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  • Best Compression, No Video Loss
  • Fast Speed, Cutting Edge Technology
  • Advanced Encoder Support
  • Video Editing Support
  • Recording Video Support


  • Beginner User Video Editing Features
  • Limited Conversion Speed
  • Limited Features in Free Version

Wondershare UniConverter review: When was the last time you converted a video from one format to another and with 0 quality loss? I bet never! Or even if you were successful in doing so, the tool burned a hole in your pocket.

That’s a problem that gets solved right here, right now in this Wondershare video converter review.

Not just that, I can assure you by the end of this piece you’ll not just have found a great and easy way to convert videos, but also ways to:

  • Download Videos off the Internet of any and all platforms!
  • Burn Vides to Discs.
  • Stream Videos from your computer to other devices.
  • Edit videos.

And that’s just the tip of the Iceberg!

What is Wondershare UniConverter?

Wondershare is a company that’s committed to making our digital lives easier. They’ve data recovery tools, Mobile solutions and a lot more.

They also boast a  UniConverter” and that’s what we would be reviewing throughout this Wondershare Video Converter review.

This  UniConverter is actually a treasure-box, consisting of a number of different tools as listed in the above section including the Video downloader, Editor, Burner, streamer etc.

Wondershare Video Converter Review: Features

Considering this is a Wondershare video converter review, let’s start from that specific feature of the product.

1. Video Converter

The first aspect worth mentioning is the ease of conversion! With most other tools I’ve crossed paths with, there are jumbled up options, messy buttons and it really confuses you up.

Well with Wondershare, I must admit it couldn’t get any easier.

They support file import via two easy methods, you can either “Drag & drop” the file directly, or click on “Add files” to add the files you wish to convert.

There’s a big bold blue button saying “convert” at the bottom so it’s literally self-explanatory.

2. Every File Format can be Converted

When you import a file to Wondershare, you don’t have to worry about it being supported. Because unless that file was sent to you from a Martian, it’ll pretty much be supported by Wondershare.

I’m stating that based on the fact that it supports over 150 different formats which you can import and convert to any format of your choice.

3. Extensive List of Output Formats

The output formats list with Wondershare is truly one of the most extensive lists I’ve seen in the market, ever!

It supports not just the traditional, popular formats like Mp4 and 3Gp, but also some hidden, uncommon formats which I didn’t even know existed!

The list includes:


To name just a few!

So regardless of which format you wish to convert your video to, I’m pretty sure the format is supported.

In fact, one of the prime driving forces behind me scribbling this Wondershare video converter review down was its almost “universal” files support both for imports as well as output conversions!

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4. Device Templates

Wondershare also makes sure that the videos can be converted to and played in the best qualities even on sophisticated, unique devices like the Xbox, PSP and different cell phone models including LG, Samsung etc.

So it supports specific “device templates” for those devices, which you can choose and convert your video to instead of having to choose from just a general video format which might not be as good as the device templates.

Being honest, Wondershare is the only converter I’ve personally been with which supports not just every file formats but also offers device templates.

5. 30x Faster Conversions with ApexTrans technology

Supporting a universal list of file formats isn’t the only feather in the cap of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate!

It also boasts 30x faster conversions compared to other industry video converters.

So basically any video which would need 30 minutes to be converted with other tools, would need just a single minute with Wondershare!

But wait that’s not what I’m happy about, cause I’ve been with “fast” converters before Wondershare as well. But fast converters which don’t ruin the quality of the videos? Well, that’s a first!

So well yeah you don’t have the least bit of quality loss even when you convert videos with the Turbo mode using Wondershare and that’s what makes all the difference.

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6. Video Downloader

Most video-streaming platforms do not allow downloading of their videos. Best examples are Youtube, Netflix, Dailymotion etc.

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But obviously, there are video downloaders in the market which allow us to do so. The catch here is that, most of the time they aren’t pocket-friendly, and even if they are they support only a limited list of platforms.

Wondershare again surprises us by embedding a “Universal” video downloader along with Wondershare, absolutely free!

Any video, from almost any platform can be downloaded simply by clicking on “Add URL” button on Wondershare, and pasting the desired URL.

The download gets started instantly. But just in case you are unable to download the video, it offers an alternative to that as well!

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7. Recording Videos Online

Well if you can’t download a video, but can stream it, it’s as good as being downloaded, because you can record it as it is using Wondershare, again without losing any quality.

So the “recorder” becomes the universal downloader because regardless of the platform where the video is being streamed, it’ll be recorded for you.

8. Youtube MP3 Downloader

Need just the “audio” from a Youtube video? Running short on time or bandwidth?

Well, the Youtube Mp3 Downloader from Wondershare would be your savior.

It let’s you download the mp3 from any video without downloading the video, so you save time, bandwidth as well as the hassle of converting an unwanted video to mp3 separately.

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9. DVD Burner

Heard of Nero? Then you probably remember it wasn’t free! It’s 2017! Who burns DVDs anymore? And even if you do, would you want to spend $50-100 on it? Yeah didn’t think so.

So Wondershare brought to us an integrated Video burner along with its video converter as well, again without any additional charges.

And it’s not naked, instead, it’s dressed in advanced overalls which allow you to:

  • Set aspect ratio
  • Set quality of the video.
  • Choose TV Standard
  • Choose from tens of pre-designed templates.

10. Video Editor

After you’ve converted your videos, you might want to edit them a bit? Nothing too advanced, but still enough to cope with your general needs like Trimming, Cropping, Rotating, adjusting brightness, special effects etc?

If you do, well then you don’t have to look further. Wondershare’s inbuilt video editor will do it for you.

They truly did make it an all-in-one video solutions packages, didn’t they?

11. Media Streamer

The final feature I’m discussing in this Wondershare video converter review is its media streaming capabilities.

It lets you stream media from your computer to TVs, Tablets, Gaming consoles, Apple TV and other devices which support DLNA or UPnP.

You can use any device such as the ChromeCasts, Roku etc. to stream the videos regardless of their audio or video formats, because well everything is supported with Wondershare.

How much does Wondershare Cost?

So how much this super-tool cost? If you had to take a guess, I can bet you’d be wrong, because of the features: price ratio with Wondershare it truly underpriced.

So let’s not beat around the bush and let me get directly to the point, they’ve got 4 different plans:

All the plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee as well as free lifetime updates as well!

So go Try Wondershare right away!

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Final Words:

So that’s a wrap up for this Wondershare video converter review folks! If you’ve noticed, although this piece started as a video converter review, by now it ended up feeling like a totally different suit comprising of half a dozen other tools, didn’t it? Well, I promised you so.

So as far as I’m concerned, there isn’t a “lack of features”, and talking about the pricing, $59.95 for a lifetime license is just as cheap as anyone can expect it to be.

Even at $59.95, it’s around $5/month but considering it’s a Lifetime license, even if you consider the price to be around 10 cents/month it won’t be wrong because it simply won’t expire.

Anyway, now that you’ve got an idea of what Wondershare video converter can do for you, be sure to leave a comment letting me know your feedback on this Wondershare video converter review as well as the product!

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