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Photobucket is one of the largest image hosting platform in the world. However, if you have gotten bored of using it then there are more sites like Photobucket up for your entertainment. From image hosting and managing to basic editing of pictures, you can do it all here easily.

The best thing about these platform is that they function for absolutely free. However, there are some services which demands a certain amount for upgrading. I think these platforms are so much fun to get introduced to a completely different side of social media which is quite creative.

Top 10 Sites like Photobucket

So, I shortlisted some of the best sites for image hosting and editing and then prepared a list comprised of 10 best sites like these and I think you should definitely check them out. They are given with their link and some description of basic processing which might help you to understand them better.

1. Imgur

Website: http://imgur.com/

ImgurImgur is a bigger name than Photobucket itself and hence I mention it on top of the list of sites like Photobucket. This is basically an online image sharing and image hosting community which has been working since 2009. In fact, it is also counted amongst the top 50 most visited sites in the world.

It is completely free to sign up on Imgur and it just requires some basic information to do so which actually makes you an authentic user on the site.

Now, the next thing you know is to start posting anything you want except offending posts. You can post memes, you own pictures, landscapes and anything else that you want and in the same way you can watch what other people have posted by following them on this website.

Imgur also run its own store from where you can buy the franchise’s items like mug, t-shirts, ties, sticker packs, pet clothes and many more wacky yet creative items. Imgur serves as the largest option for the category of free image hosting sites like Photobucket and it is just perfect to brighten your day.

2. Flickr

Website: https://www.flickr.com/

FlickrFlickr is also quite a renowned platform used for image-hosting and sharing and this web service was launched in 2004. Flickr is acquired by Yahoo so in order to access this platform you will be redirected to create a Yahoo account first. You can use this account for multiple Yahoo features later on.

Flickr is more used via the mobile applications and has millions of active users on them. In fact, it is not just about the millions of users, you can find millions of new images uploaded on the daily basis on Flickr easily.

Flickr is way popular than other sites like Photobucket and also offers paid plans too. For the upgraded plans, you can go for Flickr Pro which costs $5.99 per month and Flickr Pro Plus which costs $49.99 per year. On Flickr you get 1000 GB of storage capacity along with quite powerful photo editing tools too.

You can search people, photos and groups over Flickr and follow them for further updates regarding them. Apart from image posting, you can organize thousands of pictures of yours effectively on it.

3. Shutterfly

Website: https://www.shutterfly.com/

ShutterflyThe next in the list of sites like Photobucket is Shutterfly which is an online image publishing platform based in California. The site also features its own photo book line too which helps the site earn a great revenue. When compared with other types of image-sharing websites, Shutterfly differs from rest of others.

According to their report, their customer is mainly women because of the really creative and unique approach of them towards sharing the precious moments of life.

When you will get on the home page of Shutterfly, you are going to find various products on sale like cards and stationary, calendars, home décor, wedding stuff and many more. Of course, you can post images but for that you would have to create an account here first.

You can find various brands listed on Shutterfly too which are quite like its own subsidiaries such as Tinyprints, Borrowlenses, Groovebook and many others. Shutterfly is one of the most creative option in the list of website like Photobucket and way diverse too.

4. SmugMug

Website: https://www.smugmug.com/

SmugMugSmugMug is not as old as other sites like Photobucket but that does not low down its charisma amongst the social media users. Launched in 2002, SmugMug is currently one of the most renowned photo sharing and image-hosting online service in the world.

SmugMug not only allows the users to share photos that too in HD but also high-quality videos too. You can view posts without even getting registered but you need an account in order to post your own images.

However, there is a little something which you should know about SmugMug. It is not a free to explore website and you are allowed to access it for free for only 14 days. You need to pick a plan afterwards from given options like Basic for $3.99 per month, Power for $5.99 per month, Portfolio for $14.99 per month and Business for $29.99 per month.

SmugMug also provides a number of features like customizable website of your own, unlimited photo and video uploading and sharing, no ads and spam, mobile applications, editing and archiving files, detailed stat and analysis of your account and many more.

5. TinyPic

Website: http://tinypic.com/

TinyPicIf you want something which tops the chart of sites similar to Photobucket then you cannot find something better than TinyPic mainly because it is owned and operated by Photobucket itself. The interface and layout of TinyPic is much simpler than other sites and if you want something simpler to understand than you should go with this option.

It lacks nowhere in terms of abundancy of content and diversified images and other media files. In fact, it is absolutely free to use TinyPic too.

