10 Best Sites like Poshmark


This is so common to find e-commerce websites in today’s world but they all are about buying stuff and what if you have to sell some? It is the time to clean out your closet with sites like Poshmark. These are the platforms which not only allows you to buy clothes but to also sell your used clothes on it.

10 Best Sites like Poshmark

Kick out the unused stuff and get paid in return, what else do you want from your old clothes? You really need to check out their simple approach towards maintaining the balance of fashion in your wardrobe. And for this, check out the list of amazing options which provide such services.

1. ThredUp

Website: https://www.thredup.com/

ThredUpNot just another Thrift store you have been looking for, ThredUp is counted amongst the top secondhand shopping platform which earned it the spot on the top of the list of sites like Poshmark. They ensure 100% authenticity on their products and hence you can literally buy clothing with even your eyes closes.

Each of the clothes received on this site goes through various quality checks and hence they are put on sale on their site.

You got a huge list of categories for secondhand stuff like clothing, kids section, maternity stuffs, handbags, jewelry, plus size items, accessories and many more. Now, talking about the selling process then you just need to order the ThredUp kit for it and sell out your items.

You need to make sure that they are defect free, on trend and belongs to reputed brands too and if these points are matched you get paid in the processing too and if not they you would have to wait until they are sold. You can also get your items back within 7 days of consignment.

2. Crossroads

Website: https://crossroadstrading.com/sell-by-mail/

CrossroadsIf you got no clue about Crossroads then you have wasted a major part of your money till now. Being extremely famous amongst the sites similar to Poshmark, Crossroads is perfect for buying and selling second hand clothes and that too for great earning.

However, the site works in some areas of US only so other people would have to get disappointed here. You can sell online easily but for buying you would have to find a store in your area.

Now, talking about the much coveted selling part then you can sell in four ways which are in-store, consignment, drop-off and mail which is the best available on any sites like Poshmark. I think for a lazy person consignment suits the best where you just need to buy the Crossroads bag and they will come on your doorsteps to pick your clothes.

The paying margin is however low on Crossroads and you get 50% when you trade at Crossroads store and 33% when you sell your clothes in store for cash. When you are selling by mail you need to answer some of the questions whose answers determine the price you are going to get for you clothes.

3. Tradesy

Website: https://www.tradesy.com/

TradesyIf talking about one of the most reliable sites like Poshmark then I think people would definitely prefer Tradesy over everything else. specially is an online marketplace created by women for women. And hence everything you are going to find on this site are especially curated for women only.

Launched in 2012, Tradesy is currently the most popular name that you can count on for buying and selling pre-owned items.

Working of Tradesy is quite simple, you just need to claim your free shipping kit of Tradesy to sell the items. Make sure that all the stuffs are in good condition and belongs to some brands too. Then sell them out through the kit to Tradesy and they will take care of the rest.

For items less than $50, they charge $7.50 and for more they charge 19.8% commission and once you get the store credit, you can withdraw it in your PayPal account easily. From bags, accessories, shoes to clothing you can buy and sell anything on Tradesy with utmost ease and with prices so affordable that you would totally ditch the other sites for it.

4. The RealReal

Website: https://www.therealreal.com/

The RealRealBuy from top brands like Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo etc. or sell the clothes you don’t wear anymore or that doesn’t fit you anymore and you got one platform for all called The RealReal. Sounds weird at first but when you will discover about its versatility, I am sure you will become a fan of such alternatives to Poshmark.

You can deal in clothes, shoes, jewelry, watches, art, home décor and even men’s stuff here too. This is like having those few marketplace which deals in men’s stuffs too.

Now, coming on to its consignment policy, then you start with filling in your basic information along with Zip code to locate your area. You can pick methods like home pickup, send by mail and drop off. After a detailed analysis over the items you want to sell you get paid for it accordingly with varying commission prices.

They accept only branded stuffs which should also be there in good condition too. However, it is great that they offer free shipping, drop off and home pickup services for their customers making them one of the easiest going sites like Poshmark.

5. Swap

Website: https://www.swap.com/sell/

SwapSwap.com is amongst the largest online consignment marketplace and thrift store enabling a place to the users to get rid of their unused clothing and making money out of it too. In fact, similar to other sites like Poshmark, Swap also accepts other items like shoes, accessories, jewelry, men’s items etc.

Swap also deals in maternity stuffs, baby products, toys, home décor, video games, kids clothing, men and women stuffs etc.

