Top 10 Gofundme Alternatives


Gofundme is a great and huge platform for raising funds for personal causes. But, other Gofundme alternatives are as effective and popular as the former one.

There is no doubt in the fact that sites like Gofundme are becoming a rage amongst people to raise funds for different purposes.

While everything is going digital, such websites like Gofundme are presenting the best example of this. But if you want to try different platforms and alternatives like Gofundme with different policies then you can check out the section below.

Top 10 Gofundme Alternatives

I have listed ten Gofundme Alternatives which are going to help you a lot. Let’s check out great list..

1. Fundly


The first one in this list of sites like Gofundme is Fundly. This is another popular crowdfunding platform like Gofundme. This is quite similar to Gofundme and supports private fundraising very well as its user interface is very easy.

The site gets along with the users very easily and it all depends upon how much you have raised. For example, the usual platform rate that they charge is 4.9% but when you raises a genuinely good amount then they decrease this rate to support you even more.

Such Gofundme alternatives are working as a big helping hand for multiple person causes for the needy people out there.

Fundly is majorly used for causes like paying the medical bills, school projects, pet surgeries etc. If you are raising funds for the first time through any crowdfunding website then Fundly is the one you should be heading towards. This is trustworthy, easy to access but offers a very low charge rate.

In fact, their customer support is also phenomenal and they always keep up with any of the customer’s fundraising related issues.

2. CustomeInk Fundraising


The crowdfunding industry is faster than you think. And this is the reason you are going to see various options in here. But to choose the best out of the rest is the difficult task. So, that is the reason I listed Booster here as one of the prime Gofundme alternatives.

In fact, there are some reasons that Booster is proving to be even better option than Gofundme itself. The fundraising process on this site is actually very creative and you would enjoy every bit of it.

You are supposed to sell custom made T-Shirts to the donors via the site. You get five different options for that and there are no issues of over-stocking or something else. This site has got your covered from all the aspects very well.

Booster is one of the highly reliable Gofundme alternatives in this list. You can accept usual traditional donations too from worldwide. The site keeps you encouraging for achieving your goals every second. The best part of this site is very low payment processing fee which is just 2.9%.

This means, Booster gives you the opportunity to raise a great amount of fund on your own.

3. Razoo


Razoo is a platform ideal for fundraising and crowdfunding for special cause which does not involve much of the rules and regulations. This is the reason people prefer it more as compared to other Gofundme alternatives.

Razoo is a unique approach towards helping people in the way they want to be helped. This means you have full freedom to access this source in the way you want. You can work in either group or individually.

You can create a campaign page of your cause and highlight the points which you want the donors to know. Like most of the other Gofundme alternatives, it also features the option to use social media effectively to highlight your campaign to the public.

You can use audio-video add-ons, images, and your social media accounts to make the cause popular. As per the pricing information, Razoo charges 4.9% as the platform fee and 2% for the payment processing and $0.30 per transaction too.

Overall, this is a great way to raise some money for a noble cause and support the people who are in real need of financial aid.

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4. Indiegogo


Indiegogo is another name in the popular fundraising platforms which is slowly becoming one of the best Gofundme alternatives. However, as each website has different motives and support functions, the focus of Indiegogo is also different.

Yes, it surely supports all the personal causes to raise money for but the main focus remains upon entrepreneurial projects and creative causes.

I would rather term Indiegogo as a complete marketplace for your innovative ideas and creative substances. This is a place which not only serves as crowdfunding source but also works as a marketplace too. This means you can fund, advertise and sell your products on this website only.

There are two types of fees applied by Indiegogo on the raised funds. The first one is platform charges which are 4% for set target funds and 9% for open-ended funds. This is a bit higher than other platforms. It also charges 3%-5% on the payment process.

Although Indiegogo serves as a total system to not only create your project but to sell it, but its charges may seem you a bit higher than other platforms.

5. FundRazr


FundRazr is more like open-ended crowdfunding program rather than bounding the users in time limit and some clauses. This supports the needy people as much as possible in their own way and you can totally rely on them in terms of transactions and payment regarding issues.

Being one of the most reliable Gofundme alternatives, FundRazr supports people for their personal causes and projects to raise funds for.

The user has a lot of advantage of using FundRazr as they need not to set any fund goals in it. Also, there is no time limit for raising the funds and you can take as much time you need to reach your goal. However, big facilities come with bigger charges too.

