Top 10 Sites like Humble Bundle


There are very less sites like Humble Bundle who are creating a great platform for charity along with mass purchasing.

This is a unique step that is strengthening the games market along with donating some part of it for a noble cause. We surely need to find more Humble Bundle Alternatives.

To help the same, I have listed down some other alternatives sites Humble Bundle who follow the same ideology and helps in donating something in charity.

Top 10 Sites like Humble Bundle

Bundle sites like Humble Bundle deals in games, books and other stuff too. I hope from next time you will pick these ones instead of others.

1. Flying Bundles


The first pick in the category of sites like Humble Bundle is a site named Flying Bundles. This site is quite like Humble Bundle but deals in only bundles of games only. The idea of selling bundle is that it costs cheaper than single game and hence people are more prone to buy it.

Flying Bundle is quite new in this industry and was started in mid-2013 only but turned out to be really a success.

Flying Bundles basically provides digital game bundles to platforms like Steam and Desura but you can also buy them. They follow the “pay what you want” policy under which customers decide what they want to pay for a bundle. The suitable wins the bundle and get to use it.

They donate some amount of earned money to different charity platforms. Like most of the sites like Humble Bundle, this site also supplies games in multiple areas and therefore you need to have a PayPal account for that or you can pay from other options too. The payment process is totally safe on this site and you can fully rely on them.

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2. Indie Gala


So, the next one in this list of Humble Bundle alternatives is Indie Gala. This is a site which deals in bundle of games and the price offered on a bundle of 10 games is so low that you will not even believe it. Indie Gala also features single games too but their price is a bit higher than the bundled ones.

Each day Indie Gala runs some kind of offers under which you can easily find bundles of massive discount prices. In fact, there are items which are available on free giveaway too.

You should check this site on a daily basis to find the best deals on it. The section of giveaway is something which must not be missed by you. Just like other bundles sites, this site also give some amount of its earnings to charity funds.

Usually, they sell games in form of 10-13 games but you can find more or less too. This is a site which should be on your to do list on a daily basis otherwise you will miss deals like 95% flat discounts on game bundles.

3. Story Bundle


Story Bundle is the kind of sites like Humble Bundle for books only. Isn’t it kind of unique to browse such sites like Humble Bundle? I mean you do not get to check out such sites on a daily basis. By buying books from this site, you are not only enlightening your life but also donating something to others too.

Story Bundle basically deals in Indie books which are written by Indie authors. They usually sell books in form of bundles but you can sometimes find single books too.

Now, talking about their collection then you are going to find some of the unique and finest books out here. This site is dedicated to quality and reputed books only. In a bundle of books, you are going to find about six to nine books.

Story Bundle is one of those sites like Humble Bundle which is very different and very unique from other types of bundle sites. This site also works on the formula of pay what you want which means you get to decide the price and buy the books in whichever nominal price you want.

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4. Groupees


Even the tagline of Groupees is enough to understand its concept which states that “bundle of joy’. Groupees is no less than a boon for the gaming lovers and the best part is that bundle prices are so low per game that you will feel like a shock in your head.

You would be glad to know that Groupees not only support games but also deals in music, comics and ebooks too. This turn it an all-time hero for the creativity lovers and teens.

Groupees comes in those few alternatives sites Humble Bundle which deals in multiple areas other than books. It even avails single games too. There are multiple games which are made by this platform on its own and then sold to steam.

Groupees is taking the bundle world to a totally new level. But you should know the fact that the deals lasts for a definite time period only so you should make quick decision before they ends. One thing that I can assure you for sure is that you are not going to find cheaper game bundles like this anywhere else.

5. Bundle Stars


Bundle Stars is no new name in the bundle world where they deal in quality games in the entire world. I am so glad to list it out here in the compilation of sites like Humble Bundle. Of course, it follows the idea of charity too and the deals are something worth to drool over.

However, Bundle Stars deals in only bundled and individual games and does not feature any music or books. You would not even believe it but till date, Bundle Stars has sold about 27 million steam games.