Selling your items on Swap is also quite simple. You can either send stuffs on your own or request the box from the site as well. You are notified about the items which are accepted for further reselling in your account’s information and when these items are sold you get paid after that.

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For items sold over $20, they charge 30% commission which is given in the form of store credit and it varies with the price too. If 50% or more of your box is rejected then you are charged for it and in this way the site maintains their quality and avoid useless items sent by the users.

6. Vestiaire Collective

Website: https://www.vestiairecollective.com/

Vestiaire CollectiveThe next site in this list of sites like Poshmark is Vestiaire Collective which not only allows you to buy and sell second hand clothes but also showcase an amazing collection of brand new clothes and other stuffs on its platform as well.

Talking about the basics of the site, it deals in categories like women, men and kids clothing, home décor, art, day to day items, vintage pieces, accessories, bags, shoes, jewelry etc. It also offers free shipping on all the orders above $250.

Now, turning the discussions towards selling your items here then it is also a simple process. You just need to snap some pictures and then they people will put it on sale. Once the item is sold you are supposed to ship it to the store which is free and then you will get paid for it.

Make sure that your item stands by the quality standards of the site as they are very particular about brands and the quality stuffs. With the amount earned on VC, you can directly shop from their own site too.

7. Grailed

Website: https://www.grailed.com/

GrailedFinally, there is a marketplace which works for men only. From joggers, to trending sneakers and even well-tailored suits buy anything from this site and also sell your second hand clothes too for some extra cash. Grailed is one of the most popular sites like Poshmark which is highly admired for its classy and branded collection.

So, if you are having the branded clothes which you no more wear or which does not fit you anymore, you can sell them on Grailed easily.

Unlike other sites, the process is a bit difficult here. Firstly, you need to put entire description of the item along with expected price too. Now, once you receive the payment of this item through the PayPal account, you are the only who would have to pay for the shipping too which is $50 in USA.

Do not forget to post the original pictures too and then publish your item on the site for being sold. All the items must be from high-end brands otherwise they are not going to be accepted here.

8. Material World

Website: https://www.materialworld.co/trade-in/

Material WorldAmongst all the Poshmark alternatives, Material World is the one which follows the simplest process of all. This is like your instant dealer where you get paid upfront and they buy your clothing with some authentication checks for the items.

Material World is the fastest way to make money by selling out the items you do not use anymore and they must be in a good condition too.

You can also buy from their second hand market having categories like clothing, handbags, shoes, accessories, branded stuffs etc. but for women only. Now, talking about the selling part then you would have to get the material world kit firstly which is totally free.

Now, mail all your items in it which must meet their brand and quality standards and after an analysis they will show you their offer on it. If you like it then you can accept it and you will get paid immediately for it which is the fastest process as compared to any other sites like Poshmark ever.

9. ReSee

Website: http://www.resee.com/

ReSeeRe-See is a website which exclusively deals in the pre-owned as well as brand new items for buying and selling purposes. ReSee owns a huge collection of items in clothing, shoes, accessories, bags and various other requirements of women.

ReSee ships worldwide and offers wonderful versatility in the items available on its website. However, selling through ReSee is not as simple as other sites like Poshmark.

You need to fill out a form with your information as well as about the item you want to sell along with their pictures. If it is up to the mark then ReSee will contact you further for it and you would have to get all the items dry cleaned before sending them to the store.

Customers get a commission of 70% on each of the items sold and make sure you send them bulk products instead of one single items.

10. eBay

Website: https://www.ebay.com/sl/sell

eBayI think we need more stores like Poshmark and eBay is a place that everyone swears by while searching for such stores. Although a very popular platform, I decided to put it on last because the other ones deserves to grab some eyeballs too.

Being a very popular and the largest online shopping and marketplace, eBay deals in a variety of stuffs and cover up almost all the categories.

In fact, it is the simplest of all to list out items to sell on eBay. You just need to fill in some description and photos of stuffs you want to sell. Once the items got sold you get the payment and now you can send the items in a box to directly eBay.

There are no price for listing but just the way other sites like Poshmark works, eBay charges 10% of the commission from a single purchase which I think is pretty generous compared to other such social marketplace.


I think we need more social marketplace sites like Poshmark to keep our wardrobe up to date. However, Poshmark works in US only but some of the sites which I have mentioned above works in several other countries too. Moreover, it is more about getting a platform for such tasks.

With only few steps, you clothing items are going to be up on sell and you can get perfect price for them too. In fact, you can buy other second hand clothes too. It is just a simple process like any other classifieds posting website and functions quite effectively too.

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