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Online shopping is not just a necessity but a rage amongst today’s generation. But do you know, you can save big and bargain on a lot of product with the help of sites like Slickdeals. Such sites are a bundle of joy for those people who are looking for a medium to curb the uncontrollable prices of the popular brands.

So, here I am teaching you another life hack which is going to prove the best out of all. Slickdeals is not the only option you have to find deals and offers on the online shopping sites but there are like hundreds of more such sites available too.

Top 10 Sites like Slickdeals

Were you expecting me to list down like hundreds of such options for you? Well, that is going to be really time taking so why not to focus on the shortlisted ones. So, I have picked the top 10 options amongst the rest of the sites like Slickdeals and described their operation and services too.

1. Woot

Website: https://www.woot.com/

The first one to join the list of sites like Slickdeals is Woot which is an American retailer working in the sectors like electronics and household goods. It follows the footsteps of Slickdeals very well and provides various deals and discount coupons to make the shopping experience of a user even more fun and affordable.

Woot is a subsidiary of Amazon which was launched in 2004 and they offer special deal on one product per day until it is sold out and if the product get out of stock within 24 hours, they offer deal on another product too.

They offer special deals on seven categories on daily basis but it runs on the basis of limited time deal. The site is not just about boring deal digging but also about daily polls, jokes, monkey chats etc. too. Also, when you are subscribed to Amazon Prime, you get its benefit here too.

Some of the categories you can find on Woot are tools and gardens, home and kitchen, electronics, clothing, sports and outdoors etc. My recommendation is to buy electronics item from Woot as you get great discounts on them.

2. DealsPlus

Website: https://www.dealsplus.com/

DealsPlus is by far the most convenient option in this list of sites like Slickdeals this is because it eliminates the need of searching the internet for hours to find the best coupons for your shopping. DealsPlus is a place where you can find best coupons and deals which are eligible for all the popular shopping portals.

DealsPlus offers coupons and promotions codes for online shopping sites like Amazon, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Avast, Apple and more such 15,000 stores dealing in various categories.

DealsPlus can also be used in form of an extension too which means when you are browsing shopping sites, this extension automatically detects it and offers the right coupons for your purchase. You also get to shop from this site in various categories like electronics, clothing, kids and baby, furniture and décor and many more.

The approach is quite similar to Slickdeals, in fact, I found DealsPlus to be more convenient than the former one. This place is by far the best option you have to save big on your purchase.

3. Ben’s Bargains

Website: https://bensbargains.com/

Ben’s BargainsBen’s Bargains is an online platform joining more than 2 million people together who do not want to spend hours on the internet in order to find the right deals for their purchase. You can either use it from its website or you have the option to download their mobile applications too.

I will recommend you to download their app because in this way, you get notified all the time when any deals or offers pops up on the website.

With the help of Ben’s Bargains platform, you get access to various coupons and discount offers on brands like Nike, LG, Dell, Sony, Samsung etc. Not only on brands but on shopping portals like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target and hundreds of more such stores.

Ben’s Bargains is quite reliable and covers various categories of products too just the way other sites like Slickdeals do. These categories are clothing, electronics, garden, home décor, travel and sports and many more. To never miss an opportunity to bag the best deals, you should check out their site regularly.

4. 1 Sale

Website: http://www.1sale.com/

1 Sale1 Sale is a platform which is somewhere different from other sites like Slickdeals. There is no doubt that it provides various lucrative offers but it runs on a deal-a-day format. It was founded in 2007 and this site buys bulk products on large discounts and avails the same to their customers too but in one product a day format.

Working amazingly in the retail sector, 1 Sale has amazing quality products to offer in various categories like Jewelry, electronics, travel, toys, fashion, and many more.

You just need to get registered here and the next thing you know will be a variety of deals waiting for you. On each single day, deals are posted on 12.00 AM and they last for 24 hours or until the quantity of the products last. And this is not just about the daily deals.

1 Sale also features a section called Hot Deals which brings down the best offers from around the web and this section must be checked out timely in order to know that until when the deal lasts.

5. Offers

Website: https://www.offers.com/

OffersOffers is a subsidiary of Ziff Davis Media and just like its name, it provides a platform to the consumers where they can get access to various coupons, promotional codes and other deals. Offers is also a type of online marketplace which provides various items on their own platform too.

Offers is no less popular than other website like Slickdeals especially in USA. It has this huge list of products to offer and there are a lot of stores it provides coupons and vouchers for.

To name a few, you can find coupons for stores like Amazon, Walmart, Eastbay, Target and 16,000 more such amazing and widespread stores. Apart from it, you can check out various categories of products here like electronics, clothing, accessories, travel etc.

