11 Best Sites like Upwork


Someone who is not ready to leave the comfort of the house to work hard outside, sites like Upwork are the best solution for them. While you are in the process of starting something of your own, you can consider these freelancing websites to find some work which is authentic and pays you as per your talent and work.

11 Best Sites like Upwork | Upwork Alternatives

So, people who are looking for such freelance work then they should definitely visit these sites once. Not only they are a global platform but also pays out well via the people and companies offering work here. For more information, you can take a look down here on this list.

  • Freelancer

Website: https://www.freelancer.com/

FreeLancerFreelancer is no new name when it comes to counting global crowdsourcing marketplaces. This is quite like bridging the gap between a freelance job seeker and a freelance job provider. The process is pretty simple and you can decide it in the beginning only that whether you want to hire or want to work.

It is important to create a profile on this website for providing your complete and authentic information including the fields you want to work in.

If you want to work then you would have to bid for the various projects and you can also include samples if you want. Once you are hired then maintaining the quality of work becomes really important otherwise the employer can deduct your payment amount too.

This is one of the most popular sites like Upwork which is joined by millions of people till date. The payment is quite secure to make sure no rules are violated. They offer freelance work, projects as well as organize contests in various fields like marketing, writing, designing, SEO, Photoshop and many more.

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  • Fiverr

Website: https://www.fiverr.com/

FiverrFiverr is an alternative to Upwork which is even more popular than the later one. Just like Freelancer this is also a global platform that offers various tasks and services to offer to people who wants to do some freelance work from home.

On Fiverr you can get at least $5 per job easily which quite makes sense to its name too. The site has listed more than 3 million jobs till date and once you have created an account here then you can use it for absolutely free.

Fiverr offers jobs in various fields like music & audio, business, writing and translations, digital marketing, graphics and designing, programming and tech, animation and many more current trends. From very basic to advanced you can literally find all kinds of job here which are perfect to make most of your leisure time.

If you are getting confused with all this information then do not worry because with your own dashboard you can handle so many tasks at the same time. This makes Fiverr one of the simplest yet powerful sites like Upwork.

  • Hubstaff Talent

Website: https://talent.hubstaff.com/

Hubstaff TalentHubstaff Talent is a platform which is not only for people looking for freelance works but also for someone who wants to do full-time jobs that too from their home. This site provides an opportunity to get hired by renowned and established companies where the platform of Hubstaff Talent works as a middle-man.

Thankfully, despite being a great source of putting all work-related information together, they do not charge even a penny from their users.

Yes, it is one of those few sites like Upwork which offers everything for free and works in about 175 countries. Hubstaff Talent offers jobs in various fields like data entry, writing, SEO, marketing, programming, web designing, web development, management and many more.

You just need to fill in your basic information like filed of work, pay rate, personal information etc. and then you can find your desired work here. Once you finalize the project with an agency then you can get paid directly and there are no worries involved about Hubstaff Talent charging any money for it.

  • Toptal

Website: https://www.toptal.com/

ToptalToptal is the next Upwork alternative in this list and if you want quality work then this is the platform you should look for. This is a unique platform which makes available only Top Talent for the agencies and companies who wants to hire and hence the name Toptal.

Here, companies and people can hire top 3% of the all freelancers which means no compromise on the quality and deadline of the work because you got professionals to work for you.

This unique approach makes it one of the most reliable sites like Upwork in this list. However, because of having limited approach Toptal works in three main categories only which are software engineers, designers and finance experts and the sub-categories related to them too.

The risk of dealing out here is 0% and the payment process is also secured. You can post detailed information about the work and the kind of freelancer you want for it. And then interested people can apply for it along with the samples and now you have the options to choose from them and you get all of this process done for absolutely free.

  • Flexjobs

Website: https://www.flexjobs.com/

FlexjobsBy Flexjobs they actually mean to provide to flexible jobs to the people who really need it. This platform is curated to get rid of the access problem of fake recruiters and useless employees. Of course, you would not want to hire such employees which are not at all productive.

So, flexjobs gives you opportunity to hire better people in various fields. In fact, some of the areas are quite unique and creative too.

However, Flexjobs is not much like other sites like Upwork and charges an amount of $14.95 per month from its users. Flexjobs offers a lot of jobs in various categories like event planning, insurance jobs, telemarketing, legal jobs, translation jobs, and advertising where main focus remains on the field of telecommunication.

This platform has been working since 2007 and I would have to say that it has satisfied a lot of freelance people on the job front. Also the ad-free platform adds more to the functionality and hence people can use it more effectively.

  • Guru

Website: https://www.guru.com/

GuruGuru is a very popular and also one of the oldest as well as largest freelance marketplace. It was founded in 1998 in Pittsburg and currently working as one of the topmost alternatives to Upwork which has provided jobs to millions of people till date in various fields and expertise.

Once you have created a basic profile on Guru then it is absolutely free and simple to post a job or to browse through the other posted jobs.

Currently, they have over 3 million jobs listed on their platform belonging to various categories like designing, graphics, programming, writing, multimedia and art, web and IT, engineering and architecture, legal jobs and many others divided in sub-categories in them.

The approach is quite different here as compared to other sites like Upwork as the freelancers here as called Gurus of their specific working categories. Also, the payout process is quite strict and only if you do a work properly and up to the mark then only you get paid for it and the rest of the control lies in the hand of employer.

