10 Best Stores like Anthropologie


Anthropologie is rather a big name when it comes to retailer chains. With over 200 stores around the world, it has topped in various categories. If you are lacking its store in your country then you should try out the other stores like Anthropologie which are similar in approach.

10 Best Stores like Anthropologie

This is a sure shot fact about shopping that you need to first compare stuffs and then buy and do not even yourself a shopaholic if you do not do so. I think people should be aware about the fact that there are more stores which offers similar facilities and hence I decided to list them out. You can check out more details with the section provided below.

1. Free People

Website: https://www.freepeople.com/

Stores like Free PeopleFree People is literally a store for the most chilled out people ever. With such a cool collection of clothing and other stuffs, Free People definitely rock the list of stores like Anthropologie with a bang. The site is a bit costlier than other ones but I think with this much of versatility it is worth.

Free People offers you free shipping on the purchase of $100 and more in US, Canada and Australia and in the remaining countries it is $150.

Free People only serves women and that too in hundreds of categories. To name a few, these are clothing, fashionable dresses, jackets and outerwear, workwear, lingerie, shoes, bags, goggles, beauty products and many more.

My recommendation from this site is to check out their FP Movement campaign section. It is a special section comprising of some really spectacular clothing and other stuffs. Apart from these stuffs, you can also find oils, tonics on this site as well. An amazing platform for the people who got no time to take care of themselves because the options available on a single platform are going to take you up by storm.


Website: http://www.asos.com/

ASOSIf you have not tried ASOS yet then you are missing out on the most amazing and affordable platform for shopping. ASOS comes under the best clothing stores like Anthropologie ever. In fact, it is so versatile and catchy that it will end up becoming your ultimate fashion destination.

Known for its cool clothing collection, ASOS features more than 850 brands on its platform and you can shop for both men and women from it.

In fact, that is not all about ASOS, it even provides free delivery all across the world which is like the dream come true for every shopping maniac. The site deals in categories like clothing, shoes, accessories, activewear, intimate wear, makeup products, skin care brands, gifts store and many more.

You should definitely keep an eye on such stores like Anthropologie because mainly they are the trendsetters and hence you can always get to know about the recent trends from such sites.

3. Urban Outfitters

Website: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/

Urban OutfittersYou would be glad to know that even Anthropologie is a subsidiary of Urban Outfitters Company. This is the main reason of listing out it under the category of stores like Anthropologie. To be true, I would not even think twice before declaring it the ultimate chic and fresh vibe store ever.

Despite being a really huge name, Urban Outfitters offers free shipping on all the orders above $50 and apart from women, it serves men’s stuffs too.

Now, getting down on the categories it serves in then there is quite a versatile list. It is quite relatable to Anthropologie in approach mainly because it has so much to offer like clothing, home décor, tech stuff, beauty products, lingerie and intimates and many more.

However, UO works and ships in only US which can be a major set back when it comes to people living in other parts of the world. Urban Outfitters also operates through stores which can easily be located by using the tracker option on the site itself.

4. Madewell

Website: https://www.madewell.com/

MadewellAlthough I did not know much about this platform before but once I got on it, I really liked their stock. From free shipping policy to delivering in various countries, Madewell does it all for the buyers. However, Madewell is an all-women site only.

I have listed down various Anthropologie like stores and after ASOS I think Madewell is something which is completely oriented towards mainly clothing. Create your wishlist and start shortlisting stuffs before they go out of stock.

Let me tell you some of the categories available on this site. These options are denimwear, shirts, dresses, bags, shoes, jewellery, coats, winter wear and many more. The site keeps on updating their stock and collections according to the trending fashion and season.

In fact, Madewelli is totally oriented towards trending stuffs and hence you are going to find every single update regarding current launches in their blog. I really loved the fact that Madewell is so updated all the time and I think it is pretty refreshing than most of the stores like Anthropologie available here.

5. Kate Spade

Website: https://www.katespade.com/

Kate SpadeYou are surely living under a rock if you have not heard about Kate Spade yet. Followed or I would even say worshipped as the ultimate fashion heaven. In fact, it not only takes care of the women but also of their kids too.

You can find a wide range of products in categories like accessories, bags, shoes, dresses, kids’ stuffs, jewelry and many more.

Kate Spade is basically a women oriented store and if you want to check out the men’s section then it is available with the name Jack Spade. The site also features a gift section which has variety of products for both him and her. You would be glad to know that all the items are delivered and returned for free on this site.

Kate Spade is basically a retail chain and hence you can also locate their store in your area too. Probably the most amazing and popular option for the list of stores like Anthropologie ever.