Offers also provide coupons for services like restaurant and dining, newspaper, savings tips blogs etc. You can also use Offers in form of a browser extension too and through this way, it automatically detects the coupons available when you are shopping on some ecommerce portals.

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6. DealNews

Website: https://www.dealnews.com/

DealNewsFounded in 1997, DealNews is currently working as one of the largest consumer aid website in the current times. The way of working of DealNews is different from other sites like Slickdeals but that does not make it any less helpful for cutting down the sky-high prices of the day to day life products.

DealNews compares the prices enlisted on various shopping sites and then provides the best results to you in various categories, so you can save huge amount.

Types of products which can be found on DealNews are electronics, home and garden supplies, computers, clothing, gaming and toys and many more others. Apart from comparing prices, you can also find coupons for various ecommerce portals like Jet, QVC, Groupon, Vistaprint and many more.

Whether it is about buying makeup on low rates or about ordering high-end designer clothing, you can do it all through the comparative analysis and coupons provided by DealNews. You can also download their mobile applications for best accessing experience. There are 400 deals enlisted every week which means a big scope of savings for you.

7. DealCatcher

Website: https://www.dealcatcher.com/

DealCatcherWhen compared to other sites like Slickdeals, you are going to find the area of operation and versatility less in DealCatcher. It provides coupons and deals for 4,000 stores which is a lesser number than other sites but the amount of coupons are not less at all.

DealCatcher promises the best experience of online shopping through their coupons and vouchers and that too for variety of products.

You can find deals for platforms like Target, Kohl’s, Amazon, Uber, Easybay, Best Buy etc. in various categories of products like clothing, electronics, household stuff, accessories and literally everything else. You can also access it through its mobile application but it is available for iOS users only.

They have more than 10,000 coupons and deals on a variety of products and they all work too. You can simply copy the coupon code and use it wherever it is possible to be used. You can also shop in-store through the coupons on DealCatcher where the cashier can directly scan the code through your phone only.

8. Dealighted

Website: https://www.dealighted.com/

DealightedDealighted might not be that perfect and renowned as other sites like Slickdeals are but it is totally good enough to let you find the best offers in the e-commerce sector. Whether it is about buying the best clothes on lowest prices or about coupons and promotional codes, you can get everything through Dealighted.

It has connectivity to various popular e-commerce shopping portals like Amazon, Newegg, Costco, Target, Gap and many more and through this platform you can find coupons to cut down the prices on the products on these stores.

There are various categories to hunt on Dealighted like shoes, clothing, baby products, electronics, appliances, dogs and many more. In fact, there are new deals every day and they are so many that you cannot check them out all in a single day.

There is also this section through which you can get to know about the free stuff offered along with some products too.

9. PriceGrabber

Website: http://www.pricegrabber.com/

PriceGrabberThe hunt for Slickdeals like sites is not going to end anytime soon because the next one to join this list is a site named PriceGrabber. The working process of PriceGrabber is quite like Dealnews where the prices of products on various sites are compared on this platform and then the best ones are recommended. In this way, you get to pay less for the same product.

You have the option to go through a millions of products because the abundancy of items is unlimited but the perfect categorization helps you to sort things in a better way.

There are various categories on PriceGrabber like indoor living, appliances, toys and games, music, clothing and accessories, pet supplies and many more. PriceGrabber is the first and only website in this list of sites like Slickdeals which also project shipping cost and taxes while comparing products.

However, currently PriceGrabber is partnered with 700 websites and 2000 retailers only but they are going to keep on expanding their boundaries.

10. Ebates

Website: https://www.ebates.com/

EbatesAnd the final option you can go for while looking for the sites like Slickdeals is Ebates. The working of Ebates differs from other such sites because its major focus remains on cashbacks but it also provide coupons and vouchers too.

This website is owned by Rakuten and has been active since 1998. It has partnership with more than 2,000 different stores and they do not even charge anything as platform fee.

You can get up to 40% of cashback when you are using Ebates as a medium of shopping. You can either grab cashback in from of check or in form of PayPal payments too. You can find stores like Amazon, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdales, Mac etc. partnered with Ebates.

There are coupons available on everyday basis through which you can grab up to 50% savings on any type of products like electronics, fashion and accessories, makeup, health etc.

Alternatives shopping stores:


When you are shopping online, it is not about what you buy but about how less you pay for it. Of course, the deals online are attracting enough but come on, they are yet not up to the mark. And this is why, sites like Slickdeals come for your rescue and offers you thousands of deals.

As the summer is kicking on your doorsteps, you should definitely know about the options you can find for lowering down the prices of that mass holiday shopping. I am sure these deals and offers bearing websites are going to be a big aid for you especially when you are on a budget.

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