10 Best Plex Add-ons


If you are a new Plex user then you would have been getting confused with the terms like best Plex add-ons, plugins or channels. And before you get more tricked about them, you should know that all of them are the same thing except the fact that some of them are official and some are not.

So, this time around, I am going to talk about some of the Plex add-ons available which you should definitely use. Such sections are really important for people who are new users on Plex and have very little knowledge regarding its functioning. But I am really sure that you will be more updated with its service after going through this section.

10 Best Plex Add-ons

There are hundreds or I should say thousands of official and unofficial best Plex add-ons available out there. However, amongst this chaos, it becomes quite tricky to pick the best add-ons for your Plex media server. But this list containing top 10 options for the add-ons might solve a lot of problems of yours for sure.

1. Tautulli

Website: https://github.com/Tautulli/Tautulli

We have talked about a variety of best Plex add-ons and most of them were related to entertainment only. But this is the time that we should talk about some other types of add-ons too which are more related to improving the functioning and organizing feature of Plex Media Server.

And this is why I chose this add-on called Tautulli in this list. This is a type of web application which works for receiving notifications regarding each and every activity related to Plex media server.

You can call this add-on a type of personal assistant which can monitor variety of works on your behalf. Adding to its uniqueness, I decided to place it amongst the top Plex plugins. This is a Python-based tool which can be run by proper network connection only as this is a web-app.

Some of the features it performs are simple configuration set-up, individual user information including IP addresses too, content information pages, stats on the home page, data of users syncing to your library, rich analytics using graphing and many more.

2. Ccloud TV

Website: https://github.com/coder-alpha/CcloudTv.bundle

Ccloud TV is a type of IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) whose main services include Live TV streaming, movies and TV shows availability and radio telecast too. You would have to agree on one point that Plex is actually devoid of live TV channels and in the midst of that Ccloud TV becomes important and must have add-on for every user.

This is an unofficial Plex add-on and provides you access to more than 1800 channels to stream and that too for live and in amazing quality.

All you need for this is a great internet connection and you are good to go for hours then. In fact, you are going to find this add-on quite organized too where the entire content is divided between categories and hence you can access them easily too.

Because of so many advantages here, I think Ccloud TV makes a perfect pick in the category of best Plex add-ons for sure. It also provides complete control to the users as its parental control feature is quite beneficial when your kids are browsing this channel.

3. Nick Jr

Website: https://github.com/plexinc-plugins/NickJr.bundle

The next option that we have here is basically one of the best Plex plugins for kids. Not only this but Nick Jr is also an official Plex channel too which means you get to enjoy all the features offered by this add-on for absolutely free without even having to pay the subscription charges.

Nick Jr is basically a junior version of the channel called Nickelodeon. Where, Nickelodeon focus on featuring both adult as well kids focused content, Nick Jr is entirely focused on kids only.

This means, now kids have an add-on all for them through which they can watch their favorite cartoon shows and videos easily. In fact, they have quite a versatile list to choose from including the classics like Sponge Bob, Legend of Korra etc.

Rather than just focusing on the new content, Nick Jr presents a range of new as well as old episodes of the show to entertain the kids thoroughly. You can further take full benefit of such best Plex add-on via applying parental control feature.

4. History Channel

Website: https://github.com/plexinc-plugins/HistoryChannel.bundle

You would be glad to know that History Channel is an official Plex add-on which means you get all the related perks and features accessed for free. Amongst a variety of entertainment and fun oriented best Plex add-ons, I think we should focus on some educational add-ons too and History Channel makes a perfect pick for that.

So, this add-on provides you access to all the web-hosted content from the official History channel operated from their website.

This means now you can watch full episodes of your favorite History Channel shows which are by the way more than 100. As the name says, their content is related to real historical events and hence this channel is an amazing interactive source of learning about our history and culture.

You can find plenty of documentaries, short films, TV series and other form of interactive media on this channel which provides great knowledge through re-enactments of historical dramas. You can check out their schedule option for timing details.

5. Fuzion Radio

Website: https://github.com/plexinc-plugins/FuzionRadio.bundle

This is the time to mention some of the important unofficial Plex channels and Fuzion Radio is one of them. This is not like your traditional radio streaming add-on but something different than that. In fact, it is ideal for people who are die-hard music lovers.

This add-on focus on broadcasting live DJ events to the users. In fact, it is not restricted to this function only but offers more programs too.

If a live DJ session is not available currently then you have the option to tune into non-stop music mixes which are available to stream 24/7. This is one add-on which does not even require the process of registration first.

