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Pastebin is the number 1 tool which is used for pasting the text online and keeping it safe for the future references. It is highly used by programmers to keep the source codes online. However, there are some limitations on this site and hence you need better Pastebin alternative.

As I went through the features of Pastebin, I realized that it provides less control and customization options to the users and it is a major drawback when it comes to sharing information with your friends. And this is why I think you should start looking for better options.

Top 10 Pastebin Alternative

This is the reason that I went through a lot of types of Pastebin alternative and finally I zeroed on these top 10 options amongst the others. There are various factors on whose basis I picked out these ones and I am sure you will be satisfied with this compilation once you will check out their description.

1. GitHub Gist

Website: https://gist.github.com/discover

GitHub GistGitHub Gist is not exactly like the ideal Pastebin alternative but I found its application even more important and interesting than the Pastebin itself. Where Pastebin can be used for literally anything, the focus of GitHub Gist lays on saving the computer codes by providing a web based hosting service to the people.

In fact, this platform is so popular that it has its own mascot which is an Octocat called Mona. GitHub is already a popular name for providing path to all types of software and this platform called Gist is a further aid for such people who are looking for open source programs.

To post and access a Gist, you need to create a GitHub account first which is a completely free process. Now, you can access thousands of program codes and comment on them asking any queries. You can also share them to some other platforms too.

You can call this platform a Code Snippet which is so proper for hosting and providing large codes for literally anything. You can customize them further by going either private or public which helps in encrypting the information from hackers.

2. Hastebin

Website: https://hastebin.com/about.md

HastebinAdding further to the category of sites like Pastebin, we have our next option here called Hastebin. It has been over 6 years since the launch of the site and it has been working amazingly and completely safe to use too.

The perfect interface and superfast navigation of the site is something which you would not want to miss at all and let me tell you it won’t even take you another minute to figure out how it works.

All the options and controls are given on the right hand side of the site which are like creating new document, editing, saving, sharing to Twitter etc. Just like the GitHub Gist, Hastebin is also highly used for sharing codes of various programs and saving them online for a longer future reference.

This is the easiest type of Pastebin alternative ever and also quite secure to use too. Hastebin can save your copied document for up to 30 days which is usually the maximum limit for such pastebin sites. However, there are still some privacy concerns on Hastebin constantly being argued by various users.

3. CodePen

Website: https://codepen.io/

CodePenWhile going through the details and process of CodePen, I found this site way more organized ad versatile than other Pastebin alternative and the reasons are so many for this.

CodePen is an online community which is not restricted to pasting and saving important text online but works beyond that too. You can use it for creating projects, joining other people in combined efforts, for writing, for maintaining privacy, for education, for showcasing user created JavaScript, HTML, CSS code snippets and many more.

All the essential and basic features on CodePen comes for free which requires a sign up process only. But if you want to go Pro and access advanced features, then it is going to cost you only $8 per month. With this you get services like unlimited privacy, asset hosting, more versatile projects, various themes etc.

You can call CodePen a social development environment where various people can combine together to create something interesting and useful. And this liberating tool is actually helpful for polishing skills and talents of people around the globe.

4. Paste.ee

Website: https://paste.ee/

If you are someone who is looking for a more controllable platform as compared to other Pastebin alternative then you should consider using Paste.ee for this. This service is completely free which requires you to just sign up on it to take full advantage of its features.

Also, it offers more customization and control option to the users which allows a person to take better decisions regarding the text he/she copied and now wants to save on this platform.

One thing which I absolutely loved about Paste.ee is that you can decide the duration of the expiration of your text which can vary from 2 weeks to even 1 year which is the longest time offered by any sites similar to Pastebin. Where other services are mostly used for saving the codes, Paste.ee is more useful for saving texts.

It is important to register here otherwise the size of a single document gets restricted to 1MB only. In other options, you can encrypt your document and change the privacy settings and can also convert line endings too.

5. JS Bin

Website: https://jsbin.com/?html,output

JS BinI am back with mentioning such Pastebin alternative which focuses on experimenting and saving the web languages. JS Bin is mainly used for saving really long source codes written in HTML, JavaScript, CSS etc. and put them together in form of the online document.

This website also support languages like Jade, Markdown, Sass etc. Rather than focusing on other types of text, it is highly recommended and used for pasting languages only.