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  • 99designs

Website: https://www.99designs.com/

99designsIf you are looking for specific jobs regarding the criteria of graphics services only then you would be glad to know that 99designs serves as the largest web designing jobs provider platform in the world. It was founded in 2008 and works through crowdsourcing just like the other sites like Upwork do.

Despite offering only a specific kind of job, it has gained over 1 million registered users till date and that too from all around the world.

99Designs is not for free and offers different pricing for different jobs. However, the plans are four which are Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum which are for sellers expecting different number of designs in each plan. Apart from directly posting job offers, you can also organize contests too.

Once you have finalized a design then you collaborate with specific employees to work in the future too and in this way you can shortlist the best out of the rest. 99Designs is specifically amazing from the point of view of the employers as you can get to work with the professionals here.

  • Textbroker

Website: https://www.textbroker.com/

TextbrokerTalking about more freelance sites like Upwork, then Textbroker can be an amazing inclusion in it. As the earlier mention in the site i.e. 99designs were specialized in designing, just like that Textbroker is a site which specifically works in the field of content and writing only.

It makes available those jobs which are related writing. It is perfect for both employee and the hiring agency in terms of reliability.

The payout is pretty good which largely depends upon the quality of your writing. Also an important aspect of this website is the ratings that you earn on whose basis your quality is estimated. So, make sure that you work well and earn great ratings in order to increase your payout too.

Just like the rest of the sites like Upwork, you need to register here first which is a free process and then by submitting a writing sample you can get ratings and compete with other people to finally a bag a job. The payout is given per word and you can either work as an individual or in teams too.

  • Peopleperhour

Website: https://www.peopleperhour.com/

PeopleperhourPeople per hour is a UK based company whose focus is on providing job opportunities to thousands of freelance experts in various fields and categories. This one is the next option under the list of sites like Upwork which has so many amazing features to offer to its users.

Peopleperhour offers jobs in various categories like design, writing and translation, admin, web development, marketing, software development, business support and many more.

This is a totally free to use website where you can post and access jobs for free without worrying about any commission charges. Also, the jobs are listed on hourly basis and you also get paid according to each hour work and hence the name of the site.

You can also search various profiles and follow people here so that you can directly search them out for hiring for your job. Just like the rest of the such crowdsourcing websites, apart from jobs you can also post various contests here too. The dashboard and workstream are other features which helps in keeping things organized.

  • Outsourcely

Website: https://www.outsourcely.com/

OutsourcelyThe last option as one of the Upwork alternative sites is Outsourcely. This program provides various jobs to freelancers who need it and helps hiring for the people who have recently started their project and wants a quick way to hire talented people.

So, basically, it acts as a middleman to let the job seekers meet the employers easily. However, it is not free to use and you can choose a plan according to your need from Individual for $19 per month, Small business for $59 per month and Professional for $229 per month.

There are various layers involved for the process of hiring where if the employer wants then he/she can go for an interview round too via private chats or telephonic conversations.

And just like other sites like Upwork, Outsourcely also works in various categories like design & multimedia, writing & content, sales & marketing, customer service, administrative support, business services, finance and many more.

  • DesignHill

Website: https://www.designhill.com/

As the name suggests, DesignHill is a “design” website. It has an arsenal of over 70,000+ professional designers who can design almost anything and everything for you.

The current categories include logos, packages, book covers, social media headers, labels, icons and everything else that can be “designed”.

You can join either as a freelancer and make money, or as a business owner and get designs for your business.

It almost works on a “bidding” system. I say that because once you post your job, you get multiple designs sent to you. You get to choose the best of these and then get rights for the same.

Of course you’re free to hire designers one-on-one as well. Business owners pay 5% on top of the price they’ve set for their project for one-on-one projects.

If you’re a designer, you can get paid via Paypal or Payoneer. The minimum withdrawal possible is $50.00 for designers.

For support, a live-chat does exist. However, it’s not the most responsive and I’ve had it disappear mid-conversation!

Bottomline? DesignHill is arguably one of the best places to get your designs done or work as a designer, period.

  • TaskRabbit

Website: https://www.taskrabbit.com/

TaskRabbit is probably one of the most unique options on this list. It too is a freelancer hiring platform however, it’s mostly used to hire freelancers for “offline jobs”.

In other words, you can hire people to move your furniture, clean your bathroom, plant flowers, fix your toilet or basically anything else!

You can also filter for you city/region to find taskers around you. It lets taskers set their own prices. The best part? They get to keep 100% of what they set! The not-so-bright side? There may be a $25.00 registration fee in some cities.

Clients pay the majority of the fees the platform requires. It’s generally around 15% of the invoice. There may also be additional fee levied that may be anywhere between 5%-8%.

It has a “featured taskers” list on the homepage. These are the best taskers on the platform even though they may be a bit expensive. This helps you find the best of the best in case you’re short on time and budget isn’t an issue.

There’s a very response live chat that is available 24X7 and is actually helpful!

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Many times people take up such freelance jobs but eventually leave them in the middle because of irregular payout and other reasons. However, this is not the case with these sites like Upwork. They are highly reliable platforms where you can get paid directly on the site easily.

The process of freelancing is pretty simple and common in all the websites. You just need to check out the jobs posted and apply for them with some sample of your work and payout wanted. If everything goes well then you can get a freelance job in some hours only. So, do not waste any more time and start exploring these jobs now.

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