Top 10 WordPress Alternatives CMS


WordPress is a very popular open source content management system. There are various WordPress alternatives which are distinctly functional and appropriate as WordPress itself.

Of course, WordPress is used the most when it comes to any sort of content curation and managing.

But, there is no harm in trying out other alternatives to WordPress as well. So, thinking about the same, I have listed down about 10 WordPress competitors which are really great and easy to use.

Top 10 WordPress Alternatives CMS

I think finally people will be able to move on to some other platforms for sharing their powerful thoughts.

1. Ghost


Don’t worry I am not talking about the actual ghost here. This site is a wonderful CMS platform which you must try if you are looking for some WordPress alternatives. Ghost is a professional publishing platform which is used by millions of people in the world.

There are various interesting features associated with Ghost that will attract you more and more towards it.

These features of Ghost are Powerful platform with modern technology, blog creation, and publication, open source software, advanced content scheduling, simple site editing, SEO, detailed structural data, RSS, Email and Slack subscription etc.

You can surely run Ghost on your free account but like WordPress and rest of the WordPress alternatives, it has some pricing plans too.

These pricing plans are Personal, Advanced, Team and Business. You need to pay $19 per month for Personal, $39 per month for Advanced, $79 per month for Team and $199 per month for Business if billed annually.

I am very sure that you are going to enjoy working through Ghost as it is really simple and its interface is handier than WordPress itself.

2. Wix


Another one in the list of WordPress alternatives is Wix. Wix is popular for its feature of free of cost website creation and development. The advanced technology used by this website is giving a platform to many talents throughout the world.

There are various features in Wix which makes it what it is today. These features are Wix Arena, SEO, Sharing on social media, client details, chats, Forum text editor, art store, ADI, Lightbox effect, Video layouts and many others.

The pricing plans of Wix is really versatile and all of them offers different features on different prices. These plans are ecommerce, Unlimited, Combo and Connect Domain. You are supposed to pay $7.53 for eCommerce, $5.48 for Unlimited, $3.88 for Combo and $2 for Connect Domain plan on a monthly basis.

You must not get confused as Wix allows you to create website for free as well. In fact, you can run your free account as long as you want. You can ever consider Wix to be even better than WordPress.

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3. Drupal


Another great option that we can use instead of WordPress is Drupal. You must have heard its name before or in fact used it too. This is because this Content Management Software is adequately efficient enough to take care of the every utility needed to manage and organize the content you want.

This is the reason that you can Drupal one of the best WordPress alternatives. You can use Drupal to make various websites, applications, post and share content etc.

There are various features of Drupal that you would love to hear. Some of these features are reliable performance, simplicity, excellent security, modularity, structured and organized content, digital framework, versatile and easy to access etc.

There are various versions of Drupal like Drupal 6, 7, 8. The latest one is Drupal 8 with more than 200 new features and a layout as smooth as butter. I am very sure that you would love to work on it.

Drupal is a very powerful tool for the management and publishing of content and this included it in the list of best WordPress alternatives.

4. Medium


Medium is one of the renowned platform in the list of WordPress alternatives used for Content Management System. The main purpose of this site is to let people publish their content through their unique identity and that is also for free of cost. There are no pricing systems involved.

You just need to sign up on their official site and get ready to enter a world which is way different than WordPress.

Whereas, in WordPress you need to take care of the technicality and layouts but Medium is way different than that. You just need to think and write what do you want and leave the rest on Medium. This site has got your back over technical things and will make it comfortable for you a lot.

In fact, the site also keep your updated with different kinds of news published by its other contributors. Several categories that you can find here are audio, technology, creativity, culture, self etc.

You just need to share your story on Medium and if it would be good enough then they will publish it for you. Medium is the simplest alternative to WordPress used by millions of people.

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5. Weebly


Up next one is a very popular CMS medium which is known as Weebly. Weebly is amongst the most preferred site which helps in creating website, content curation, blogs and various other works. It has got various utilities and tools which are going to help you throughout to create an attractive medium of presentation.

Now, let me tell you about the features of Weebly the makes it count amongst the top WordPress alternatives. These features are created blog, online store, website, powerful drag and drop tools, designing tools, various templates, SEO, analysis etc.

The basic features of Weebly are absolutely free to use but there are some pricing plans which you must check out.

