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Who don’t love to play games, specially the action packed games? Every youngster and even the middle-aged people enjoy playing a number of action packed games online. One such action packed game is Throne: Kingdom at War. It is a multiplayer real time strategy game that is available for Android and iOS devices. The game was released in the year 2016 and has gained enough popularity since then. Developed by Plarium, this game is set in the fictional kingdom where the players create their own towns and build armies to fight against each other in the clan-based warfare. Let us have a brief insight about the game.

Throne: Kingdom at War – The Introduction

Initially launched for the desktop users, the game is now made available for Android and iOS users as well. It has been downloaded by more than 4 million Android users. It is one of the best strategy games that you will ever play online. Moreover, it is available for free. The stunning graphics of the game will surely stun you. You will fall in love with the graphics, animations, and the sound effect. It can be played on Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

Since the start of the game, you will experience the atmosphere of the medieval town in the expansive kingdom where the battles, courageous marches, and ancient riches are common. Your vassals are always waiting for your orders. Train your troops and make them ready for the fierce battle to expand your kingdom.

Throne: Kingdom at War – Ultimate Features

The game ‘Throne: Kingdom at War’ is packed with some of the most stunning features and most importantly, you can have access to all these features free of cost.

  • You can access all its modes for free.
  • Experience the high quality graphics and sound.
  • The game is multilingual.
  • You can either join the existing order or can create of your own.
  • You can fight real time battles with the players all across the world.
  • There are several troop types to choose from – Spearmen, cavalry, ranged, knights, scouts, siege.
  • You can enjoy playing a number of thrilling quests and earn rewards for them as well.

Gameplay & Storyline

This game is set in the fictional Kingdom of Amaria. It ruling monarch has died. The players should build towns, build resource buildings, create militaries, and go to wars. The armies consists of the spearmen, cavalry, knights, scouts, siege units, and many other medieval styled characters, who are engaged in the player-versus player and player versus environment combat. The players who are playing the game can invest their resources on ‘Studies’ or on the research upgrades which can improve their armies, towns, and other assets.

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In this game, you get the role of mighty descendant of the great King who was ruling the Kingdom before assassination. On your way to the coveted Throne, you will meet a number of cunning friends and the noble enemies. You might have to escape the web of conspiracy that seeks to enmesh you. The countless victories await you on way.

Though the people of this Kingdom want peace, the path of it winds up through the ashes of the burnt towns and dead bodies of enemies and your brave soldiers. Once you put your foot on the path, there is no turning back for you. You can either die or move forward to the path of glory and triumph. So, make a brave move and turn the destiny in your favor. At last, it is your choice which determines the future of your Kingdom.

Overall, the Throne: Kingdom at War is the legendary world of the wise Kings, great Lords, and the valiant Heroes. You can do pure justice to the exciting role of city builder and a warrior. Assemble the big army of faithful warriors and win the fierce bloody battles for the supremacy and get the ancient Throne.

You can easily purchase the in-game currency with exchange of some real money. This will help you to buy different essential boosts and items required to fight the fierce battle on way of building and expanding the Kingdom. You can set password on your Google PlayStore to avoid any unwanted purchases. You should be at least 13 years old to play this game.

What was in the Latest Update of Throne: Kingdom at War?

The developers of this game have been updating it frequently, adding a lot of exciting features and quests to the game in order to enhance the user experience.

  • The Tribunal is the special building in Citadel which allows you to exile the unwelcome Lords (who have located their small towns in your Order Holdings). You can guard the region of your brotherhood.
  • You can receive the maximum information on the bonuses from the military studies because of the improved statistics.
  • You can easily optimize the key processes and rule your kingdom with comfort.

The Bottom Line

Throne: Kingdom at War has gained too much fame in no time. Over 4 million users have been associated with this game in just one year. The game is updated frequently with new quests and improved features to enhance the end-user experience. Overall, it is a powerful strategy game packed with a lot of action. You can enjoy playing this game on your desktop, Android, and iOS device. Start playing it now and experience the real adventure.

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