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As the idea and approach of current world’s business is growing, new issues and problems are arising too and the prominent one is international transfer platform. But thank god we have PayPal for it. However, because of one reason or another if you do not like this platform then I have some amazing sites like PayPal working in the same direction.

Some people find that PayPal has so many rules and regulation along with higher platform charges and this is why they should know about the alternatives to PayPal they can use. And hence I decided to look into this matter and so after research on so many bases I have come up with some perfect options for you.

Top 10 Sites like PayPal

To make this process even simpler for you all, I have come up with the ten most amazing options for this list of sites like PayPal. Well, it is nearly impossible to go through every single such online payment system site and then scan it out for the authenticity. But I did the bit of ground work somewhere and hence you can check out this final result here.

  • Payoneer

Website: https://www.payoneer.com/en/

PayoneerPayoneer might be a new platform when compared to the other ones but there is no doubt that it is way easier as well as cheaper to access. And hence I decided to put it on the first position in this list of sites like PayPal. This digital payment service is not only a medium for online money transfer but something way more advanced and important than this.

Payoneer is quite like bridging the gap between business owners and the employees who are operating from distant locations and trust me it is worth every penny and every second you spend on it.

So, the idea behind Payoneer is pretty simple. You start here from getting signed up on it which is absolutely free and it is really important to fill your details correctly here. The next thing you know after is that you will be doing transactions efficiently and fast without needing any experience or a guide.

Payoneer is comparatively newer but somewhere more reliable and affordable PayPal alternative. This takes us directly to the discussion about its various fees.

Here you can easily create your account and can request for payment instantly but you will get your fund in your account after account approval, in Account approval process you need to show your government approved ID’s like passport, address proof, any type bills. generally account approval may take 24 hr to 48 hr max, When I applied for Payoneer account, my account approved only in 18 hr.

With Payoneer, my experience is very good, every month I saved my lot’s of money because PayPal Fee is very high  also currency conversion fee is very low. Payoneer support also very good, Email, Live Chat.

Fee Structure for Payoneer:

Platform Fee: Payoneer offers completely FREE transaction option to people. Yes, you can pay someone and get paid for absolutely free without any charges. However, the minimum amount must be $20.

Conversion Fee: for different currency bank account, you will be charged 2% of the entire amount. This conversion fee is $1.50 for USD, €1.50 for EUR and £1.50 for GBP when you transferring to same currency bank account.

Customer Fee: When you are using Payoneer as a billing service then it charges 3% of the amount when being paid via Credit Card and 1% of the amount when being paid via eCheck(USD).

Get Payment With Payoneer, Register Your Account

  • Braintree

Website: https://www.braintreepayments.com/

BraintreeThere are very few people who would be aware with the fact that Braintree serves as the division of PayPal only. However, the area of serving remains different from that of PayPal but I think Braintree is more comfortable and easier when it comes to processing and you find the area of applications more than that of PayPal itself.

Hence, it makes one of the best sites like PayPal in this list for sure. Where PayPal is more focused on international money transfer through online medium, Braintree focuses on web payment system for e-commerce companies.

When talking about the features, then Braintree turns out to be quite great as compared to other sites like PayPal. As Braintree is used for e-commerce payment gateway, the features are relatable to that only. Some of them are seamless checkout, fraud protection, data security, account updater, PayPal and Venmo connectivity, Synchronization with other transaction services and many more.

Fee Structure in Braintree:

Platform Fee: Of course, you can sign up for free here as there are no charges for signing up here. However, if you are looking for making a merchant account then you are going to be charged $49 per month for this.

Customer Fee: The standard price of Braintree goes for 2.9% of the total amount along with $.30 on per card or digital wallet transaction. However, these charges can get altered for volume transactions.

Conversion Fee: Talking about the amount which Braintree charged for the currency conversion then it goes for 1% of the total amount in each transaction.


  • Authorize

Website: https://www.authorize.net/

AuthorizeAuthorize is a United States based payment getaway or transaction medium which serves globally and helps in making the online money transfer process simpler. It was launched in 1996 and serves as the subsidiary of Visa Inc. Their working process is way smarter than other such sites as they safeguard the payment details initially only so it does not require to sign up again.

Such online payment services like PayPal are quite advanced according to the competition available in the market right now.

Talking about the features, then there are some really unconventional services offered by Authorize which you must be aware about. These are fraud prevention service, recurring billing sorted, complete security for customer’s data and management, in-built invoicing, e-check processing and many more.

Other services which comes handy with Authorize are account updater, syncing option for QuickBooks, checkout etc. However, there are additional charges for some of the services whereas some comes handy under the monthly subscription plan.

Fee Structure:

Platform Fees: With a heavy heart, I would have to tell you that Authorize charges platform fees which goes for $49 for the setup and then $25 for the monthly gateway. I found the charges higher here than other sites like PayPal. You should know that the setup charges are non-refundable.

