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Facebook Messenger raised many eyebrows since the big blunder of privacy happened and many people even termed it as the worst nightmare ever. So, this section is dedicated to Facebook Messenger alternative, which are thankfully not spying on your identity.

So, while we talk about such messaging services, the major focus lay on Instant Messaging and of course file transferring and the rest of the things. There are better apps than Facebook Messenger which can do it all without even charging anything from you or acquiring too much space in your phone as well.

Top 10 Facebook Messenger Alternative

In the current times, we have tons of options for Facebook Messenger alternative, but I had to choose only those ones which maintain the privacy of a user. So, on the basis of productivity, features, and functioning, I brought down 10 best options for you people which are going to work as superb IM service. Apart from it, most of the control lies in user’s hands only.

1. Messenger Lite

Download Link: Android

Messenger LiteMessenger Lite is an excellent alternative to Messenger and also offered by Facebook. This one is a lighter, faster and more data-efficient version of the original app. However, I cannot guarantee you the privacy concerns regarding this app too.

It is completely free to use and the size of the app is just 10 MB unlike the heavy-duty original app which literally acquires half of the space in your phone.

In fact, this is not just about the initial saving on data. Whenever you will browse the app, you are going to realize that it consumes much lesser data than the original Facebook Messenger app. Despite that, the app works perfectly fine but you might face a bit of trouble in between about the speed.

Messenger Lite even supports earlier Android versions too and works well even when you are having a slow-internet connection day. So, this app is totally a very deserving Facebook Messenger alternative which integrates well with Messenger, Facebook and Facebook Lite so you never miss a text from your friends on Facebook no matter what app you are using for it.

2. Signal

Download Link: Android, iOS

SignalIf you are such kind of a user for whom privacy is the main concern then I think you should better use Signal like the rest of the 5 million people using it. It is an excellent Facebook Messenger alternative for Instant Messaging services and also brings some other features too.

Along with one-on-one chats, you can also do group chats and the process is really quick. In fact, you can also send media files and other documents too.

The server of Signal app ensures that none of the logs or any other data is ever get stores on it. This clearly promises the best privacy concern which is way better than other apps in the business. Furthermore, each of your text is protected by end to end encryption whose security level is quite strong.

Signal is absolutely free to use and also open source too. There are no upgrades or subscription charges and you can use this app through your existing phone number. You can relate the process to quite like WhatsApp Messenger than Facebook Messenger.

3. Skype

Download Link: Android, iOS

SkypeIt would sound totally stupid if I would start bragging about Skype which is by far the best app available for video calls and instant messaging service. Skype is the most popular app which comes with abundant features and very promising performance too.

The processing is fast and you are not going to come across even a single case of the app getting lagged or hang for even a moment.

In fact, I think Skype is more ideal for group chats rather than one-on-one. You do not even require your phone number to be shared in order to use Skype as it uses its own unique ID which can be shared in order to connect with people on Skype.

You can share pictures, make your chats interactive through emoticons, share media and documents, make video and audio calls, share highlights and much more through this Facebook Messenger alternative. You can also integrate your Facebook account with Skype in order to find all the Facebook contacts on this app.

4. Trillian

Download Link: Android, iOS

TrillianDespite being such a popular app, I am sure you would not have heard of this FB messenger alternative before. But let me tell you that Trillian is one amazing IM app which works on plenty of devices and helps in keeping your chats synchronized between them all.

All you have to do is to create a Trillian username and after that you can use this in order to send unlimited free messages.

The cross-platform support is a major highlight of this app which is rarely seen in other Facebook Messenger alternative. You can also integrate your social media accounts with it and with just one click your message will be delivers on all the platforms at the same time.

This is one heck of a way to save plenty of precious time of yours. Talking about the security, then all the chats and even a single text is encrypted which means no third party apps have the control over your texts at all.

5. WeChat

Download Link: Android, iOS

WeChatI am sure you guys would have been there after Facebook privacy breach that you just wanted to deactivate your accounts on it. Well, of course, nobody did that and that’s an old story now. But you can at least move on to some other platform for sure and I think WeChat can be the one for you.

This one is a leading Facebook Messenger alternative which is not only popular but also quite better than the messenger service.

The user-friendly platform of WeChat ensures that you get to understand its working and navigation quickly. Other features of WeChat are multimedia transfer, free voice and video calls, low rate landline calls around the world, personal photostream, privacy guaranteed and much more.

