article will prove useful to you.

What is Proxy Server or Proxy Sites?

Proxy Server or Proxy Site is an external server which provides you authentication to access any block website.

Despite sounding complex, it’s in fact quit simple.

For Example: If you’re in a school, college, or even a country where specific websites have been banned, you can access these block websites via these proxy servers.

Most websites are blocked using your “IP Address”.

IP addresses are basically what tell the websites your real location, or identity.

But, when you use a proxy server, you first connect to the proxy server, and then the proxy server connects to the website. (Refer to the image above).

Hence, the website doesn’t know your real IP address, location, or identity.

It thinks that the proxy server is actually the person connecting to the website. Hence, you get access to the blocked website using proxy server.

In simpler words, if you’re banned from a shop, you can ask your friend to go fetch something from the shop, and deliver it to you. That’s close to how proxy servers let you unblock blocked websites.



Proxy server is a server (a computer system or an application) that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers. A client connects to the proxy server, requesting some service, such as a file, connection, web page, or other resource available from a different server and the proxy server evaluates the request as a way to simplify and control its complexity”

Source By. Wikipedia

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Key Services of Proxy Server

Basically we can use proxy server for different reasons, it’s not limited to unblocking blocked websites.

  • Accessing Websites Anonymously

Proxy Server protect your identity, because with the help of these proxy server you can hide your IP addresses. Any and all traces lead to the proxy server’s IP address and not your actual IP address.

  • Access block websites

Obviously, proxy servers help you unblock blocked websites in restricted regions, environments and countries.

  • Security

Most best proxy servers allow HTTPS encryption over the connection. Meaning, even when your connection is intercepted, your hackers don’t get any usable data/information. It’s encrypted and is practically useless. Also, hiding your real IP address means you can’t be targeted directly to begin with.

  • Translation

When you use a Proxy, you’re virtually changing your location. The websites you access believe you to be from the location of the proxy server. This can be used for accessing websites in different languages. E.g. if I use an Indonesian proxy, the websites I visit will be displayed in Indonesian too (if they support the language).

What is the difference between a Proxy server and a VPN?

Most people confuse a VPN and a proxy server to be the same. Or, they think the benefits are identical. That’s not the case.

In a nutshell: A Proxy is much less secure, and void of many features that the exponentially more secure VPNs offer.

I’ll explain the differences between the two in brief sentences:

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  • A Proxy server only changes your IP address. A VPN changes your IP address, and, encrypts your connection.

This means, it’s much easier to hack into a proxy connection, than it is to hack into a VPN’s encrypted connection.

VPN’s have a number of encryption protocols, such as OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IKeV, SSTP and many others. Proxies lack these protocols.

  • Proxies only work for your “browsers”. VPNs offer system-wide protection.

A proxy server only changes the IP address for your browser’s internet connection.

Meaning, all your other apps, and even other browsers are still unaffected. (Unless, you manually apply the proxy-setting to them, if possible.)

A VPN on the other hand masks your entire system.

So, once you launch and activate a VPN, every bit of outgoing internet connection, be it from a browser, a game, a music streaming service or anything else sees your masked IP address and not the original address.

  • Proxies often log your activities, trusted VPNs don’t.

Proxies often log your original IP address, and your web-activities. Just to ensure you aren’t involved in something illegal, or for other purposes.

Most VPNs log your activities as well, even though they claim that they don’t.

However, some trusted VPNs such as NordVPN have publicly proven their no-log policies via independent, third-party audits. Hence, they’re a lot more anonymous than a proxy server.

  • Proxies are slower than VPNs.

Proxy services, more specifically, free proxies often have extremely painful speeds. Simply because they’re free, and overloaded with traffic and bandwidth.

On the other hand, VPNs aren’t free and hence they maintain a professional server-base, ensuring users get the fastest possible speeds.

Proxies aren’t the best choice for torrenting or streaming either. On the other hand, some VPNs facilitate anonymous torrenting and mention it as a “feature”.

Even VPNs slow your connection down a bit, but, NordVPN again is the only VPN which doesn’t let you feel the difference. (It offers advanced protocols such as WireGuard and the NordLynx feature which make it possible.)

In a nutshell, proxies are best for basic IP-changing, or accessing blocked websites.

But, if you wish to have 100% unrestricted access, while making sure you can’t be tracked, VPNs are the way to go.

Best Free Proxy Server Sites and proxy sites list

If you are looking good proxy server sites or proxy sites list then inside this article I am sharing top free proxy server sites list, I manage all list according to Rating and access time and uptime, because many time I faced problem with proxy server, sometime it’s working fine but some not working mean proxy server is down, this big list have all best proxy server sites information which providing good service and always having uptime.

  •– The homepage has a list of websites you can visit instantly even if they’re blocked. A total of 8 proxy servers are owned by the company. A majority of those servers are in the U.S with a few U.K servers available. Speed selection available, options include slow, medium or fast.
  •– One of the rare free proxies which offers proxies optimized to bypass Chinese firewalls. U.S and European proxies available. Auto-encrypts all websites (even non-SSLs) using SSL. Claims personal servers, no logs stored.
  • – It offers multiple proxy locations to choose from, options include US, UK, France and Canada. All traffic is encrypted with 256-bit SSL. The speed is impressive, however, isn’t good at playing videos.
  •– This isn’t 100% free, however, there’s a free trial available with limitations. Streaming too isn’t allowed on the free version. 60 webpages allowed every 5 hours. No proxy-selection possible.
  •– This proxy too doesn’t offer any location choices. Unwanted tabs may also popup. The speed is pretty fast, and can be used to stream videos from blocked websites. Traffic is encrypted for added protection.
  • – HMA is actually a VPN service. It’s pretty established, however it has had its share of “log-sharing with the FBI” scandals. Hence, I wouldn’t recommend it for anything more than unblocking legal websites, certainly not for illegal web content. U.S, U.K, Netherlands, Germany, and Czech servers.
  •– Offers multiple U.S locations, Singapore, Netherlands, France, Latvia and also Canada. Displays the full I.P address instead of just location.
  •– It doesn’t offer location-choices, however, you can choose to encrypt URLs, allow or block cookies, remove objects, remove scripts etc. Isn’t great for playing videos.

Is using a proxy server illegal?

This is one of the most asked questions about Proxies, and that’s only natural.

If you’re new to proxies, the whole “IP-changing“, “unblocking blocked websites” thing does feel very high-tech and very illegal.

But no, using a proxy or a proxy server isn’t illegal.

It’s a very basic command that masks your IP address, which results in unblocked websites and added security and everything else.

Also, proxy servers are used for working remotely, creating a personal network and other very important practical benefits.

However, if you do something illegal, then it’ll be an illegal act. E.g. if accessing porn is illegal in your country, and you use proxies to access it.

Or, if you use proxies to mask your IP address and do something illegal, e.g. buy unprescribed drugs maybe?

That’s something else a VPN takes care of, its no log policies protect you even in illegal scenarios.

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