Customer Fee: On each transaction, they charge 2.9% on the entire amount as the standard fee along with $0.30 too. They charge additional amount on extra services of them.

Conversion Fee: International Assessment fee which is also known as conversion fee from one currency to another, it goes for 1.5% of the whole amount.

  • WePay

Website: https://www.wepay.com/

WePayWhat makes WePay different from other sites like PayPal is its customization approach for the betterment of accessing by the users. With the help of their various APIs you can make the process of transaction quite seamless especially when it comes to e-commerce platforms.

You can use WePay as the medium of transaction for donations, purchases and even investments too. And for this many services, you get a very clean interface too.

WePay is also quite secure and save you from potential threats and frauds. However, the only thing I did not like about WePay is that they have not explained it thoroughly on their website about their pricing system which is actually kind of a setback when you are teaming up with them for the first time. But it is kind of revealed to you when you sign up on it.

Fee Structure:

There are no formal pricing disclosed online but after much of research I came to know about some of them. But before I proceed to further information, you should know that WePay does not offer its services internationally and it works for American and Canadian buyers and sellers only which is actually kind of a drawback as compared to other sites like PayPal.

Platform Fee: You need not to pay a single penny when it comes to paying the setup or platform charges. It is absolutely free to create an account

Customer Fee: As per the standard charges, you are going to be charged 9% + $.30 on each transaction. However, when you transfer this amount to your account, it is going to be required to pay 1% + $.30 of the whole amount on each transfer.

  • Skrill

Website: http://skrill.com/en/

SkrillSkrill is actually quite similar to PayPal in terms of working as it’s sole purpose is to provide a platform which can be utilized for online payment transfer. It just takes some minutes to create an account here after which you can make payments and withdraw the funds into your account too.

Whether it is about the currency conversion or withdrawing funds to bank account/Visa/MasterCard etc. You can do it all through Skrill.

However, Where PayPal has more scope and abundancy towards currency conversion, Skrill only supports 40 types of currencies only. But Skrill is faster as it takes only 1-2 business days to transfer funds into your own account without any much hassle like PayPal.

You can send and receive money through just your email address and there are layers of added security which guards your payments information as well as your money too.

Fee Structure:

Platform Fee: You can create an account for free on Skrill with your basic information and some authentication steps. In fact, it just takes some minutes to do so. There is no monthly fee but they may charge a certain amount for the Business accounts.

Deposits Fee: Skrill charges 1.9% of the uploaded amount when you are making deposits through Visa or MasterCard.

Conversion Fee: I found the conversion fee of Skrill higher than other sites like PayPal. They charge 3.99% of the total amount on each payment.

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Withdrawal Fee: If you want to withdraw your Skrill funds into your bank account then it is going to cost you 5.50EUR on each such transaction along with the conversion fee if the bank account is of different currency.

  • 2Checkout

Website: https://www.2checkout.com/

2CheckoutJoining the list of sites like PayPal, the next inclusion in this category is 2Checkout which is also called 2CO. It is a leading global payment transfer platform which has been serving from the past 18 years. The site deals in 87 types of currencies through 8 different payment methods.

Because of the global approach, 2CO operates in 15 different languages which not only makes it user-friendly but also more approachable and accessible.

There are various features offered by 2CO like international money transfer and currency conversion, merchant account creation and management through the dashboard, pre-integrated payment gateways, PCI compliance, syncing capability with more than 100 shopping carts and many more.

The process of the transaction is fast on 2CO and they also maintain a high layer of security for their users too. It also includes international fraud prevention too. The seamless and customizable interface of the website is an additional advantage here.

Fee Structure:

Platform Fee: There is no policy involved for the monthly subscription or set up charges. This means you can create an account for free and access 2Checkout without even having to pay a single penny.

Transaction Charges: Talking about the US rates, they charge 2.9% plus additional $.30 on each transaction. This amount may vary on the basis of the location of transaction.

Conversion Fee: An average fee of 2%-5% gets charged when you are opting for the currency conversion. However, an additional 1% is also charged when you are receiving money from some other country into your 2CO account. This makes the conversion charges higher than other sites like PayPal.

  • Venmo

Website: https://venmo.com/

VenmoMoving on to the services similar to PayPal, the next name I can take here is Venmo. Well, you would be glad to know that just like Braintree, this service is also owned by PayPal but as I explained earlier, the area and process of working is way different regarding each three of them.

Where PayPal is more inclined towards making international online transfers, Venmo covers the recent trend of mobile payment service and that too like a boss.

Venmo is all about using a reliable money transfer program in your day to day life. In fact, it can be about sharing a bill too. However, a big loophole in this service remains that Venmo does not support international money transfer and the mainstream work of it remains to be that of a digital wallet.

