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Most hosting companies market themselves aggressively  as anonymous, offshore, cheap, secure and so on. How true are their claims is what we seek to establish in these reviews. This BestHosting review is parallel to the same interests.

Note that, “BestHosting” is literally the name of the company, the word here doesn’t indicate us supporting or accepting it as “The Best Hostaing company” (yet).

If you’ve got extra time on your hand, you should surf through our Novogaro Review, or BlueAngelHost Review  and see if they pose for viable options for your requirements

I’ve been with BestHosting and let me assure you if it’s anonymity you’re looking for, your time on this BestHosting review won’t be wasted.

Anyway, here are the primary questions we’d be addressing in this BestHosting Review:

BestHosting Hosting Quick Overview

As is the tradition, here’s an overview of the entire company and its primary features:

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If the overview ticked even one of your boxes, that’s one reason to keep reading, isn’t it?

Is BestHosting Anonymous?

By Anonymous, we mean how much of a user’s real-life data needs to be divulged in order to purchase the hosting from the company, or at a later time. Also, if any such data can or can’t be traced back to a user’s real-life identity.

This is quite interesting, the T&C (Terms and Conditions) page on the company indicates that the registration data must be true. If not, the account may be blocked at a later time.

Although, their support-staff confirmed (twice) that users are allowed to use any random names and other details, which aren’t necessarily true. Also that these details aren’t checked or verified by them. Review

As for payments, anonymous methods for making untraceable payments available as well.

Although they do actively log the IP addresses used to access/manage the servers. Those however can be masked using a VPN.

In a nutshell, the platform can be used as an offshore hosting company for the most part.

Is BestHosting Offshore?

Obviously we’re looking for offshore hosting companies, aren’t we? The location of a company decides how content-liberal,  and privacy-respecting that company can be.

As for BestHosting, it offers majority of its servers from Ukraine, making it offshore for anyone who’s not a resident of Ukraine.

Although, Servers from Canada and Germany are available as well.  So yes it is Offshore.

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What are the Restricted Content on BestHosting? (AUP)

Apart from a company being anonymous, and offshore; another major aspect we look for in one such company is the “content not allowed” policy, isn’t it?

This is the prime advantage of going with an Offshore hosting company, they have the possibility of allowing content which may be locally illegal for us, but may not be illegal in the server-country.

Fortunately, BestHosting is one such company which doesn’t adhere to “GLOBAL” laws, and only the laws of Ukraine are applicable. Review

Although there is some confusion regarding this policy, you can refer to the “How Good is BestHosting’s Support” section for details.

A brief list of content which isn’t allowed is available which includes:

  • Porn/Adult content.
  • Content insulting or hurting other people’s dignity/sentiment.
  • Proxies
  • Spam
  • Cracked/Illegal software.
  • Viruses/Hacking etc.

As for DMCA complaints, the company only takes action against those complaints coming in from Courts, Copyright holders (which can be proven) or from other legal channels.

This is acceptable as even if the company doesn’t completely ignore copyright claims, doesn’t take action against every complain either.

They have a policy of notifying users before blocking their accounts for most reasons, which is not only admirable but also rare.Buy Bitcoin With Binance

What are the Payment Modes on BestHosting?

The Payment modes facilitates the ease of transaction, as well as anonymity. And it’s the latter we’re prioritizing here.

The company does accept Bitcoin as one of its payment methods, which keeps user anonymity and identity intact.

Payments can also be made using: Review

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  • Liqpay
  • Visa/Mastercards.
  • And IBox.

How is Best Hosting’s Server Performance?

We believe not in singing praise-songs for companies, neither in undermining them without concrete data.

Hence, we’ll conduct some tests on the company servers, lay out the results in complete transparency for you folks and then you can be the judge and jury of its performance.

We’ll be testing –  for all the test-purposes on this BestHosting review.

Visit Website

  • Page Load-Time test.

The page size to-be-tested URL is exactly . This test would get us an idea of how long a page that size, with similar optimization, codes and scripts takes to load on the servers.

Although note that this test depend on a multitude of factors and hence can’t be taken as conclusive evidence for the server’s potential.

The best load-time we obtained was from Germany at 1.31s load time (Verify). London had a load-time of 1.54 seconds.

The results from the other locations (North America, South America, San Francisco) were 2Second+ which isn’t the kind of speed we’re looking for.

The speed is kind of acceptable, although from a “SEO-perspective” a speed of <2seconds is preferred.

  • Server Response Time Test

As the name indicates, this test calculates how long the servers requires to respond to a browser’s request to load a webpage.

How fast this Server Response Time is decides, or impacts how fast the page loads regardless of the codes/scripts on the webpage. So the load-times recorded above were slow maybe because of a slow SRT from the server? Let’s validate that.

Our SRT test gave us an average time-requirement of 150ms+, here’s a screenshot showing the same (verify) Review

SRT tests during our shinjiru Review or HostSailor Review were a lot more impressive. This test proves that the optimization or codes weren’t at fault during the load-time test, rather the server is what underperformed.

  • SRT with Traffic-Hike

Naturally a server undergoes a lot of pressure when the number of users on a website increase, doesn’t it? Some servers give way under the pressure and become extremely slow. Is that the case with BestHosting? Or will it triumph over the crowd?

To test the same, we send a number of (25 to be exact) virtual users to the server using LoadImpact. Here are the results obtained during the test (verify): Review

The purpose of this test is to track the “change” in SRT-requirement. Well, no such major change as such as can be seen which asserts to the server’s stability even during traffic hikes.

It required 174 ms with 1 VUs active, and only increased to 184 ms with 24 active V.Us.

How Good is BestHosting Support?

The ways to contact the support team, as well as their response-times are pretty impressive.

They can be contacted via :

  • Live-chat on the website
  • Telegram
  • Viber, or via Phone.

As many as three phone numbers have been provided for 3 separate locations.

However, the team seems to be a bit confused their AUP Policy. Initially, I was told that “Global” laws were applicable on the content, and we weren’t allowed to upload any content which was illegal anywhere on the planet.

However, their T&C clearly mentions the company to be governed by Ukranian laws. The same was later confirmed by another member of the support team (screenshot attached in AUP section).

Although overall, I personally am impressed with the support.

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What are the Server Types and Pricing Plans on BestHosting?

The company offers all three major server-types, namely Shared, VPS and Dedicated.

However note that VPS and Dedicated servers are exclusively from Ukraine. Only shared servers can be purchased from Canada and/or Germany. Review

Shared Servers start as low as USD $1.56/month. VDS plans range from USD $5.7/month to USD $59.2/month. Review

Dedicated servers start almost where VDS plans end, i.e. USD $55.2 while the highest plan costs USD $130.00

Final Verdict:

Wrapping this BestHosting review up, we can say that it does offer almost everything we seek from an offshore anonymous hosting company.

Anonymous registrations, Anonymous payments, and offshore locations. The pricing plans are acceptable and reasonable.

The only minor problem with the company is that it logs IP addresses, and may ask for identification in some rare cases. If you’re searching for a company without these restrictions, our mivocloud review should provide exactly that.

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Anyway in my personal opinion, the company is suitable for the majority of us. But this BestHosting review is for you, hence do let me know what you think of it in the comments.

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