Top 10 Games like Runescape


Games like Runescape: MMORPG games have always been favorite of the users. They give the immense fun and entertainment to the gamers that they always look up to the games like these. One such MMORPG game is Runescape.

Runescape is a game made out of fantasies which can be played in multiplayer mode. It is available in both browser and non-browser versions for the convenient of users and love for gaming. It was released by Jagex. This game is all about medieval visuals and complex quests.

Top 10 Games like Runescape

If you are bored of Runescape and wants to try more games like Runescape then this sections is all yours. This section has handpicked and amazing games like Runescape 2017. You just need to click on the links and start playing them instantly.

1. Albion Online


Albion Online is one of those Runescape like games which has kept alive the essence of sandbox in it. Runescape has always been different from the rest of the MMO games and so is Albion Online and therefore they connect together very well.

There are various aspects that make Albion Online one of the Runescape alternative. The plot of imagination keeps on going in both the games and they are not tied by a particular storylining. This makes both the game favorites of the games.

However, where Runescape is a browser based game, there Albion Online is a unity engine based game. The major focus in Albion Online is the fact that what kind of weapon you are using. All the powers are derived from this weapon only.

If you do not want to end up becoming a warrior then that is not a problem in both the games. You can stick to the crafting only. This is what makes Albion Online one of the games like Runescape. You just need to dig deep in, and you can find a lot of hidden secrets of this game.

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2. World of Warcraft


There is no doubt in it that almost every gamer has heard of the game World of Warcraft. It is so popular that people are still going Gaga over it. If you have not given it a try yet, then I would suggest you go for it anytime soon.

In the list of Runescape alternatives, it is one of those games which are very flexible for the new user. It gives a free level 90 character boost which can help you a lot to go through in this game. But it would be better if you start from the very beginning to learn the basics of World of Warcraft.

The plot of the game revolves around the world of Azeroth. To play this game, you would have to decide a class between Horde and Alliance. If you want to play from the perspective of the human then Alliance and for Orc’s perspective go for Horde. Sounds like an intense decision, isn’t it?

The exploration in this game is just never ending. You can choose to do something from things like craft armor, meet friends, choose regions, defeat monsters, and many others.

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3. Drakensang Online

Website: http://www.drakensang,com/

So, our list of games like Runescape has reached to the game named Drakensang Online. Isn’t it the title enough to prove how great this game actually is? Well, proceeding further, this game is developed by Bigpoint Games. It is a complete MMORPG package with multi-player gaming mode options.

This game is basically inspired by the Diablo Series where it is all about fighting with the creepy monsters to save the world. The setting of the game is done in the medieval era like most of the other games like Runescape.

The story of this game goes with the killing of the prince of the kingdom. You being the player is the only hope of the people to fight off an ancient dragon and protect the valley. The adventurous ride of this game is too good to be true.

You can pick whatever class you want among Knights, Rangers, Mages, and Dwarves. Each class has their own skills and powers, well, I guess the dwarves might be really cool.

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4. Serenia Fantasy


Serenia Fantasy takes the MMORPG gaming technique and likewise features of Runescape alternatives to another level even with its 2D approach. It is a browser based game which was released in 2012. It has all the traditional features of a typical MMORPG game.

The user interface is just phenomenal and the visuals are something to die for. You can say that Serenia Fantasy is a step higher to the conventional gaming approaches in MMO era.

One thing where the game lacks behind is its character customization setting. It has the fewer option as compared to the other games like Runescape but the gender options are quite versatile. The classes offered for users are Rangers, Warriors, and Mages.

If you are someone new to this game then you can watch the tutorial to understand the game better. There is an automatic combat feature too where you can get into clash with your enemies directly. This is something every user love who is a fan of combating. However, this game still lacks behind in deeper detailing.

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5. DarkEden


The name of this game is enough to let you know its theme. It is one of the unique kind of games like Runescape having a dark theme of slayers and vampires. It has various elements combined with MMORPG scheme which is really interesting to explore.

You get access to different classes where you can become a vampire or slayer or whatever you want. The mechanics of this game is a mixture of different ones combined together.

The visuals are old concept ones but classy and impressive. The other things to be considered are different classes and their skills. It has deep exploration and quest operations too. It has special combat mode where the players are provided special abilities and skills.

