Top 10 Sites like Etsy


Etsy is one of the unique online shopping portals in the world. But do you know about other sites like Etsy which are as functional and unique as Etsy?

If you are not known to them do not worry because I am going to introduce you to such online selling sites like Etsy which are showcasing art like a pro.

Top 10 Sites like Etsy

You cannot only shop from these sites but also sell some unique items on these craft sites like Etsy. Such different platforms helps the artistic people to emerge and display their talents to others. Etsy like sites are perfect for the people who love and adore art and stuff related to art.

1. BigCartel


The first one in this section of sites like Etsy is BigCartel. The site has gained so much of popularity and fame which is at par with Etsy or even more than that. The reason of BigCaterl being acknowledges is its simplicity and ease of accessing.

If you want to sell your handmade and artistic stuff here then you need to create a unique portal for yourself on this site. This will work as a shop for you to sell your items.

BigCartel is a platform that saves your time in developing your site. In fact, it allows you to sell your product on Facebook through your shop too. Now, forget about months or years of process to get your site get recognition and fame.

The massive audience that BigCartel pulls get directly attracted to your site too. This is one of the most unique and effective sites like Etsy which is changing life of various artists and sellers.

The pricing for membership differs for different accounts. There are various categories like gold, platinum, diamond, titanium etc. The charges and facility differs in each type of account.

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2. Handmade at Amazon


Don’t tell me that you don’t know a thing about this Amazon initiative for handmade and beautiful craft items? Amazon started a different section for handmade stuff as one of its service sections in October 2015. The program took off quite amazingly and now has gained about 250 million customers around the world.

Sites like Etsy are thousands or even more than that in number and Handmade at Amazon is one amazing example of it.

To sell your handmade and handcrafted items on this platform, you first need to set up an account for this. This profile tells your story to the customers so that they can get attracted towards your work. You can use images and videos for that.

However, the prices are a bit high on this platform. You need to give 15% of your earnings as the referral fee to Amazon Handmade. If you are selling more than 40 nonhandmade items then they are going to charge about $40 for this.

However, the exposure and value for talent are immense on this site and it is just a perfect place to showcase your passion.

3. Silkfair


So, we are talking about a website here whose only focus is not handmade stuff. Yeah, and this is why Silkfair has got really long list of customers. Silkfair is actually an amalgam of different products which you can avail all under one roof.

Silkfair is one of the most popular site like Etsy and doing great too. The best part of Silkfair is that it gives you privacy as a seller which is much needed on any supporting platform.

It lets you create and customize your own store and gives you, your own URL too. This means now you can socialize and advertise about your own stuffs without people being confused. This is what they call a Market Booth policy where you get your own corner to set up a shop.

The pricing plan is flexible and you get various choices too. You have multiple plans to choose from like gold, silver, bronze, platinum etc. Each one has different product limit and different charges too. This is a feature which is quite relatable to other sites like Etsy.

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4. ArtYah


ArtYah is another easy to access yet kind of secure platform to give rise to the growing talents in art world. This is kind of a really big place and provide support to talents worldwide. You can easily avail the work of artists and supplier from throughout the world here.

This works in really unique and different way as compared to other sites like Etsy. It does not even required to get a membership on this site before start shopping on it.

You just need to pay onetime $5 fee per entry and you are good to shop anything from this site. In fact, the products listed here are available on a much cheaper price as compared to other craft platforms. This place is equally amazing for the sellers too.

If you establish yourself and your work on this site then you get social media exposure from the site itself. This means you are not only getting a place where you can sell your stuff but also getting the opportunity of being recognized. This is like getting two for the price of one.

5. Storenvy


Storenvy is a site that works way differently than other sites like Etsy in this list does. It sets up this personal connection with sellers and stores that nobody would ever want to leave this platform and go somewhere else for selling their stuffs.

They share such amazing and inspiring stories of their sellers to boost their confidence a bit more. Their policy on the site is strictly for handmade items only.

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Storenvy promotes different brands on their site so that the customers get the best one. They even personally promote specific products on the basis of buyer’s choice and requests. There are basically various options given to the buyers on this site.

