Top 10 Stores like Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters is like the fashion staple and to take care of every person’s taste, stores like Urban Outfitters has always been there for them.

The cute collections of Urban Outfitters has always been quite attractive not only on the basis of designs and colors but moneywise too.

Keeping the same in mind, I have tried to find out the other cheap stores like Urban Outfitters for the taste of everyone.

Top 10 Stores like Urban Outfitters

This is always good to have options so that you can compare the stores and find out the best for yourself. And for the same, you can check out our list anytime.

1). Missguided


The first one in the list of stores like Urban Outfitters is Missguided. Although, its name is like this but this is going to guide you towards the perfect destination of updated and chic style fashion. If you are looking to give a total spin to your wardrobe then Missguided can be the perfect option for you.

You are going to find everything out here like dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories etc. For better accessing on this platform I would suggest you to go for creating an account on this.

They always have some discount coupons giveaway running on their site so don’t forget to grab them before heading for shopping. When you shop for $50 or above then you get the opportunity of free shipping too. So, this is like the perfect shopping site for women ever.

Despite being a UK based website, Missguided is doing phenomenal is USA too. For the unique fashion updates, stores like Urban Outfitters and especially Missguided is doing great. As a bonus, you get to shop according to your size too. They have special sections for petite and plus size clothing.

2). Forever21


Who does not know about Forever21? No matter which country you belongs to, they have a store for each and every one out there. To be true, I have never seen such a bright and modern collection of clothing on any other online stores like Urban Outfitters.

And as a bonus for their users, the store has phenomenal collection for not only women but for men and girls too .This means you can do full family shopping from a single store now.

In fact, just like Missguided, they have a separate section for Plus size women which has this uniquely stylish collection of clothing and other stuffs. And apart from so many things they have discount offers and attractive deals running all the time on their site.

To make the most out of this great store, I would recommend you to go for creating an account on it. You can also subscribe to their daily mails so that you are always updated about the deals running on the site. I must tell you that if there is any perfect store for affordable family shopping then it is only Forever21.

3). Boohoo


Another UK based website in this list of stores like Urban Outfitters is Boohoo. The idea behind Boohoo is quite clear. It not only takes charge of international fashion but also keep itself rooted to the basic fashion needs of people.

And trust me when it comes to versatility, nothing can take you by surprise like Boohoo at all. You name it and this site is going to offer it to you.

You get to grab the free shipping deal when you are shopping for more than $50. And apart from it, you also get to see miraculous deals each and every day. So, make this a ritual to check this site on daily basis otherwise you are gonna miss some great offers.

Talking about the things to offer then they have sections for men, women and even kids too. They have not only got clothing but shoes, accessories, beauty products, personalized brands, campaigns, special stores etc. for their customers. This is no less than taking a dip into the fashion heaven.

4). Reformation


Reformation is just like its name, and it truly has the capability to reform everything about your fashion sense. In fact, this store can leave you wondering that what kind of clothes you were wearing till date because it has so much to offer on seriously affordable prices.

Reformation is one of the most unique and creative stores like Urban Outfitters. It was launched in 2009 and specializes in making limited edition stuff for its customers.

The site specifically works for women only so you are going to find each and every fashion staple for a woman’s wardrobe here. Some of the things that you are really gonna like in their categories are petites collection, bridal collection, Best of Ref, outerwear and almost gone collection.

Apart from these unique things you are also getting the usual stuff like tops, bottoms, dresses, tees, jumpsuits etc. here. If you are a woman who is totally new to being stick to latest fashion trends then as a beginner it would be a wise choice that you start your journey from Reformation.

5). ASOS


Being a fashion freak, if you are not known to ASOS then you are probably missing the best collection and best deals on necessary clothing stuff. And you know what the best part about this store is? Well, it has collection for both men and women.

ASOS operates in various countries and offers international shipping too with different policies. Let me tell more about things which makes it better than other stores like Urban Outfitters.

ASOS not only offers free shipping on its stuff but if you are not satisfied then it also offers free returns too. This means there is no reason left for not trying out this store. And apart from all, it has a special 10% off for the students 24/7 on this store. Talking about budget shopping? Well, this is it then.

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ASOS has various things to offer just like the rest of the stores like Urban Outfitters. You can buy clothing items, accessories, shoes, active wears, swim wear, plus size clothing etc. for both men and women. Isn’t it just the perfect shopping destination for everyone?

