Top 10 Sites like AliExpress


AliExpress is no new name in online shopping portal. But there are other sites like AliExpress you should be known to.

This Chinese wholesale giant took the shopping portal world to storm when it launched its Direct-to-consumer policy. This facility avails stuff to customers on a really low price.

There are other websites like AliExpress which should be known to you people so that you can save something on your shopping.

Top 10 Sites like AliExpress

There are multiple AliExpress alternatives, which will make your shopping spree a lot easier and affordable. I can assure you, soon your shopping destinations are going to change.

1. DinoDirect


The first pick in the list of sites like AliExpress is DinoDirect. This is a wholesale shopping site which also hails from China just like AliExpress. You cannot even imagine how large this platform is and how much services it offers to the customers and that too world-wide.

Let me first tell you about the categories in which DinoDirect deals in. You can shop from departments like clothing, shoes, electronics, games, toys, baby products, sports equipment etc.

The site is an example of the direct-to-consumer marketplace which means being a customer you can shop items on their original wholesale price. In fact, there are about more than 300,000 products on this site which are up for free shipping.

This is one of the best choice in the list of sites like AliExpress and the site is just the synonym of savings and savings only. Now, no matter where you live, you can order stuff from this site on no shipping charges or very less. Its wonderful collection of various stuff are going to freak you out and you are going to fall for it surely.

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2. DHGate


Another interesting site in this list is DHGate. This is something unique because it supports the small and medium enterprises and make available their stuff to customers. This site comes in the category of business to business sites like AliExpress and you can shop here in a really low and affordable price.

The site operates from Beijing, China and supply its services to worldwide locations. Despite selling items on low prices, the stuff out here meet the international quality demands very well.

Since, its launch in 2004, DHGate has become a household name and all thanks to its reliable services and products. Talking about the sections in which DHGate deals then you should know that it offers products in electronics, clothing, baby products, beauty and wellness and other categories.

You should also be knowing the fact that DHGate is named after Dunhuang city of China. The site has turned out be a really large platform for offering about 30 million products on it. In fact,  DHGate has also won various awards too.

This reliable platform of shopping is really one amazing destination to shop from.

3. Mini in the Box


Yes, you guess it right. Mini in the Box is the related site to Light in the Box. Both the companies are Chinese and Mini in the Box deals in small electronics items. The major focus of this site remains upon computer and mobile accessories, jewelry, small electronics items etc.

The site is a great option that you can browse in the list of sites like AliExpress. The site comes in this category because it provides products direct in the factory pricing.

This means there is no need to pay extra for the same products. In fact, the shipping is really fast too. If you are not satisfied with some items you bought from this site then you can return them in 30 days easily. You need not to pay for the return charges too.

The other interesting sections to check out on this site are pets and household stuff, watches and even some LED and lightings too. Sites like AliExpress are quite a pro in understanding the needs of their customers and Mini in the Box is one fine example of it.

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4. Jet


Jet is not the ordinary kind of platform for your shopping spree but it is something which you can head towards while going for affordable shopping. This medium is making shopping more convenient for the customers. Jet basically helps you to buy products from big stores like Walmart and Target on much lower prices.

In fact, it even offers free 2 days shipping on products costing more than $35. Don’t worry if some products do not turn out to be as expected, you can return them without any additional charges.

If you are someone who believes in buying brands only then Jet can be the perfect solution for this. It offers multiple renowned brands on its site and deals in multiple categories too. From clothing to electronics and shoes to accessories, you will find everything on Jet.

Jet is surely one of the best options in the list of sites like AliExpress but there is a catch in it. Although, Jet offers so much of great services but it is not completely free to use. You need to pay $50 per year to access this site. However, you get 3 months of free trial before finally paying for it.

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5. DealsMachine


Another Chinese rival to AliExpress and another one in the list of sites like AliExpress in this list is DealsMachine. This is also an example of direct-to-customer kind of marketplace which sells the items on their retail prices only. This is the reason I listed it here for some budgetary shopping.

DealsMachine work all in favor of the customers as much as they can. It features about 100,000 items on their site which means lots of stuff to buy from.

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They do not even charge any sales tax on their products and that means you need to pay less for the products than other sites. There is no limit to the items to be bought. You can buy as much or as less products you want to buy without any conditions.

