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Coinbase is a really popular website used for buying and selling cryptocurrencies of all types including Bitcoin too. However, as heard according to the recent reports, there were some problems reported with its account verification and hence people are in need of more sites like Coinbase for the exchange of digital currencies.

And this is why I had to check out a lot of websites similar in features and services and I actually came along a lot of options too. However, there is a need to consider a lot of aspects before using these types of websites and hence I decided to do it on your behalf.

Top 10 Sites like Coinbase

So, here is a little something for people who have been looking for reliable sites like Coinbase. As the use of digital currency has been increasing with each passing day, I think it is time that we look forward to it too. And hence I picked out these 10 best options amongst the rest to invest your trust into. You can check out the detailed description right below.

1. CEX.io

Website: http://cex.io/


The first one to mention in this list of sites like Coinbase is CEX. I don’t know if you know about it but it is one of the most popular and reliable solutions when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. In fact, despite being a newbie it has surpassed the popularity of various other such sites.

CEX offers a variety of features to its users which are cross-platform trading, protection against frauds and other cyber attacks, margin trading, legal compliances, global reach, advanced reporting tools, real-time updates, fast execution and many more.

Fee Structure:

  • Maker-Taker Fee of CEX varies according to the BTC volume. For each 30 days schedule, 0.25% is taker fee and 0.16% is maker fee for 5 and less BTC. It keeps on decreasing with the increase of BTC.
  • Deposit Fee is 3.5% + $0.25 in USD for Visa and MasterCard and Withdrawal Fee is 3.8% and 1.2% + $3.80 respectively.
  • Margin Fee is 0.2% as open fee and 0.01% for roll-over and it applies to USD for various types of cryptocurrencies.
  • Instant account approval, deposit, and withdrawal fee direct in your bank account, credit card, Debit card.

2. Changelly

Website: https://changelly.com/


Changelly is another option in this list of sites like Coinbase and it mainly works as an exchange service between various types of crypto-currencies. Of course, it supports trading but its main use it quick currency exchange on really low fees.

The process of Changelly is pretty simple where you create a digital wallet for yourself and the platform shows you the best currency rates to provide options for trading.

The main focus of this platform is on removing middle-men and barriers between customers and cryptocurrencies market. Changelly supports a variety of digital currencies like Eos, Bitcoin, Aragon, Centra, Edgeless and many more. There are no hidden prices here and Changelly works really fast like literally at the speed of light.

This platform is presented by MinerGate and they assure their customers of high security and privacy factors.

Fee Structure:

  • The only amount highlighted on Changelly is its commission fee which is only 0.5%.

3. Kraken

Website: http://kraken.com/


Next alternative to Coinbase is Kraken which has been working amazingly since 2011. It is more demanding in EURO volume than USD but works for various types of currencies. Talking about the digital currency types it covers then these are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gnosis, Melon, Monero, Litecoin and many more.

Some of the features of Kraken which you should know about are fast funding for low fees, a highly reliable platform with legal compliance, leveraged trading options, verification process, simple interface, simple buying and selling and many more.

Fee Structure:

  • Maker Taker Fee of Kraken varies just the way other sites like Coinbase do as it highly depends upon volume. For general, Maker fee is 0.16% and Taker fee is 0.26% for a volume of 50,000 and less in USD and renews in 30 days.
  • Deposit Fee is $5 for bank wire deposit inside USA and $10 for outside USA, while Withdrawal Fee is $5 inside USA through Bank Wire and $60 outside USA.
  • Margin Fee is same for open and roll over which is 0.01% per 4 hours.

4. Gemini

Website: https://www.gemini.com/


One thing which I absolutely loved about Gemini is that it offers trading options for both individuals and institutions and this feature is actually missing from most of the sites like Coinbase.

Gemini started in 2015 and reached up to success really quick. In fact, Gemini was the first license Ether exchange platform too. Apart from buying and selling, Gemini also supports storing this digital currency too. The interface is also pretty simple whereas the real-time prices of various currencies are displayed.

However, Gemini only supports Bitcoin and Ether only. But I am really sure you would love the ease of accessing on this platform which is way simpler than other ones.

Fee Structure:

  • The fee schedule lasts for 30 days for this Coinbase alternative where maker fee is 0.25% and taker fee is 0.25% for less than 1,000 BTC.
  • Deposit fee, as well as withdrawal fee, is absolutely free through bank wire transfer while it varies for different currencies.

5. Coinfloor

Website: https://coinfloor.co.uk/


Coinfloor is the UK based peer-to-peer exchange marketplace for bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrencies. It works as a connecting link between vetted brokers and investors, consumers. You can start trading on it right now as the account creation is absolutely free.

Although their main focus remains on Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash but Coinfloor also supports other international currencies like USD, Polish Zolty, Euro and Pound Sterling.

The working of Coinfloor is quite like the rest of the sites like Coinbase however, their inclination towards a single type of crypto makes their area of service limited. Apart from it, you can use Coinfloor for trading, depositing, withdrawing etc.

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Fee Structure:

  • Charges for using Coinfloor lasts for a cycle of 30 days and it is 0.30% for the volume of 500,000 and less for USD and volume count varies for other currencies.
  • Deposit Fee is $10 and the minimum amount should be $2500 whilst, withdrawal fee is $15 and the minimum amount should be $20.

