10 Popular Teenage Clothing Stores


Let’s admit for once and for all that the most number of clothing experimented ever is by teenagers only. Because of course when adulthood strikes you are only left with casuals and then work wear. And if you are in this age then you should know about the popular teenage clothing stores.

Be it about attending a concert with your friends or for some house party or any other occasion, you really need new clothes for it. And of course, you would not want to spend thousands on it because you know pocket money restrictions. So, here are some stores I am sure you would love to try.

10 Popular Teenage Clothing Stores

Of course, I could not mention them all so I decided to go for 10 best of them. So, here is a tentative listing of the most loved teenage oriented clothing and accessories stores which are full of vibrant and unique apparel collections.

  • Hollister

Website: https://www.hollisterco.com/shop/wd

HollisterHollister is more sort of a brand which is owned by Abercrombie and Fitch Co. This lifestyle website is more sort of a fresh vibe in teenage clothing stores list and stands out completely from other options mentioned here. It mainly works for junior clothing and targets customers of 14-18 age group.

It provides clothing and other fashionable stuffs for both guys and girls and quite popular for its teenage oriented fashion sense too.

You can find stuff like clothing, denims, swimwear, sleepwear, shoes, cologne and many other stuffs here. However, its main focus remains on clothing only which is clearly reflected by its website too. Hollister also ships internationally with varying shipping charges.

Talking about the US shipping then you can claim it for free when you are shopping for $99 and more. The site is just a perfect example of popular teenage clothing stores and also operates stores worldwide which can be located through their store locator system on website. You can also subscribe to their newsletter service by getting registered with your email id.

  • Lululemon

Website: https://shop.lululemon.com/

LululemonFor all those who are not known to the concept of Lululemon, let me tell you that it is way different than any other popular teenage clothing stores. And what makes it different is its special Yoga clothing collection curated for guys and girls.

As you know that Yoga is a rage right now and teenagers also participate in it actively. But what about the attires and active wears which must be wear during this time?

Well, Lululemon provides a wide range of Yoga wear for both guys and girls and of course some other stuff too. Also known as Lululemon Athletica, this site features such active wear, that you will instantly feel like working out and let those kilos shed out of your body.

They also deal in running gears and other stuff related to guys, girls and women. Some of the categories which you can find on Lululemon are yoga mats and props, pants, tops, bags, scarves, bras, shorts and many more. From Yoga to running and to dancing, Lululemon provides the stuff related to any form of workout.

  • Miss Selfridge

Website: http://us.missselfridge.com/

Miss SelfridgeIf you are one of those teenage girls who prefer to dress more maturely then Miss Selfridge is the choice you should make for the list of popular teenage clothing stores. It is a UK high street store which earlier began as only young fashion site but gradually developed amazingly and now serves in various categories.

Despite being a UK oriented site, Miss Selfridge ships in various other countries too and that too with free shipping and free returns.

Be it street style look or a fashionista look, you can shop anything from Miss Selfridge. However, the prices are a big higher than other websites but the versatility of stuff and quality is really amazing. Some of the categories available out here are knitwear, tops, dresses, petite clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, beauty products etc.

It is a complete women and junior girls oriented website and for better inspiration, you can check out their lookbooks and fashion blogs too. Miss Selfridge also operates in form of retail stores too and there is also a special discount offer for student’s discounts too.

  • Forever 21

Website: https://www.forever21.com/us/shop

Forever 21How could I not mention a site who inspires people to remain 21 forever in this category of popular juniors clothing stores? It not only deals in men and women clothing and fashion line but also provides fashion solutions for guys and girls too.

The prices are highly affordable and the colors and fabric are so fresh and lively that you will forget shopping from other websites once you will check out the collection on Forever 21.

Not only the clothing is a sight to behold but also the amazing accessories like shoes, bags, purse, jewelry and many more are just according to the taste of the current youth. Call it a millennial website because Forever 21 gives you a really fresh vibe of clothing.

Not only can the petite girls shop from it, but also the curvy plus size beauties too. Forever 21 ships in various countries and also has stores out there too. There is probably no hot trend which is not displayed on the home page of Forever 21 and this is why young people love to shop from such popular teenage clothing stores.

  • Zara

Website: https://www.zara.com/us/

Stores Similar To ZaraZara comes under one of the most high-end fashion brands and also this is a very renowned choice made by teenagers as well as adults. It is a Spain based fashion brand which ships throughout the world and also quite popular amongst fashion freaks too.

There is no doubt that whatever you are going to shop from Zara is going to be totally unique but when it comes to pricing it lies a bit higher than the other popular teenage clothing stores enlisted here.