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6. Chic Wish

Website: https://www.chicwish.com/

Chic WishOnly those girls who are interested in chic style shopping knows that Chic Wish is the best destination for their shopping spree. The site provides its services to the different parts of the world and each time you would get on this site, you are going to find amazing deals running on it.

For example, let’s say its winter time, then you are going to see amazing deals on knitwears and they are so good that you would not be able to resist at all.

Now, talking about the various categories they serve in then these are tops, basics, dresses, jewelry, accessories, bags, shoes and many more. Good thing is that you are going to find easy sub-categories to narrow down your search ever further. Apart from free shipping on all the order, Chic Wish is amongst those few stores like Anthropologie which features additional off on shopping above $70.

However, the offers on the site may differ on the basis of your location. Other important features of this site are special offers on account creation, wishlist making, new arrival updates and many more.

7. Birchbox

Website: https://www.birchbox.com/

BirchboxI am not going to hide anything here but Birchbox is not made for buying preppy dresses and chic basics. However, it fulfils another important need of a woman which is makeup essentials. From a basic primer to high-quality highlighter you can literally find anything here belonging to various brands.

Being so unique from other stores like Anthropologie, Birchbox also offers free shipping on all the order of $50 and more.

One thing which I will absolutely urge you to do is subscribe to their beauty samples subscription which is going to cost you just $10 per month and will supply 5 new beauty samples every month. Now, talking about what Birchbox has to offer then the list is pretty large.

Birchbox deals in categories like every type of makeup, hair care items, fragrances, skin care, lifestyle accessories like gadget, jewellery, coffee, hair and makeup tools, nails care and many more. I found Birchbox to be quite versatile just like Anthropologie. Although it lacks the apparel section but the other things somehow compensates for it.

8. Loft

Website: https://www.loft.com/

LoftThere have been so many stores similar to Anthropologie in the history of online shopping and retailing but no one can excel the premium bar set by Loft. Loft is not going to make you feel disappointed in any type of categories as its rich collection in various items are too hard to resist.

From clothing to accessories, Loft covers all the major categories and sub-categories in them and has something to offer to everyone.

Create an account on Loft and claim free shipping on all the orders of $75 and more. You can create wishlist to save the items for future purchase. Loft has a very interesting section for women of every build like petite, tall, plus size and it also features a complete maternity store too.

Similar to other stores like Anthropologie you are going to find sale section and interesting deals and discounts running all the time on Loft. Loft features various brands on its platform and also curates a trending list so that people can buy the best in fashion. An interesting platform with a very fresh collection for all the women out there.

9. Cos

Website: https://www.cosstores.com/

CosCos is a brand name which can be found out in more than 150 countries and the online shopping site also ships in various countries too. Cos is more sort of a family oriented shopping portal and hence you are going to find something for men women and kids too.

Create an account and also subscribe to their newsletter too in order to get to know about the recent launches and new styles on the store.

You are not going to find much of versatility for the kids but things are different for men and women section. From shoes to pretty dresses to even tuxedos, these sections covers almost everything that a man and woman want in order to look good.

Cos overall is not that versatile when compared to other stores like Anthropologie and hence you are mainly going to find apparels and accessories here. However, their studio which features look book for everyone is a special highlight of this site. As a well-established brand, Cos always offers premium quality stuffs only and hence you need not to concern about that.

10. Shopbop

Website: https://www.shopbop.com/

ShopbopI don’t think I need to brag much about Shopbop as it is undoubtedly one of the best option under the list of stores like Anthropologie. Shopbop is a very global platform which also runs stores in various countries too. You would be glad to know that Shopbop provides free shipping and free returns too.

Apart from an all-women section you can switch to an all-men section too. This is the most handy feature I have seen in an online store.

Now, what is the USP of Shopbop? Well, I would say the designer stuffs available on this site. Where other shops like Anthropologie focuses more on basics and chic like outfits, Shopbop features collaborative and individual designer projects on their site.

That does not make this site hard on pocket. In fact, when it comes to day to day stuffs you can find them under $200 very easily. With the fusion of each type of apparel, shoes, bags and other accessories on Shopbop am sure you would love to explore it and shop from this platform.


No matter how much you deny this fact but online shopping has become an integral part of our lives and am so glad that retailer stores like Anthropologie are approaching the buyers in the similar way. This is the reason people get more open towards various brands and products because of their large availability factor.

The international shipping is another important factor in their success. I am sure you would have been doing online shopping from like years but these stores are going to revolutionize your experience with their various categories and wonderful offers. So, do not wait anymore and try them out now!

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