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Games like Age of Empires: Well, if you are on this page, you are probably a fan of the game Age of Empires and are looking for the age of empires like games. My page here features the real-time strategy games that are very impressive and you would enjoy a lot just like age of empires.

AoE has been the most successful sides in the world of the game and has made uncountable fan following, so it is considered as one of the best games in the generation. But you can’t just play one game for the rest of our life, so I’m here to fulfill your requirements for best and free games like age of empires.

Top 10 Games like Age of Empires

These games contain several strategies and tactics just like AoE with a combination of different themes that are as excited as AoE, so let’s see this list and be ready to make this your favorite one.

1. The Anno Series

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This exactly falls into the category of games like age of empires; it is a very popular real time strategy gameplay With Economic Focus. The Anno series is great for those who are expecting a mixture of city buildings. Its recent series is the “Anno Online” made for browsers so you now even play on your browsers at just no price.

There are several Anno games available online with almost same features and battles. With each series, you will feel a different age in the history or a different period of time.

So the game’s features remain somewhat same but the appearances change according to the era or in which year you are in the gameplay. The game is all about economy settlements created by the players, a more successful settlement means having a strong economy.

In each Anno series, the player would be provided with a small country that he has to develop while protecting it from various dangerous factors, so this all building and protecting thong takes it to the category of games like age of empires.

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2. Rise of Nations

Website: http://store.steampowered.com/

This gameplay just feels like AoE, all the ground, the buildings are same but with a different color combination. A very good real time strategy game and anyone after playing this game would not hesitate to compare it with games like age of empires.

This game was first released in 2003; it has gained popularity worldwide because of its brilliant Territorial battles, so you enjoy the game for hours. The game Rise of Nations has a total number of eight great ages of the history so you can choose throughout these ages with remarkable strategies.

The game is full of achievements and provides you with a wide field for your gameplay, so you rule over the city and construct those buildings in several territories and this way you spread up your area, so it’s the best one for the games like age of empires.

So focus on maintaining your economics and that will take you to success, also you will collect resources in the way. The fun thing is you can recruit your workers and they will collect resources for you. They work for our utility you tell them to stop, so it’s really a great single-player game.

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3. The Settlers Online

Website: https://www.thesettlersonline.com/

Another great gameplay in the list of games like age of empires, the game brings you several real-time strategy elements that make it a really unique and fun experiencing game.

The concept is same as above mentioned games, you will be provided with a small piece of land, now you have to spread your buildings and then increase your empire in the same way and let’s be ready to conquer the world.

You will have only some villagers to help you and a small camp or a small land from that you have to start and as you collect resources and complete your missions you lead to success and a bigger area and then your own large empire.

The game is also available in a free version but if you get the premium one you will have the freedom to unlock several undiscovered a debentures and resources. You will achieve various camps to defeat, so all in all a great strategy game that can hold you for hours.

The game in itself has several kinds of modes as Campaign, battles, Ranked, and Multiplayer, so select your favorite mode and start playing. It also facilitates you to choose among Military, Trade, and Science as each part has different objectives to complete.

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4. Empire: Four Kingdoms

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The game has very beautiful themes and it’s an MMO gameplay that is Massive Multiplayer Online which allows you to have it on both browsers and smartphones.

Due to the various gaming strategies and settlements, this falls among the games like age of empires. It’s a completely free to play the game and a lot better option if you’re looking for games like age of empires. Just like other games, you will have your little settlement and from this, you will have to build it big to an empire.

If you’re a genius in these types of settlement games, you’ll quickly notice the changes his game offers than other settlement games. Even you would appreciate its minor details that make it the best among other games.

Also, it is very easy if you are a new bee in the gaming world of settlements, you will learn quickly to establish your powerful empire because this system is really well-designed that provides you a complete control over your game.

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5. Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War

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If anyone wants games like age of empires but with the Militaristic approach, Warhammer is the right one to deal with a great war and win using your unique tactics. Also, it will be a great entertainer that includes Sci-Fi element into gameplay that eventually adds the great gaming experiences.

