9 Sites to Make Free Calls Online Without Registration


Why to waste the money when you can make free calls online without registration? Use the technology in the best way possible and utilize plenty of sites to make free calls to your loved ones and that too without the fuss of getting registered on them. I am sure this is something you always wanted to try but were skeptical about, but now I am breaking down all the myths regarding it.

9 Sites to Make Free Calls Online Without Registration

Not all the websites are trustworthy enough when it comes to making free calls online without registration. In fact, some of them can be used in exchange of paid plans while some had a lengthy registration process. So, this is why I handpicked these 9 amazing sites which can be used to make free phone calls.

1. Citrus Tel

Website: https://www.citrustel.com/

Citrus Tel

I am sure you guys would have heard about Citrus Tel which is largely used for making free international calls online without registration. You can use this service to call to any mobile phones or even landlines too. The service uses web based VOIP service which does not require you to download any additional app.

However, it surely requires you to use modern web browser and good internet connection to make most of their services.

The process is pretty simple where you just need to select the country and enter the full number along with the code to make a call on it. The site has a partnership with more than 2000 telco operators worldwide which makes them a prominent source of making calls to any number for absolutely free. Along with this, the site also maintains great privacy and security for the user too.

2. Globfone

Website: https://globfone.com/


Globfone goes a little out of the way to provide something additional to its users apart from making free calls online without registration. This includes services like video chat, text messages, file sharing and a lot more. In fact, this has earned the site its fair share of popularity too.

You can also check them out through their mobile applications as well. In fact, the services works without the other person having to use its app.

You do not need to create an account to make calls on mobile as well as landline numbers of your choice belonging to any country in the world. Their services are quite impressive in terms of speed and security too. And of course, the quality of the voice calls are also maintained throughout via their VoIP connectivity option.

3. Poptox

Website: https://www.poptox.com/


The next option you can use to make free calls online without registration is Poptox. You can directly make calls from your PC through this site to the desired number no matter where does it operate from.

The site works on any standard web browser and you do not require any additional plug-ins or apps for it. Simply enter the number, choose the country and start calling. It is that simple! Whether it is about local calls or international, Poptox makes it possible for all types of calls. But it does not offer any additional services apart from calling.

The site is totally working but you might face some limitations of locations when it comes to making international calls. But it is a great opportunity to use this kind of service without even having to sign up on their platform.

4. Call2Friends

Website: https://call2friends.com/


In order to make free calls online you need to check out this site called Call2Friends. The site promises high quality international as well as local calls right from your browser. You can call any number all across the globe and you can use their web based app for this without the hassle of download at all.

Although there is an option of sign up for better accessing and services options but you can use the services of the website without this process too.

However, their services are free for certain countries only but luckily the rates for other international calls are quite affordable and way lower than telecom services. Other additional features offered by Call2Friends are caller ID configuration for distinct outgoing numbers, fast as well as secure, record all outgoing calls, no registration and donations required etc.

5. iEvaphone

Website: https://ievaphone.com/


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iEvaphone is no new name when it comes to making free calls online without registration to whichever number you want. Whether it is your PC, Mac or smartphone, you can use iEvaphone from any of these platforms to make calls to the desired number.

The site also offers their own mobile application too which makes it simpler for the users to manage and make calls. The simple interface with no marketing tactics, pop-ups in it is another plus point regarding the site.

And of course, there are no troubles and formalities regarding free trials, credit card details, additional plug-ins etc. In fact, you won’t even have to come across any ads in between. The process is very much direct without additional efforts. This is quite like using VoIP telephony service whenever and wherever you want without having to spend a single penny on it.

6. Spytox

Website: https://www.spytox.com/


Spytox primarily works as a phone lookup service but you can use it for calling to various numbers too. This is actually a white pages directory which can be used to search about people, addresses, social media profiles, phone numbers etc.

But along with this, you can use Spytox to make free calls online without registration. In fact, not only calls but you can also send text messages through it.

Now, the way the site works for free is quite different from other sites. You will be required calling credit in order to call through Spytox and there are some of the tasks provided by the site in order to earn it. Or of course, you can simply pay to earn that. I think the site is a pretty great option to not only call someone but to also know about this person very well.

7. Make Free Calls Online

Website: https://makefreecallsonline.com/

Make Free Calls Online

The site works just like its name where you can make a free phone call online now or whenever you want to any number of your choice whether mobile or landline. Although the interface of the site is not as impressive as the rest of others but the services are quite up to the mark.

Ads on the site are regular which are actually quite annoying. As the site promises, they do not have any hidden fees to make calls and provides their services of calling in over 40 countries.

And of course you do not require to download any app for it. Along with international calls, the site handles local calls very well without any registration or payments. However, the major limitation regarding Make Free Calls Online is that it allows 4 minutes of free call at a time and you can use 576 minutes of call for a single day.

8. Google Hangouts

Website: https://hangouts.google.com/

Google Hangouts

This might come as a surprise for many that how you can use Google Hangouts as a medium to make free phone calls online without download but it actually works with some kind of limitations. Although not as fully featured as other sites but you can surely rely on this Google service for making calls.

However, the recipient must also use the same service in order to get connected with you and you also need to save their contact number too.

Along with the service of free calling, you are also provided services like video calls, text messages etc. And you can use Google Hangouts from any platform with complete security and privacy. However, you will be required to sign up on the service first in order to explore and access it fully.

9. Zlookup

Website: https://www.zlookup.com/


The last option I opted for making free calls online without registration is Zlookup. Just like Spytox, the service is primarily used as reverse phone lookup service but all thanks to their versatility you can use it to make free calls too.

All of their services comes for free which also includes complete details of the person along with text messages and calling too.

The process is entirely hassle free and does not require any of your information (personal or financial) for it. It works in various countries and with millions of records in their directory, I think you will not only be able to call the desired number but will also be able to know about their identity too. Just enter the number and select the country to make free calls to any mobile or landline number easily.


I think it is much easier and simpler to use websites to make free calls online without registration rather than the mobile applications. You not only get to access all the services without making any downloads but you can also use these websites for free. Try some of these sites I mentioned above and check out how they work.

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