You can either create a free shop for yourself or you can go for your own marketplace too. Of course, setting up your own URL is a bit complicated but if you want to do it for longer time then this is just the perfect thing for you. Such sites like Etsy are doing a great job for promoting small artists and craftsmen.

6. ArtFire


ArtFire is one of the most-friendly and talent oriented alternatives site Etsy in this list. This is the reason various artists and talented people prefer this platform above all. This site not only operates from the perspective of sellers only, but it helps the buyers to get what they want.

ArtFire covers all the important features like podcasts, blogs and other collective information about the products available on their site. In this way, you get more knowledge of what you are buying and what’s trending?

There are also various kinds of deals and discount offers running on the site. You can check out various such sections like buy one get one free, vouchers, free shipping, gifts etc.

The site is kind of unique as compared to the other sites in this list. If you are a buyer and not able to find a certain product then you can place an ad for it asking for “wanted” and soon that item would be up for sale. In this way, you are more likely to find the right items for purchasing.

7. Zibbet


Another interesting one in this list of sites like Etsy is Zibbet. Like most of the sites in this list, their main motive is to provide products on a much cheaper price than others. Zibbet is a platform which heavily supports those sellers who have some unique and great pieces to sell.

It has the feature of stand-alone under which the seller needs to create their unique marketplace to sell their items on the site.

There are various customization options through which each store can look different from one another. In terms of pricing, Zibbet is way cheaper than other sites like Etsy and does not even charge any commission rates too.

You simple need to select a plan from starter, pro and unlimited on the basis of the fact that how you are going to sell your stuff on this place. You must also pay the annual fee as it would be cheaper for you as compared to the monthly plan.

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8. Yokaboo


Yokaboo is another one in the list of Etsy alternatives. The platform has its own perks and advantages. The most popular one is that you tend to get the stuff on a price lower than Etsy here. And that is the reason it is a better alternative to Etsy and other sites.

Just like every other website, you need to create a shop for yourself so that you can display your stuff out there. Yokaboo has paid special attention on this task to make the sellers really comfortable.

They have tried to make this process as simpler as they can so that people can set up their own marketplace easily. Yokaboo is a UK based website but it allows the sellers to sell their product worldwide. In this way, the sellers get to address a massive global audience.

There are various plans which offers different commission rates for the different number of products. If you are for the longer run then I must suggest you to go for the best plan named “go” here.

9. Handmade Artists


As the name of this site suggests, the platform is totally and completely dedicated to the handmade stuff and hence emerged to be one of the leading competitors to Etsy.

Handmade Artists is one of the most renowned websites like Etsy in this list. The policy, terms and other services may differ from Etsy but the goal is same which is to promote the amazing skilled artists around the world. The platform grew to be large from a really small scale idea.

But now, Handmade Artist is a name that every aspiring artist knows about. The best part of this site is that it is focused in the handmade category only.

It is one of the very few sites like Etsy whose only goal is towards handmade stuff only. For the sake of recognition, they do not sell other kind of products or giving some twists to handmade authentic items. The price that they charge is $5 for the monthly plan and $50 for the annual plan.

This means you need not to spend much and you can get a great exposure too.

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10. Dawanda


The last but one of the most important pick in this list of sites like Etsy is Dawanda. The site basically operates in Europe and has about 1,000,000 products to sell on its site. Isn’t it huge? You know what is even more amazing than that? It is the fact that it has about 20,000,000 visitors each month.

I guess this data is enough to let you know what kind of site we are talking about here. This site is surely one real competitor to Etsy in this list.

Dawanda provides worldwide shipping so that no customers have to get disappointed with it. However, the policy for sellers are a bit strict here. But the amazing supporting staff and great opportunities offers, improve an artist here.

The site analyses that what a customer actually want and then help sellers to manufacture those products only. In this way, no seller have to face disappointment here. The site charges a low amount of 9.5% of your total income through the site.

Dawanda is one of the largest platforms which not only supports buyers but sellers too.

Top 10 Sites Like Popular Posts:


There are various other small scale sites like Etsy who are doing great in their specific criteria. I tried to focus more on such sites which are globally accepted and more diversified in content and categories. Through this way, websites like Etsy are inspiring people to value these artistic items more and more.

Investing in such beautiful platforms and shopping portals is a good value for money. I hope you are going to find some unique pieces of craft and talent here.

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