10 Best eBook Torrent Sites


In this digital world, buying books is too mainstream. So, for the same I have some best eBook torrent sites listed out here. You are going to find millions of books free of cost on these sites which you can download easily and read whenever you want wherever you want.

Being an extreme fan of all the latest writing marvels, I think this is a perfect way to find the vast treasure of exceptional books.

10 Best eBook Torrent Sites

So, right below is a list comprised of some great free-to-access torrent sites which are going to help you in finding out the best of eBooks on the internet.

But before making any internet activity on these given books torrents sites, First, your should know, What is the right way to access books torrent sites or any torrenting sites?

Torrenting mostly involve in piracy activities that’s why you need to prevent digital footprint at the torrrent sites exploring time.

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Best method for these issue, you can use VPN services, Proxy Services or Tor Browser bundle. But recommended method is VPS services, I am saying that because VPN services offers multiple security features like Kill switch, DNS Leak, Double VPN, Military Grade Encryption, Fast Torrent Downloading speed, P2P, L2TP, Meshnet and much more.

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  • The PirateBay

Website: https://thepiratebay.org/

The Pirate Bay is the largest torrent website in the world hands down. The site not only targets complete entertainment but also provide relevant torrent links for the stuffs you need. This should surely deserve the first position of the list of best eBook torrent sites.

Pirate Bay is completely free to use and the registration is also optional on this site. There are lots of categories on this site which ensures endless entertainment to everyone.

Before, you download anything from Pirate Bay or any other torrent site, you should have a VPN to protect your identity otherwise you might get caught in some legal trouble. The Pirate Bay is successfully running since 2004 with millions of users on it.

To check out the e-books on this site, go to the same category and you are going to find more than 30,000 e-books torrent links on this site. Its abundant database is the reason that it is counted amongst the best eBook torrent sites. Other things which you can explore here are audio, video, movies, games, apps etc.

  • Free Book Spot

Website: http://www.freebookspot.es/Default.aspx

The next one in this list of best eBook torrent sites is Free Book Spot. As the name says it all for this site, all the books available on this platform are completely free for the users. This means you can save a lot of bucks here rather than investing in the original hard copies of the same.

The best part about this torrent indexer site is that it contains the links for only books and nothing else. So, this makes it super easy to access it for your purpose.

There are various categories which you are going to find on this site for exploring different eBooks here. These categories are agriculture, algorithm, architecture, computer, DIY, for children etc. This means you are going to find each and every types of eBooks here on this platform.

eBook torrent sites like Free Book Spot are perfect find millions of eBook torrent seeds easily. The best part is that the site is so perfectly maintained and fully functional that you are going to find the latest writing marvels here easily. The registration on this site is optional and the database is just amazing.


  • 1337X

Website: http://www.1337x.to/

Don’t worry if this site is not working in your country, you can use VPN server or proxy sites to access it. Actually being a torrent site, 1337X might not be working in various parts of the world because of some legal issues. So, make sure to hide your identity first before browsing this site.

Well, apart from it, 1337X is a wonderful addition in the list of best eBook torrent sites here. Of course, like the rest of the other sites, this is also completely free to access.

There are just endless categories on this site like movies, television, music, games, XXX, applications, anime, documentaries and of course eBooks etc. You are not going to find the eBook category directly, so I would suggest you to search for it in the search bar.

Afterwards, the site is going to display thousands of eBooks options in front of you. You can sort them up on different basis. Most of the books are uploaded in form of entire collection but you can download them separately too. You will surely find your desired eBook on this site.


Website: https://rarbg.is/

If you are already known to RARBG then you must know what I am talking about here. This site is all about the best of the torrent seeds to different genres. Thankfully, you are gonna get every feature without even getting registered on this site too.

There are lots of categories which you can explore on this site like movies, TV shows, software, music, XXX, trailers etc.

This is one of the most explored best eBook torrent sites. There are no charges on this site which means you have access to every single thing for free of cost. To find your favorite eBook torrent link on this site, just simple search for it through their search bar.

You are going to find thousands of eBooks available on this site. The database might not be as updated as compared to other sites but still, you are surely to find your desired stuff here. You are going to find every type of eBook here like science, cooking, technology, art, computer etc. This is surely enough to include it amongst best torrent sites for sure.

  • Kickasstorrents

Website: https://kickass2.nz/

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Let me tell you already that the original Kickass torrents site has been taken down and this one is another version of it. But that does not mean you are not going to get your desired eBooks here on this platform. They have tried their best to compile together all the best files on this site too.

