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If people are not aware regarding this fact that Zumiez is one of the largest American specialty stores which deals in the gears and clothing related to skaters, snowboarders, and surfers. But do you know there are more stores like Zumiez which works in the similar direction but helps in providing gears and things related to other sports too.

When you will start exploring such stores then you will come across a lot of options and it is legit impossible to browse them all. So, here is a little something which I did for you all interested people here. After much of research, I created a list of such stores for you which are enlisted down here.

Top 10 Stores like Zumiez

Picking out the best stores providing clothing, gears and other stuff regarding sports was kind of a bit struggle but I managed to bypass all the difficulties. So, on the basis of a lot of aspects like versatility, popularity, price, brand, quality etc. I picked out the 10 most amazing stores which work in the same way as Zumiez.

1. Vans

Website: https://www.vans.com/shop.html

VansFor all those who are so much passionate about skateboarding, they know that Vans is the top most American retailer and manufacturer of skateboarding shoes. Which other sites can be good enough other than Vans to be listed on the top of the category of sites like Zumiez.

And actually, this is not just about the shoes that I am talking about. Vans deals in various other categories too like clothing, accessories, skateboards, snowboards, surfing boards, custom items and many more.

Vans also features special sections for music, videos and art fans too. In fact, if you are skeptical about online shopping, then you can locate their store and shop through it too. Vans has something to offer for everyone like men, women and kids too.

If you are a US resident, then you have the advantage of claiming free shipping in the entire USA. Vans is a subsidiary of VF Outdoor and active since 1966. Vans has gone quite global since its launch and right now it ships internationally to various locations too.

2. PacSun

Website: http://www.pacsun.com/

PacsunPacific Sunwear of California or PacSun is a type of American retailer which focuses on youth oriented culture and lifestyle of California location. Just like other stores like Zumiez, PacSun also operates in the form of offline stores too which can be located through their store locator service on the website.

PacSun provides free shipping option on all the orders of $50 and more and there are a lot of features and services which makes the experience of shopping comfortable and memorable here.

Just like Zumiez, the main focus of PacSun is to improve the youth oriented fashion and hence they always stay tuned with the current trends. PacSun serves in categories like clothing for men and women, denim wear, shoes, backpacks, sunglasses, watches, swimwear etc.

On such websites like Zumiez, you can find some of the popular brands like Puma, Billabong, Hurley, Ivy Park, Nike and many more. To aid their customers, they have this Sale section with products enlisted on heavy discounts. If you are looking for fresh fashion vibes, then PacSun is the store to head to.

3. Hot Topic

Website: https://www.hottopic.com/

Hot TopicHot Topic is more relatable to PacSun as compared to other stores like Zumiez. You can either shop from their website or through their retail stores too. Hot Topic deals in counterculture related clothing, accessories and other items. They also serve licensed music on their website too.

Hot Topic follows very nominal shipping charges but they are suitable until you are in USA. Although Hot Topic ships to all the popular international locations too but with high shipping charges.

Talking about their collection, they deal in various categories like clothing for girls, guys, and plus size people, shoes, hats, backpacks, beachwear, swimwear etc. So, basically, their target audience is young adults and teens and not older people.

Hot Topic is highly popular for their licensed band t-shirts which are really cool. Other interesting attractions on this site are their Funkyo collection as well as pop culture shop. The clearance and sale section remains timely updated and if you are bulk purchaser, you can get additional advantages here too.

4. Tilly’s

Website: https://www.tillys.com/

TillysTilly’s was earlier recognized as World of Jeans and Tops and they are a type of American Retailer Company which works in fashion oriented categories. Although Tilly’s does not serve in surfing or skating but you can find all types of modern clothing, shoes and accessories collection here.

This next inclusion for the list of stories like Zumiez is filled with vibrant and catchy fashion options for the young generation.

You get free shipping on the orders of $49 and more and you can also locate their store in your area and can shop from there too. Tilly’s offers a wide range of products in categories like men, women and kid’s clothing, shoes, accessories, backpacks, swimwear etc.

With brands like Nike, Neff, Burton, Ray Ban and many more highlighted on their platform, you can also enjoy shopping from their sale section too. These stores similar to Zumiez are very open and versatile in their approach and hence we get to see a lot of unique designs and fashion choices here.

5. Tactics

Website: https://www.tactics.com/

TacticsTactics is one such online store which is rooted towards skateboarding and snowboarding and hence provides all the stuff and gears related to them. Tactics is a combination of passion and style which is the main motto behind all the other sites like Zumiez too.

Tactics have served to more than 2 million customers till date and have been growing rapidly since its launch in the year 1999.

Tactics also provide free shipping and returns in all over the US and also features a lot of brands like Levi’s, RVCA, Burton, Vans, Smith and many more. The categories of products you can find on Tactics are clothing for men, women and kids, shoes, backpacks, sunglasses, watches and many more.