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The game Warhammer 40K is pretty good for RTS gameplay and just right in the games like Age of Empires. In the gameplay, you can view several locations map and then use them to target your enemies.

First, you make these maps your strategic points then you have to develop your crowd or your peoples and then generate resources to make your step forward.

Now it’s time to develop your buildings and units, they can be from defensive to offensive and much more. The more you capture your strategic points using those maps the more you get the chances to win.

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6. American Conquest

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This game has really some strong features and technology just as you want in the games like age of empires. The game takes you back to the History and somewhat in the 15th Century, the Colonial Era.

In the game, the main focus point is to build your civilization and to create bases. After then you have to control your resources economic aspects.  Also, you can build your multiple military troops. So you have to balance your troops according to your resources.

You would have a complete control on your troops with the help of Strategic system. The game has the facility of three single-player campaigns that are as Spanish, English, and French. If you are on the advanced level of the game you can also find the version Native Americans.

There are features like Multiplayer play and several battles are included in the American Conquest, so take the adventure of the game American Conquest if you’re looking for games like age of empires.

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7. Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3

Website: https://www.tiberiumalliances.com/

The game Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 is surely the best game as the Age of Empires; the game is popular for its rewarding nature. Same as AoE, the game offers the similar features and mechanisms along with an RTS environment.

With the series of Red Alert 3, you will find yourself in the history of World War 2; it offers the three groups named as the Soviet Union, Empire of the Rising Sun and The Allies just like the previous series.

These all three fight against each other to control and rule the world, so you can choose any of these units and experience their special powers and units and have a great Red Alert 3 from my list of games like age of empires.

You can also enjoy the Cooperative mode as well where you can choose to play it with friends and go busy with your console for hours. So you just collect resources, develop your buildings, create your army and use them to conquer the enemy.

With all the special abilities and unique resources, the game proves itself as best as other games like age of empires.

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8. Napoleon: Total War

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The game is same as its name and the games like age of empires. It is about the ruler and the greatest fighter Napoleon Bonaparte. As he was the most successful explorer in the history so the game is all about his explorations and his battles made during the 18th and 19th centuries.

In the game you will act as the famous Napoleon, you just need to follow his footsteps as instructed in the game and play this great strategic game. Experience the epic battles and fight against you enemies from the Middle East and North Africa.

This great game having the history of Napoleon Bonaparte deserves among games like age of empires. So the responsibilities of completing the campaigns defeat your opponents and create a base of new prosperous civilization.

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9. Stronghold Kingdoms

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If you are seeking for a game titled as games like Age of Empires, the classic Stronghold is the right one for you if you are addicted to the AoE. It offers the same formula like other genes described here but with a more realistic experience of the medieval era.

In this game, you will be located in historic Europe where you will fight against you enemies in the Medieval era Castles. The game provides you more depth than any other RTS game and there is also a great exploration of elements and resources.

As this is a part of games like Age of Empires, the main motive is to create the civilization or the emperor and this includes a hint of Economic, Military, and Political aspects. It seems a bit difficult than any other because you really have to plan on how to build an emperor and then manage it well.

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10. Supreme Commander 2

Website: http://store.steampowered.com/

On my list of games like Age of Empires, Supreme Commander 2 is another great gameplay with a sci-fi background. In the game, you are allowed to be a part of different campaigns and battles.

You have to rule over all your groups in all three major campaigns named as United Earth Federation, Cybran, and Illuminate, each of them has a different story and different aim to achieve with several explorations.

You will face various objectives in the game and you have to achieve them and they would be like building the beast first, developing more structures, and then it’s time to develop your troops or the people who work for you in the battles same as other games like Age of Empires.


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Age of Empires has really gained its fans worldwide as it is one of the best multiplayer games that also fall under the Real-Time Strategy, games. It is well-known for its unique terms and consistent quality, so it is a lot of fun playing AoE.

But if you think that it’s time to choose another game like AoE who is as incredible as Age of Empires, then my list here really has all the fantastic games with several features like RTS, robust multiplayer mode, and some excellent troops and emperor building elements.

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