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Best online Calendar Maker:  Is it just me or you also find coping with daily events very hard, every day? Our lifestyle, today has become very dynamic and fast-changing. We all have events to remember, dates to memories and deadlines to be taken care of. In all this hurry, at some point of time, we all wish for a personal assistant. An assistant that can take care of all your needs, help you with the dates and make everything look organized.

But it is not possible for all of us to hire a personal assistant just to perform this job, that’s why today we are going to introduce some of the best online calendar maker. These online event calendar maker can be used to maintain your busy lifestyle.

You can add events, pictures and even locations in these calendars. Some of them provide the functionality to change the whole layouts, change background pictures as well add tones to your events. Thus, in the form of these calendar maker online, you can bring out your creativity and be more organized in the same time.

Top 5 Best online Calendar Maker

So now let’s cut the talk, and get started with our list of best online calendar maker both free and paid that you can find on the internet today. We have taken care of many elements while coming out with this list. Here we go:

1). Canva


Price: Free

Canva is the first choice of many editors and professionals worldwide when it comes to designing. As the website’s slogan, itself says ‘Amazingly simple graphic design software’, Canva really makes creating, editing and designing cards, presentation, posters, and resume. What makes it even more functional and handy is its ability to let us create calendars too online for free.

With Canva, you get a fully featured free online calendar maker that can be accessed from any laptop, mobile or iPad. You get to create beautiful calendar layouts with the help of numerous and amazing free templates. The whole process of making calendars is made very simple and with a touch of few clicks, you can have your online calendar available to you.

So, get your own personalized as well customized online calendar maker with the help of Canva. Add your own images, change the colors according to your mood and change the arrangement of grids. This online calendar maker is a must try if you need to plan all your events in style.

The software also gives you the liberty to share your creations with your friends and families. Check it out right now with the link provided below.

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2). Google Calendar


Price: Free

Also known as ‘Gcal’, it’s really a relief that the tech giant Google provides its very own online calendar maker in the form of Google calendar. It’s a time-management and scheduling calendar service that Google provides to all its users worldwide. The best part of this online calendar maker is that it is available for all operating systems be it be Android, Windows or iOS at no cost.

Google calendar lets its users create and edit events. You can add an option for a reminder based on different parameters like time and even location. Google calendar can even remind you about your friend’s birthday. All it needs is your permission to access your contacts.

Over the time, Google has added many new features in this online calendar maker. It can add events from Gmail and with the introduction of Google’s very own virtual assistant, Google calendar is becoming more and powerful by syncing all your daily life routines, emails, and activities.

Not only this, it also gives you options to change the layout, animation and the associated graphics too. Everything is saved online so it is easily accessible from almost anywhere. All you need is an internet connection, and you are ready to go.

Do check out this marvelous online calendar maker by Google and never miss any event from now. Link is given below.

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3). TeamUp


Price: Free and Paid ($8 per month – Plus and $20 per month – Premium)

Are you looking for a more professional online calendar maker that you can use with your colleagues to track time of important events, meetings, etc. Look no further as we have the most simple, flexible as well as time-saving online calendar maker for you here, i.e. TeamUp. teamup is the choice of professionals from all around the globe. Giant market players like NASA, Hewlett-Packard, Philips, and Samsung all rely on TeamUp for their event planning and coordination.

Teamup simplifies how information is shared between the team partners. You can share plans with the whole group, schedule events as well as communicate statuses. It even let you choose different color codes for different projects, presentations, etc. Thus, it is totally designed keeping groups in mind. That’s why it has got options like sharing a particular event with team members but not the whole calendar.

Now coming to the pricing, there are three versions of this great online calendar maker available. They are free, plus and premium packages. The paid ones provide other different options like file uploading, daily agenda and password protection. Thus, you can select whichever suit you and your organization best.

At first look it might seem similar to Google Calendar or Outlook, but when it comes to multiuser functionality, it beats them all. Check out the free version and if you like you can upgrade anytime and get all the features unlocked at minimal cost.

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4). Microsoft Outlook


Price: Microsoft Office subscriptions starts at $6.99/month or $69.99/year. Free on iOS and Android.

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The next in our list of amazing online calendar maker comes an app by another tech giant, Microsoft. Microsoft Outlook, here, needs no introduction. All of us, at some point in time have relied upon this great app for managing of our emails, subscriptions, and notes. But very fewer people know that outlook has much more to offer us.