Guess what? You do not even need to create an account to get started with the posting here and you can use it for both images and videos hosting. The content is divided between various types of categories too. To name a few, you can find options like animals, art, dance, emo, graphics, quotes etc.

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For all those who are tired of browsing Photobucket and other sites like Photobucket, I think they should try TinyPic for once. Each image or file is given a unique URL which can be easily shared amongst your friends to access the post easily.

6. ImageShack

Website: http://imageshack.us/

ImageShackIf you are looking for free image-hosting sites like Photobucket than ImageShack is not for you. It is a subscription based image-sharing website working since 2003 and does not support any free services on its platform. You can also link this account with your Facebook account while signing up or you can do it with your email id too.

ImageShack also operates in the form of mobile applications too but the file format of images on it are restricted. You can only upload in formats like PNG, TIFF, BMP, JPEG, and GIF only.

The paid plans given on ImageShack for upgrades are Basic for $3.99 per month, Pro plan for $29.99 per month and Premium plan for $99.99 per month. Each plans differ on the basis of features and services provided. The user holds ultimate control over privacy which includes the fact that who can see his/her content.

ImageShack is highly preferred for business use rather than personal one because it uploads quickly and you can literally find millions of images from here.

7. 500px

Website: https://500px.com/

500pxThe concept behind 500px is different from other sites like Photobucket. Rather than being a simple image-hosting website, it serves as an online photography community which means you get access to millions of high-quality images clicked by renowned photographers from around the world.

It is more sort of a marketplace introduced in 2009 and it is a perfect place for photographers to gain exposure and find inspiration.

Apart from the free version, 500px also features paid plans too which are Awesome for $2.99 per month, Pro for $4.99 per month and Pro plus for $19.99 per month. For someone who pursues photography as a mainstream career choice, this place is perfect to provide them a direct connection between photographer and clients.

To proceed further, you need to get signed up first. You can discover high-quality images in various categories like people, landscapes, city, animals, nature and many more. A highly useful and renowned option in the list of Photobucket alternatives, 500px is a must to check out for the photographers around the world.

8. Google Photos

Website: https://photos.google.com/

It can be found pre-installed on almost all the android phones and why won’t it be? Google Photos is one of the largest option which I picked for the category of sites like Photobucket. Be it about image hosting and sharing or about providing a large storage space for the users, Google Photos does it all.

It even provides the features of basic editing capabilities to edit the pictures before posting them. You can operate it via your Google account easily.

You can also add a partner’s account with yours in order to directly share your photo collection on it. It is completely free to access and users are allowed to upload images of up to 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080p.

It has been only 2 years since its launch and Google Photos has already become a really large network of photo sharing.

9. Pinterest

Website: https://www.pinterest.com/

PinterestAdding the next name for the list of Photobucket similar sites which is called Pinterest. I am not sure about those guys but I can guarantee it that you can find it on the phone of every single girl for sure. It has been active since 2010 and hosts millions of new images on its server every day.

It is way handier to use this platform on mobile applications and it costs nothing to get register on it too. You can also link it with your Facebook account too.

While getting registered, Pinterest asks for the categories of your choice that your feed will be comprised of. It features categories like bride, clothing, makeup, funny, GIFs and many more. You can also find articles and other news here too.

Pinterest is considered as one of the most creative and easy to use sites like Photobucket which is highly preferred by women around the world.

10. Free Image Hosting

Website: http://www.freeimagehosting.net/

And the last option for the category of sites like Photobucket which also sticks true to its name is Free Image Hosting. Get yourself registered with them and host and share images for absolutely free from here. You just need to browse to pick a photo and then share it

You cannot only share and post images but can also store them on your account URL via Free Image Hosting features and facility.

The file format supported on this website are GIF, JPG, PNG, and BMP. I know it is kind of restricted when it comes to choosing file format but other features of this website perfectly compensate for it. You can directly share the images on another platform too like MySpace, Xanga, Blogging platform and many others.

The maximum file size on Free Image Hosting is 3000KB and if any of your file is exceeding it then you would have to compress it before uploading.

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There are various types of social media tools available on the internet and these ones are probably the most entertaining ones out of all. You can find thousands of more sites like Photobucket easily but I tried to mention only the popular ones and these sites serve as the most abundant source of all types of media files.

There are like millions of photos which can be surfed on your feed and that it also for absolutely free. And one thing is absolutely fun about these sites is that the ultimate control lies in the hands of the user only. So, take your decisions smartly and post only that is fun.

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