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Ivacy VPN Review: Identity theft, blocked content on the web, and systems getting hacked are axioms to today’s world! That’s why I’m breaking this Ivacy VPN review out of its eggshell.

I do not intend for this Ivacy VPN review to be a “marketing” strategy or material, instead of more of a problem solver for our prIvacy and anonymity problem on the web.

Ivacy is probably the 100th-150th VPN I laid my hands on, and after that much time and experience, it was hard for me to actually get “impressed” by a service, cause I had pretty much seen it all.

Well, apparently not. In fact, I decided to get this Ivacy VPN review done because if it managed to impress me, it surely would be a good solution for you folks out there as well.

Well anyway, good or not will be your decision, I’ll just walk you through the features and my personal experience with the VPN and then you can decide for yourselves.

 Why do you Need Ivacy VPN?

Why do you need Ivacy VPN, or any VPN for that matter is a totally personal choice. But here are some universal reasons why a VPN isn’t a “choice” anymore, instead of a mandatory safeguard!

1). Privacy

Privacy on the web means full anonymity of what you’re doing without anyone tracking and linking the activities back to you.

But recently a S.J Res 34Bill was passed in the U.S which lets operators and companies freely sell “user data” to anyone they wish.

Are you comfortable letting other’s know how many kids you have, which websites you visit, what you interests are, and primarily where you live? Especially companies you don’t know or trust? Yeah, I’m not either!

And it’s not a case isolated to the U.S! Almost all other countries have similar rules and regulations which grant a free hand to operators and companies when it comes to user data!

Now the point is, there always is someone, somewhere on the planet able to “track” what we’re doing, but as long as they can’t link it back to us, our identity is safe, isn’t it?

That’s what Ivacy offers us. When we connect to the Internet using Ivacy IP addresses, obviously those IP addresses are visible to others, completely making our IP address “invisible’ isn’t possible.

But those IP addresses can’t be linked back to our real-life identity in any way! So doesn’t matter what we do on in the internet, no one’s going to come knocking at our doors!

2). Unblocking Restricted Content

A lot of content, including some primary sites like Google and Youtube, are banned in quite a few countries and even some schools and offices.

Most of the time, the restriction is “Geographical or specific IP” based. Meaning IP addresses from that specific area or specific IPs aren’t allowed to connect to those sites.

But what if we change our IP address altogether? In that case, both our geographical area as well as network identification would change hence allowing us access.

Well with Ivacy, we can do so in a single click!

3). Prevents Hacking Attempts

Our IP address is the connecting link between our systems and the Internet. So as long as someone has access to our actual IP address and a decent enough functional brain, they can pretty much get into our systems.

But when we employ a VPN to access the Internet, we get the alternative IP address from the VPN which can’t be hacked because it’s linked to the VPN’s servers and not our systems.

4). Security over Public Networks

Public networks like free Wi-Fi from colleges and Pizza restaurants are a great way to save personal bandwidth, but they’re also ways to compromise our security to a great extent.

Normally these networks aren’t secured with any additional measures, and the default security measures can be bypassed by any 6 years old who spends enough time on Youtube.

Ivacy VPN Review: Detailed Features Insight

Like any other VPN, Ivacy’s primary job is to “Mask our IP address”. That’s something every VPN out there can do, but how they do it, the protocols they use, the options they offer and the security is what makes one VPN better than the other.

So I’ll just walk you through this Ivacy VPN review, the features, and my own experience, and by the end of this piece, you can be the judge if Ivacy is worth your time or not so much.

1). Extremely Easy User Interface

As soon as you fire up Ivacy, you’d notice that it befriends you. It’s like you’ve always been an Ivacy user even though it’s your first time with it, in fact, the same holds true even if it’s your first time with any VPN.

Every option or button that you might need is ready to welcome you right there on the dashboard.

The welcome screen basically holds two buttons:

  • Connect/Disconnect
  • Country selection.

And when you think about it, that’s all you need in order to work a VPN, no confusing buttons no unnecessary fuss.

2). 100+ Locations to Choose from

The primary reason why I got to scribble this Ivacy VPN review down was its extensive support for countries.

It offers over 50 countries to choose from, and additional servers in each of those countries’ different cities makes sure we never face a server overload no matter what.

Counting the cities as well, the list of available IPs you can connect would exceed 100.

3). Purpose Selection

Something that’s exclusive to Ivacy! Ivacy understands that different tasks on the internet require a different kind of touch (connection).

And in order to get us the best possible internet speed, quality as well as browsing experience, it has dedicated a special section to help us choose “purpose’ of our internet browsing.

With just couple clicks, we can let  Ivacy know our intentions, they’ve pre-listed the most common uses including:-

And once the purpose has been established, Ivacy self-optimizes the protocols and everything else necessary for the best possible experience.

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Even if you do not choose a purpose manually, Ivacy takes care of it on its own so it’s an optional choice!

4). 8 Different Protocols to Choose from

Different kind of protocols have different encryption level, security, speed etc. Not all the protocols work best for every kind of use. And Ivacy totally gets that!

It wouldn’t be wrong to state that Ivacy over-delivers when it comes to features! I’m confident that this is the maximum number of protocol support I’ve ever seen with any VPN out there!