Being amongst one of the best eBook torrent sites, Kickass torrents has various types of torrent seeds to offer to its users.

The best part of the site is that you don’t need to sign up on this or pay anything to access it. You just simply go to this site and search for your favorite eBook and then download through torrent link. This is such a simple process. There is always a search bar to make things simpler for you.

Select the category of Books to check out the eBooks available on this site. Like the other sites mentioned in this list of best eBook torrent sites, the site serves in other categories too. These are movies, TV shows, games, music, apps, XXX etc.

  • Torrentz

Website: https://torrentz2.eu/

This is a very popular torrent site which many people already know it. Actually, the original site of Torrentz went down because of some reasons and you can call this site to be its successor. I think you guys would not have any issues with that as long as you are getting unlimited access to the desired links here.

There is no doubt that Torrentz is one of the best eBook torrent sites right now. And the reason seems to be pretty clear, it’s amazing database.

Without getting registered with this site or without even paying anything to it, you can get access to various categories and features on it. Some of the categories on this site apart from books are movies, apps, software, audio etc. They are not mentioned of course but when you search for it then you can find the relevant results easily.

You can call this site to be a torrent search engine too. This is amongst the most loved free eBook torrent sites and the reason is that you can get more than 70,000 eBooks here and that too for free.

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  • Torrent Download

Website: www.torrentdownloads.me

Another great bittorrent download source for eBooks in this list is Torrent Download. This amazing addition in the list of best eBook torrent sites is surely much deserved. With its vivid features and abundant collection in each of the category, it witness millions of users per month on this platform.

The main reason of browsing Torrent Download is because of its updated and rich collection of TV shows but you can also find eBooks here too.

The site offers optional sign up with no charges policy. The other categories on this site like the rest of the other best eBook torrent sites are TV shows, movies, games, music, anime, software etc. People do not like it just like that, this is because of their rich database that people loves to explore this site this much.

There are other categories which might help you to get better and updated results like most downloaded, most active, most seeded etc. I think you will totally like this site to find the torrent seeds for your favorite eBooks for sure.

  • 01Torrent

Website: http://www.01torrent.net/book/

You must have heard the name of this torrent site before but it is mainly used by users looking for some movie torrents. But it is great that the site also serves some great eBooks on its platform too. This is the reason I listed it here in the category of best eBook Torrent sites.

Apart from books, you can find other torrent files here like movies, TV shows, music, applications, games, anime etc.

Another great thing about the site is the fact that there are no issues like sign up or charges for accessing it. There are many other sites which demands you to sign up before accessing them, I have not mentioned any of such eBook sites in this list here.

The great part about this site is that it is updated on daily basis which means you are likely to find all the eBooks on this site no matter whether they are released some time ago only.

  • eBook3000

Website: http://ebook3000.com/

There is one more site whose primary concern is to provide best of the eBooks to its users and nothing else. So, if you do not want to get involved in anything else then you can head straight towards eBook3000 which is amongst the best eBook torrent sites in this list.

You are gonna go crazy looking at the categories of books available on this site. Some of these categories are business, audiobooks, architecture, art, science, programming, sports etc.

Did I forget to mention that the site does not require you to sign up on it? There are also no charges on downloading eBooks through this site. This makes it quite relatable to the rest of the sites mentioned in this list of best ebook torrent sites here.

There is also a search bar on the site so that you can directly search for a book through its title without wasting much of time.

  • Get Free eBooks

Website: http://www.getfreeebooks.com/

bitstrazThe last one in this list of best eBook torrent sites is Get Free eBooks. Nevertheless to say that the site is no far behind than any other sites listed down here in being one of the most capable and rich content site to provide eBooks to its users through torrent seeds.

The site does not require you to sign up on it and of course there not even any charges on downloading any of the eBooks from this site too.

This is just a simple site intended for the purpose of providing a platform to book lovers through-out the world in the easiest way possible. You are going to find various categories of eBooks here on this site like science fiction, fiction, short stories, horror stories, fantasy, erotica, engineering etc. This means an abundant sea of knowledge.

There is a section on the site named top compilations. I would suggest you to do not miss this section as they hand pick some amazing books in each of the categories in this section to provide the best ones to their users. I think the site is one of the most organized and best torrenting sites ever.

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Rather than wasting tons of money in buying the original copies of your favorite books, it is way more convenient to download them in form of eBooks. This not only encourages digitalization but also saves some bucks of yours.

Of course, it is handy to use simple books instead of eBooks but trust me, you are going to like this new experience for sure. And there is no way that you won’t be able to find your favorite piece of literature through these phenomenal torrent sites.

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