It supports an algorithm that unifies all the calendar, notes, emails, contacts and even tasks. Thus, it is a one-stop utility app that one must try if he/she is looking for the fully-featured picture online calendar maker.

Outlook also features several other features like quick sharing with known contacts and multiple viewing options like side-by-side or in combined form. You can set multiple time zones; thus, it is never an issue while sharing with others.

Microsoft Outlook is available for all operating systems. Windows 10 offers even more functional capabilities in the form of newly updated outlook. The Mac version of Outlook isn’t the most robust one you can find, still it provides easier ways when it comes to creating and scheduling events online.

If you have a Microsoft Office installed in your PC, you can try out Outlook any time you want. The Android and iOS users can download it from their respective stores. The link for the web client is provided below.

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5). Doodle


Price: Free and Paid (EUR29 per year for Private and EUR49 per year for Business teams)

Doodle is another great business oriented online calendar maker. It competes with TeamUp at all levels and in some areas, it is far better than it. Doodle believes in radically simplifying the process of scheduling events, whether they’re board or team meetings, dinner with friends, reunion, weekend trips, or anything else.

The process of creation of events is quite simple and straightforward. You can plan a one-off event or schedule an entire month’s worth of meetings. All this can be done by the touch of few clicks only, and thus doodle is a trusted brand all over the globe.

Doodle is available in 26 languages which includes English, Spanish, British English, French and Italian. The best part about doodle is that you can sync it with other similar clients like Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and Apple iCal.

The functionality to share location details is also available, because of its collaboration with Google Maps. Thus, in doodle, you get a fully-featured yet simple online calendar maker. You should give it a shot if easy scheduling of events is what you are looking for. The link is in the description below.

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6). Mixbook


Price: Paid

Mixbook provides an online platform for all of our photo cards, scrapbooks, yearbooks and making calendar online needs. Rated as ‘One of the best photobook making sites’ by CNET, mixbook here, perform its job as online calendar maker also very smoothly.

With mixbook, you get thousands of different options for themes. You can select according to your interests or according to your mood. The photo calendar’s format can be chose to be either square or landscape. You also get tons of options for customizing it according to your need and creativity. You can add stickers, backgrounds, edit layouts and even make custom events.

Thus, you will never have to face those old-fashioned paper calendar, once you get yourself one of these online calendars. You can also update them from time to time and new features are added day by day. Go on and do give it a try. The link is given right below.

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7). PrintMaster Platinum


Price: $39.99

Another one of the most prominent online calendar maker, PrintMaster is a one stop software for all your calendar needs. What makes PrintMaster different from other brand is that the company has provided many online video lectures about how to use it. Thus, these lectures help you unleash the full potential of PrintMaster.

The newest version of PrintMaster Platinum has even more to offer. The software provides more than 10,000 different image options to choose from. The newer interface which is sleek and modern is also better with powerful text handling capabilities. Not only this, you also get to customize your picture projects by choosing different styling options available in the form of fonts, brushes, and layouts.

You can also try the free version of the software but that provides only the basic functionality. Our suggestion, however, will be to go for the platinum one, as it provides an amazing combination of advanced online calendar making tools and templates.

So, next time when you are capturing a memory or adding a splash of creativity to your life, do remember to have PrintMaster Platinum on your side. You can check out from the link given here.

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So, we discussed how maintaining our daily life routine can be a hard game to play these days. There are so many events, dates to remember and occasions in our timeline, that sometimes it makes us go totally forget about them. In the old days, we had the paper calendars to help us out in this scheduling process. But those days are gone.

In this era of internet, online calendar maker is truly a real deal when it comes to keep tracking of day to day happenings, festivals and office meetings. The best part about these online calendars is that you can access them from anywhere you want. You just need a good internet connection and you are ready to go.

You can edit them online, share it with your colleagues and friends and also print them. Thus, these online calendar maker software and websites are totally reliable. Apart from all the sharing possibilities, they also let you customize your calendar according to your needs. You can go for different layouts, texts, background images, and even stickers can be included to make them look really nice and attractive.

Thus, these were some of the top calendar maker that you can find in the market for free or in a paid version. We really hope that you liked this list. You can share your views in the comments section below. Also, do mention any other calendar maker website that you find interesting and we have forgot to mention.

Give the list thumbs up and do share it with your friends. Have a good day!

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