6. ANX

Website: https://anxpro.com/

ANX international is a Hong Kong-based company whose features are way more than any other sites like Coinbase. It is not just about virtual currency exchange, but this site also serves as a financial technology platform, cloud platforming to generate digital assets and also serves as a digital wallet too.

There are various branching sites of ANX where ANX Pro is used for buying and selling crypto-currencies and for its exchange.

Types of cryptocurrencies supported by ANX Pro are Golem Coin, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Dogecoin and many more. However, as the site is a native of Hong Kong, transactions in USD costs higher than other platforms.

Fee Structure:

  • ANX follows exchanges like Coinbase and hence you are supposed to renew the Taker Maker charges in a cycle of 30 days. Maker charges are 0.1% and Taker charges are 0.2%.
  • There is no fee applied to deposits but withdrawal fee charges are $25 + 1% for bank wire transfer and it is only $5 + 1% for local banks. The minimum amount should be $100 and the maximum is $10,000.

7. Poloniex

Website: https://www.poloniex.com/

Poloniex is the next option under this list of sites like Coinbase. It is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange platform working since 2014. Poloniex works for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and various other types of virtual currency options.

You can actually see the real-time fluctuation in the pricing of these currencies and track the buying and selling at the speed of light.

It is absolutely free to create an account on Poloniex and after looking at the fee schedule, I really found it way more affordable than any other exchange platform. And of course, the level of security provided is quite phenomenal too.

Fee Structure:

  • The Maker Taker fee schedule goes for 30 days and renews afterwards. For 600 BTC and amount less than it, Taker charges are 0.25% and Maker charges are 0.15%.
  • There are no deposit fees on Poloniex but Withdrawal fees are applied. However, this fee is charged by the withdrawal network and not Poloniex itself.
  • Apart from it, 15% fee is applied to earned interest for the lenders.

8. Binance

Website: https://www.binance.com/

Binance is the next pick for the category of sites like Coinbase and founded only in 2017. Despite being so new in this market, they have grown like crazy and currently ruling under the top most digital currency exchange platforms just because of their extremely low fee schedule.

This company deals in a variety of cryptocurrencies like NEO, Bytom, Bitcoin, Salt, Ethereum and many more.

I found the features of Binance way more amazing than any other sites similar to Coinbase and trust me it is quite reliable too. They follow a multi-tier security system and also support multiple languages on their platform too. In fact, you are going to find them quite fast as 1,400,000 orders are placed in a second here.

Fee Structure:

  • 1% fee is charged for trading on the platform of Binance. However, if you possess any BNB (Binance Coin) it will be taken as default and 50% discount will be offered.
  • Deposit charges are absolutely free while the withdrawal charges differ for various types of currencies and each one has different minimum value.

9. Bitfinex

Website: https://www.bitfinex.com/

Bitfinex is a Hong Kong based crypto-currency exchange trading and currency storage platform which was launched in 2014. Bitfinex operates in a way larger perspective than other sites like Coinbase and operated more than 10% of the total exchange takes place in the world.

Now, this is the time to go through various features of Bitfinex which are largest liquid exchange platform, margin trading, customizable and simple interface and navigation options, various orders etc. Bitfinex also supports various currencies like Neo, Ripple, Bitcoin, Eos, Litecoin etc.

Fee Structure:

  • The fee schedule lasts for 30 days and it charges 0.1% maker fees and 0.2% taker fees for the volume less than $500,000.
  • The deposit fee of every type of cryptocurrency is absolutely free while, the withdrawal fee is different for each one of them. However, for Bank wire, the deposit fee is 0.1% having min. amount as $20 and the same goes for withdrawal fee.

10. BitStamp

Website: http://www.bitstamp.net/

You should not get confused with its name as BitStamp is not just about the trading of Bitcoins only but it applies to various other virtual currency options too. You can trade in Litecoin, Ethereum, ripple etc. through the help of BitStamp and it works in USD as well as EUR.

Just like all the other sites like Coinbase, BitStamp also follows a very definitive security measure where verification of users is very important.

The ever-changing stats of these currencies are displayed on the home page itself and everything works really fast in real time.

Fee Structure:

  • The unified fee schedule lasts for 30 days of period and varies with the USD volume. For example, for less than $20,000, an amount of 0.25% is charged which decreases with increase in volume.
  • Withdrawal Money also varies for various mediums but for debit card withdrawal $10 is charged for the amount up to $1000, and 2% is charged for above $1000, whereas deposit is free.
  • Talking about international transactions, 0.05% is charged for deposit and 0.09% is additionally charged for withdrawal providing the best platform for best virtual currency exchange.

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It can be kind of tricky to understand the process of cryptocurrency exchange and somewhat risky too because the prices are highly fluctuating all the time. The sites do not take responsibility for your loss so please make sure that you know this process really well before investing in them.

Some of the sites like Coinbase are restricted to the trading of Bitcoins only as this is the most popular type of cryptocurrency right now. However, on the basis of various aspects like types of cryptocurrencies supported, pricing etc. I would like to suggest Gemini to you people to start trading from.

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