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Some of the features of JS Bin are codecasting, fully modified rendered view, complete support for GitHub Gist for importing and exporting files, code mirrors, library support, custom URLs, keyboard shortcut supported, cloning and many more.

You can also opt for the pro version of JS Bin too which is going to cost you £12.99 per month along with VAT and it also offers better and upgraded features too. These features are 1GB free storage, unlimited public and private bins, unlimited dropbox sync, secure embeds and many more. You can either get registered through GitHub or by your email address too.

6. Pasted

Website: http://pasted.co/

PastedDid you know that you can even earn through this pasting thing? Well, I am sure you didn’t because even I was not aware of it until I came across this Pastebin alternative called Pasted. This site is used for pasting the source code of various programming language online for the future uses.

However, this is not the only thing about it but you can legit earn from it too. However, it is not as simple as you think.

For every 1,000 visitor on your page, you get $2 for it and the amount is transferred to you through PayPal or Bitcoin on the first day of the month. Pasted also allows cross-platform connection through which you can sync Adfly and Linkbucks here too.

There are various editing features available for the pasting like size, font, color etc. You can also share this information on other sites too directly through Pasted. Talking about the privacy, then you can put passwords on your documents and can also enable code highlighting too. In fact, they also do not allow search engines to crawl through their website.

7. Private Bin

Website: https://privatebin.info/

The next Pastebin alternative in this list is Private Bin. This is a minimalist and simple open source platform which is an excellent option for encrypting various codes and showcasing them here. You can either go completely private or just put the information on public access too.

The security and privacy concerns are high on Private Bin and hence the site does not access even a single bit of your data at all.

Not only coding files, you can also save text on this platform too. One thing which I absolutely loved about Private Bin is that you can set the password on your pastes too. So, anyone wanting to read your document would be required to put password before accessing them.

Other features which makes it an excellent option amongst other alternatives to Pastebin are anonymous discussions, high security and privacy, syntax highlighting for source codes, translation system, language selection, markdown format supported, various expiration times like forever or burn after reading options, password protection and many more.

8. dPaste

Website: http://dpaste.com/

dPaste is another popular pastebin service available right now for absolutely free. It was launched in 2006 and has been evolved a lot ever since. This service is designed in such a way that it sorts out the current issues of reliability and security amongst the coders.

Working as a reliable Pastebin alternative, dPaste is mainly used for keeping a track of source code from the coders around the world.

This is an open source program and can be accessed for absolutely free. For every paste here, dPaste provides a unique URL to it and hence you can directly share this link to your fellow users. You can also share them in chatrooms and forums too.

dPaste also provides full control over the content as well as settings. You can set the expiration date from 1 day to 365 days where 7 days is the default setting. All the URLs are completely private and this privacy setting is only controlled by the user.

9. Zero Bin

Website: https://zerobin.net/

Zero Bin is another simple service which is an open source and quite minimalistic program. Private Bin is a fork of Zero Bin itself and they both are working towards making all the pastes a secured piece of information. And hence when you are saving something on this platform you should know that they do not access any of your information at all.

This Pastebin alternative provides data encryption and decryption facility for maintaining a higher level of security for the users.

There are various features provided on this platform like expiration time varying from 1 week to never and you can even set it on burn after reading option too. You can password protect your codes and can also get involved in open discussion forums too.

Other editing and formatting options are also available according to the requirement. There is no need to get registered on this website and you can also get the preview before posting your document.

10. JsFiddle

Website: https://jsfiddle.net/

Last option to join this bandwagon of Pastebin similar sites is JsFiddle. This is a platform especially created for saving source code belonging to various programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. The best thing about JsFiddle is that it allows you to export and import files from GitHub Gist too.

Just like other Pastebin alternative, it allows you to create a URL of each of your file and in this way you can easily share this with any of your friend.

This site is more sort of a compiler rather than a pastebin option because you can run any sort of source code here to check for the errors and issues. Save the codes here or collaborate with other people over a project, JsFiddle gives you all kind of opportunity on its platform.

There are a lot of settings options available too through which user can customize their preferences on this site.


Every tool on the internet comes with its own advantages and disadvantages but it depends upon the user that how he/she wants to overcome it. And this is why having some alternatives always prove to be the best option so you should carefully check out the details of these Pastebin alternative.

There can be sites and software better than Pastebin itself and hence you need to have a close look on each of them. And most importantly, do not use these websites for hacking or unethical purpose because it is strictly prohibited.

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