In fact, despite being an unofficial Plex add-on, you are not supposed to pay anything to get access to its services as they are free for all the users. The completely different features from the other add-ons here makes it one of the best Plex add-ons especially for music lovers.

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6. BBC iPlayer

Website: https://github.com/plexinc-plugins/BBC-iPlayer.bundle

As I earlier said, Plex is kind of devoid of featuring add-ons which can run live TV on it. And BBC iPlayer is the only official add-on available for Plex which does so but the content is of course kind of limited as compared to other best Plex add-ons which are unofficial and streaming live TV.

The main trouble you are going to face here is the region based content streaming. However, you can sort this out by using a VPN service and connecting to servers of different countries.

Of course, the channel focus on live streaming BBC channel on your device. But hopefully, you can also watch the old and other most popular programs which used to air on BBC or may be currently running too. If the channel does not run directly, try using a VPN service along with it.

Apart from it, you can watch movies, videos, TV shows, comedy programs and much more through this add-on too. To keep up with the live streaming timing, you can refer to their TV guide too.

7. Fmovies Plus

Website: https://github.com/coder-alpha/FMoviesPlus.bundle

If you are not satisfied with the database of official movie oriented channel of Plex called SS-Plex, then it is the time that you should move on to Plex unofficial channels. One of them is Fmovies Plus which is entirely dedicated to films and unlike SS-Plex it is updated timely too.

Fmovies Plus keeps up with the trending and recently released movies and they make them available on their add-on source in a quality of 1080p or higher.

The add-on offers a very simple and clean UI which increases the number of users on it. What you are going to love is that they have provided a brief information about the movie’s plot on their platform which helps you in getting to know about the movie without even having to stream it.

Other features which makes it one of the best Plex add-ons are special sections like most-watched, recently released, popular movies etc. Bookmarking of your favorite movies, search and search queue options, cache implementation and many more.

8. MTV Music Videos

Website: https://github.com/plexinc-plugins/MTV-Music-Videos.bundle

You would be glad to know that MTV still streams music videos on its channel and I think you should also get entertained from this perk of the channel. MTV Music Videos comes under the category of those best Plex add-ons which are the official ones for Plex.

It offers a very clean and basic user interface which in turn results in faster accessing of their platform and hence users get interested in it more.

Adding to the simple UI and organized structure, they have the option through which you can sort music videos on the basis of various categories like genre, artists, popularity, year of release and more. All the music videos are available in amazing video quality and you need a good internet connection to access this add-on.

Moreover, MTV allows you to watch videos of not only movies but independent artists too and hence people love to access videos from their platform. You just need to download the MTV plugin and you can not only access videos but much more too.

9. Tweakers

Website: https://github.com/plexinc-plugins/Tweakers.bundle

I have mentioned a plenty of Plex channels in this section here and the next one to be added is Tweakers. It is important to keep the balance between all sorts of Plex add-ons and hence I thought of mentioning this technology oriented add-on in here.

Tweakers is a platform which keeps a track of the latest technological gadgets and innovations including their details, reviews, prices, comparison etc.

Tweakers is a big community of technology enthusiast people who discuss the specifications and reviews of a variety of products in here. If you are someone who is keen on keeping up with the new releases in the world of Technology then you should better become a part of this community.

To access such best Plex add-ons you just need to register yourself on their platform and then you have the opportunity to access all their content and that too for absolutely free. Moreover, there are plenty of other information you can access from their platform.

10. PBS

Website: https://github.com/plexinc-plugins/PBS.bundle

Public Broadcasting Service or PBS is an American public broadcaster channel and also the last pick of this list of best Plex add-ons. They also have a special division for the kids oriented programs and it runs under the name PBS Kids.

What makes them special in comparison to other add-ons for Plex is the fact that they draw their content from more than 350 member TV stations.

However, it works insider USA only and the contribution comes from American non-profit services only. When you install this add-on you get access to hundreds of popular shows and movies as well. In fact, the entertainment does not restrict here only.

You also get to watch news as well as documentaries here too. Moreover, to keep the audience entertained throughout, they keep on updating their database on regular basis and hence you are likely to discover new shows every week.


Rather than official ones, you are going to find the unofficial ones the best Plex add-ons for sure. This is because the official options are quite limited whereas you get to choose from hundreds of amazing add-ons which can be easily installed from third party sources.

These add-ons for Plex belongs to a variety of categories like news, music, education, video, TV, politics and a lot more. Some add-ons might require you to opt for paid subscription plan and it totally depends upon you whether you want to opt for it or not. Moreover, the fun and entertainment is guaranteed with all these add-ons.

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