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There are three paid pricing plans which are Starter, Pro and Business. Starter charges $8 per month, Pro charges $12 per month and Business charges $25 per month. Each have different features and facilities. The concept of Weebly is as simple and easy as any other of its competitor sites.

Since 2007 to now, it has been hosting 40 million entrepreneur throughout the world and making a change in their ordinary life.

6. Blogger


Yes, Blogger is still alive and working well too. This great platform for creating your own blog is quite old and in fact remained popular for many people. Many celebrities are still using it to operate their blog as it is too simple to be true.

Blogger is one of the finest WordPress alternatives because of being so old and so reliable. This idea is perfect for those people who are looking for their own blog which is free to use.

This service offered by Google comes in one of the oldest running CMS service. When you create an account on Blogger then you are allotted your own URL with link. This means now you have a link of your own which you can share on different social media sites to increase your visitors.

If you think being old does not means modern then you are totally wrong. You can find various modern layouts and themes for your blog on this site. In many aspects, Blogger is very similar to WordPress in terms of its blogging facility.

I think this is time that you get your own domain and open it directly to reach to an opportunity which allows you to share your thoughts free of cost.

7. Expression Engine


Expression Engine is just like its name and works like a powerful tool to deliver your thoughts to the audience in a very flexible way. Many times because of the unavailability of latest tools and gadgets, you remain to be a step back from your dream.

But now with Expression Engine, you can give an enormous boost to your skills and they way how you present your thoughts and ideas to the world.

Expression Engine comes with various features which makes it a perfect entrant in the list of WordPress alternatives. Some of these features are content owning, SEO control, Compatibility with multiple devices, various designs, security, flexible plugin architecture etc.

There are two versions of Expression Engine, Expression Engine Core and Expression Engine CMS. Expression Engine Core is absolutely free to use and you can buy Expression Engine CMS for $299 for once and for all.

There are various paid and free plugins and add-ons available on this site. You can utilize them as you want. There is no doubt in the fact that Expression Engine owns one of the simplest policy amongst all the other WordPress alternatives.

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8. Umbraco


The next one in this list of trusted and reliable WordPress Alternatives is Umbraco. This is a type of open source Content Management Software. Umbraco is compatible enough to run small sites to large and complex campaigns too. In fact, it designs apps too.

Umbraco also comes with various features and services which you would surely love to explore. These features are easy to manage system, painless integration, unlimited development, simple user interface, powerful API etc.

There is a feature of Umbraco Cloud which can be owned for $29 per month and it avails various interesting features along with it.

The other pricing plans are Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. For Starter, they charge $29 per month, for Professional $419 per month and for the Enterprise plan you need to talk to the company first. There are various upgrades and unique features associated with the each plan.

With so much of features in its kitty, I am sure you must have been wooed with Umbraco by now.

9. CMS Made Simple


CMS Made Simple is more like a content management manager for you. This is like handling over everything up to the site only. With some comfortable features and less complicated layout of the site, this gives you an unbelievable content management experience.

CMS Made Simple is not only suitable for writers only but it is a great helping tool for editors, designers and developers as well.

The distinct featrues offered by one of this WordPress alternatives are full control on layouts, fully documented API, third party modules, user defined tags, various smart templates, interesting themes, websites creation etc.

You must also get acknowledged with the fact that unlike other WordPress alternatives, CMS Made Simple does not charge anything according to a plan. But it has various plugins, modules, themes which works on paying system. So, when you need anything, simply buy it.

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10. Craft CMS


The last one in this list of WordPress alternatives is Craft CMS or simply Craft. This is a CMS as well as e-commerce helping tool cum website. The motto of this site is to put the content first and let it be approachable to the rest of the audience.

There are various features and services provided by Craft which are more like a tool for the interested people.

Some of the features of this website are Matrix view, live preview, localization, section types, multiple users, various categories and tags, templating, dashboard, one click updating etc.

The pricing plans of Craft includes three variants which are Personal which is available for free. The rest of the two are Client for $199 per site and Pro for $299 per site. Each plan offers different services and different features.

I hope finally you will be able to decide which is the perfect site to go for, when you want to create a site.

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Writing is the need of this time and these WordPress alternatives are doing amazing work by giving people the much needed platform for it. Being absolutely free to use, people find it easier and more affordable to use as compared to the other ones.

But, after getting to know about these sites like WordPress, I think you are going to change your mind now. There is probably no limit to the platforms which are adequate enough to showcase your talent on. These websites are setting the examples for the same.

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