When I am talking about their skateboarding and snowboarding category then I am literally talking about every single thing like their parts, suitable gears, shoes, clothing and everything else. Whether it is their small thing or something, everything is related to snowboards or skateboards to some extent which is actually kind of exciting for people passionate for these sports.

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6. Active

Website: https://www.activerideshop.com/

ActiveActive is offering $5 on your order if you subscribe to their newsletter and I think I am totally up for it. Not only this joining deal, but you can discover more such offers and discount deals on Active and I can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed at all.

Active offers everything related to skateboarding which is the prime choice for other stores like Zumiez too. Active also offers free 3 days shipping in US and ships internationally to various location.

By Active Ride they mean the perfect skateboarding experience for both novice and professional skateboarders. Along with offering all types of gears and skateboards for everyone, they also offer clothing, footwear, accessories and many other kinds of stuff too.

Along with skateboarding, Active also offers products related to snowboarding too and hence find great similarity to Zumiez than any other shops like Zumiez. They have this really cool collection of graphic Tees, hats, sweaters and various other items hailing from various brands and especially designed for these two sports only.

7. Warehouse Skateboards

Website: https://www.warehouseskateboards.com/

Warehouse SkateboardsAlthough Warehouse Skateboards is a less popular name than other stores like Zumiez but still I found it really accomplished and versatile in terms of the items offered by them. Warehouse Skateboards offers free shipping on all the orders of $100 and more.

This is a platform that every skater would love to shop from and thankfully it also ships internationally too and that too on very nominal shipping charges.

There are a lot of brands you can discover on Warehouse Skateboards like American Skate, Block Risers, F.S.C., G-Form etc. All these brands are related to skateboarding only and this can be clearly seen in their collection and items offered by them. To name a few products on their site, there are skateboards and complete accessories, surfboards and their accessories, clothing for guys and girls, backpacks, shoes etc.

I think this platform is just perfect for the beginners at skateboarding and surfing because apart from offering all kinds of stuff related, they also offer a complete buying guide too. It has everything which must be kept in mind before buying such stuff.

8. CCS

Website: https://shop.ccs.com/

CCSIt has been 25 years since CCS has been actively providing everything related to skateboarding, snowboarding and streetwear. The site is not just about comfortable fashion but also about trendy stuff and everything else which is required by these sports enthusiasts.

This is why it makes a perfect entry into this list of stores like Zumiez. CCS offers free shipping on all the orders of $50 and more and the shipping charges otherwise is $3.95 only.

Some of the categories enlisted on CCS are skating gears and accessories, snowboards and accessories, shoes, clothing, bottoms, backpacks and many more. You can find great quality and popular brands here too like Vans, Adidas, Osiris, HUF and many more.

CCS is a perfect blend between modern-day fashion requirements and the ultimate comfort. Prices are also quite nominal and for further aid you get timely deals and Sale options. They also ships internationally and has amazing customer support service too.

9. Urban Planet

Website: https://urban-planet.com/

Urban PlanetThere are various stores like Zumiez online and another one of them is Urban Planet. Hailing from Canada, Urban Planet is a fashion brand which ships to more than 100 different locations internationally. The focus of UP remains on young men and women between the age of 16 and 24.

Urban Planet deals in various categories like clothing, footwear, beauty products, backpacks, hats, jewelry etc. for men, women, guys and girls.

Just the way other stores like Zumiez operate in the form of retail stores too, you can locate the Urban Planet stores in your area through their store locator facility. You can also find great quality home décor stuff from Urban Planet too.

Although it does not focus on any kind of sports or accessories related to them but the fact that they share a shared support towards young and teenage fashion needs. This is the reason behind their growing popularity because their stuff are appealing and relative.

10. Karmaloop

Website: https://www.karmaloop.com/

KarmaloopLike many of the stores like Zumiez, the main focus of Karmaloop lays on streetwear which means a line of comfortable yet stylish and trendy items. This final choice in this list is pretty interesting and it also serves as community style and Media Company too.

Karmaloop features a lot of popular brands on its platform like Adidas, Reebok, Pink Dolphin, Hex and many more.

There are a lot of types of categories you can explore on Karmaloop like clothing for men and women, shoes, sunglasses and various other accessories items. There are extra perks when you are shopping for $100 and more and the timely deals and discounts are a regular thing here.

They also ship internationally too and you can get to know about it through their online store easily. For someone who love modern day trends like hoodies, sweaters, graphics tees etc. Karmaloop is the place to shop from and I am sure you are going to be really happy with their collection.

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When fashion and sports goes hand in hand things, totally come out to be unique and attractive and the results are totally visible through these stores like Zumiez. Along with being fashionable, these clothing options are very comfortable and trendy to wear too.

Along with offering a terrain of items related to skating and other sports, these stores also provide various deals and offers too. These are the best options for those people who are very passionate about such sports and wants a better option when it comes to buying stuff related to them.

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