6). Dorothy Perkins


If there is a store who takes care of every type of women going through different phases of her life then it is only Dorothy Perkins. I would not say that the clothes are too stylish or funky but they are surely something which you would like to wear on daily basis.

There is no doubt that why I listed it in the category of stores like Urban Outfitters. Being a woman, when you will start shopping from this store, this is instantly gonna become your favorite in no time.

When you are talking about affordability then when you sign up you get 15% off. While talking about the quality then you get the best of the fabric for every type of clothing. There is simply no way that you can resist yourself form shopping on this site.

It won’t be wrong if I will say that it is amongst the cheap stores like Urban Outfitters too. On Dorothy Perkins, you get everything no matter whether it is for petite, tall, curvy or pregnant women. And trust me the designs are seriously worth to fall in love with.

7). Nylon


If you are someone who likes simple clothing more then Nylon is probably not your cup of tea. The store is all about creating chic style fashion statements for the women out there of every age. If you want something quirky and out of the box then Nylon is the online store you should head towards.

This is one of those stores like Urban Outfitters which is a unique combination of affordability and unique style.

In fact, this is so hard to find clothes which are comfortable to wear yet trendy and stylish too. Nylon is one such fashion destination which completes this dream perfectly. You got something for everyone like girls, guys and even a bit of home essentials too.

Nylon is totally worth your attention and a true deserving entrant in the list of stores like Urban Outfitters. And don’t forget to check out the section of What’s New every day to get in touch with the latest trends of fashion world. You can also subscribe to daily updated through your email here.

8). Anthropologie


You must have already heard the name of Anthropologie before or even had done shopping from there. This is just a daily dose of reminder that does not stop shopping from here because their collection is what perfect clothing is made up of.

Whether you are a chic or high maintenance girl, traveler or couch potato, working or home make, Anthropologie has something for the need of every women.

And why only clothing, this is one such stores like Urban Outfitters and offered something in the categories like Home décor, furniture, beauty products etc. I am sure that by now you must have been craving to try this store.

When it comes to the section of clothing only then too you are getting so many versatilities in the collection. Some of the examples are like jeans, swimwear, rompers, dresses, sweats, jackets, active wear, petite wear etc. I am sure that you would totally like their cozy range of clothing line.

The store is updated on daily basis and you can check it out in their section of “New Arrivals” daily. And don’t forget to sign up on this site before you head towards ordering something from it.

9). ModCloth


ModCloth is very different from the rest of the stores like Urban Outfitters in this list. This store is more expert in keeping stuff which belongs to vintage style rather than trendy and funky styles. But it does not mean that the design are Victorian or monotonous. In fact, they are quite classy and a true sight to behold.

What I liked the most about this site is the fact that ModCloth is quite affordable. So, it perfectly falls into the category of cheap stores like Urban Outfitters too.

Interestingly, each day ModCloth runs some deals like discounts, exclusive shopping, new designs etc. So, make this a ritual to keep a check on this site on daily basis or subscribe to their daily mails too. I just want you to do not miss some really eye catching deals on it.

Finally, talking about the categories on which it works then they are also versatile. You can buy dresses, tops, bottoms, wedding dresses, swim wear, accessories, shoes etc. from this site on quite affordable prices easily.

10). TopShop


The last but not the least, final mention in the list of stores like Urban Outfitters is TopShop. Actually, this is more like a boutique from where you can pick intricate designs and unique pieces of clothing. In fact, sometimes they have limited edition clothing items in their collection too.

TopShop has various categories too. Some of them are clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, beauty products etc. The site exclusively works for women’s collection only.

Focusing upon the clothing section then you have great choices in that one too. In fact, they have special stuff for petite, maternity and plus size clothing too. You get to select from dresses, bottoms, boutique stuff, denim, bodysuit, skirts, playsuit etc.

TopShop is truly one magnificent and vivid example of stores like Urban Outfitters. I really found this site from where you can pick stuff which are capable enough to become your fashion staples forever.

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There are other stores too which are quite like Urban Outfitters but seems heavy on your budget. If you want such options which are good enough from every aspect, then the stores mentioned above are totally going to help you out in it.

These stores like Urban Outfitters have website which is quite simple to explore and some of them even have their apps too. So, they make a great option for all your fashion needs forever.

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