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Craigslist is a very popular American classified website. If you are done trying it out and looking for more sites like Craigslist then you can explore the section given below. I have mentioned various websites here which belongs to the exact same or slightly different categories.

Thankfully, Craigslist works on different other categories too like jobs, housing, advertisements, personals, sale, wanted etc. So, keeping that in mind I have tried to mention the perfect websites like Craigslist here.

Top 10 Sites like Craigslist

So, basically, if you are looking for an overall solution to your classified needs then you can head straight towards these sites.

1. Oddle


Oddle is a very popular online marketplace which was founded in 2004. This company is based in San Mateo, California and currently, it is the largest classifieds aggregator in the USA. This is my first recommendation to the people searching for more sites like Craigslist.

Actually, the site collects its data of classifieds and ads from various sources. Some of these sources are,,, local newspapers and websites too.

This is the reason the site has a huge updated database of every day. Oddle not only acquires news from different sources but is a huge reliable source to power other companies too. It helps other companies’ classified websites like AOL,, and Wal-Mart etc.

You can easily find various categories here so that you do not feel any hassle in the browsing. These categories are merchandise, all vehicles, rentals, real estates, jobs, pets, tickets etc. This is a perfect option for sites like Craigslist and most importantly, trustworthy too.

You just need to sign up on this site and that too for free to start posting your ads on it. The simple navigation and interface would surely be liked by you.

2. Penny Saver the USA


To be true, PennySaver USA is way older than any other sites like Craigslist are in this list. So, basically, the concept of the site starts from back in 1962 with an idea to make the process of publishing ads even more conveniently and they actually got succeeded in it.

The result is in front of our eyes today and the site is really doing wonder to the people looking for an easy to medium to post their ads.

PennySaver USA is a great tool especially for the small local businesses. People can save a lot on their marketing policies and rather spend the remaining amount on something productive. The site covers about 780 zones, and people really find it very helpful to know about the recent openings and opportunities.

The best part about all the Craigslist like sites is that they are totally free to use. So, like the rest of the sites, you need to create an account on this one to post your ad. You can also browse ads in different categories like rentals, pets, vehicles, appliances, jobs, sales, restaurants, etc.

3. Recycler


If you are looking for a site from where you can get to know about the refurbished or second-hand stuff, then Recycler is the best option available for you. The site is actually the true example of alternative sites Craigslist and I would consider it to be one of the most useful places especially for the students.

Recycles is in existence since 1995 but it launched as a national website in the year 2010 only. The goal of this website is to make the local marketplace reachable to every single person just by sitting on their couch.

The site works like rest of the sites like Craigslist and allows users to surf it for free. You can post an ad and go through the ads posted by other people but for that you would have to sign up first on this site.

The popular categories to be browsed on this site are pets, cars and vehicles, music, jobs, services, tickets, real estate etc. So, this means you have something to see in every single category here. You can even customize your searches by putting the specific item in specific location too.

4. Hoobly


If you want to know about the simplest classifieds and online marketplace, then Hoobly is just the perfect option for you. I mean, the site is literally nothing apart from ads and lots and lots of ads only. This is the most basic interface I have ever seen in any sites like Craigslist ever.

If you are someone who is not here for goofing around and just pure business then trust me no other sites would be as awesome as Hoobly.

Now, talking about the services provided by the site then it is pretty simple thing. You are supposed to register first on this site and then you are good to go. You can explore whichever categories you want here.

To be more specific, the categories you can search on Hoobly are events, collectibles, pets and animals, real estate, books, accessories, electronics etc. I think Hoobly is just the perfect alternative to Craigslist. You can also directly search for whichever item you are looking for. However, you would not find the customization feature here.

5. Geebo


Geebo is a huge community which is completely people driven. It is created by people for people who are looking for a convenient method to access local marketplace. So, Geebo basically turned everything into an online system which is way simpler then roaming around in the market.

Geebo is one excellent option in the list of sites like Craigslist here. This is just the perfect solution to let buyers and sellers access each other more easily.

After its launch in May 2000, the site has transformed a lot and had welcomed a lot of people into its community. In fact, the site now works in about 160 communities of entire USA. The site is well maintained and updated on daily basis so that people can access the newest of the results.