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On WeChat they have given priority to your privacy and its security so that you can access this platform without any worries. Moreover, WeChat has its own community of people which can be befriended through the feature of Friends Radar but it totally depends upon user’s wish whether they want to add someone or not.

6. Telegram

Download Link: Android, iOS

TelegramTelegram is an app which came to existence in just 2013 and soon gained quite popularity, all thanks to the numerous features it has to offer. The app was actually launched to compete with WhatsApp Messenger but I think it suits better as one of the Facebook Messenger alternative too.

Just like Messenger, this one is also an instant messaging app which is quite simple in terms of interface, fast and most importantly maintains your privacy too.

I really like the cross-platform connection on Telegram which means you can type the text from your phone and can send it from your tablet because it is that simple. Apart from an excellent feature of syncing, you get all the advantages of Facebook Messenger like unlimited media files transfer, group chats, large videos and documents sharing and much more.

They have proposed great security level on Telegram which ensures complete encryption of your chats including the media files you have sent too. That means there is no third person reading your chats in any way possible.

7. Metal for Facebook & Twitter

Download Link: Android

Metal for Facebook & TwitterWe all know the fact really well that how heavy the original Facebook Messenger app is. This is why people keep on looking for such Messenger alternative which are not only lightweight but also super-fast in their functioning too and I think this app called Metal can be a great option for that.

Interestingly, Metal is an app which supports both Facebook Messenger as well as Twitter and hence you can use a single app to regulate both of your social media accounts.

This battery efficient app reduces data consumption too and also acquires less space in your phone. You can keep an eye on notifications, updates while using the app as an IM for both Facebook as well as Twitter account of yours.

Furthermore, you have the option to upgrade to Metal Pro which is a completely ad-free paid service for Facebook. I am sure you would love to customize your Facebook Messenger service through it while it creates a more lightweight platform to keep up with all your chats.

8. IM+

Download Link: Android, iOS

IM+IM+ is a major breakthrough when it comes to managing all the Instant Messaging services installed in your phone. Now rather than juggling between plenty of them, you can handle them all through one single service.

In fact, it is by far one of the best Facebook Messenger alternatives which is also a great replacement for services like Yahoo chat, Twitter DMs, Google Talk, Jabber etc. The service is totally free to use but you might get annoyed with the ads flashing in between.

Talking about the features of this app then there are plenty of them including all the common features of the IM apps that it supports. In fact, the User Interface of this app can be optimized in order to use it on both smartphones and tablets.

Some of them are media transfer, group chats, chat history, customization, the master password for an additional layer of privacy, off-the-record messaging, typing notification, multiple accounts on a single service and much more.

9. Disa

Download Link: Android

DisaThe functioning of Disa is quite like IM+ and it really seems like the app has taken a page out of IM+’s book. This is also known as a unified Messenger Hub which is the ultimate messaging and communication app that you would want to keep in your phone.

This is somewhere way more productive and interesting than other Facebook Messenger alternative too and keeps you device absolutely clutter free.

The design is quite clean and so is the interface of the app which is also timely upgraded through the updates provided by the developers. Some of the messaging apps which can be merged together through this app are Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram, Twitter and much more.

In fact, it uses only one click policy in order to add all the desired services and the same applies to removing them too. Despite so much of services offered, the app is absolutely free to use without any annoying ads too.

10. Google Hangouts

Download Link: Android, iOS

Google HangoutsHangouts is such an independent and I guess one of the very old services active which can actually work as an alternative to Facebook Messenger. While this one is a cluster of multiple services altogether, the interface remains utmost simple to navigate easily through one service to another.

Hangouts is the kind of service which has something for all like instant messaging, free video calls and voice calls, one-on-one and group chats and much more.

There are stickers and emojis to keep the chats interactive and fun. You can also make calls which are absolutely free and provides crystal clear sound experience. However, in order to use the video service like video call you would have to integrate the Google Video account with it.

Apart from all, Google Hangouts makes an excellent pick as Facebook Messenger alternative owing to the fact that it is secure as well as provide offline messaging service too.


If you are in no mood to ditch Facebook Messenger then I think you should better switch to the Messenger Lite version of it. It acquires less space in your phone, lightning fast and also provides all the services that Facebook Messenger offers along with similar layout and interface of the app.

Moreover, if you are tired of glitches and controversies surround Facebook then I think you can go for other Facebook Messenger alternative like WeChat, Skype etc. In order to regulate all the IM services from one handle, go for collaborative platforms like Disa, IM+ etc.

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