FundRazr is one of those Gofundme alternatives which charges 5% platform fee from the users. It also charges 2.9% for payment transaction and $0.50 per transaction too.

FundRazr is those type of platform which helps in creating appealing campaign pages of your cause to invite more and more donors. You can also involve your social media handle to add it with your cause to attract more people towards it.

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6. YouCaring


Next one in this list of Gofundme Alternatives is YouCaring. This platform is quite like other options listed here and it also supports the causes of personal fundraising very well. As every site has their own ideas and creativity for raising the funds, YouCaring follows the same path too.

This is a lot like Gofundme in the process as the concept of this site is based upon creating campaign pages.

The site does not restrict the users from navigation other options too. This means you can easily collaborate your social media handles to make your campaign visible to other people. You can use multiple video tools, photos and other integration add-ons to support your cause.

As far as the pricing is concerned, YouCaring charges you 3% as the platform fees and $.30 for per transactions. This is very low as compared to the other fundraising options here.

Why YouCaring is different from other platforms in crowdfunding era because it lets you connect with people emotionally. This platform allows you to share your heartfelt stories on their site so that people can donate as much as they can to support a noble cause.

7. Kickstarter


Kickstarter is one of the largest online platforms for massive fundraising to support creative minds and creative projects. This is the reason I listed it here in Gofundme alternatives. This is one of those few crowdfunding mediums which focuses on entrepreneurship development and creative projects.

Kickstarter is a lot of like Indiegogo. It not only raise funds for the projects but also gives a suitable marketplace to share that project to the world.

However, there is a slight issue out here. You need to set a goal for raising your funds. If you would not be able to achieve your goal in a limited time period then you are going to get nothing out of it. This means it is one of those Gofundme alternatives which works on All-or-Nothing policy.

Kickstarter charges you 5% as the platform fee and 3% as the payment processing fee along with $0.20 per transaction.

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There are lot and lots of Gofundme alternatives in the world and one of them is Rally. is one of the most connecting platform for the users as it helps them to connect with people emotionally. This is a medium which helps people to share their stories and experiences through various sources.

There are features like photos and videos sharing, blog entries, social media engagement which makes your campaign reachable to people.

Their tremendous work in this direction is surely the one to praise. What makes different from other platforms is that it does not require any third party payment processor. It directly does the transaction of payment in your account unlike others.

This means you need not to give some certain money for every transaction. This crowdfunding site charges an amount of 5.75% of the total money raised by the user. There is a unique feature in named covers which allows you to add links of your campaign photos and videos.

You can also analyze your social media popularity and response per post about your campaign through this tool.

9. Pozible


Pozible is one of those few Gofundme alternative which is following the footstep of fundraising giants Indiegogo and Kickstarter. It supports talented people to come out of their shell and raise some funds for their creative projects.

This site is very simple to access and you can easily use it to find the much needed financial aid to kick-start your ideas into reality.

Pozible is a place which helps you to connect to the people who can actually support you to raise funds and spread your words. You can also share your project on this site after completion. This is an Australia based company who has financed 12,000 projects till date and many more still counting.

As far as the pricing is concerned, Pozible demands you to pay 3% as the platform charges which vary with your set goal. It also charges 2.4% as the payment processing and $0.30 per transaction.

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10. GiveForward


GiveForward is the last pick in the category of Gofundme alternatives which also supports personal causes of people for fundraising. This is also a crowdfunding website which tremendously supports people’s valid causes and tries to sort out their financial issues rapidly.

The major focus of GiveForward remains on helping those people who want to raise funds for medical and living expenses because of some injury. You can also help you loved ones through this who are facing trouble in making their basic needs fulfilled.

The very unique feature GiveForward uses is about the section named “Give a Meal”. If you are not able to donate any money to the people then the least you can do is to donate some food for them. This site helps in getting your food delivered to the one who needs it.

Now, talking about the pricing, then GiveForward charges the usual charges of 5% as the platform fee. It also charges 2.9% as payment process and $0.50 per transaction. This site is really unique as it also runs a gift feature through which the donor can donate what a needy really wish for.

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Although Gofundme is an amazingly popular medium of inviting and approaching people to donate but that does not mean that you have no other option. To be frank, this era is expanding beyond your imagination and you can find thousands of options for such fundraising ideas.

Gofundme alternatives are as popular as it but follows different rates and policies. Once you create a page and elaborate why you need the money, you can surely get help from people around the corners of the world.

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