Like the rest of the sites like Craigslist, Geebo also features various categories like merchandise, rentals, real estate, vehicles, automotive and other services, jobs etc. You can change your location anytime you want to get the latest results about the product you are searching for and the same applies for posting ads as well.

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6. Day Ads


Another interesting option in the list of sites like Craigslist is 10dayAds. This is also a free classified platform just like the rest of the options in this list and provides availability for new or used item for buying and selling. The site has reached to millions of people till date.

The site not only follows the policy of being an excellent local marketplace but it approaches towards being an excellent global platform too.

Now, you would be having doubts regarding the name of the site. So, it works in a way that the list of items for buying and selling lasts for only 10 days. In this way, people get fresh ads and all the old ones get vanished. So, the users are always served the best of the deals only.

However, they also have flexible policy for the marketing and it would not disappoint you as a user. In fact, the site keeps a track of various items according to the category which is same as the rest of the other sites like Craigslist.

7. Letgo


To be frank amongst all the options of alternative sites Craigslist, I found Letgo quite interesting and engaging too. You have option to sell your stuff in a really catchy and attractive way that it doubles up the chances of it being sold.

This is a visual marketplace for the stuff which are used or completely new too. You would not even believe what great items you can get through this site.

If you are someone who is looking for the offbeat items which are hard to found on the other sites then give this site a change. I am sure that you would surely find your stuff on this site. To start using it, you can easily set up an account for it.

Amongst the Craigslist alternatives, you will surely love to use Letgo because of the simple user interfacing. Some of the categories available on Letgo are electronics, free stuff, cars, home and garden, baby and child, movies, sports etc.

8. OfferUp


The next one in the list of sites like Craigslist is OfferUp. This site was set up by Nick Huzar and Arean Van Veelan to target the largest buying and selling system in the USA. The site grew up to be way larger than they ever thought it would be.

Well, to post an ad you just need to create an account, click the picture of the item and post it on the site along with the description. The site is so simple that even a child can operate it.

The interesting categories on the site are antiques, appliances, campers, cars, books, furniture, farming, household, pet supplies, clothing, games, etc. You are going to find the place to have the greatest number of categories on its site.

The site even has mobile applications for the even better and smooth accessing. You can also customize your locations and the items you need to get more particular here.

9. BackPage


So, basically backpage is all about pure buying and selling and nothing else. No unnecessary ads in between and no other issues of fraud, the site ensures the benefits of buyers as well as sellers too. And that makes it one of the great options that we have in this list of sites like Craigslist.

When the home page of the site appears then you are supposed to first choose your country. After that, you would have to pick your location on the basis of the states or city.

In this way, you get the most refined searches possible so that you do not have to waste your time looking for what you want. Now, moving on then you will come across a list of various categories in which you want to explore.

You can pick anything you want like automotive, dating, jobs, real estate, local places, child care, tickets etc. Posting ads is also as simple exploring them. You just need to go to the section of Post Ad and then follow the rest of the process easily.

10. City News


The last one in this list of sites like Craigslist is City News. The site is nothing like any news provider or aggregator, in fact, City News is a great source to find the recent ads and products for sale. The site is entirely dedicated to publish and explore free classifieds easily.

When you will get on the site, then you will realize that the site is really simple and too mainstream to be a classifieds site.

I would still mark it to be one good Craigslist alternative because of its simplicity. Like the rest of the site, City News also does not charge anything for posting as well as exploration. You are going to find various categories on this site through which you can check out ads in specific categories.

These categories are antiques and collectibles, business directory, boats and water sports, entertainment and events, jobs, music, restaurants, home improvements etc. Interestingly the site has so much to offer and it also operates in different countries too other than the USA.

Top 10 Sites Like and Alternatives Popular Posts:


Going through the sites like Craigslist that I just mentioned above, you must be wondering that why you did not try them before. Well, possible you must not have been acknowledged to them before. You can thank me later for this but first start creating your profiles on them so you can get started with this.

Craigslist like sites gives you an idea of comparison and finding out the best of them. You can create your profile on more than one so that you know what the most trending stuff is right now. I hope this tip is going to help you a lot.

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