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Today I am here to define what is Directory Submission In SEO? and share the Best High PR Directory Submission Sites

Every webmaster wants that his website gets every day huge targeted traffic. So applies lots of link-building methods for getting traffic.

According to my personal experience, One of the best effective methods is organic SEO.

By that, you can increase your website traffic for a long time.

If you are using various paid method like SEO or social advertisement, you can only get traffic for short time, That’s why every webmaster mainly focus on organic SEO because, after some time, his website will get huge traffic in increasing mode day to day.

Post only focus on Directory submission that’s why I am giving you the best free directory submission sites list.

where you can submit the domain name of your website and can get high PR backlinks from web directory.

I think you already know about DA(Domain Authority) that’s why you are looking at the list of authority directory sites list. 

If you will build high PR backlinks from these directory sites then you can easily increase domain authority of your website. 

let’s start with web directory submission.

Table of Content:

  • What is Directory Submission?
  • How are free directory submission sites helping into SEO?
  • Ways for getting links from free directory submission sites?
  • How to create backlinks from High PR Directory Submission Sites?
  • Free High PR Directory Submission List of 2016
  • 55 Instance Approve High PR Directory Submission List
  • 7Premium Tool for Doing Automatic Web Directory Submission

Directory Submission is one popular method for get organic SEO traffic on the website, by the help of high pr directory submission sites list, you can get huge no of backlinks for your website.

which plays the main role in getting a high search ranking into search engine and increase website visibility.

What is Directory Submission?

Directory Submission is a process that you can get high and trusted backlinks for our website.

This is a simple and easy way but very time-consuming. Because when you will start to make backlinks from high pr directory submission sites then you need to follow various steps and need more information which you need to fill free directory submission sites form.

How do Directory submission Sites help into SEO?

By the help of directory submission sites we can get a big no of backlinks, if these backlinks are given from high PR or trusted free directory submission sites then the search engine will start to give priority to your website, and this is the main focus point.

If search engines trust your website then automatically search engines start to give your website high search engine ranking into search results, and you can easily get targeted traffic on your website


By help of High PR trusted backlinks your website can get high DA(Domain Authority) or PA(Page Authority).


Make Sure Always make your backlinks from highly trusted free directory submission sites, otherwise, this process can negatively affect your website.


Before a couple of days, I made some backlinks from free directory submission sites list with high pr but after a couple of days once I checked my website status in Moz tool (Open Site Explorer), after seeing my website report I was shocked, My website SPAM score increase, that time my website score is 4 which is not good for website status.

That’s why I recommend you always use a very trusted high pr directory submission list and then make backlinks from a good directory submission site. You can check the spam score of directory submission sites before submitting your website in the web directory submission site.

Types of Submission into Web Directory Submission Sites

If you want to get high pr directory submission site backlinks for your website then you can get by help in three ways. bellow you can read briefly.

  • Regular Link

According to Regular link, you need to submit your website into high pr directory submission sites by help of related information, (I am giving you how you can submit your website into high pr directory submission sites bellow).

After that directory admin will check your submitted website, if they feel, your website is related to categories and has associated information then he will approve your website.

Otherwise can decline your submission, this type of submission way is free, you do not need to pay anything to the directory admin.


If your website link is approved then you will get a stable long-time backlink. That approving process may take 1 to 3 months.

  • Reciprocal Link

This is another free method, this method also called the link exchange way.

But if you want organic SEO then avoid this type of backlink because this is an unnatural type of backlink, google is not preferred this type of backlink. this type of link will be approved within 48 hours.

  • Paid-Link

This is paid method, here you need to pay some standard charges for website submission. some high pr directory submission websites provide various fee-pay methods, you can pay with help of PayPal, credit cards, etc.

Good authority plays an important role in search engine optimization. Some people think directory submission has been dead but it is not true if you choose high authority directory sites for submitting your website or blog then this is not dead for you because very trusted directory websites play the best role in search engine visibility.

Keep the category in your mind at directory submission time. If you submit your website into the wrong category, this type of directory submission is of no benefit for you because this type of submission will not approve by the admin so you will waste your time.

Note: Choose always website-associated categories.

How to Create Backlinks from High PR Directory Submission Sites?

Let’s begin the directory, if you are going to create your website directory links, you need some specific information about your website.

First of all collect your website information, like if your website is related to technology, then your category is tech or technology, and same as your website have health product or any type of product, your category is shopping.

Below, I am giving you some basic terms, here you need, to find these term values from your website. Now I think you have one question, why I am talking about these term values? these have the main reason when we fill the directory form, all these values we need.

Title: Choose your site title, which you want to submit to the directory website.

Description: Description indicates, what type of value your website has. always write descriptions below 160 characters. make your description impressive, make sure before submitting an article, the description does not have keyword-rich content.

Meta Description: Same as description, you need to write the best description, if you write a description or meta description differently then it’s so much better.

Keywords: Keywords have a value of which keywords, your want to target on your website, and which type of audience you target.

Meta Keywords: Same as Keywords, you can put some value keywords or meta keywords.

Email: website owner email, where you want to get information about the directory registration process.

Owner Name: This field holds the value of the website owner.

Website URL: Finally this has your website URL address. Always put your website URL address.

For Example, My website is related to the technology industry and I always share tech product information and tutorial, that’s why I have my website information which I will need to put in the directory submission form. you can choose this information according to your niche or website.

