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  • Simplest navigation possible
  • So many customization options
  • Great features under the premium plan
  • Very affordable pricing
  • One time fee for lifetime


  • Some of the features can only be accessed by opting Premium version only
  • Less features as compared to iSkysoft iMusic downloader

Thinking about download a software which can solve all your music and video needs? Well, read this ByClickDownloader review first and then decide on your own whether it is capable enough to meet your requirements or not?

This section contains all the necessary information about this huge hit software.

You are going to get acknowledged to various highs and lows related to this software which are based on my personal experience with it.

I am also using byclickdownloader since from very long time and enjoy video and music albums. I am pretty sure you guys also like this great tool

Let’s check out other information related to this software before downloading it so that you can be sure about its use.

What is ByClickDownloader?

byclickdownloader reviewByClickDownloader is a premium video and music downloader tool which provides limitless entertainment to its users.

You can also call this software to be one of the best music downloader right now.

But, there is way more than downloading music which can be done through this software easily.

Considering just its name, if you are thinking that ByClickDownloader review is just going to be about it being a YouTube downloader only then you are completely wrong.

This software has hundreds of other features and applications which makes it an all-in-one solution for media management.

The best part about this software is that it does not involve any sort of complications like the rest of the similar types of software.

I have mentioned more details about ByClickDownloader in the given below segment of this section. I would just say that if the app is asking for money for its premium version then it is worth every penny and available on hilariously low prices too.

Visit ByClickDownloader Website

Features of ByClickDownloader Music Downloader Software

ByClickDownloader review is largely based upon the services that it offers. There are lots of features available on this software which makes it working hassle free and more comfortable for the users.

Being a constant YouTube lover, I would strongly recommend you to go through the features once.

You are going to discover something amazing about ByClickDownloader here for sure. The features offered by this software are given below.

  • Supports All Mazor Video and Music Streamng Sites

Thankfully, ByClickDownloader is quite positive till now. Another great thing about this software is the fact that it allows you to download music and videos from every single site.

Yes, you heard that right. Be it social media platforms or some other general sites, you are free to download media from any of them.

Some of the examples of such sites are YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. What you used to thought is impossible, ByClickDownloader is making that possible for its users.

But some times, when users try to download private videos from various social media sites like Facebook and YouTube then user need to put associated site credential on byclickdownloader software interface.

  • Option to Choose Desired Quality

This is a feature which I personally liked a lot. This actually affects various other aspects of downloading too. You have the option to choose from the video quality like Best and Normal when you are using the free plan of ByClickDownloader.

But when you are opting for the premium version, then you can customize the quality in 4K, 1440p, 1080p, 720p etc.

In fact, you can even download videos in HD quality and 4K too. You must also know that when the quality increases, the size of the video increases too which affects the downloading time.

  • Download Entire Playlists

Yes, you heard me right. Downloading the entire playlist with just one click of ByClickDownloader is as simple as eating chocolates. And this is not just about the playlists only, you can even download the entire YouTube Channel with this miraculous software.

Can you ask for anything more now? If yes, then what about downloading the entire Instagram pages in one click? No, you are not dreaming because all these things are possible with ByClickDownloader.

You still want more discussion on ByClickDownloader review, well scroll down further.

  • Download YouTube Live Videos

Well, yeah that is also true. I guess the list of ByClickDownloader features is not going to end pretty soon here.

Downloading live videos from not only YouTube but from other streaming site is quite simple from YTB.

This is just like the rest of the processes. You just need to copy the URL on the concerned space and there you go. As the video will keep on streaming, you are going to keep on downloading it. Isn’t it super fun?

  • Auto Detection

This is probably the best part of the entire features section of ByClickDownloader review. Basically, what happens in this feature is that if you are running the YTB simultaneously with the site whose video you want to download then it is going to work.

So, you just need to copy the URL of the video and a small pop up will display in front of you.

This means YTB automatically detects the URL and you just need to click on download option to start downloading it. What else do you want in a software now?

  • Format Selection

Once you are on the software of ByClickDownloader then you can download the desired videos or other media files easily.

By the format I mean the type of file which is going to be downloaded now. The software allows you to download the desired file in various formats primarily mp3 and mp4.

Other types of formats are FLV, AVI, WMV, MKV, AAC, M4A, 3GP, WEBM, 4K, HD etc. So, now you know it exactly that how amazing this software is because of its versatility and diversity.