Generally, 3 or a maximum of 4 protocols are offered even with the most expensive packages out there with other VPNs.

That’s not the case with Ivacy!

So now I’m probably backing up my claim of being “impressed” by Ivacy, am not I?

It offers:

  • Automatic: – Automatically chooses the best possible connection for the maximum security and speed!
  • PPTP: – Point to Point Tunneling Protocol is one of the fastest connection protocols available for VPN users! Although it does compromise a bit on the encryption!
  • LT2P: – Mostly used in pair with IP/Sec, a great balance between security, privacy and speed!
  • SSTP: – Offers the highest level of encryption as well as security, compromising slightly on the speed!
  • UDP: – One of the most commonly used connection protocols! Balances security and speed pretty well.
  • TCP: – The distant brother to UDP. Is comparatively slower but more reliable and trustworthy!
  • IKEV: – Enforces the maximum security with least bit of compromise in the speed.

Well, that’s just the longest list of connection protocols I’ve ever crossed paths with!

5). DNS Leak Protection

Most other VPNs out there, pay not much attention to your DNS requests being leaked out there on the web.

Yes they’re not an instant security risk, granted. But a wise man once said, a loophole is a loophole no matter how small!

Hence Ivacy takes complete care of DNS leak by bringing in its “Secure DNS” feature. A single click from you would enforce all your traffic to be routed through Ivacy’s secure servers, hence eliminating any and all DNS leak risks!

6). Kill Switch

It’s a fail-safe, which makes sure that you aren’t left unprotected from the VPN’s protective shield at any moment, no matter what!

It kicks in when you; for some reason lose your VPN connection, in that case, it instantly disconnects your internet connection.

Without it, you’d be exposed to the “dark powers” on the web waiting to prey upon your insecurities.

But the Killswitch makes sure that if you’re on the web, you’re under the protection of Ivacy!

7). Strong Encryption

Ivacy boasts a strong 256-bit data encryption. It doesn’t have to be an Ivacy VPN review for me to claim or state that it essentially is one of the strongest encryption protocols available out there one the web.

8). 5 Simultaneous Connections Possible

Own 5 different devices? Well with Ivacy you don’t have to shell out 5 times the price of Ivacy in order to use it on all of them, at the same time!

Instead, a single Ivacy account lets you use the VPN on as many as 5 different devices simultaneously.

These days most of us own a Desktop, a Laptop, and a Cell phone in the least! Even if you’ve got couple extra gadgets like a Tab or an extra cell phone, let me assure you one Ivacy account works on them all!

9). Unlimited Server Switching and Data Transfer

Another feather I wouldn’t miss adding to the cap of this Ivacy VPN review is the fact that, unlike most VPNs out there, Ivacy doesn’t limit you to any monthly bandwidth or server-switching limit.

Meaning, you can transfer, download or browse as much as you wish using Ivacy without any kind of capping.

And the same applies for its servers as well. You get full access to all of its servers, and you can shuttle between them as many times as you feel necessary.

10). Split Tunneling

Another one of the unique features I’d like to mention in this Ivacy VPN review is its split tunneling feature.

It lets us use the VPN only on “specific” applications. For eg. we might wish to use the VPN on Google Chrome, but not on a multiplayer game we’re playing, or not on other browsers maybe?

Split tunneling lets us do just that.

We can isolate the apps we wish to use the VPN on, while the other applications function normally!

11). Specially Optimized Servers for Speed and P2P Sharing

Another reason I’m singing praise songs for Ivacy is the fact that it has taken considerable steps to bring to us an advanced, fast as well as secure P2P file sharing opportunity!

In addition to that, it also has broken all norms and “superstitions” related to VPNs by optimizing its servers for the fastest possible speed.

Meaning, you wouldn’t be experiencing any speed capping issues as is normally the conception with VPNs.

12). No Logs!

And the final nail in the frame of this Ivacy VPN review is the fact that, they do not keep any logs!

Well this is something not a lot of VPNs out there promise. But Ivacy does!

It doesn’t keep any logs of any kind whatsoever. So they wouldn’t be able to track you even if they wished to.

13). Pricing Plans

They offer three dirt-cheap packages, which do not differ in features but the price-difference occurs only based on the billing cycle:-

  • Monthly Plan:-$9.95/month.
  • Yearly Plan:– $4.08/ month. (Billed Annually).
  • Half-Yearly plan:– $7.49/month (Billed every 6 months!)

And the plans come with a 7-day money back guarantee as well!

And did I mention that among other popular payment methods like Paypal, Perfect Money, Credit/Debit cards, they also do accept BITCOINS! Well so now you can truly be anonymous!

Ivacy Review – Final Verdict

I’ve tried my best to paint you a clear picture of what Ivacy is and what it offers. After discussing and explaining all those features, need I say more?

A VPN which doesn’t compromise speed, has as many as 8 different connection protocols, offers split tunneling, doesn’t keep any logs, and doesn’t burn a hole in our pockets either!

What more would you expect of any VPN which Ivacy isn’t offering? I’m sure that list won’t be long.

So all I can say is, just take some time to test Ivacy out for yourselves. I’m certain you’d fall in love with it.

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