Title: Techlazy – Place for computer education and software

Description: Get the latest technology updates and tested software reviews and step-by-step computer training

Meta Description: Find the latest software-tested reviews and computer tips and tricks and step by step tutorials and computer guides

Keywords: Latest Technology updates, directory submission guide, high PR directory submission website list

Meta Keyword: Latest Technology Updates and computer training and Directory Submission complete Guide, high PR directory submission website list, instance approve directory website list.


Owner Name: Lee Mart

Website URL:

If your website information collection process is done, then we are ready for submission. select any website which I Givin below list, here I am using  this website. you can choose anyone.

  • Visit on website.
  • Select your suitable categories.


This is the major option for submission, only select deep-related categories, if the website admin feels your website is not associated with categories then he can decline you submission,

Here I am selecting my website related to the best category. Blog -> Technology. 

Category Choose

 3. Find Submit Link option, Inside this website you can see the first link inside the navigation menu is “Submit Link“. Click on this Link.

4.  After hitting the “Submit Link” menu, one information submission form is showing on your screen, this is the first form where you need to put all information that you collect for submission..

Directory information fill form


Make sure to select the plan which is best for you, here I  am using a regular plan for free submission.

I am giving you bellow my submit form screenshot, if your form is complete fill then press the “Continue ” button. Holla your submission process is done.

High pr directory submission sites list and Instance approve high PR directory submission sites list Updated 2022.

I have given all tested high PR Directory submission sites myself. All web directory submission sites are working fine.

Only submit your website to high authority directory submission sites and into the relevant categories as if your website theme is travel.

Then open the directory site in chrome and select the travel category and subcategory that best suits your website and click on submit site option which will show at the top.

And now is the time to fill out a form, write a proper description, and don’t fill the description with keywords otherwise, you will not get approved.

It will be better if you select the brand name as compared to the keyword in the title.

Free High PR Directory Submission Sites 2022 [Update]

Here is the top high PR web directory submission sites list. Make sure before submitting your websites to these directory submission sites, you are submitting into a proper category and spam score is 1 or 2 of the user directory submission sites.


Instance high pr directory submission sites list [55 Website], Get Link within one week only for Techlazy readers.

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Before one month, I submitted my website to all these given directories and finally, after one week I checked my website on all these websites, and finally, I found my website on these websites. if you want to get a high DA, PA back-link then checks bellow given list. Below, I am giving here My approved directory screenshot.

My Approved directory submission Backlinks


Website URLSubmit
http://www.aquarius-dir.comRegister Website
http://www.alive-directory.comRegister Website
http://www.acedirectory.orgRegister Website
http://www.bestdirectory4you.comRegister Website Website
http://www.activdirectory.netRegister Website
http://www.a3place.comRegister Website
http://www.abstractdirectory.netRegister Website
http://www.aweblist.orgRegister Website
http://www.bedirectory.comRegister Website
http://www.adbritedirectory.comRegister Website
http://www.hotdirectory.netRegister Website
http://www.addirectory.orgRegister Website
http://www.beegdirectory.comRegister Website
http://www.clicksordirectory.comRegister Website
http://www.huludirectory.comRegister Website
http://www.sublimedir.netRegister Website
http://www.poordirectory.comRegister Website
http://www.ask-directory.comRegister Website
http://www.craigslistdirectory.netRegister Website
http://www.upsdirectory.comRegister Website Website
http://www.interesting-dir.comRegister Website
http://www.aquarius-dir.comRegister Website
http://www.facebook-list.comRegister Website
http://www.ebay-dir.comRegister Website
http://www.bestbuydir.comRegister Website Website
http://www.familydir.comRegister Website
http://www.afunnydir.comRegister Website
http://www.backpagedir.comRegister Website
http://www.exampledir.comRegister Website
http://www.lemon-directory.comRegister Website
http://www.seooptimizationdirectory.comRegister Website
http://www.domainnamesseo.comRegister Website
http://www.craigslistdir.orgRegister Website
http://www.searchdomainhere.comRegister Website
http://www.mediafiredirectlink.comRegister Website
http://www.directoryanalytic.comRegister Website
http://www.linkedin-directory.comRegister Website
http://www.ecodir.netRegister Website
http://www.advancedseodirectory.comRegister Website
http://www.apeopledirectory.comRegister Website
http://www.businessfreedirectory.comRegister Website
http://www.411freedirectory.comRegister Website
http://www.reddit-directory.comRegister Website

Premium Tools for Automatic High PR Directory Submission Sites

If you do not have more time for manual high pr directory submission sites then you can choose high trusted directory submitter online server or software, here I am giving you personally tested two resources that you can use for automatic high pr directory submission.

  • Directory Maximizer

Directory Maximizer is a very trusted website for automatic directory submission, this website is used every day by thousands of people, here you can find more than 900+ high pr free directory submission sites, if you are looking for the best online source then this is the best for you. submit your website to top pr directory submission sites with DirectoryMaximizer.

  • SubmitEaze

If you are looking for software for automatic directory submission, SubmitEaze is the most trusted software, This is very user-friendly and has lots of advanced features like captcha problem, property field submission, and various others, if you want to check more detail about SubmitEaze then check below link.

I Hope, you will love this High PR Free Directory Submission List to submit your blog or website and improve your domain authority and website ranking. If you found it useful, please don’t forget to share this free directory submission sites list with high pr with your followers and friends.

Keep visiting to get the latest high PR web directory submission list. I will update this web-free directory submission sites list regularly to provide the best working directory submission list to my readers.

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