But somewhere over the line I found that Venmo is pretty better than other sites like PayPal if we just ignore the international money transfer part because its pricing is so low.

Fee Structure:

Platform Fee: You just need your Facebook account or your email address to become a member of this amazing community and nothing else.

Standard Fee: There is no amount charged for sending and receiving money through your debit card, prepaid card, Venmo balance and bank account. However, a standard charge of 3% is going to apply when you are paying through your credit card.

Transfer Fee: This fee applies when you are withdrawing your Venmo money to other digital wallet or to your bank account too. They charge just $0.25 for this transaction.

  • Stripe

Website: https://stripe.com/

StripeStripe is the next pick for the category of sites like PayPal and this American technology company seems to be working amazingly for the online payment transfer services. Stripe works in 25 countries and supports more than 135 types of currencies and hence approaches on a global level.

All the payments done via Stripe are secured with 3D security and it saves the user’s data and money from any fraud cases.

Stripe also integrates with other payment services and in this way you get the advantage of digital wallet and money transfer from one platform to another easily. Sending and receiving payment through Stripe is quite simple and you will become more habitual to it once you will make your first payment. Other features are recurring payments, better connectivity, business data management etc.

Fee Structure:

Platform Fee: Similar to other sites like PayPal, Stripe introduces no charges for creating an account on it. There are no subscription and hidden charges

Standard Fee: For each transaction on Stripe, you are going to be charged 9% plus $0.30 on the total amount. These charges remains the same when you make payment from any card.

Conversion Fee: When you are accepting payment from international client, you will be charged 1% for this service. Further for the currency conversion, you will be charged 1% additionally for it.

Transaction Fee: The charges for withdrawing money into your bank account are 1.5% of the total amount and it takes only 2 business days for These charges can vary according to the amount.

  • ProPay


ProPayJoining the crowd of selected best alternative to PayPal, ProPay seems to be making an impact here. This is an innovative as well as simple approach towards making the money transfer a better and reliable process for the users around the world.

With the help of ProPay, small businesses can grow rapidly as they get a better platform to do financing and payment distributing.

ProPay supports various transaction mediums like MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover Network too. It is just perfect for enterprise as well as larger-scale industries too. You can also access this platform through their mobile applications too. However, the only thing which irked me are the high set up charges here.

Apart from it, everything is quite convenient regarding ProPay which creates an online virtual terminal for the payment gateway system. Invoicing, ProPay to ProPay transfer, fraud protection, security are some of the simple yet effective features used by ProPay.

Fee Structure:

Payment Fee: Of course, ProPay is no different than other sites like PayPal but unfortunately it is different when it comes to setting up an account. You need to pay $65.95 as setup charges.

Standard Charges: Keeping up the tradition of usual online payment transfer websites, ProPay charges 2.40% on each of the transaction.

Transfer Fee: When it comes to transferring the amount to your bank account then you are charged $0.30 on each transaction but the amount must be $500 at least. The maximum monthly transaction can be $3000.

Conversion Fee: This amount is not mentioned on their website and hence you would have to contact them personally for this service.

  • Amazon Payments

Website: https://pay.amazon.com/us

Amazon PaymentsThe final cut for the list of sites like PayPal is Amazon Payments. Did you even know that Amazon provides this service of payment for the merchants as well as customer? Well, at least I didn’t know about it until now when I discovered that you can pay the consumer base across the Amazon community by keeping Amazon as base platform.

The process of its working is no different from other such online money transfer platforms as the pricing plays a big proof for that. As you know it all, Amazon is a very trusted platform so the matter of security does not play a big concern over here.

When it comes to the customer section, you can use your basic information stored in your Amazon account to use the features of its money transfer system. This feature is mainly used for an international shopping spree and it turn out to be pretty reliable and simple too with very low cross-border processing charges.

Fee Structure:

Platform Fee: Also known as the merchant sign up section, the charges here are zero. You just need to put in your basic information along with your Amazon merchant URL for authentication.

Standard Charges: Just the way other sites like PayPal works, Amazon also charges a certain amount on transaction. This is 2.9% plus $.30 on each transaction.

Conversion Fee: For the cross-border processing they charge 3.9% along with $0.30 as the authorization fee.

Dispute Chargeback Fee: In case of any money dispute, an amount of $20 is charged over such issues.

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Amongst all the options that I mentioned above I found Payoneer to be quite affordable as well as reliable as the best PayPal alternative.

Of course, along with being safe and secure, they must have lesser platform charges too and hence you should definitely give them a try.

Get Payment With Payoneer, Register Your Account

However, there are more options mentioned here which makes this section of sites like PayPal really beneficial for you.

From features, to mid-charges and to other rules and restrictions, I have tried to cover so many important part of this process and I am sure you would love to get to know about them too.

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