Top 10 Sites like Airbnb


There are various people who want to know more sites like Airbnb and why won’t they? This is a great way to save some money while traveling to someplace else.

Vacation Rental Booking has become a huge trend these days and websites like Airbnb are making it safer and more comfortable with passing time.

Keeping all the requirements and budgets of the travelers in mind, I have listed some other sites like Airbnb which are as good as the former one.

Top 10 Sites like Airbnb

They not only help you in saving your precious pennies but also makes your trip memorable and comfortable as compared to traditional hotels.

1. Tripping


Tripping is no new name in the list of sites like Airbnb. This is a site which gives a great competition to Airbnb. This is like the leading search engine in the industry of vacation renting. Tripping shows you the options of over eight million properties in 150,000 destinations.

Tripping is famous for providing unique properties across the globe especially for long term purposes. Tripping has tie-ups with different VR industries to provide the best prices to its customers.

Tripping is a San Francisco based company which was founded in 2009 and it has even teamed up with which gives the ultimate opportunity of on-site booking to the customers. There are various filters and features on the site which helps in providing a better filter to the search results.

You can pick your desired feature in options like price, location, rating and other different amenities too. Tripping is making it huge in the VR industry and one of the most reliable option in the list of sites like Airbnb. You will find this site even better than Airbnb in many aspects and you would love the stay here on the options provided here.

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VRBO stands for Vacation Rental by Owner and it stands on its words indeed. VRBO is another pick in the list of sites like Airbnb. This site works all across the globe and tries to make the stay cheap as well as comfortable for the travelers. This site is quite similar to Airbnb and you will come to know that once you will browse it.

There are various features given on this site which can be checked by the users before finalizing the venue of their stay. You can look up to the bedroom, bathroom, price, location, photos, minimum requirements, availability etc.

All these checks are going to help you a lot in finding the perfect place to live for your next vacation. VRBO was launched in 1995 and later on got acquired by HomeAway but still going strong on its independent platform.

The cancellation and payment policies are clearly defined on the site which is quite similar to other VR sites. VRBO is a site whose database can be half of the Airbnb but the rush on their site is giving a tough competition to the later one.

3. Homestay


Homestay is another popular name in the Vacation Renting industry and another mention in this list of sites like Airbnb. Homestay is an option which gives you the advantage of living in the house of a local for even a year. This means it’s a great deal for people looking for accommodation for longer duration.

Homestay is more like an authenticated local experience as compared to the other types of options. You will find that none of the properties suggested by Homestay is totally vacant.

You would have to live in a room of a local’s house which means it is a great way to bond with local people. Homestay is very different from other sites like Airbnb and offer quite a cheaper price range as compared to other ones.

You can list out your hobbies on Homestay so that they can find a more relatable house for you. There are various filters through which you can enquire about a bedroom, bathroom, amenities required. You can even search about whether the host can cook for you or not.

By this way you get to sort out a lot of issues of your travel especially when you are on an international trip.

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4. FlipKey


FlipKey used to be an independent operator earlier but then it got acquired by TripAdvisor in 2008 and running great till now. You can count FlipKey as one of the major sites like Airbnb pushing its boundaries to outperform Airbnb anytime soon.

There is no denial in the fact that FlipKey is one of the prime choice of various passangers across the globe. This is a place which is just perfect for international as well as domestic travelers to avail the best facilities at a really low price as compared to hotels.

This site keeps the complete track of every single property listed on it. It shows the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, facilities available, photos, availability, price etc.

FlipKey has its reach in more than 160 countries all over the world and provides availability for more than 300,000 properties. FlipKey is slowly becoming the ultimate Vacation Renting Marketplace for millions of travelers in the entire world.

Not just in terms of great properties but they are very cooperative in solving your queries regarding any of the properties listed on their site.

5. HomeAway


HomeAway is not only just another name in this list of sites like Airbnb but you would be shocked to know that it is the parent company of VRBO and too. This piece of information already make HomeAway a winner in this list.

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But its popularity does not stop to this point only. HomeAway is a great place to find cheaper properties for a long term stay somewhere. It provides you information like a number of bedrooms, images, stays requirements, descriptions, reviews, amenities, price etc.

HomeAway is like your own comfortable home away from home and you would get to know about it once you book from their site. To confirm your booking, you are requested to pay at least 10%-50% of the amount so that they can be assured of your arrival.