It is not like the regular games like Runescape but the longest running one in this list. The game is based on fast pace mechanism which does not waste too much of time in killing the enemies. The characters can be upgraded by the points you earned by killing your enemies in the game.

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6. Dragon Nest


We have found the perfect PC console Runescape like games for you in form of Dragon Nest. This Eyedentity developed game is an MMO fantasy based games like Runescape. This game is published by Nexon. It was originally released in 2010 in China and Korea and then in 2011 in North America.

The game is super adventurous and exciting too. The player has to go through different dungeons and other crazy paths to fight with monsters. The process of this games yields the players armors, weapons, rewards and experience.

The combat style of this game is the plus point here. It is a fast paced game which means you need not to spend too much time on killing the monsters. This does not bore the players and keep the fun alive.

Dragon Nest also has special player vs player mode where high-level players can challenge that of the lower ones. On the basis of the skills, they can fight against each other. You would surely love this uniqueness of the game.

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7. ArcheAge


It is another amazing piece of an MMORPG games like Runescape. This game is really rich in content but the one thing it lacks behind is the innovation. No game can survive for a longer duration if it lacks an innovative approach towards gaming.

However, there are still other things that makes ArcheAge a love of gamers. The game can give you an independent progression approach which means you can decide your own path. You do not have to choose any class and be a part of a unique housing system.

As soon as you go further in this game, you can choose your own set of skills by opting one of the four classes. This is one of those few games like Runescape where you also have gender choice.

This game also gives you the perfect liberty and freedom to customize your character the way you want with the available choices. And once you enter the combat zone, there is no looking back because it is just so good.

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8. Villagers and Heroes


The game is also famous by the name “A Mystical Land” and it comes in the category of absolutely free to play games like Runescape. The gaming is kind of simple but very in-depth which keeps the interest going for the players.

The best part of this game is its freedom of approach. With the fun activities and wide scope of exploration, you need not bind to a specific game plan and strategy. You have the complete liberty to build up your own character in this game.

There are various options for customization which helps you to create the perfect character for yourself. There are total four classes from which you can choose which are, priests, hunters, wizards, and warriors. If you are the one having love for combat then warrior would be great for you.

However, the major part of the game sticks to crafting, building and gathering resources. The other options that you get in this game are building a farm, selling your products in game market, raising animals etc.

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9. Guild Wars 2


Guild Wars 2 is not just a sequel to its first version namely Guild Wars, but it is a step to revolutionize the entire world of MMO genre. It was released in 2012, and I can guarantee you that you can find it in the systems of every gamer till now.

It took the developers whole 5 years to release this game after the announcement but everything was worth the wait.

Finding Runescape games alternative, don’t waste time and get your seatbelts tighten up for this game. The best part of Guild Wars 2 is its flexibility for the users. You can switch between levels lower than you easily without even the fear of losing all your skills.

Now, if your friends are on the lower level then you need not make an alternate account to play with them. Another advantage of this game is that any class can do any work. It means a healer can also do combat and a protector can also be a healer.

This is one of those games like Runescape, where the developers have put a bit of extra effort to make the game user-friendly.

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10. Stendhal


In the quest of finding perfect games like Runescape, we can finally wind up to Stendhal. It is a completely free to play game based on MMORPG approach. The game playing scheme of this game will remind you a lot of Runescape.

The major aspect of this game relies upon fighting and combating which means it is a hidden treasure for the gamers who love killing enemies. Another major part is exploration. The deeper approach and questing process will keep you hooked up to the screens for a really long time.

The entire game is set upon the world of Atlas and there are various zones which you can explore. From deserts to mountains and forests, it has every element that a gamer love. The dungeon fighting sequence with monsters is an epic part of this game that you would surely enjoy.

If you think that developers have only focused on the visuals then you are totally wrong. For the comfort of the users, they have provided versatility in selection character. You can customize the skills and powers on your own and choose the best character for yourself.

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There is no end to the list when we are listing about the free games like Runescape, but we would have to stop somewhere. You can browse various types of the games like Runescape for Android too. Just download them and start afresh your world of adventure without even wasting a single minute.

Because, the world of fantasies and adventure awaits you!

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