  • Personal Recommendations

Another important feature for ByClickDownloader review is the personal recommendation given by it for downloading the videos.

When you will open up the software then on the lower part of the software, you will witness the option of “Recommended for you” here.

These are the videos which are recommended to you on the basis of the types of videos that you generally download. In this way, you get the recommendations just like your taste.

  • Multiple Downloaded

Apart from being multi purpose the software is multitasking too. Once you have stalled one video to download then it does not mean that the software cannot perform another functions or downloads too.

This means, you can put so many videos to download at the same time.

While one video is downloading, the other ones will be on stay and they are going to download one by one.

This means you have the opportunity to just put the files to download and then you can run it in background.

  • Export to iTunes

If you are using ByClickDownloader on macs then you have the opportunity to directly export the concerned file to iTunes. This is another feature which makes ByClickDownloader review quite positive again.

When you are done with downloading a file you are going to see this option beside the video and with one tap it will be exported out.

  • Download Private Videos

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Many times this happens that we are able to see some videos on our social media profiles but when we try to download them, it seems impossible.

While going for the other methods, they are going to tell their inability to download a private video but the case is different with ByClickDownloader.

Here, you just need to add that account in your ByClickDownloader software and you are good to go then.

Now, you can download all types of videos from that particular site. You can add YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, VK and Niconicc accounts here.

Visit ByClickDownloader Website

Pricing Plans for YouTubeByClick Software

Wondering why people and the site itself says its free of cost even when it follows a pricing plan? Well, as we are discussing ByClickDownloader review in complete details here, so you should know that it is not completely free.

The initial version of the software is obviously free to use but there are still some facilities which can be accessed by paying the estimated amount for the premium version only.

So, to keep everyone updated regarding true ByClickDownloader review, I am listing the complete pricing plan for this amazing software here.

In premium tools section you need to pay one time and use lifetime in 3 PC, only in $19.99

You should also know that as you are going to upgrade to the premium version of ByClickDownloader music downloader you get some additional advantages too. Some of these advantages are browsing ads free, download subtitles, download HD videos, download private videos, mp3 cutter, conversion of media file etc.

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How to Install and Use ByClickDownloader

Now after all the discussion, you must have been wondering that how to install and use this software.

So, if you are done with the ByClickDownloader review mentioned above then you must have been looking for the ways to use it in its fullest.

Let me ease that part for you. To let our users feel the ease to access the software, I am listing the step by step guide here. Just follow these simple guidelines to install and then later on to use ByClickDownloader.

Visit Website for More Detail

  • You are going to see the option of “Download” on the home page of the site, you are supposed to click on it.
  • As you will click on download, the software is going to start downloading.
  • Now, with the easy steps, install the software.
  • To start using it you just need to register on it.
  • If you want to upgrade to the premium version later on, then on the top of the software, you will see the option of “Go premium”.
  • Click on this option and pay the necessary price for this subscription.

To be true, if you are going to use the free version of this software, then you can download anything from a website too. I am going to recommend you this premium version of this software because it is affordable and completely worth it.

To make your final decision, you can take a look at the final YouTubeByClick review mentioned right below. I hope it is going to clear all your doubts regarding the software.

Do you want to use ByClickDownloader software or want to download some cool videos from various websites then below I am giving you some cool list type posts where you can download latest videos, movies, streaming TV shows, music album, and lot of video or audio data.

Final Words about ByClickDownloader Review

Feeling confused between iMusic downloader and ByClickDownloader yet? Well, then my personal verdict about ByClickDownloader review might help you in it.

So, you have already gone through all the features and services which are being provided by ByClickDownloader. Some of the services comes under the free version and some are made available when you opt for the premium version.

But when you think about it more, then you are going to realize it that for the mere $19.99/3 PC you are getting lifetime premium access to this software. I think that is a deal where there is not a single percent scope of not being suitable. In fact, to be true I am using the premium version right now.

Get ByClickDownloader only $19.99/3 PC Lifetime!

The interface and navigation of the software is super simple and most of the features are automatic which means hassle free operation. This makes ByClickDownloader review quite positive.

Bottom Line: I don’t find any issues with the usage and interface of ByClickDownloader at all. So, when it comes to recommending this software to someone then Yes, I will surely do that. I think every user looking for a change in his/her music downloader, must prefer this software once especially the YouTube addicts.


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