Talking about the items Zara deals in then the list is actually pretty long. It sells thousands of different items like shoes, tops, jeans, dresses, blazers, work wear, sportswear, bags, accessories for men and women. There is also a special section of Zara called TRF where you are going to find some really unique and daring pieces of clothing especially curated for women only.

Zara also operates more than 2200 retail stores throughout the world which makes it a more approachable brand than other ones.

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  • H&M

Website: http://www.hm.com/us/

H&M HomeH&M is quite similar to Zara in terms of approach and it is also a high-end designer brand. Operating in form of local stores as well as online shopping website H&M comes under the top most popular teenage clothing stores in the world.

Despite that, it offers free shipping on all the orders of $40 and more and also free returns on all the orders.

Apart from men, women, guys and girls you can also shop for your kids from H&M and the categories are so many that you will probably get confused that what to shop. From clothing to footwear and swimwear, shoes, bags etc. you can find everything here for everyone.

It is more like shopping for your entire family rather than just for teenagers. The prices are a bit higher than other stores and so is the quality of the products. And do you know H&M also offers a line of home décor and home essentials items too? I think it is the time to check out this amazing website rather than just bragging about it.

  • Romwe

Website: http://www.romwe.com/

RomweRomwe is a very popular option under teenage clothing stores list and the clothing styles out here are also quite unique and refreshing. In fact, this is just the perfect website to go to if you want to give your wardrobe a much needed makeover.

It mainly focus on street styles and hence offers the designs and fashion stuff accordingly. However, this website is dedicated to teen girls only.

Talking about their versatility, then you have a lot to discover on this online store. To name a few categories, you have options like swimwear, bottom, jeans, tops, dresses, shoes, bags, accessories etc. In fact, you can also find stuff for home décor here too.

Romwe makes a perfect option for the category of popular teenage clothing stores especially when are looking for some affordable as well as chic options. Also, do not forget to check the timely deals on this store too.

  • Charlotte Russe

Website: https://www.charlotterusse.com/

Charlotte RusseAlthough I am listing for popular teenage clothing stores but I think you should check out the shoe collection on Charlotte Russe for sure. Of course, it offers its own clothing line too but the shoes out here are surely to die for.

All the shoes and other footwear out here are going to cost you $25 or less. Yes, it is kind of an affordable store you always wanted to check out.

Other things you can buy from here are tops, jeans, bags, sunglasses, jackets, intimates, dresses etc. And just like the former one, it is also a website which mainly targets junior girls and women only. You need to sign up here first and then curate your wish list to buy the items.

And did I forget to tell you that you can claim shoes with free shipping? Well, yeah that is probably the best thing I have heard in a really long time.

  • Aeropostale

Website: http://www.aeropostale.com/

AeropostaleAnd finally, we have Aerpostale for the list of popular juniors clothing stores. Let me tell you already that right now they are shipping in USA and Canada only so I would suggest you to do not consider this site for now if you live someplace else from these two countries.

It is a complete teenage clothing package which offers quality fashion line for both guys and girls especially their graphic tees are just amazing.

And Aerpostale is the most affordable site of all where you can buy a cute top for just $10. Apart from it, you can buy things like shoes, accessories, jeans, dresses, jackets and many other stuffs here. And their jeans and bottom collection is also quite catchy and stylish so it is a totally must to check out.

The affordability factor of Aerpostale is something which keeps it at par with other popular teenage clothing stores for sure and I think you should also check it out.

  • Love Culture

Website: http://www.loveculture.com/

Love CultureFor every junior who wants to look stylish as hell, Love Culture must be their ultimate shopping destination for it. It features clothing collection for women as well as teenage girls. And the ideas of superb styles are just breathtaking out here which makes it a fashion heaven for popular teenage clothing stores.

They can literally make a comfy Tee look like it belongs to some high-end fashion designer’s collection. And the prices are unbelievably affordable.

You can but a piece of clothing for as low as just $5 from this website easily. And apart from it, when you shop for $75 and more, you get free shipping and returns on all such orders. Now, talking about the junior clothing items you can buy from Love Culture then the list is surely pretty long.

dresses, tees, jeans, rompers, shoes, bags etc. are some of the items which can be bought from Love Culture. Timely sales and discount deals are a part of this site and they also have a separate section for curvy girls too.

Alternative stores that you should check:


There are some picks like Zara, H & M which might go high on your budget but I think it is just perfect when your parents are shopping for you. In fact, you can save a bit and buy some really cute stuff from them easily. And not to be forgotten about their always running sale sections.

These popular teenage clothing stores are quite particular about their clothing designs. You are going to witness solid colors more rather than the dull ones because let’s admit it, we too wore the similar ones in our teenage. You can check out the junior clothing sections of other stores too but they lack the creativity somewhere.

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