8 Tips on Growing A Website


Currently, there are over 1.8 billion and counting websites worldwide. However, not every one of these domains has enough or high visitor counts and followers. While competition is one reason why growing is hard, other factors like content and design affect the desirability of a website. Thus, if you’re running a site and are looking for ways to increase popularity, this article can help. In the following sections, we’d listed various tips on drawing an audience and achieving success for a website.

1. Ensure content quality and post regularly

To draw an audience, one must provide a reason why people should visit a website. In this case, the best way would be to ensure the quality of content. It could be better-written articles, well-produced audio or videos, and even more attractive graphics. Whatever it may be, once users enjoy the content, they will likely revisit the site.

Apart from that, it’s also best to post content regularly. Not only does this provide more opportunity to hit search engine queries, but also more content means more traffic and prolonged staying of users. Besides, putting out articles and posts frequently can leave an impression of a well-maintained and supported website to first-time visitors.

2. Promote content through social media platforms

Aside from Google AdSense, social media platforms are also excellent places to promote a site’s content. They’re free, easy to use, and are highly popular. Additionally, promotions can look like regular posts or status updates which are less pushy and easier to recognize, resulting in more interactions and link visits.

On Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, one can use a personal account or create a page. Moreover, asking friends to share the page would help gain more followers. From there, it shouldn’t take minutes to embed content links in every post. However, for better results, one can pay for targeted or sponsored posts to make promotions visible for potentially interested individuals.

3. Monitor the competition

Monitoring the competition provides helpful insights on what articles or topics are popular. Additionally, it enables a website owner to put out unique and better content than what others are offering at a given time. Besides blogs, this is also helpful for online stores to learn other merchant’s sales or upcoming products based on design changes, adverts, and current graphics.

4. Try influencer marketing

Like celebrities, influencers typically have millions of followers on different social media sites. Accordingly, this makes them effective promoters of products, or in this case, website content. In the process, one can quickly contact an influencer or a handler and sponsor a post, video, or even live stream. Besides, they’re more affordable and accessible for businesses that are only starting. However, the best reason to go with these individuals is that they usually have loyal followers making the ad more effective than other traditional forms.

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5. Make use of guest posting

Another free way of drawing an audience to a site is guest posting. If unfamiliar, guest posts are articles of a writer submitted to another site to generate backlinks and improve brand awareness. If given a chance to do this, please make sure the content is enjoyable, helpful, and interests the readers in learning or viewing more from the target website.

6. Crowd marketing

Crowd marketing is like advertising with influencers, except that the audience is the targeted customers or users of a product. With websites, an owner can communicate with someone expert or famous for a niche or industry around which the website revolves. Moreover, this individual will then covertly or explicitly promote the content or the site itself through articles, answers, or mentions in posts or other media. Unlike other ad forms, this method is more affordable and guaranteed to generate traffic.

7. Content sharing

For anyone that’s only starting out and doesn’t have enough funds for ads yet, asking the help of friends, relatives, or even business partners is a great idea. They can share the content or site URL to their friends, online connections, family, colleagues, and co-workers. Likewise, the people whom they send the links to can also share with their respective associations. Hopefully, this can draw an opening audience without paying anything.

8. Post on Quora, Reddit, and Forums

Answering questions on Reddit, Quora, and other forums with snippets and links of the site’s content can help generate traffic. If the excerpt answers the question well, one will have the urge to open the link and learn more. Moreover, if the person asking has a great interest in that topic, the initial impression might lead to regular visitation.

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Grow And Achieve Success For Your Website

After learning about the tips above, you’re likely on your way to trying them. If that’s true, then we’re glad we helped you. Remember, no matter how famous or small a website is, the content and usability still dictate its desirability to readers and visitors. In this case, ensuring quality content, good UX, creating value, and using alternative promotional methods are better than expensive spending to boost traffic. Good luck!

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