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You can just imagine from this, that how big this platform is for the gamers. Sites like Humble Bundle are few but all of them have earned great reputation in the market. This site is such a huge name all over the world and it operates in around 200 countries.

Just like other sites, it also features drool worthy deals on bundles and sometimes you can even get 99% discount on the games bundles. Their bundles are large as compared to others and you are going to get quality games in them.

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6. Daily Indie Games


Moving on with the next entry in the list of sites like Humble Bundle which is Daily Indie Games. The site says it all about itself that it features wonderful and cheap bundles of various games combined all together. This is a site you must look at daily basis to keep yourself updated with their offers.

This is a site which always have at least ten bundles on display and that too with wonderful offers and discount prices.

Although, the number of games features in a single bundle is quite less as compared to the other sites. But the prices are done according to that. You would have to get yourself registered on this site to access all of its features on it.

You must keep in mind about the fact that all the payments done on this site are non-refundable and you should make sure before finalizing everything. You would love to know that sometimes it costs like less than $0.05 to buy a game on this site. This means you must keep up with them on daily basis.

7. Lazy Guys Bundle


Don’t take seriously about its name because the site is much more than that. This is the reason I listed it out in the category of sites like Humble Bundle. Lazy Guys Bundle features only games and does not deal with music, books or other stuff.

But you will be glad to know that there are multiple types of discount offers which keeps on running on this site. In fact, sometimes you can own a bundle for as low as $3.

I don’t think you are going to get deals like that somewhere else. You are going to get about 10 games in a bundle, however, the number can vary on the basis of the bundle. This site comes in the category of those sites like Humble Bundle which features the options of “Pay what you want”.

This means to claim a low price and take away the entire bundle for like pennies. The site is also really fast in working and you are going to immediately receive the keys through email.

8. Cubic Bundle


Cubic Bundle is working in a unique way to present the ultimate games in form of bundles, singles and in fact free too. Each of the bundle is available for a specific time period only. So, you really need to check out this site every day so that you do not miss the best deals on it.

Cubic Bundle is a great inclusion in the list of sites like Humble Bundle and it is surely providing some of the most entertaining game to the gamers.

This site works with the formula of ‘pay what you want’ and hence it brings you a great deal of discounts on the game bundles. However, the site does not offer other files like music or books and just stick to games only.

You are lucky enough to get an entire bundle for just $1 and that means it is so affordable to use this site. They people also do not store your payment details which mean online shopping with them is absolutely safe for you.

9. Bundle in a Box


I must say that in the list of sites like Humble Bundle, Bundle in a Box is one of the most organized and well-maintained site. It offers some features which are not given by any of the site. It provides genres of the game bundles which is very rare in such bundle sites.

You get to choose from different games like Sci-Fi, mobile games, puzzle games, RPG games etc. You can even opt for the action adventure games too.

You would be even glad to know that they provide reviews of each game offered so that gamers know what they are having. This is like a win-win situation in every term. There are other sections like top rated games and recent additions which make the bifurcation even more vivid.

This is very rare to come across such sites like Humble Bundle which takes care of their customers this well. However, the site only deals in games and you are not going to get other stuff on it.

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10. Stack Social Bundle


This is one of the most different options in the list of alternatives sites Humble Bundle. Like all the other sites it does not deal in games or music or other relative stuff. But the site is something that will be really beneficial for you.

It deals in multiple eras like online courses, programming, drones, certifications, apps + software and many more.

The site is doing something which is leaving behind the terms conventional. You will find bundles of wonderful courses to buy and that too along with certifications. You can even buy electronics from this site bundled or single. There are multiple lifestyle products belonging to different categories.

The site is no less than a treasure for the people who want to learn something new just by sitting at home. Their some of the items are on “pay what you want” offer so that you can buy them in the way you want. This is a really wonderful site that you must explore.

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Websites like Humble Bundle are doing a great job in creating opportunities for the ones who really need it. No matter whether the amount that goes to charity is big or small but at least they are creating some difference.

You must check out these sites like Humble Bundle and use them for browsing to support a noble cause. I hope this piece of information is going to help you a lot from next time.

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