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Video College Macker: There are various wonderful technologies and tech savy things which are constantly helping people to become more creative and open to experiments. One of such amazing tech help is video collage maker. With the help of such collage makers, you can not only create an amazing visual representation of your pictures but also can do a lot more.

These video collage maker also adds background music and different transitions which makes the representation even more attractive. You can either download these video collage maker in form of application or you can directly use them through the sites.

Android or iOS apps may cause your phone to get hang and therefore there is a quick way to use them without even downloading.

Video Collage Maker Online Free Tools

There are some of the very famous video collage maker which are listed below. They come with all the features that you need and are really simple to use as well. I hope you will have a good time using them a creating a video collage on your own like a pro.

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1). Kizoa


Along with being one of the most famous collage maker for photographs, this is an excellent and most used video collage maker too. In fact, it is mostly used for this purpose only.

This is totally free to use with initial 1 GB storage capacity. But if you want to upgrade to the premium or pro versions then there are certain charges for that. This is a Paris based site loved by users to making video collages for their loved ones.

This slideshow and video maker gives you a wonderful experience as it edits the photos too. You can add different transitions in different pictures along with visual effects and music. You can also create video collages according to themes like birthday, wedding, baby etc.

2). Animoto


This NewYork based website is one of the primary choice of users as a video collage maker. It totally operates online and you do not have to download anything. This is absolutely free to use but just like Kizoa, you would have to pay certain amount for PLUS and PRO versions.

This site has been operating from 2005 and liked by millions of users worldwide. You just need to select the photographs, music or clips that you want to add in that video. It will all be adjoined according to the commands and then will be converted in a video.

You can browse through their huge music library and video style options for the formatting in your video collage. Once it is done, it would look very amazing in the final results.

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3). Masher


This absolutely free to use video collage maker for everyone is a desire of every single user. Started in 2008, it has gathered so many followers till date and so many more still counting. It blends the pictures with perfect music and effects that the result received is totally unbelievable.

You can also use filters for your photographs to make them clearer and better. If you think this is just another website to create a video collage then you are totally wrong.

You can easily find the videos of BBC, China Central Television and CBS news in their library. You can also browse music advised by experts. This is not just a tool for video collage making but a permanent solution to all your problems regarding it.

4). WeVideo


Now create personal video absolutely free of cost through WeVideo. You can also go Premium or Business at a subscription charge of $3 and $16 per month respectively.

This amazing site is not only a perfect video collage maker but also a free video creator, editor, capturer too and that too online. You can share your videos at up to 4K resolution to anywhere. With higher services you can restart your work where you left it in next time.

You can completely control the transitions, texts, motion effects and screen without the problem of automation or default settings. There are various editing modes through which you can create amazing movies in just minutes.

You can use WeVideo for different purposes like work, schools and for everyday life too.

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5). Loopster


Another one in our list of video collage maker is Loopster. This is mostly used for business purposes and you need to pay $4.99 for PLUS membership. However, the basic membership is absolutely free of cost for all the users.

This is a product of the Lap of Grand Junction, Colorado which is one of the primarily used video editing software worldwide. There are various options in this sector but no one provide you as many options as Loopster.

This is one of the most visited and most used website for the video collage making purposes. It has various advanced features which represent your video as a pro work. You can take up to 20 video clips of 10 sec each along with 15 photos to merge them together.

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6). Stupeflix


This European website is like the king in the world of video collage maker. It has the tendency to provide more in very less. You can create as many free videos as you want from this site. However, for better services you would have to subscribe for $39 per month.

If you are not a pro in taking videos and photos then leave it to the Stupeflix because it creates a professional video by merging different clips and pictures together.

There is like no limit to making free videos with nominal features. You can pick from different themes as well and post them directly on different social media platforms too.

7). Magisto


This is one of those video collage maker whose name says it all. Yes, it magically creates such videos which would make you feel like a pro of video making and editing. This is a great platform for sharing wonderful memories in form of slideshows and videos.

You would not have to worry if you are an amateur in the field of video making, the final output will be polished one. You can use its feature according to the mood, style and theme of the video you want to make.

You get an additional feature of visual and sound analysis which makes your video a professional one. If you want to go for the premium version then you would have to pay just an amount of $5 for that.

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8). Dvolver


This is a completely free of cost platform perfect for your search of desired video collage maker. The process of Dvolver is different from the other video making platforms in some terms but it surely stands strong in the race.

It organizes a digital film festival called “Dfilm” which gives an opportunity to the people to make their own digital movie. The unique thing about Dvolver is its cartoon based software which are really fun to use.

It also has different facilities which lacks in other types of video makers and editors. It helps your friends and family to chat through SMS, MMS, instant messaging and other sources.

9). MakeWebVideo


Another one to be included in our list of video collage maker is MakeWebVideo. This platform is usually used by businesses to promote their work and also by those who are looking for animation in their videos.

This is just the perfect destination for creating a video for your product description and company promotion. Through its wonderful features and animation, you can create a professional level video through it.

With some amount to be paid as the premium service charge, you can get your video in full HD and with best of the Adobe after Effects. You can use different templates, music, texts and other pre-installed features to make your video more attractive.

10). Movie Maker Online


With numerous features and amazing effects, it is the time to give a professional look to your videos through Movie Maker Online video collage maker.

You can put background and text of your choice to make your video more presentable. You can also add music in it according to your choice. You can easily drag and drop the images or clips to arrange the video.

You can also edit every single picture and clip by double clicking on them. There are plenty of other features that can be used by you, to make the video more presentable and attractive.

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They are handy, comfortable to use as well as absolutely free to use. Video collage maker are really getting popular in the recent time rather than the normal collage of the pictures.

Their features and ease of techniques would surely amaze you. There is no rocket science in using video collage maker and you would be able to create your first video collage on your own very easily. Once you create it, there is no way to stop. You are surely going to enjoy it a lot.

So, next time you want to create a video collage, do not forget to use these online platforms for it.

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