However, DealsMachine lacks in a sector as compared to other alternativs sites AliExpress. It charges a shipping cost higher than other sites which means you need to shell out a bit more money on the shipping charges. Still, the site is a great place to buy stuff from and you must try it.

6. FocalPrice


FocalPrice is another choice in the list of direct-to-consumer kind of sites like AliExpress. It features about 70,000 products on its site. Of course, the products are quite less as compares to the other sites in this list but still the site is good enough to be featured in this category.

This small marketplace is perfect for your multiple needs. However, it does not offer you clothing line for anyone but it does have other kinds of stuffs to offer the customers.

The major categories to be offered on this site are jewelry, electronics, health products, home décor, furnishing, sports equipment etc. What you are going to like about this site is the fact that it does not charges any sort of shipping prices on its products.

However, the shipping time is longer as compared to the other sites in this criteria. The site also offers you 3 months warranty on each of the products sold by it. So, now you are getting not only a price lower as compared to other sites but also quality items too.

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7. Bonanza


Haven’t you checked out the site of Bonanza yet? Well, I must tell you that you should not wait any longer now. Things are surely going to change in your shopping style once you will take a look at Bonanza. This unique marketplace is quite bigger as compared to the one listed earlier.

Bonanza is among those sites like AliExpress which sells over 20 million products on its site. In fact, the site is quite reputed and it has tie up with more than 50,000 sellers on its site.

The slogan of Bonanza differentiates it from the rest of the site. It says, it offers anything but ordinary. This site surely offers some really unique stuff to the customers. You can find great handcrafted and rare items on this site which are too beautiful to be true.

The major categories in which Bonanza deals in are, clothing line for men and women, health and beauty products, home essentials, jewelry and many others. Bonanza is one of the most reputed sites like AliExpress and has also won various awards too.

8. TomTop


TomTop is a site various people have tried out till date and they have surely earned a great market value too. In fact, the owner of AliExpress, Alibaba group also recommends them. So, now you can make out that how great this site actually is.

The reason that you should or in fact must try this site is because they always have some amazing offers running on their site.

TomTop is one of the most trusted sites like AliExpress in this list and their discount offers are something you must check on daily basis. You can get yourself registered with them because in this way you can get to know about some great offers running on their site.

TomTop deals in various categories like sports equipment, lightings, car accessories, health and beauty products, electronics like computers, cellphones etc. As a whole, the site is a great place to buy logistics items from.

The only thing that you are not going to like about this site is that they take really long time in shipping. Apart from this, the site is something must to try.

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9. EverBuying


This is another Chinese wonder after AliExpress. The both are quite same and hence it got listed under the category of sites like AliExpress. It was launched in 2006 and it serves almost worldwide. EverBuying has reach to about 200 countries in the world which is a really large network.

The site is vast in terms of products offered too. It features about 250,000 products on its site which is really commendable work.

What is even more exciting about EverBuying is that this site offers great shipping services. They are fast and cheaper as compared to other sites. This invites lots and lots of customers and traffic to this site. EverBuying is one of those sites like AliExpress whose main focus remains on electronics items.

However, it sells stuff in various categories like clothing, sports, cell phones, computers and other gadgets too. The site is truly something amazing to buy stuff from. This is your all in one solution to all the shopping issues and queries and you need not to look somewhere else from now on.

10. Tiny Deal


So, I have reached to the end of the list of sites like AliExpress and I am closing it up with Tiny Deal. Well, the site is not that tiny the way you are thinking but really big as compared to its name.

Well, the site offers about 80,000 products in diversified sections. This can be a bit lower as compared to other sites but the quality is something they do not compromise in. This is also a Chinese shopping portal and like AliExpress, people also rely on it.

The major categories in which Tiny Deal does its business are cell phones, tablets, electronics, home décor and outdoor items etc.

You would have to get a bit disappointed here as the site does not deal with fashion and accessories items. However, it does offer some deals which are hard to resist and you would find yourself eventually buying all those items.

Best Sites Like Post for You:


There are like more than thousands of Chinese supergiant shopping portals which are working phenomenal towards wholesale shopping. There are just some of the examples of websites like AliExpress for clothes and other stuffs.

There is literally no end to the list and you can keep on searching for more sites like AliExpress. This is surely no less than digging gold literally. You can save a lot on your monthly expenses that you would not even believe it.

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