HomeAway can follow different policies on cancellation and payments than other sites like Airbnb. No matter how different their policies or regulations are, you are still going to have an amazing stay when you get your bookings done from Airbnb. For more terms and conditions you can check out their website.

6. Couchsurfing


Couchsurfing is a renowned name in the VR industry and it was launched in 2004. It has a global approach and it provides multiple stays option for the exact same location. You can think of its popularity by the states that in last 13 years it has attracted about 14,000,000 users on its site.

Couchsurfing is more like a gift economy where there is no monetary exchange between members. This is a great and unique addition in this list of sites like Airbnb.

This is perfect for not just travelers looking for someplace to live but also to meet other members and join some events. Although the site is free to use but to use some services you are required to pay some annual fee.

There are various factors like age, location, gender, availability, interests which work together to find the perfect place for travelers and hosts. You can send message to the members where you wish to stay or you can post publicly about it to attract more hosts. This is really a unique way in VR industry.

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7. Roomorama


Roomorama is a type of vacation renting service that hails from Singapore. We cannot call it as big as other sites like Airbnb listed here but Roomorama is still in its growing phase and doing great too. It has successfully tied up with about 60,000 properties in more than 4,000 locations around the world.

Roomorama was launched in 2009 and it has grown to be a great success from that time. This is continuously developing its features to provide better facilities to its users.

This is the reason that it invites about 50,000 visitors a day. If you want to rent your property on it then you would be glad to know that there are no charges for processing at all. But being a traveler you should know that you would have to pay some amount for booking similar to other sites like Airbnb.

Roomorama is mostly famous in Europe and invites a great rush from there. It’s unique ShoutOut program allows travelers to post what they want so that owners can directly contact them.



9flats is one of the latest sites like Airbnb to enter the sector of vacation renting. It was launched in 2011 and it operates from Singapore. is preferably best for renting or leasing apartments, homestays, hostels etc. for short terms. is like the broker between host and traveler and earns by consuming some percentage of their fee from both the parties.

This site is giving some tough competition to Airbnb because of its attractive features and great services. 9flats started from only 5,000 places and now has reached to about 250,000 properties across the entire world.

What is different about 9flats is that being a traveler you are not supposed to do anything and your host is going to pay the booking fees. Also, the transactions are done through secure payment modes including bitcoins.

In the current time, 9flats operates in around 110 countries and providing great accommodation to the needed travelers. In fact, its recent feature of book now, pay later is also grabbing so many eyeballs.

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9. HouseTrip


HouseTrip is one of those sites like Airbnb which came in existence very late but grew up to be a great competitor to other vacation renting sites. With its launch in 2009 HouseTrip began growing very rapidly by operating from Switzerland.

HouseTrip is one of the most reliable option for booking a cheaper place for your vacations and even got listed in Europe’s top 100 startups.

HouseTrip is counted as one of the largest name in VR industry and provides about 330,000 properties to the travelers. The best part of HouseTrip is that it provides some interesting properties for the stay that includes boats and castles too.

If you want to fully enjoy your vacation then you must try booking at such sites like Airbnb. However, it does not support single room booking and you would have to book entire property.

10. Wimdu


The last pick in this list of sites like Airbnb is Wimdu. This private company is very new in the business of VR and was launched in 2011 only. It operates from Germany and it is growing every day to give some tough competition to the rest of the sites in Vacation Renting business.

Wimdu does not own any of the property listed on its site but rather work as the broker between host and traveler.

Wimdu is a great place where you can book or rent anything like flats, rooms, hostel beds, hotel rooms, homestays, apartments etc. Wimdu operates in more than 100 countries and shows you the option of about 350,000 properties across the globe.

This means you have various options to choose from when you are browsing such sites like Airbnb. This site is progressing to be a great competitor in this business and very near to achieve the target of providing renting facilities in about 160 countries.

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Vacation Renting sites like Airbnb has kicked off a totally different trend in the recent times. The purpose of these sites is to let the travelers not only enjoy their trip but also keep them under their budget. This is a like a huge revolution which is making the abroad trips cheaper for the passengers.

So, next time when you plan a trip don’t forget to check out these Airbnb like sites. They will be proved to be really cost effective and you could save at least 20%-30% of your money on your trip.

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